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Why Missing Ringtones Library in iTunes?

September 25, 2010 — by Simon Ng185


Tips & How-to

Why Missing Ringtones Library in iTunes?

September 25, 2010 — by Simon Ng185

Earlier, I published a step-by-step guide on how to create custom ringtones using iTunes 10. I am glad that some of you love the guide and find it useful.

However, some claimed they even couldn’t find the ringtone library in iTunes. It’s just missing!

This isn’t a problem of your iTunes. You do not need to re-install it in order to resolve the issue. The ringtones library is just hidden and what you need to do is to make a little configuration to unhide it.

How to Show Ringtone Library in iTunes

To show the ringtone library, go to “Preferences”. Under the “General” tab, you should see a “Show” section. The options available here let you control the type of library (e.g. music, movie, etc) to show up in iTunes. If you do not see the ringtones library, it’s likely that you have not set the “Ringtones” checkbox. Just make sure you enable it and click “OK”. iTunes should now show you the ringtones library.

Does this solve the issue? Let us know if this works for you by leaving comment below.

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  • Borike

    Yes!! i was going crazy trying to figure out what happened to the ringtone library. Thanks for the help!

    • MPT

      I only see Tones as an option not Ringtones, help!

      • MPT

        ringtones is not there checked or unchecked, how do i get it there and also it does not say “Show” it says “Sources”
        how do i change this?

        • Ike

          Yep, this happens to me too. “Sources” instead of “Show” and no ringtones option…. I’ve always been an apple fan, but they are becoming increasingly unreliable…

        • Brookiieestaaaar

          Tones is the exact same thing as ringtones and web u synced it it still comes up as ringtones do use tones If ringtones aren’t there

        • Spud

          I have the same problem as MPT; ringtones isn’t even an option. Do I need an update or something?

      • leah

        me too

        • Flairy

          Read my post at the bottom of this thread! Tones only shows on my sidebar too, but I got it to work!

      • Pam Brammer

        me too.

        • Brennan

          I GOT IT!!!!! ok so in itunes 10.5 and using an iphone 4 here’s what I did….

          After using an iphone ringtone maker app that automatically creates the RIGHT format for a ringtonethe app is called RMaker), I plugged my iphone into my computer (a PC) and selected the file from my iphone and saved it to my computer.

          THEN I dragged and dropped the ringtone file INTO ITUNES basic music area…THEN you MUST DOUBLE CLICK THE RINGTONE AND CHANGE THE NAME OF THE SONG…I used ONE word for each ringtone, for example “rihanna” ….

          AFTER I changed the name of the ringtone, I was able to drag and drop it into the iphone music portion of itunes.

          Usually if I do NOT do it this way, under the “TONES” tab for my iphone the song will show up, but i cannot click it or do ANYTHING to it…BUT after CHANGING THE NAME OF THE FILE FIRST, the tone is then a blackened font, indicating that you can play it and everything else. it showed up on my iphone RIGHT away…took me TWO DAMN HOURS to figure this out! who woulda thought about changing the name of the song once it was already in itunes??? ughhh!!! they make it SO complicated!!!

          hope this helps! reply with any questions

          • Christi

            This worked for me— same exact set up and I’ve been looking for a solution for DAYS!! Thank you, thank-you, THANK YOU!!!!

          • Brennan Thanks It Finally Worked…..

          • Mukia

            i Am still having issues trying to get the ringtone to show up in my general preferences…. could you maybe help me out?

            • dimitri

              after i check the box of tones there not OK at the end of the page.

              • anne

                I have the same problem …no ok button …help

          • Mike

            they make it hard so that you’re more likely to buy a tone than make your own. Ker-ching!

          • Jason

            thank U Brennan, it worked, like a boss!

          • Thank you!!! I never would have figured it out without your advice! 🙂

          • Christy

            I’ve been messing with this for 2 days!!!!! Thank you so so so much! Worked like a charm! Big fat phew.

          • Krish

            THANK YOU so much Brennan, this so solved my problem

          • chris

            thank u so much. itunes can be so complected sometimes. worked great.

