Reduce iPhone Roaming Charges with Onavo

May 4, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal3



Reduce iPhone Roaming Charges with Onavo

May 4, 2011 — by Gaurav Kheterpal3

I’m a frequent business traveler so I often end up paying hefty roaming data charges. I’ve tried switching to an alternative data plan with lower roaming charges but it didn’t make much difference in my overall bill as the carrier made up for it by levying some other additional fee. Last week, I came across Onavo – a free iPhone app that claims to shrink your data usage (and thus, your bills). Needless to say, I installed it immediately and I’ve liked whatever I’ve seen so far of Onavo.

Once I installed the app, it prompted me to setup an Onavo profile. Once I entered the profile information, the app installed it on my iPhone. The Onavo app will then run in the background and uses Onavo’s cloud compression technology to compress all data. This helps when you are browsing the internet, watching online videos, viewing maps or you are hooked up to the Internet for any other reason. For example, if I browse a specific site such, my iPhone connects to Onavo’s servers, which then downloads the site, compresses it, and renders it on my phone.

The company claims travelers can save up to 80% on their data plans and the app offers flexibility to manage monthly data usage.

Onavo claims to let users double or even triple their data plan – both abroad and at home. The app provides a comprehensive report on your monthly data bill with site level breakdown and provides several metrics which enable you to make sense of your data usage.

Since its early days yet, Onavo does have some problems. I browsed a couple of sites which didn’t seem to be displayed correctly with Onavo. Moreover, I’ve observed a difference in image quality for sites that are rendered through Onavo – but that’s one of the prices to pay for compression and lower data charges.

All in all, Onavo seems to be a near perfect means to cut down your global roaming fees. Onavo is free for limited time so I’d strongly recommend you try it out once. You can download Onavo via this direct iTunes link.

Gaurav Kheterpal

Gaurav Kheterpal is a seasoned technology professional with nearly a decade of experience in Mobile, Web 2.0 and Open Source Technologies. He's an Apple fanboy and an iPhone lover/ critic since it's early days. He loves exploring, developing and reviewing iPhone apps, as well as covering news stories about Apple and its products.

  • Tom

    another awesome app is thermal vision and its not even expensive. and am lovin is the link

    Definitely worth buying, I can’t stop playing around with it =D =D,plus its a perfect game while with a group of friends.when you have it you will know what i mean.

    • Yes its really Cool i tried it as well , and using it all time with friends .

  • Nexscience

    Nexscience announces the new application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for the management of documents.

    Santa Clara, California

    July 18th, 2012 — Mobile smart phones are changing the way we live, socialize and do our businesses. Our phones have replaced many other once-common tools, from GPS devices to handheld gaming consoles, notebooks, calendars, point-and-shoot cameras, newspapers and portable audio players.
    At a local technology event in San Jose, Nexscience, a California based startup, announced the release of a new mobile application ‘Document Manager’ for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app is the latest in a series of innovative ideas introduced to the Apple users by the developer community.

    Nexscience now introduces Document Manager, a new application available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Document Manager allows users to transfer files from their PC or Mac via a USB cable, through Wi-Fi and external systems like Google Docs and Dropbox. Users can view MS Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF files, unzip .rar and .zip files.

    You can also print documents through Air Print printer, save documents from the internet or save a whole webpage in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With TXT, RTF and HTML formats available, you can also read variety of books anytime you want. Document Manager also allows users to download Email attachments with the ‘Open In’ feature and share documents through emails directly from the application.

    Application Download: