360 Panorama: A Great Way to Take Panoramic Shots on iPhone

September 5, 2011 — by RG. Chew1



360 Panorama: A Great Way to Take Panoramic Shots on iPhone

September 5, 2011 — by RG. Chew1

360 Panorama AppThe iPhone 4 comes with a pretty decent camera and taking conventional shots may not do it justice.  One of the many ways to get more out of your photo’s would be to take a panorama (wide angle) view of the shot.  360 Panorama is a great app that makes it easy to capture those 360 degrees shots.

You just need to fire up the app, start shooting by panning from far left to the right of the scene. 360 Panorama will automatically take photographs as you move and stitch them together to create a final image.

360 Panorama Screenshot

The app has a built-in light sensor. This helps to adjust the image for low lighting conditions.  The developers – Occipital – have also mentioned that holding your phone at an angle also allows you to maximize capture area.

The trick in taking panoramic shots is perfecting the technique.  My initial attempts were really choppy. Fortunately there is an on-screen grid that guided me along in composing my shot.

After you’ve finished creating your panoramic shot, you can view it live in 360 degree view.  Rotate your phone and the gyroscope feature will automatically pan the live shot for you.

360 Panorama Screenshot #2

For sharing, you have the option to save the image to your camera roll as a regular image, e-mail it, or upload. Some uploads allow the full 360 view as well.

I can see panoramic photos being a really helpful thing for property agents that want to give their clients a “feel” of any property or environment before actually bringing them to view it.

I have not been house hunting lately but when I was, it would have been great if they had some panoramic photos to show of the property and the surrounding areas.  It would really have made it easier to narrow down the areas I wanted to look at and saved me loads of time.

360 Panorama is available for the iPhone and iPad for $1.99.

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