          • This worked for me!!

            WOW !! you are the best !!!!

          • Aoife

            even after i changed the name it wont let me drop it in my iphone music or tone section

          • Shabbir

            Thank u sooooo much dude……
            I was just wasting my time on this from last few days……
            and Finally i got it…
            All credit goes to u…. thank u soo much 🙂

          • Kendyll

            Hahaha! i think i might love you!(:

          • Dear Brennan,

            Thank you very much. Nothing else worked but this.

          • Frxzy

            Thanks A lot man 🙂

      • heidi

        I have the same problem, only tones, no ringtones

        • @Heidi, I think you’re using iTunes 10.5. In this version, Apple has renamed “Ringtones” as “Tones”. You should be able to locate all your ringtone under the “Tones” library.

          • joelle

            tones library also dint hv any song oh? how…why lkietat de?

      • Bruce

        Please I see only tones but not ringing tones and all so I can’t transfer file to the tones please help me

      • ronnie

        me too!!

      • turner

        yes tones is it

      • ni

        ya same here

    • Tx a lot , this is not that intuitive thx to you I have a solution

  • Stephen

    Thanx for the ringtone. Is it possible to create custom email tone on iphone 3gs? If yes can you tell me step by step how to do it. Thanks

  • Anne M

    Hi Simon,

    I have a problem that I’m hoping you or someone here can help with. I’m trying to sync between my iMac, iTunes10 and my iPhone 4.
    I’ve created the AAC version of the tune I want, which is under 30 seconds. I’ve also changed the file ext from .m4a to .m4r, but iTunes won’t let me delete the AAC file in the iTunes library.

    I thought I was doing something wrong so went though the process a few more times. I’ve now ended up with about 4 AAC copies of the 30 second snippet, that all say they are ringtone files, but I can’t delete any of them from the iTunes library and it won’t import it into the Ringtones folder.

    Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong, and if so, what can I do to correct the situation, please?


    • RusRiverMan

      I Went through this too and have as yet not been able to delete and read i’ve even tried and successfully moved the file to the Ringtones folder in finder and still can not get it to delete or become a ringtone.

  • Raj

    Thanks much for your assistansce

  • sese

    where would I find the general and preference button.
    i got lost from the first step please help me

    • Mads

      Gah me too!!! -.-

  • meagan

    it worked that you! your awesome.. i was getting so frustrated 🙂

  • Mahmood

    hi Simon,

    Thanks for the tip. I can get the tab in my library but I still can’t get the other ringtone tap that appears when I connect my iphone 4 from which I can sync what I need from my ringtone. My other inquiry is about the type of ringtone will the phone play m4a files or does it need m4r.

    Thanks a lot

  • Deb

    Yes this helped so much! Like the comment before, I was going crazy. Apple’w website had absolutely nothing.

  • Sara

    Where is the preferences tab? Please help..

    • Jess

      It’s under the “Edit” tab.

  • Adrian

    MAC OS X – under the “iTunes” tab
    Windows – under the “Edit” tab

    why to make it simple? 🙂

  • sidney

    You Rock!!!!! Thanks i couldnt figure it out…..

  • jill

    I followed your instructions for making a ringtone, but when I get to “delete” part, I don’t get asked if I want to “keep file”; it just “removes” it. I can still find the 30 sec version in Finder, but when I double click on it, it does not go to my ringtone library. I just get a little picture of an audio player and I can play it, but it does not seem to be in itunes anywhere. Help please!

  • csabe

    thanks..helped a lot

  • Lisa

    Thanks that worked perfect. I didn’t think to look there. Thanks so much.

  • wats up friend. you have put up a good blog and i truly enjoyed reading your posts. i wonder how you know all this stuff. i was impressed when i saw your blog. what blogging platform did you make use of for this blog. i’m using wordpress and i find it somewhat tricky. are you using wordpress too? if yes can you tell me about the themes and plugins you use for your blog. i would be pleased if you guide me on this.

  • Jordan

    go to it will download and when u click it it will open in itunes. just drag to your phone

  • Dear Sir/Madam.

