Dreamboard: An Advanced Theme Manager for iPhone

June 24, 2011 — by Simon Ng3



Dreamboard: An Advanced Theme Manager for iPhone

June 24, 2011 — by Simon Ng3

Dreamboard for iPhone - HTC Android ThemeWinterboard is one of my favorite jailbreak hack and the primary reason I still jailbreak my iPhone. I know many of you also love Winterboard that lets you theme your iPhone with beautiful icons, background, keyboard, etc. It’s a great hack to make your device stand out from others.

By combining with other cydia hacks such as iBlank, five icon dock, five column springboard, you can completely revamp the iPhone’s interface and even make it look like a HTC Android device.

Drawback of Winterboard

However, if you have followed our guide to install HTC theme on your jailbroken iPhone, you know it’s not very straightforward and take you considerable amount of time to configure the theme. You have to install various hacks, perform some manual editing and move icons around to make the theme work.

Okay, you have configured a great theme and make your iPhone look like Android. But what if you want to fallback to the original iPhone home screen or switch to other themes? You probably need to go through the same procedures again.

As a normal iPhone user, you probably don’t want to go through all these complex procedures in order to setup a theme, even it’s stunning. Ideally, you can switch between themes with just a few taps.

Dreamboard Lets You Easily Switch Between Themes

Here comes the Dreamboard that targets tor bring advanced theming to ordinary users without any complex configuration. It’s an advanced theme manager for jailbroken iPhone. Once installed, you take control of Springboard and are able to change themes with a couple of taps. Before you read on, take a minute to watch the video demo and see how easy you can turn your iPhone into a HTC-like device.

[youtube id=DpIBuB1e7Xw]

Cool, right? Dreamboard makes it very easy to switch between themes in just a few seconds. No complicate procedures, no need to install other cydia hack. Just launch Dreamboard, tap on the preferred theme and that’s it! To switch back to the original theme, launch Dreamboard again and select the default theme.

How To Install Dreamboard

Dreamboard is now available on cydia for $2.99. Presently, it supports iPhone running iOS 4.2.1 or up.

To install the theme manager, just search “Dreamboard” on cydia to locate the hack and tap “Purchase” to get it. The installation process is very straightforward and you don’t need to do any configuration to make it work.

Download Dreamboard Theme

Dreamboard comes with a default theme called Endroid which is a HTC-like theme as you have seen in the demo. If you want to install other themes, simply launch Cydia and tap “Sections”. Scroll down and locate “Themes (Dreamboard)”. Tap on it and Cydia will show you all the available Dreamboard themes.

Download Dreamboard ThemeDreamboard Themes in Cydia

Unlike Winterboard, most of the Dreamboard themes are not free. The price of these themes range from $1 to $3. All of them offers a few screenshots for preview purpose. Once you purchase and install the theme, it’ll automatically appear in Dreamboard and you can just tap on it to switch the theme.

Here are two of the amazing Dreamboard themes:

Dreamboard Theme - Windows PhoneDreamboard Theme - Windows Phone 2

Dreamboard Theme - Boxor HDDreamboard Theme - Boxor HD 2

If you love iPhone Theme…

You have to give Dreamboard a shot if you love theming your iPhone and show off to your friend. Though it’s a paid hack, it makes theming a lot simpler on jailbroken iPhone. It’s so easy to turn your iPhone into a HTC Android device or Window Phone. It saves me so much time and makes theming so fun.

So far I love Dreamboard. It’s impressive and worth the money. What do you think about Dreamboard? As always, feel free to leave us comment and share your thought.

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