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iPhone Tip: How To Block Your Caller ID From Appearing on Other’s Phone

January 31, 2011 — by Simon Ng42


Tips & How-to

iPhone Tip: How To Block Your Caller ID From Appearing on Other’s Phone

January 31, 2011 — by Simon Ng42

Caller ID is a common telephone service that allows you to see the caller’s phone number before answering the call. Conversely, when you make a call to someone, your caller ID will also appear on other’s phone.

For whatever reason you want to hide your caller ID from appearing on the callee’s phone, you can use one of the following methods to disable the caller ID feature.

Temporarily Block Caller ID

Generally, mobile operators offer special code for you to block your call ID on call-by-call basis. In case you just want to hide your caller ID for an individual outbound call, you can dial the special code prior to the number you’re calling to enable the blocking. Say, you’re in U.S. and want to dial 212-323-3322. In North America, you can use the special code *67 to disable caller ID. So instead dialing the number directly, dial *67-212-323-3322. This will prevent your caller ID from appearing and your callee will just see a “Blocked” call.

However, the special code varies by countries. According to Wikipedia, you can use the following special code to disable caller ID:

  • Argentina: *31*
  • Australia: 1831
  • Denmark and Switzerland: *31*
  • Germany: *31# (for some mobile providers may use #31#)
  • Hong Kong: 133
  • Israel: *43
  • Italy: #31# (most cell phone companies)
  • New Zealand: 0197 (Telecom) and *67 (Vodafone)
  • North America: *67
  • United Kingdom and Ireland: 141
  • Sweden #31#

Permanently Block Caller ID on iPhone

If you plan to block your caller ID for all calls, you can to go to “Settings” -> “Phone” -> “Show My Caller ID”. Simply disable the caller ID feature by turning the switch to OFF.

For now, when you make any call, your callee cannot view your caller ID and usually the number will be appeared as “Blocked” in other’s phone.

As always, if you find any problem with the iPhone tip, feel free to contact us by leaving comment below.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

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  • Manmeet

    Hi Simon…. We cannot disable the caller I’d switch by turning it off as it is hidden… I am from india … Pls help to resolve this issue…..

    • Sandeep

      Hi Manmeet, Disabling caller ID is not allowed in India. for this you need to get a special permission from the Police department.thats the reason you see this option disabled in india

  • damn india lags in everything now even for disabling the caller id on iphone , people have to take permission from police.
    nice share Simon really useful

  • Manmeet

    Thxs Sandeep.. Fr updating this information….

  • J

    This isn’t exactly germane to the article, but its related – and I’m not really sure where the proper place to ask it is, so I’ll just ask here…

    When just about anyone calls my landline, the caller ID will display the person’s # and name – even if I’ve never received a call from them before.

    If landlines have access to a magic caller ID directory in the cloud, why can’t mobiles? Why is it if the number isn’t in my phone book, all I get is just the number…. Can’t Verizon or AT&T or whoever also push the name along with it? I doubt it’d take that much extra data/bandwidth or whatever…. Maybe if the number is in my phone, the local data could take precedent – so it reads Mom instead of Barbra Jean Allen or whatever…. But it would still be nice to know who the occasional random caller not in my phonebook was….

  • Steph

    There is no comparable feature to temporarily turn-off the Caller ID on the Verison iPhone as is available on the ATT iPhone. Why was this feature eliminated? [It should not be necessary to input *67 each time to disable the Caller ID feature for each such call.]

    • Keith

      Steph, did you ever get a reply to your question about hiding your caller ID on verizon iphones? I’m having the same problem.

    • drdeputy

      Even in the iPhone 4 Portable Genius Verizon Edition it says you can disable CID, but it’s simply not a choice on the phone settings menu. Apparently Verizon doesn’t have the capability to do that remotely (they can do it if you call them), even though the book’s author thought it did. Just another difference between the ATT and VZ iPhones I guess. I would have liked the option to do it myself on occasion w/o having to go through VZ customer service.

  • Thanks for some other excellent post. The place else may just anybody get that type of info in such a perfect approach of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am at the search for such information.

  • Caesar

    I am holding my Verizon iPhone 4s in my hands. Thre simply is no settings field that refers to turning on, turning off caller ID.

  • DJ

    So this is basically the opposite of how it worked in the previous version? Before the upgrade, I would turn caller id off and I would dial *82 first (in US) if I wanted to UNblock my number. That doesn’t seem to work now. When I set “Show my caller id” to off, *82 doesn’t override the block and display my number.

    Now, I have to set show caller id to on and dial *67 when I want to block.

    I liked it better the other way.

  • Cal

    My service provider is Sprint and there is NO tab in the phone section of settings for my IPhone 4S to turn off caller ID. Any other suggestions??


  • Forrest

    There is no such option on a Verizon iPhone as ‘Show My Caller ID’, in other words, you cannot turn it off.

  • Hi, tried following the steps given from the iphone tip to hide my number. In that field to disable my identity the field is grey shade completeley. I’m currentley using the iphone 4S, is there any othe way to go about this.

  • Thank you for information. Conversely, when you make a call to someone, your caller ID will also appear on other’s phone.

  • Vince

    My carrier is sprint and I too do not have the CID in my phone menu and I don’t know is if I have to call sprint or if there’s an easier way so please post an update if any of you find a solution! Thank you!

  • Michael

    Simon, I’m in North America, is there a way to permanently block caller ID & then on a call by call basis unblock so the caller can see the caller ID ONLY for that call?




  • Mohamed

    With my 3GS I can turn on/off caller ID
    but with 4s I can’t turn it off,it’s light blue and the does not in Kenya

  • the question was posed but no one answered, maybe i didn’t see it or was deleted.

    there is no CID in the settings>phone window.

    Just has my phone number. How do I get this to work?

  • Correcion en Argentina en los celulares GSM se digita #31# y en los fijos *31# Saludos.-

  • bong

    hi all, i juz wanna share in my country, my service provider has locked this show my caller id function, however, required extra charges each month in order for operator itself to hide your caller id 🙂

  • Eric

    What about in India for iPhone 4S

  • Karthikeyan

    Permanently Block Caller ID on iPhone option is not working for me, im from INDIA.

  • huang

    i am using i phone 5 and have blocked my caller id permanently (as mentioned above) and i was using calling card to make a overseas call, even then my phone number was shown up on the callee phone. how its possible?

  • juamedina

    I just dont see the option on my 4S! Clues?

  • Dawn

    There is no longer the option to hide your number

  • Unknown

    When ever my contacts call me they come up unknown and I don’t know who has called and who to call back its really annoying. Help

  • Jack

    I cant turn off the caller id option on my iphone 4

    • C

      its fo the 5 and up, not the 4

  • Ali osman

    Its dont work in egypt ??

  • Che

    I’m using 4s now, but I cannot able to off it. Why? Can u help me? Please… Thank you…

  • am in sudan and i want to hidden my number if i call to any one to do that

  • Ali Soliman

    please what’s the blocking code in Egypt ?

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  • Shawn Crispy

    I have the iPhone 6 and mine doesn’t show the option to turn it off.. Why?

  • Brian Loeffler

    I have an iPhone 6 and there isn’t an option to turn off your caller id.

  • AJ

    It doesn’t matter what you do, you cannot block calls to toll free numbers.

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  • Rajesh Choudhary

    Block Caller ID on iPhone option is not working for me, im from INDIA.

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