    Regarding ringtones , i have followed all your steps and i got ringtone again in my library , thank, but the ring tone i cant find in the user device. how to get it please tell me the step.

  • jeff

    using xp, itune, iphone 4. can make the m4r file and dragged it to a folder. However, when I double click it, it opens up itune but can’t see the file in the ringtone library. Tried to add manually, still cant see it. Can anyone help?

    • Megan

      I am having this same issue. It’s getting annoying.

  • george


    the only thing missing for the sync to take place is the “ring tone” tab…it’s not there, therefore no sync can take place. how can we add the ring tone tab to Itunes…currently there is” summary, info, apps, music, movies tv shows, podcasts, itunesu, books and photos. the ringtone tab is missing.

  • Lauren

    why cant i see my “ok” to confirm the setting . i cant see the little question mark or the cancel.

    • kelly

      hi lauren, have u solved ur problem as i am now also having the same ssueo as under my ‘general tab’ there isn’t any ok, cancel or the ? to confirm my setting changes! pls help….:(

  • Lisa

    Thank you so much for the first guide and now the second! You have put me out of my misery. Will pass this onto everyone else in the same boat here. Keep up the great work! xx

  • Thanks, this really helps 🙂

  • jr

    thanks so much.. how simple but yet I didn’t have a clue

  • Derrick

    Hi, everything seems to be ok. But how to change the file ext?

  • Ratheesh

    OMG . . . thank u so much. i was searching this for a long time.

  • McKenzie


  • tyler

    can you tell me why my iphone 4 with ios 5 isn’t showing my rigntones even though it says it has synced them? why can’t i find it on my phone?

  • Nanda

    Thanks lots….. I got it 🙂

  • d2walker

    I have the iTunes Ringtones Heading but when I upgraded to ios 5, all my ringtones are gone. They are still sowing up under Podcasts but not under Ringtones. hmmmm?

  • Lina

    I’m having the same problem as a couple of people, which doesn’t seem to have been addressed.

    I have added my ringtone file to my itunes, but I can’t add it to the Ringtones list. I can’t drag it there and I can’t manually add it either.

    The ringtone file is there in my music library and I have synced it to my iphone 4, but it only shows up on my iphone as music and I can’t choose it as a ringtone.

    Please help, I’m going mental trying to figure this out!!

    • dshort

      I think you have to delete the file(s) out of any other library they might be in. I was having the same problem and finally tried that. Haven’t tried syncing to the iPhone yet though.

  • Thanks. With all the Apple hype, I expected such things to be much easier to find and much more intuitive. I’ve been developing software and designing interfaces for scientific software since 1965…
    So its not the worst interface I’ve seen but ranks up there with respect to counter-intuitiveness… 🙂

  • bluehwood

    I saw the ringtone folder but even though I transferred the file still i can’t see it in the ringtone folder in my iPhone.`IM using iOS 5 iPhone 4s.

    • Anton

      I experienced the same thing. Apparently with IOS5, the iPhone 4S does not sync files that have a bitrate of over 128. Mine were 256. I changed them and it did the trick for me. Not trivial though – so before I start exlaining the whole procedure – can you check the bitrate of your files in your tones folder?

      • Bella

        How do I change the bit rate?

  • wikedwhich

    Same issue only iPhone 3GS. My ringtone worked fine until I inadvertently synced. UGH. It says it’s still there – iTunes – Devices – Ringtones. Can’t find it on my phone. Help please.

  • Suman

    Thanks for your suggestion. It worked and made easy to add ring tones.

  • Aaron

    Followed the directions to a “T” and I was able to drag the file back into iTunes, but not to the Ringtones folder. Does this only work for songs that were purchased on iTunes. It is a clip from a song that some friends and I recorded. Thanks!

  • Zinzon

    I have tried your suggestion, still nothing! The nearest I get is “Tones”. Can’t be the same or could it? Please help!

    I have a jailbreaked 3GS, vers 4.1, ITunes

  • Josh

    no. it didnt help me out at all. i have the latest version of itunes and i dont have the option to click on the ringtones tab. anybody know why? how can i fix it so that it shows up?

