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Undelete SMS Hack to Recover Deleted Text Message on iPhone

August 7, 2011 — by Farrukh Zafar11

Undelete SMS LogoSo, yeah, it happens. Read a very crucial message and then deleted it. The next moment, the moment of desperation. Any way of recovering it? Not in iOS. Then what? Jailbreak your iPhone and use the tweak which we’ll talk about, in this post. Undelete SMS is the name of the tweak which is now live on Cydia’s servers. Make Money Online In Monaco In French Without Investment البحرين بيانات بورصة So what exactly does Undelete SMS do? The jailbreak tweak scrapes a user’s SMS records and the spotlight history and fetches the texts with deleted status from these locations. The tweak then displays these text messages to you in plain text format, letting you do much more with them, such as copying, pasting and all actions that lead to, after copying text.

Just to let you know, Undelete SMS is still a forensic solution for SMS recovery and may not guarantee 100 percent return of your deleted text messages. For knowing the reason behind this uncertainty, you must first know the mechanics behind the saving process of your texts on your iPhone. What actually happens is that when you delete data, it is still kept on your phone, just that it now is hidden from you. It remains in a portion allocated for deleted data, more like a buffer, that on filling up and with more data coming in from behind, deletes the one already present in it. In this way, new deleted data keeps replacing the ones which were present before their arrival. So the more text message you delete after time X, the more is the possibility of not getting to retrieve back your texts messages that were saved before time X, since the ones after time X took their place. But for the latter part that has its result in imperative, Undelete SMS works hundred percent well.

And as we mentioned before, it’s a jailbreak tweak, so, you’ll need to jailbreak it. We’ve got all the guides for you lined up; just hit the jailbreak section to get all the step-by-step tutorials, even if you’re using an iOS 5 beta.

You can purchase Undelete SMS hack from the Big Boss repo in the Cydia store for $6.99. The price is pretty steep but if you really need to recover some crucial text messages, it’s recommended to check out the hack.

Please note there is no guarantee that Undelete SMS can recover every SMS you’ve accidentally deleted. Make sure you understand the limitation before purchasing the hack.

Farrukh Zafar

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