iPad Accessories to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

September 15, 2011 — by RG. Chew0



iPad Accessories to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

September 15, 2011 — by RG. Chew0

The iPads touch screen has been a boon for many Apps, especially games.  While games such as Angry Birds and Towers Defense games go great with a touch interface, a joystick would really be helpful for most of the other traditional games.

I have been fooling around with FIFA 11 during my free time and I cannot tell you how much a traditional joystick would really improve on game play.   So for this post, I thought I would look at some really innovative ways to improve gameplay on the iPad.

Fling Joystick

Fling Joystick for iPadFling Joystick is a light and easy solution to using a joystick mechanism on the iPad.  It sticks to your iPad via two suction cups alongside a plastic spiral, no batteries, software, or ports are required.

You manipulate it thru a small black thumb-stick in the center of the plastic circle.  The entire device is transparent, allowing you to see whatever’s underneath on your iPad screen, so it makes positioning easier.

The Fling Joystick is one of the cheapest joystick alternatives in Amazon at $19.99.

Check out the demo videos to see how the joystick works:

[youtube id=1JuUG_DP0OA]


iCade for iPad
At its core, this is an iPad Arcade cabinet. To use the iCade, just slide the iPad into the cradle. The iCADE uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad so there’s nothing else you need to do.

It comes with “Atari Greatest Hits”, which are iPad App ready games to go with the iCADE, including support for over 100 classic Atari games.

The iCade is on Amazon and can be yours for $99.99

Logitech Joystick for iPad

Logitech Joystick for iPadLike the Fling, this is a complement for arcade style games.  The Logitech gives you a virtual Joypad that is required with subtle and quick movements to survive and thrive in these games.

The Logitech Joystick for iPad has suction cups holding it in place attach to the iPad frame rather than the main display area. The joystick is also smaller with a recessed top to stop your thumb sliding off.

The Logitech Joystick is available at Amazon for USD 19.99


Joystick ItThinkgeeks contribution to solving the touchpad gaming dilemma is the creation of the JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick.

To use it, all you do is place the JOYSTICK-IT over the virtual joystick area of your favorite iPad game and press it on the screen. Then viola, you have an instant real joystick on your iPad. When you are finished, simply pull the JOYSTICK-IT off the iPad screen for later use.

It’s a tad bulky but if you are an arcade freak and love the feel of an arcade style joystick.  The Joystick-IT can be yours for $15 at Amazon.

Check out the demo video to see it in action:

[youtube id=CC-5VpZGjgo]

Which one is your pick? Remember to leave us comment and let us know.

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