  • Geoff

    Ringtones exist in tones tab in itunes 10.xx

    • Yasmine

      THANK YOU!

  • Luz Faustino

    i don’t have the ringtones in the preference/general tab. only TONES. please help me out. Thanks

  • Saul

    Once you have made the .m4r file and deleted the original from itunes and moved it trash all you need to do is double click or select open in itunes and once it is in the tones folder just drag it to your iphone under devices and itunes will sync automatically!

  • Louise

    I’ve been looking online for a whole hour and working through various blogs on this problem!

    I’m a brand new iPhone 4 user with iOS5 (I think, like I said – brand new) and I’ve managed to bring over the ring tone I want in an mr4 format in my tones library on iTunes AND the phone but it’s not popping up in the sounds menu.

    I can see it on the phone in the songs in the music library (there’s nothing else there, remember brand new, no music, nada) but I can’t actually make it work as a ringtone.

    can you help please? it’s the reason I bought the stupid phone in the first place to have a cool ring tone…

  • xuan

    its still not not there i did everything u said where u check the bx that said ringtone its not there

  • Jenny

    I have “tones” not “ringtones” in the preferences menu for checkboxes. I tried checking that and it added a tones folder under my library, but still didn’t add the ringtone tab???

  • Ash

    i havent got ringtone under my general prefrences whats going on everything else is there just not ringtones

    i go on




    and its still not their

    ?????? help please

  • Jose

    I had the ringtone tab on my new iphone 4s and had my music ringtones.
    I then down loaded the new version itune 10 and my ringtone tab is now gone, apparently apple have removed this option they want us to buy the ringtones.
    Can anyone help me get back my ringtone tab?

  • Pete

    I am having the same problems as everyone else. I have a ringtone that is called Rooster.aac and also have the same file with the mr4 extension. I have just upgraded my Itunes to version so it is the latest version. I also upgraded my Iphone software to the newer version 5.
    The rooster ringtone worked great before the upgrade but then it was deleted.
    How do I get it back?

    I can’t even see a ringtones tab or option in Itunes or anywhere esle for that matter.

    HELP this is sending me mad

  • gigi

    Help please.. i have the Tones icon on my itunes .. i clicked on create AAC version..i renamed the song from a m4a to m4r..i double click the song ..But the song does not go in the Tones like it should it go in to my itunes music library…did i do something wrong i need Help Please

  • rich

    i dont see a checkbox for ringtones. need some help finding it

  • Flairy

    Believe me it works! I hesitated deleting the file because I couldn’t see KEEP FILE! I decided to try again after alot of searching.

    After you have made the file and changed the file extension to m4r,
    delete the file, it is then when you press delete that you will see Keep File!

    Then find your file in your itunes music folder with finder and double click on your file. It should then appear under tones or ringtones whichever you have. Then drag the file to your iphone and it will appear in your tones.

    Hope this helps the ease some frustration. LOL

    It worked for me!!!!

    P.S. I don’t have the ringtones or tones folder showing up on the menu line either, it is only showing up on the sidebar and I have it checked in preferences. I am just on the phone to technical support to find out why. Will repost when I receive an answer.

    • Pam Brammer

      Any update.

  • I can’t find ringtone as an option on general tab, I tried clicking tones however it can’t be applied cause I can’t even find an okay or apply button at the bottom..please help am using a win7 computer

  • Xion13

    This was already working in mine. I see tones (ringtones) in both my itunes library screen and when i plug in my Iphone 4. However when i click on tones in my Iphone 4 it says that the file is still syncing. I have tried clicking ‘sync tones’ in the main part of the Iphone and dragging it on. But neither works. HELP!!!

  • Melissa

    Everything works. Except that when i look at my tones on my Iphone 4 it says the ringtone is still syncing. I have tried draging and syncing the tones. Neither works. HELP!!

