Use Footprints App to Track Any iPhone and iPad With Owner’s Permission

May 9, 2011 — by Farrukh Zafar2

Footprints for iPhone and iPadOkay, the locationgate fiasco may have been over for iPhone, as Apple has fixed the location tracking issue in the new iOS 4.3.3 version, there comes a new application on the iOS scene called ‘Footprints’, that does all the tracking, but with the user’s permission, which makes it the righteous app.

The app has been made for both iPhone and iPad, which can be used by installing it on the iOS device you wish to track, and then spying upon that device from any other iOS device.

So what makes this spying come in a good kind of way? Here’s the answer: Each tracker has to first get the permission from the trackee and the whole thing can be hidden behind passwords. Good for parents, eh?

Here’s are a few uses of this app:

  • For cautious or watchful parents, this is a great app to figure out where they are or how rapidly they are traveling and such stuff, all real-time!
  • If you have a business and you need to track your employees/supply trucks/sales men out in the field, this app can make it simple for you to hunt them down and track their performance.

Footprint Screenshot

This app, Footprints, is free of cost on the iTunes App Store, with a 60 day trial period. And then there are 3, 12 and 24 month packages which are too cheap in cost too. Try it out!

Farrukh Zafar

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  • I wonder how many wives would force their husbands to have this on their phones lol they can always keep track where they are whenever they say “Sorry, honey, I have to work overtime in the office tonight”