What’s that Song? SoundHound Can Identify Any Tune

August 1, 2011 — by RG. Chew0



What’s that Song? SoundHound Can Identify Any Tune

August 1, 2011 — by RG. Chew0

Soundhound LogoHave you ever heard a tune and had it at the back of your mind and cannot identifying it?  I must admit that I don’t usually have this problem, but when I do, it pisses me off tremendously.

Soundhound has made sure that I do not get agitated by musical memory loss again.  It is a music recognition app that identifies almost any song (and other various versions of it) that it listens to.  It has been updated to pull out lyrics that scroll along with the music being played.

How Soundhound Works

When you hear a tune you want to know about, start the app and tap on the “TAP HERE” button (easy enough right?).  Soundhound then records the song and sends it to their servers to return the details of the song.  It also recognizes it when you hum the tune of the song.

Soundhound for iPhone Screenshot #1

I’ve used this app for the longest of time and Soundhound’s managed to introduce me to cool albums like “Bossa and Roses” – the lovely jazzed up remixes of “Guns and Roses” hit songs.

Soundhound for iPhone Screenshot #2

Latest Update – Running Lyrics Karaoke Style

Soundhound’s latest update features lyrics that run with the song when it is played on the App.  Great for karaoke lovers out there, bad for almost everybody else.

SoundHound has licensed lyrics for about 500,000 songs and aims to double that figure by the end of 2011.  It already has millions of songs in it recognition database and requires a 4 second snippet to return you your results.

It was reported that Soundhound was one of the most downloaded app for the iPad. The app is also available for Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian phones.  Soundhound has 2 version for the ipad; the free version has advertising, whereas the paid “Infinity” version costs $6.99 and is ad-free.

The lyric service is applicable for the US at the moment.  I am guessing the reason for this is probably a licensing limitation or they are afraid the Karaoke fanatics in Asia will send their servers crashing.

Soundhound is available on the iPhone and iPad. (Free with ads and $6.99 for the ad free version)

Check out the demo video to see how the app works:

[youtube id=FP5WbstYZMo]

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