  • Melissa

    Everything worked. Except when i look in tones on my iphone when it is connected to the computer. It says the ringtone is still syncing. I have tried both dragging and syncing my ringtones on the tones screen when you click the iphone icon on itunes. It also says i have no custom ringtones when i look on the phone itself


  • Kristi

    Thanks so much! Never would have found that! 🙂

  • Carrie

    my Itunes is not showing a ringtones with box for me to check?

  • Matt

    I accidentally deleted all my ringtones from the itune library. When I inserted a new ringtone it deleted everything from my phone as well. Is there anyway I can retrieve my deleted ringtones?

  • Walt

    Mac OSX10.6.8
    iTunes 10
    ringer tone made on App Ringtone

    When I drag the ringtone file ti iTunes it will not transfer to the Tone section of iTunes but it transfers to Music section. file is .m4r


  • Robert

    Yes, it work but im not able to copy ringtone to my phone.Why?

  • sara

    i have the iphone 3 i also have the tones folder i purchased a song from itunes and i cannot find that anywhere only in my tones folder in the library, i created a song brought it into itunes and thats only in my music library neither one of them will sync to my device tones folder if anyone could help i’d apprechiate it as im starting to wish i never bothered with the phone now as its complication after complication and i;m quite a technical person with phones but even something as simple as a ringtone is baffling

    thank you

  • Nik

    Now I just got Iphone 4s … and ive got the latest version of iTunes the issue ive got is when i go on Edit>Preferences>I dont have Ringtones there… Its there a way to do it or if not let me know

  • Pam Brammer

    I have followed all steps and find everything except when I get to the point of looking in Ringtones. i do not have Ringtones on my list on left but do have tones. The info is not in there either. I have a 3GS iPhone and Version IOS 5, and Version 10 of iTune.

  • rami

    i dont even have ringtones in the options in the preferences!! i have tones i wish i can show u by pic!!! i am doin the start stop timing and the extension but i dont have ringtones i have tones and it doesnt work as ringtone
    help plz:)

  • Murt
  • Symptoms

    With iOS 5, you can purchase alert tones or ringtones* from the iTunes Store directly on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (4th generation) or later. However, you may have previously purchased ringtones that do not appear on your device after updating to iOS 5.

    Products Affected
    iPhone, iTunes

    To resolve the issue:

    Make sure that “Sync ringtones” is selected in the Ringtones tab for your iOS device in iTunes.
    Sync your device and allow the sync to complete.
    If still unresolved, deselect “Sync ringtones” and click Apply.
    After the sync finishes, select “Sync ringtones” again and click Apply.

    if this work for you you can follow me on Twitter @hveguilla

    Sent from my iPhone 5 ¯\(°_o)/¯

  • Cathy

    Seems to be a common problem thru this thread. i don’t have ringtones in the options under preferences. There is no box to check or uncheck for ringtones. Frustrating! Everyone and every link says just to check the box but it isn’t there!!! Help, thanks.

  • Dawn

    I have the same problem, itunes, preferences, general does not have a ringtone box to check or uncheck. Any help would greatly being be appreciated!!!

  • Mazerooni

    I have had the same problem but finally have somehow cracked it!! I only have Tones in my library list. I followed most of the instructions – made the ringtone on my phone – went to file sharing and saved it on my desktop. Then I clicked on the Tones button in the list and dragged the ringtone from the desktop into the list of music in Tones. When I couldn’t see it I double clicked on the icon on my desktop and it appeared in the tones list, whilst plalying in iTunes! I synced with my iphone and hey presto it’s done it! Does that make sense??? Phew, that was 2 hours well spent!!

  • Mazerooni

    Oh sorry I forgot – I had to drag the song from my tones list onto my phone too 🙂 Then it synced and then it was there, phew!

  • mp3

    Useful information. Fortunate me I discovered your site accidentally, and I’m stunned why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • Adnan

    heyy, everybody don’t be so silly to find out a iphone software, its so easy to find every thing…………….

  • Adnan

    i 2 had a same problem of ringtone…………….. yes u get tones instead of ringtone in library…………………… u do one thing first off all………………open the file where after AAC version is completed and then click show in windows explorer then in that [ GO TO TOOLS > FOLDER OPTION> VIEW……….. AND MAKE SURE THAT “hide extensions for known file types is NOT ticked “] then after that follow the same steps as u make a ringtone …………………..

