iPhoneThemesTips & How-to

Customize the Lock Screen of Your Jailbroken iPhone

February 27, 2011 — by Simon Ng58


iPhoneThemesTips & How-to

Customize the Lock Screen of Your Jailbroken iPhone

February 27, 2011 — by Simon Ng58

ls nimbus original wallpaperAre you bored of the iPhone’s lock screen? Other than changing the wallpaper, Apple does not allow you to do much with the lock screen. This is one reason why some users consider to jailbreak their iPhone. Once jailbroken, this opens up lots of opportunities to customize your iPhone.

Today we’re going to show you a sleek theme for customizing your lock screen. The theme comes with a nice wallpaper and it completely revamps the way date & time are displayed. Best of all, it shows you the current weather and temperature right on the lock screen.

What You Need Before Installing the Theme

Before you dive in, make sure your jailbroken iPhone is installed with the following cydia hack:

1. Winterboard
2. Lockscreen Clock Hide

As we’ll install the theme manually, you’ll need to download iPhone Explorer that lets you transfer files from computer to iPhone.

Install Lock Screen Theme

1. Download the Lock Screen theme (LS Nimbus) from here and unzip it.

2. Locate the “LockBackground.html” and open it with text editor (e.g. Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac OS).

3. Search for “var locale” and change the value to your location. For instance, you’re in Hong Kong, just type “Hong Kong, Hong Kong”. The value is used for retrieving the weather information of your location.

4. Connect your iPhone via USB and launch iPhone Explorer.

5. Navigate to /Root/Library/Themes. Copy the “LS Nimbus” from computer to iPhone. You can simply drag the “LS Nimbus” folder to the “/Root/Library/Themes” folder and iPhone Explorer will automatically transfer the files.

iphone explore root folderiPhone Explorer - Theme Folder

6. On iPhone, tap “Settings” -> “Clock Hide”. Turn the “Enabled” switch to ON. This will hide the date and time information of the original lock screen.

7. Disconnect the iPhone from computer. Launch Winterboard on iPhone and tap “Select Themes”. Tap on “LS Nimbus” and tap Winterboard button to go back to previous screen. Then tap “Respring” button to activate the theme.

Winterboard RespringWinterboard Is Nimbus

Once refreshed, you can show off the lock theme to your friends.

Change Fahrenheit to Celsius

By default the theme displays the current temperature in Fahrenheit. If you want to change it to Celsius, go back and edit the “LockBackground.html” again. Search for “var isCelsius” and change the value from “false” to “true”. Save the file and transfer the “LockBackground.html” to iPhone. Respring the theme with Winterboard. Then you’ll see the change.

Edit Lock Screen - Background Temperature

Use Your Own Wallpaper

The default wallpaper comes with the theme is great. But if you do not like it, you can easily replace it with your own one. Simply rename your wallpaper (with resolution of 640×960 and in PNG format) to “LockBackground.png” and transfer it to the “/Root/Library/Themes/LS Nimbus” folder so as to replace the original wallpaper. Then use Winterboard to respring and activate the new wallpaper.

ls nimbus new wallpaper

Hope you like this sleek theme! As always, leave us comment to share your thought.

[via deviantart]

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Aayush

    awesome blog..works very well.. just a lil slow on 3gs..!!

  • Jill

    Worked perfectly thank you so much. I wasnt able to open the lockbackground.html but im not complaining i love this theme

  • Rosario

    I like it ….
    Just let me enhance a bit your description:
    1. first of all there is to mention that in the root path ./ not everybody will found a foder called Root. In my case under ./ I see Library/Themes

    2. in order to switch OFF the Clock in the Lock screen, you have (using Cydia) to download first and application called: Lockscreen Clock Hide

    That’s it!


  • Faruhaan

    Does This Work With Android Lock??

    • Not sure. I didn’t test it yet.

  • Mercedes

    Loved it! Definitely a nice change from the otherwise boring lock screen. I was also unable to open in TextEdit or NotePad. I tried on both a Mac and a PC.

  • EDH

    Try to open on WORDPAD in windows. Works fine.

  • Marc

    wondering if anyone can help me out, followed this perfectly but somehow my wallpaper is not showing? i didnt change the wallpaper just using the one that came with it, but the lockscreen is there, some with the clock and weather, jsut that the background is not showing for some reason =/ any ideas? thanks

  • paul

    Anyone know how to open lockbackground.html. I can’t seem to open it when looking at it through iphone explorer. I’d like to Change Fahrenheit to Celsius on the lock screen.

  • Dan

    FYI – if anyone else has problems getting the lock screen slider to go away, see here for the reason:


    Basically, you have to go into Bundles/com.apple.TelephonyUI/ and change bottombarbkgnd.png and [email protected] to be WellLock.png and [email protected], respectively.

    • paul

      It works. Thanks for that – i’ve been searching for a fix since funday

    • justin

      The bar at the bottom is really annoying, I dont know how to do what you’re saying. I looked for bundles in iphone explorer and realized that’s not what you’re talking about. What are you talking about? where do i find bundles/com.apple.telephonyui/

    • justin

      I go to bundles/com.apple.TelephonyUI/ and when I try to change bottombarbkgnd.png and the other one to WellLock it just changes back if i hit refresh or change the folder

  • Bill

    I could not find a lockbackground.html but I did find a lockbackground.txt and did a search of the txt and found NO “var locale”. Love this lockscreen but unless I can fix this I will continue to use Topophone Weather. Help.

  • Tina

    Hello, i did mine reading your post. Thank you!

