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How To Fix Battery Drain Issue After Jailbreaking

December 9, 2010 — by Simon Ng5


iPhoneJailbreakTips & How-to

How To Fix Battery Drain Issue After Jailbreaking

December 9, 2010 — by Simon Ng5

Earlier, we covered how you can unlock your iPhone 3G/3GS on iOS 4.2 using the latest version of Ultrasn0w. As reported by some of iPhone 3G/3GS users, they experienced battery drain problem after upgrading the baseband to 06.15 for ultrasn0w unlocking. The iPhone Dev team has confirmed the issue and advised to use “Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM)” hack developed by @sbingner to resolve the battery issue.

The battery drain issue should only experienced by users who hacktiviate the iPhone. If you use legitimated SIM card (such as the one from AT&T) to activate the iPhone, you shouldn’t experience the issue.

Without proper activation, even your iPhone is unlocked via Ultrasn0w, it still constantly looks for a valid Push certificate via WiFi or over 3G network. This continual action significantly shortens your iPhone’s battery life.

To resolve the issue, @sbingner offers a free hack called “Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM)” that allows you to do official activation on an iPhone without a stock SIM. With official activation, that means you can gain full benefit of push applications and improve battery life.

How To Use SAM to Activate Your iPhone

I assume you’ve already jailbroken your iPhone by using redsn0w. To use SAM, you’ll need to install it via cydia and use an updated version of redsn0w to deactivate your iPhone. Follow these instructions to activate your iPhone with SAM.

Warning: The procedures only work on iPhone 3G and 3GS. Also if you’ve already used an official SIM card for activation, you DO NOT need to use SAM.

1. First, launch cydia on your iPhone and add the repository “http://repo.bingner.com”. If you do not know how to add the source repository, check out our cydia guide.

2. Tap on the “Bingner” source. You should locate two packages called “SAM” and “SAM Prefs”. Install both packages.

3. Next, you’ll need to deactivate your hacktivated iPhone using the latest version of redsn0w. Download Redsn0w 0.9.6b6 (Windows / Mac) and unzip it on your computer.

4. Connect your iPhone to computer and launch Redsn0w. You’ll then go over a similar jailbreak process as described in our jailbreak guide. However, please select “Deactivate” for the option screen. Just follow the on-screen instruction to go over the process. When complete, you’ll end up with an iPhone that reverts to a stock lockdownd for SAM to function.

5. On your iPhone, go to “Settings” -> “SAM”. Tap “De-activate iPhone”.

6. Next, launch iTunes and make sure your iPhone is connected to your computer. iTunes should then activate the iPhone properly. If it doesn’t work (e.g. Invalid SIM), you’ll need to manually select the appropriate carrier under one of the methods besides “Automatic” and click on a SIMID.

If you want to learn more about SAM, check out its official website.

[via iClarified]

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Brustbaer

    Hey Simon. After I run Redsnow again and use SAM, do I have to unlock the phone again? My 3G has broken WiFi and it’s a hassle to borrow someone’s SIM card with AT&T 3G connection to install ultrasnow. The battery runs out like crazy within 6-8 hours without any usage. Please let me know about the unlock options after these steps above. Thanks.

  • Akhil

    Does this work for Jailbroken and hacktivated Iphone4? Also once I download SAM from cydia, do I have to restore and jailbreak my phone again?

  • unzo

    dear simon,i have iphone 3GS SU with os 4.2.1 BB 5.15.04 and i already success JB my ios 4.2.1 with snowbreeze 2.2 final. Then my battery run out so quickly than before. now i want to unlock it using redsnow then use SAM for hacktivation. my question is: is my iphone goin to locked the screen again (need ori sim card to pass)? since it has been activation using snowbreeze.. it is very important becoz i dont have any AT&T sim or phonebook card to manually activation my iphone. im afraid if i use redsnow and pick the “deaktivated” option, my iphone will reboot and entering locked screen again.. thx for help^^

  • dave

    hi all this works perfectly for me even made my phone faster to if it comes up with any errors just ignore them and still go ahead and install the sam package it will still let you do it

  • ruba

    hey whats up
    im only having two questions, do i need the offiicial sim card to activate?
    in the process i need to use the phone with the sim card inside?
    i need to know it before i made a stupid thing