  • Sophie

    Save your ringtones onto your desktop and open up itunes, then drag itunes to the side so you can then drag the ringtone into the box where it says ”tones” or ”ringtones”. After that you have your ringtone in the folder 😛
    Basically all you have to do is save the ringtone to your desktop and then drag it in. EASY AS THAT!
    Took me 2 hours to finally figure this out! Hope it helps 🙂 xo

  • Megan

    That fixed the problem for the ringtones I JUST purchased, BUT my problem is this:

    I just upgraded from the 4 to the 4S, and I lost all the ringtones I purchased through iTunes on my 4…cannot find them on my 4s or through iTunes. When I click to buy it again through iTunes, it tells me I have already purchased the item, would I like to purchase it again. I cannot find it anywhere through iTunes store, iTunes, phones, etc. I wouldn’t care but I bought a ton and my husband wanted to use them on the 4 I just handed down to him.

  • Its was very helpful. I just followed the steps and did it correctly. Thanks so much

  • Elizabeth

    Worked perfectly – thank you!

  • Kerry Hampton

    Hi guys, i thought i would post up what i have learnt – simple instructions – i followed a you tube video but i suggest you do something else first. I have an iPhone 3 and the latest itunes and a PC.

    First go to iTunes and click on the edit tab at the top, then preferences and general. Highlight TONES – (Tones IS Ringtones in the latest iTunes) Click ok and the Tones library should be there.

    Then follow this You Tube video to make a ringtone, its very easy,

    Okay at the end of the instructions when you have opened the file in windows, and you change the last a to an r to make it a ringtone, press ok and ok again when it says it may become unstable.

    This is the important part your all having trouble with. As it shows your music there in the next window CLICK OR DOUBLE CLICK ON THE FILE, it will then automatically go to iTunes with the file in Tones.

    Excellent, hope this helps!! x

  • TONY



  • senthil

    thanks you solve my long problem,.

  • jose

    Ringtones wasn’t even there when I went to preferences. it wasn’t on that list either.

  • FancyRaven

    Many many thanks — this worked perfectly!!! When I talked to the young folks — I hear well you shoudl know that. I don;t and do so appreciate folks like you that publish this information.

  • Omar


    I have a problem with my “Tones” folder. I have the Iphone 4s. I can’t add the ringtone to the Tones folder, either by dragging or any other away.

    Also, when I connect my iphone I don’t have the Ringtone or Tones tab at top of the menu.

    I have iTunes 10.5.3 and Mac OS X 10.6.8. Thank you.

  • Sunita

    Brennan & all the others…Thanks so much for the help. I decided not to go to bed until I resolve this issue & this blog helped me solve it quick.

    1) Download ringtone to the music folder on iTunes
    2) Changed the name of the ringtone
    3) Dragged it to my iPhone (tones) folder & synced it.

    And it WORKS……

  • Grace

    I have done all the steps perfectly and it works fine. However, when I either drag or double-click the m4r tone it goes straight into music, NOT Tones… Help?
    Also, I can’t sync ringtones on my iphone, there is no option for it. Help again?
    Please, I’m getting so annoyed at Apple…

  • Clement

    F, no. Macbook Pro, Itunes 10.5.3. I went to Itunes, and preferences. No “Ringtone” box, closest thing is “Tones” box, which doesn’t recognize my ringtone.

    What now?

  • pat

    I’m going to scream – I cannot get the ringtone out of the music library and in ti the “tune” section – I don’t seem to have ringtone section in the library

    Maybe I should just make a trip to the apple store – the ring tone is on my iphone but not under the ringtones I can select

  • SpEciAl3DiTi0n

    I went to the preferences box and there is no ringtones on the list. the closest thing is Tones and it won’t recognize my ringtones. it is quiet frustrating. can someone please help me

  • Jenny

    After falling of the steps I couldn’t get the ringtones to transfer to my phone. I did it over and over. I finally realized my problem was I hadn’t shortened the songs I was using down to 30 seconds. It won’t sync them if the files are too big. When I went back and cut all my songs down to 30 sec (as per the instructions) everything synced!! Hope this helps someone.