    But i realise you didnt have the slide bar. How do you hide it?

    • download LockInfo
      Go to settings
      Click on LockInfo
      Click on Lockscreen
      Click on Layout

      Hide Lock Clock – ON
      Hide Lockk Slider – ON
      Show Behind Slider – OFF
      Swipe to Unlock – ON

      I Also have all my Plugins Turned – OFF

      Under Appearance, Slide the Background slider all the way to the left so your screen not opaque.

  • Kris

    the iphone explorer is not letting me drag and drop the LS Nimbus file into the Themes folder….
    any help?

  • Anonymous

    Hands Down!

  • Gohikeone

    Love this theme for the lockscreen. Just installed and it’s working brilliantly.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to override the status bar icon set? I actually prefer the original set to this theme’s set.


  • Katie

    I was able to change the lockscreen.html but in my iphone explorer i found root but there is nothing under it that says library and i checked all the folders and subfolders and can’t find library or themes anywhere. so i downloaded openssh and i still cant find it. Helppppp

  • Dude

    i used textwrangler to edit the file. cya

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  • Fred Bassett

    I have the Parallax tweak to make my home screen move when I switch pages, and it modifies the lock screen too. Is there a way to keep it that way while getting this coolness?

  • Fred Bassett

    Also, when I slide the “Enter Your Passcode” (or whatever it says) looks weird because there is nothing behind it. I have the same problem with the status bar on the home screen. White text and no translucent gray background for contrast.

  • faun

    I navigate to /Root/Library/ but no themes folder?????

  • lazarus

    It does work partially on 3G but the lockscreen is blank…literally blank..no wallpaper nor any other stuff…..just black blank screen ..help me guys..!!

  • Andrew

    A problem I’m having is with the current weather icon (above the temperature). I see a blue question mark in a box. Any suggestions as to why?

    • Anne

      Did you ever figure this out? this is my current issue

      • Brandon

        me as well

        • dan

          me too

          • David


  • andy.mrozinski

    A problem I’m having is with the current weather icon, above the temperature. I get a blue question mark in a box. Any suggestions?

  • arief

    why on my slide lock still have black box,,
    like default slide lock

  • Justin

    Problems changing background image. Did everything in the instructions, —-> saved the new “LockBackground.png”
    —-> put file in correct folder

    then —

    the image keeps defaulting back to the original.

    I’ve tried
    —-> respring
    —-> syncing phone
    —-> loading new picture then respring
    —-> turning off LS Nimbus, loading picture, then re sync phone

    About every possibility

    Any steps I’m not doing properly or missing?


    • Justin

      Never mind. Problem solved with iOS5 version 🙂

  • Daniel
  • Caroline

    Hi how do you change the time from 02l28 to 02:28?

    • Cory

      Search for:

      var currentTimeString = currentHours + “|” + currentMinutes;

      and replace the “|” with “:”

  • mike will

    for some reason my weather Icon comes up with a question mark is there anyway I can get it to show the right weather icon

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  • Fidel

    Nice i have everything good like the location for weather but what i cant seem to be able to get is the arrow from ls nimbus i used the slide to unlock killer and it only shows the noraml arrow from the iphone now please help

    I was wondering if the following might have something to do with it:

  • Fidel

    why cant i get the ls nimbus arrow slider for ls nimbus???!
    I have an iphone 3gs 5.o.1 i can manage to change the location for waether easily aswell as change the wallpaper easily but im having trouble with that slider. i have used clock hide and slide to unlock killer(which does remove the black part and only leave me with the default iphone slider but i cant get the arrow from ls nimbus
    -please help!

  • Mol


    is there any way to apply this lock screen theme without changing my current lock screen wallpaper? just add the clock and the weather icons?

  • Mahesh

    I don’t want Weather data and Time display (which automatically comes with the theme) and is located on the left side of the screen. i want my full image to be visible. i don’t mind with the date on the right side. can anyone tell me how to remove those left side weather and time data???

  • Jared

    I am getting a question mark where the little weather icon above the degrees sign is supposed to be. Not sure how to simply remove it or make it work again. I double checked to make sure i spelled my city right so that’s no the problem, but i also edited somethings in UUIImages or whatever to make this theme cooperate with another. Other than this problem the theme is awesome.

  • Poor boy from a poor family

    I have a problem. The picture above the farenheit/celsius number isnt showing and has a blue question mark

    • Lanceb

      open LockBackground.html in a editor and search for “IconSets/” and change all 4 of them to “Private/IconSets/”
      that will solve it

      • Anuj

        Thank you!

  • Lanceb

    Realy like this theme but havnt bin able to get the statusbar stuff to work but it will sooner or later.
    I changed the slider icon to one of my own creations

    what it look like atm http://db.tt/jl08TIzB

    • Lanceb

      and if you wanna remove the camera icon from the lockscreen then install NoCameraGrabber via cydia

    • idaybr

      Lanceb, that is one killer looking screen. Love it..

  • Amshan

    Fantastic blog
    thank you soooooooooooooooo Much
    Appreciated blog really

    Thanks again

  • Olivia

    Hi everyone!

    This is so awesome!!
    I’m trying to open this ‘LockBackground.html’, but it doesn’t seems to work properly. Can’t open it with Word or Texteditor.
    Does anyone know what I should do to make this work?
    Thanks for the help!!
    Appreciate it!

  • Pheng

    Please help!
    How can i change the weather, now i live in Phnom penh,Cambodia!
    Var locate ‘Phnom penh , Cambodia’ not support!

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