Postagram: Send Beautiful Postcard from iPhone

April 14, 2011 — by Simon Ng2



Postagram: Send Beautiful Postcard from iPhone

April 14, 2011 — by Simon Ng2

Not long ago, Xobni co-founder Matt Brezina announced the launch of Postagram. It’s a really cool and fun app that lets iPhone users send real and beautiful postcards right from your iPhone.

Postagram enables user to choose photos taken with Instagram and creates a high quality photo postcards at 300dpi resolution. You’re also allowed to add a personalized message (up to 140 characters) on it. For just $0.99, which already includes postage, Postagram prints and ships the card to anywhere in the world. Normally it takes 2 to 5 days for delivery within U.S. and it may take longer for international delivery.

As Postagram only works with Instagram, a fun photo sharing app, you have to first download Instagram and register an account. It costs you nothing to download the app and for the registration. If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram, check out our earlier review. Once you have taken a few photos with Instagram, you can launch Postagram and log onto it with your Instagram account. Postagram will load up your Instagram photo library. You can then simply select a photo, write your message and send the postcard. The process is very straightforward and it’s so easy to print a personalized postcard.

If you enjoy using Instagram, I highly recommend you to check out Postagram. You’ll love it. In the world full of digital photography, it’s so great to hold a hard copy of your photo. Postagram just simplifies the process of printing and sending postcard. Try using the app to send a personalized postcard to your friends, family members and even yourself, I’m sure they’ll be amazed and find it so special.

As always, if you have tried out the app, remember to leave us comment and share your experience.

Simon Ng

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  • Suzanne

    Actually, this app works with all of your photos, whether or not they are stored in instagram. So there are no limitations, it can use any photo you have in your gallery.

    I have printed about a dozen at this point – and they are beautiful, easy, and above all well received by the recipient.

    Perfect for reaching out to say…. well, whatever you want to say. Love It!

  • William

    The print is really good, i love this app too
    William – Album artwork for itunes