    • Jenny

      That should be “following all of the steps” not falling of the steps.

  • Beauty it helped me with my ringtones. and ringtones and tones are the same

  • Nhi Le

    Thanks !

  • id


  • Super good post, thanks!

  • somebody

    Thanks a lot!

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been reading what’s happening and it also has effected me, i’ve added the “tones” tab that was hidden to my itunes. and i put in my ringtones to use. but when i try to sync in my iphone 4s, when i click the Jeremy’s Iphone tab, on the top, ringtones doesn’t have a slot, so i can’t sync in my ringtones, can you help me find a way to get the ringtone tab back on my phone?

  • Kamati Thomas Hifikepunye

    Thanx a lot, I was about to uninstall my iTunes but now you did help me indeed. I am now cool with my iTune…

  • Jackie

    OK – so this is really embarrassing…I can’t find the preferece box!

    • Jack

      Preferences are under the Edit menu and you will see Tones not Ringtones.

  • Sheri

    Thanks! I love quick, simple fixes.

  • Tammy

    I love you!!!! Thanks sooooooooo much 🙂

  • DeeDee

    Got it! Thank you so much!

  • Leto1281

    Oh thank you so much Brennan! For some reason out of the blue my purchased ringtones disappeared from my phone. The ones I had created would sync but not the purchased ones even though I had everything backed upped and saved. Just adding a number to the end of the title and then resyncing did the trick. They ringtones showed up on my phone right away. I then went back and erased the number, synced again, and the ringtones were still there. Thanks so much!

  • Shawn


  • Nicole

    Thank you soooo much! I was losing my mind trying to figure that out!

  • Nicole

    Thank you sooooo much! I was losing my mind trying to figure that out !

  • abby

    thats not what my general looks like my system preference is different so i can’t find where you check everything off. please respond because i want to know if i have to update my computer or iTunes for it to look like it or am i clicking the wrong button. I’m clicking on system preferences then general. please help

  • Charlie

    Just so everyone knows, the ringtone cannot be created if you are trying to make it from a song that was purchased. I spent hours going through different blogs and forums without any luck. At first (like many others) I couldn’t find the Tones/Ringtones folder anywhere. Then after finding out that the folder would appear after going through iTunes>Preferences>_Tones Checkbox_, I thought that I would finally be able to drag my ringtone to the ‘Tones’ folder (but i was wrong). At this point I was still looking for the Tones tab under devices where it should have existed along with Summary, Info, Apps, Music, Movies, ect.
    Still with no luck dragging the ringtone over, I was about to give up hope. That’s when i read that the ringtones cannot be created from songs purchased off of iTunes. I went through all the same steps with a song I copied from a burned CD. Thankfully, it worked. I went through the same process with a song I downloaded off of YouTube with YouTube By Click (allowing you to get mp3 files from YouTube videos). I had similar success. Also, once the first song is created in your main Tones file (the one on your computer), then the ‘Tones’ tab will automatically appear between ‘Apps’ and ‘Music’.
    I realize that this probably isn’t an issue for many others because there are so many ways to get songs these days without the use of iTunes. So my suggestion to those of you who still wish to create the ringtone from a purchased song: download the same song through YouTube By Click so that you have an mp3 format that will be useable. ‘Purchased AAC audio files’ are NOT useable. Any songs you download through YouTube By Click are an ‘MPEG audio file’ format and ARE useable. Once You’ve created the ringtone with the YouTube downloaded version, then you can delete the YouTube version (unless you want two of the same song).
    Hope this was helpful.

  • Kapri

    Thanks a lot, You made it so easy. God Bless You

  • Shari

    Thank you! I too only had “Tunes” in my list to check, so I thought (actually my daughter saw it) to try that, and it worked. Thank you so much for your blog!

