Airbnb: Find Your Vacation Rental on iPhone

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Airbnb: Find Your Vacation Rental on iPhone

April 24, 2011 — by Jane Thomson0

When going out-of-town or overseas, one of the first things you take note off is the lodging. Travelers, in many cases, go around town to find places to stay, and this can be quite a hassle, especially if most of the places are fully booked. This concern is readily addressed by an iPhone application that acts as an online booking and rental solution for bed and breakfasts: Airbnb.

The Airbnb application, just like its website, lets users book and reserve their accommodations on the Internet, with the use of their mobile phone. The repository of rooms and bed and breakfasts is massive, providing you at least a decent number of lodging options all across the globe. This bodes well for practical travelers, as they won’t be forced to spend several nights at a pricey hotel.

Airbnb’s listing of bed and breakfasts is well organized. You can zone in on particular lodging types, such as Shared Room, Entire Place and Private Room. Booking a reservation is as easy as a few key presses on your phone’s keypad. The places lodging for lodging each have profile pages, through which you can message the owner for bookings and inquiries. Listed on the profile are images, amenities, rates and information about the property.

Apart from such, the iPhone application contains a map for each of the places listed. With this, you won’t go through a lot of trouble in finding the place. You can simply book through the app, head to the property and enjoy your vacation, leaving out boatloads of stress.

Also, if there are special offers given by property owners, Airbnb lists them all down on the Featured section. The already cheap bed and breakfast rates stand to get even more affordable, so make it a point to view this section from time to time.

People who want to rent out their properties can use Airbnb to find customers. Setting the rates can be a problem, and the application helps you out on this aspect. It has a feature that valuates your property, based on your location and other factors.

The financial transactions between host and guest happen on the application, with the app taking only a small percentage of the rental fee. The payments are routed through Paypal or Direct Deposit.

If you’re planning for the next trip and searching for some unique accommodations, check out the Airbnb app!

Not heard of Airbnb? You can take a look at the video to learn more about the service.

Jane Thomson