Turn Your iPhone into Spy Microphone with Remote Mic

November 16, 2010 — by Megha Bassi0



Turn Your iPhone into Spy Microphone with Remote Mic

November 16, 2010 — by Megha Bassi0

logo-iphone-spy-remote-microphone-3.pngThe iPhone is one of the best smartphones available feature-wise. It has all the features we had ever wanted right from a powerful mobile browser to push email. Apart from the native features, we have at our disposal a vast App Store with numerous applications to serve everyone’s appetite.

This time we decided to check out some spy applications for the iPhone and came across Remote Mic which as the name suggests allows you to use iPhone as a remote microphone. The app can be used for fun as well as serious spying purposes, as long as you figure out how to physically sneak in the iPhone. You know, the user manual can’t help you with that.

You will need to install an app on your computer in order to receive the audio remotely. Both Mac and Windows versions are available but at present only Windows XP is supported. No luck for Windows Vista or Windows 7 until next app update. We were able to run the application on all generations of iPhone viz. 3G, 3GS and 4.

So here’s how to get started.

Get the $0.99 app from the App Store here. Next download the Remote Mic console for your computer from here.


Install and launch both applications making sure that your iPhone and your computer are connected to the same wifi network. In case you don’t have a network handy just create an ad-hoc wifi network and you will be good to go.


Now click on the Discover Devices button on your computer and you will be able to the list of iPhones in range which have Remote Mic running currently. After selecting your iPhone click on Connect. Select Realtime playback and click on Start.


Voila! You should now be hearing everything that’s being spoken around your iPhone through your computers speakers or your headphones.



Tip: Make sure you set the auto-lock duration to never as the iPhone disconnects from Wifi after going to sleep. We used it to play little pranks on our friends and it was a lot of fun.

The app does have a few bugs causing it to crash sometimes during playback and failing the whole purpose as we can’t remotely relaunch the application. Once they fix the performance bugs this will be a great seller I’m sure.

Let us know how you would use Remote Mic!

Megha Bassi

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