Complete Guide: Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 for iPhone 4 & 3GS Using Redsn0w

April 30, 2011 — by Simon Ng13



Complete Guide: Jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 for iPhone 4 & 3GS Using Redsn0w

April 30, 2011 — by Simon Ng13

Earlier, the iPhone Dev team has released the untethered jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS 4.3.2. It’s a little bit late for us to put up the guide. Anyway, here we are. We’ll walk you through the whole jailbreak process with the complete guide to jailbreak iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS using Redsn0w.

Before we begin, please read through the note carefully:

  • This guide is intended to jailbreaking iPhone 4 and 3GS running iOS 4.3.2. But it should also work for iPad (1st generation) and iPod touch (3G/4G).
  • If you depend on ultrasn0w unlocking, please stay away from jailbreaking with redsn0w. You should create a custom IPSW using PwnageTool that allows you to preserve the baseband version. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, just stay with your current iOS version. Don’t upgrade to 4.3.2, otherwise, you’ll lose the unlock.
  • Make sure you use iTunes 10.0 or up for the jailbreak. If you are using older version of iTunes, please upgrade it first. You can download the latest version of iTunes from Apple.
  • As usual, before jailbreaking, make sure you have backup all your contacts, sms, photos, etc via iTunes. Simply sync your iPhone and backup the iPhone data.
  • Disclaimer: Jailbreaking may void your warranty of iPhone. Again, jailbreak it at your own risk. There is no guarantee that this guide works on all iPhone devices.

Upgrading to iOS 4.3.2

1. Download iPhone OS 4.3.2 firmware (iPhone 4 / 3GS) and save it into a folder.

2. Connect your iPhone via USB and launch iTunes.

3. Restore your iPhone with iPhone OS 4.3.2 For Windows, hold SHIFT key and click on the “Restore” button and select the firmware file (i.e. For 3GS, please select iPhone2,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw. For iPhone 4, please select iPhone3,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw) you have just downloaded. For Mac, hold option key and click on the “Restore” button and select the firmware file to restore.

Update ios431

4. iTunes will then upgrade your iPhone to iOS 4.3.2. Just wait until the process completes.

Jailbreaking iOS 4.3.2 using Redsn0w

5. Next, we will jailbreak your iPhone using redsn0w. You can download redsn0w 0.9.6 RC14 here (Windows / Mac). Once download it, extract it.

6. Launch Redsn0w

7. Click “browse” and select the iPhone 4.3.2 firmware file. For iPhone 4, please select iPhone3,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw. For iPhone 3GS, please select iPhone2,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw. Redsn0w then verifies your firmware file.

8. RedSn0w will now try to identify and process the firmware file. Once the firmware file has been identified click Next to continue.

9. Redsn0w then starts preparing jailbreak data based on the IPSW file. Just wait till you see the below screen. Select “Install Cydia” and click “Next” to proceed.

10. Now, make sure your iPhone is turned OFF and connected with your computer via USB cable. If you haven’t done so, simply connect it with USB and then power it off before you click the “Next” button.

11. Once you click “Next”, follow the procedures to put your iPhone into DFU mode. If you fail to do so, don’t worry. It won’t brick your iPhone and you can simply go through the procedures again until you get it work.

12. If you have successfully put your iPhone into DFU mode, redsn0w will do the rest. Just sit back and relax.

13. While jailbreaking, your iPhone will show downloading jailbreak data, flashing NOR, etc. And, just don’t touch your iPhone and keep waiting. Once completed, redsn0w will let you know the jailbreak process is successful.

After reboot, your iPhone should be jailbroken. Lastly, sync back your backup data with iTunes and restore all your contacts & SMS.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • wow, great tools. nice and helpful post you have here

  • Mike_634

    Hi Simon,

    After download the restore file for iphone 4 from the link given above, there is no ipsw file after unzip the downloaded file. Why is that so and any other solution?

    • @Mike,

      What browser are you using? Some browsers wrongly recognize the .ipsw file as zipped and automatically unzip it. But actually you do not need to unzip the file. Try to use Firefox to download the firmware file again.

  • waszich

    Hey simon ,
    I have successfully jailbreak the iPhone 4 using custom IPSW and then using redsnow.
    There are couple of things i wanna ask
    1- Is there is any method to downgrade the iOS version without shsh.
    2- I have some features missing in 4.3.2 like Cellular data tab is missing ( ppl say supreme preferences 3.0 but it don’t exist anymore on cydia) and other thing is facetime tab ….
    Need help as without cell data tab m unable to use mms utility HELLPP PLZ
    BTW great post

  • candido

    ipod touch 2,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw lo necesito

  • candido

    ipod touch 2,1_4.3.2_8H7_Restore.ipsw lo necesito tengo ipod touch 8g y nece sito por favor evialo por mi email que dios se lo pague cualquiera que tenga

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  • Mannu


    I bought a new iPhone 4 White recently & it has come with iOs 4.3.2 & baseband 4.10.01. I require my phone to be unlocked which it is now already & I also Ultrasnow doesn’t support my baseband. Can I simply use redsnow Rc 14 to jailbreak my phone without bothering to upgrade? Snowbreeze 2.3 doesn’t support 4.3.2 or 4.3.3 for me to upgrade & create custom ipsw to preserve my settings.

    Please advise.

    • @Mannu, I suggest you to use JailbreakMe to jailbreak your iPhone. It supports jailbreaking on both 4.3.2 and 4.3.3.

  • Aman

    Hello Simon,
    First of all thanks alot of such a detailed explaination, really appreciate your effort.

    MY question is, as you mentioned if redsnow is used for jailbreaking, ultrasnow is not recommened for unlocking.

    can you please then advise what tool to be used to unlock the iphone 4 after jailbreaking it with RedSnow.

    thank you

    • @Aman,

      As of now, there is no software unlock solution for iPhone 4 running on iOS 4.3.2. What version of iOS are you currently using?

  • Aman

    Hi Simon
    thank you for your prompt reply

    my iphone 4 info is

    firmware —
    ios – 4.3.5

    i hope i am not asking much, and if you have enough time

    can you please, “please” !!! let me know the STEP by STEP procedure to first downgrade my phone and then unlock and jailbreak it accordingly.

    if possible please provide the links to the right software and firmware files that will make the task easy

  • Mannu

    @ Simon

    I am sorry for my belated reply. It totally worked Simon, I have jailbroken my iPhone 4 & it has retained it’s factory unlock.

    Just 1 question though, if my phone is already factory unlocked, it’s not supposed to be affected if I upgrade the iOs in the future right?

    Anyway thank you very much for your usual support & guidance Simon. We all really appreciate it.