Wunderlist: Managing Tasks on iPhone with Style and Simplicity

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Wunderlist: Managing Tasks on iPhone with Style and Simplicity

April 3, 2011 — by Jane Thomson0

Wunderlist for iPhoneA manager, in business terms, arranges all the tasks to be performed by his or her staff as well as oversees all operations, ensuring that everything is done the right way and on time. That’s exactly what Wunderlist provides for iPhone and iPad users. In using the application, you can set all of your duties for the day as the app hands out notifications the moment a task needs to be done.

Lots of other task managing applications have been released in the past, and some of them prove to be useful for many users. Wunderlist, in making its interface more user friendly, delves on simplicity and maximizing storage. Unlike other apps, you can store millions of tasks on the iPhone application, each of them can be designed in a variety of ways.

Despite of its features for customization, the Wunderlist interface remains simple, eliminating confusion in writing and editing entries. Sorting the entries is as easy as toggling on the simple features of the iPhone application. Zeroing in on particular entry types or locating a seemingly lost entry isn’t hard, with the way the interface is designed.

Editing entries and inserting tasks in between entries is child’s play. You can simply scroll down to your desired location and type away. This makes Wunderlist idyllic for lengthy to-do lists, confusing daily agendas, trip checklists, grocery lists and the like. You can also use it to note down special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

A simple doesn’t always have to look dull, and Wunderlist’s developers certainly know that. Users have 12 design templates to choose from, each having its own aesthetic flavor. You can mix up the designs from time to time, so the iPhone application won’t be tiresome to use or look at.

Wunderlist works for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, running on at least iOS 3.1. To download the free application, all you have to do is to click on this link.

Jane Thomson