  • phil671

    I, like so many others before me, do not have a ringtones option under the show menu. While tons have asked what is the next step, I see no one with an answer. I call apple for tech support and found that while my phone has teck support the computer’s support has expired, so they basically told me to get lost. It would be lovely to see someone tell me and the others, how to access the ringtones library on my version of Itunes.. 10.6.3.


  • Apple 1

    When I go thru the steps I do not have a option to make a acc version I have only the option to make apple loss lees . which I did and re named to mr4 it will show up in i tunes but can not put it in tones folder is the bit rate to high ? how do I change that .

    • Apple 1

      Ok I got it to a 128 bit rate with the file name [04 Lessons.m4r] it will play in I tunes in the library under music but I can not put it in the tones folder what am i doing wrong ?

  • michelle

    ARGH!!!! i have the tones folder in my itunes between apps and radio i have managed to get the file accross to it but when when i sync my phone it is nowhere to be seen have not got it in music and when i go to sounds to see the custom ringtone tab is not there about to give up and chuck it out the window thinking should have stuck to android! HELP …it is an iphone 3gs BTW

  • marc

    Ringtones is not in my itunes general preferences. how do I add it?

  • Hi,
    I suggest you do what it does in the photo , I did
    That and it worked perfectly xx

  • kathy

    euxaristw epsaxa pantou!!!

  • ZiZi

    in preference->General: under library name textbox appears ‘Sources’ and not ‘Show’…..

    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i m loosing it!!!

    • andyand

      source and show are the same. Also tone and ringtone are the same. put a check box on tone if yours show tone and check ringtone if yours show ringtone.

      • ZIZI


  • andyand

    this page rescued me. First, I now know that tone and ringtone are the same. Second, I wasn’t able to save the RMaker file to my computer until I changed the file name to just one word.

  • Joe

    cool it works

  • Rachael

    I have a problem… I have rintones on my phone but I dont know how to get them into my tones libary HELP!!!

  • boss

    Simon, that was so simple, but didn occur to me ! thanks a lot for pointing tht out for us bro !

    Cheers mate !

  • Aaron

    Wheres the general tab??

    • RagZ R

      go to preferences you will see that , in mac once you open iTunes on top , in windows open iTunes you see small mark on iTunes click on that to open preferences

  • Tyler

    I found the general tab. but under the tab but were yours says show mine says sources.. and doesn’t display a ringtone check box

  • there is no ringtones option even in my prefresences tab what to do nw ??? plz help

  • there is no ringtones option even in my prefresences tab what to do nw ??? plz help me

    • RagZ R Check this video might help you , now there is no tab Ringtones but now its Tones ,how ever this video will show how to make ringtones from any of your fav songs , still have issue contact me on my channel ill try to help you

  • Jules

    Have seen this problem a bit: have the ringtone in the tones file, appears in itunes and on my iphone, but when i go to the set the tone, it doesn´t appear in the phone…que pasa???

  • Uncle Ebeneezer

    Ok, so I have iTunes 11, and Iphone4. I converted a clip to an M4r file but I can’t seem to get it from my Music section over into my Tones. Any suggestions? Would be greatly appreciative.

    I was following the instructions here:

    • RagZ R

      Hi this video might help you ,it must show up on tones any question please contact me will be glad to help you,

  • Tremendous things here. I’m very glad to see your article. Thank you a lot and I am taking a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  • Taylor

    I can’t find the preferences thing….

    • cyndi


  • Kasia

    Nadal nie działa :/ nie pojawił się folder “dzwonek”

  • cyndi

    hey, yes this fixed it , thank u soooooooo much..i am having so much trouble trying to get a ringtone done off of my own music on itunes , nothings working , but thanks for this..

  • anthea

    worked perfectly!!! thank you…. 🙂

  • Sarah Wingo

    Thank you! So simple, I’ve been looking all over for how to add ringtones to my new phone, and they all mention using tones, but not how to find it if it isn’t showing. This was perfect.

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  • dennis

    tones folder showing up on phone in iTunes when my iPhone 6 is connected but not showing up In library and under the preferences tab there isn’t an option to show the tones folder. please help