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Chrome to iPhone: Send URL from Computer to iPhone

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Tips & How-to

Chrome to iPhone: Send URL from Computer to iPhone

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I am well expecting a similar Chrome extension will be released soon to support iPhone. Thanks to the Chrome extension developer, Tom Lerendu. He has developed an extension called “Chrome to iPhone” that brings a similar level of functionalities.

“Chrome to iPhone” adds a handy button next to the location bar in Google’s Chrome browser. When you want to send a link from computer to iPhone, you can simply hit the button. The current URL will then automatically send to your iPhone. On iPhone, you can just tap on a “Chrome to iPhone” icon and it will launch Safari to show you the URL that was just sent.

Unlike the official “Chrome to Phone” extension that lets you send different kinds of item (e.g. link, Google Maps, phone number, plain text, etc), the Chrome extension for iPhone can only allow you to send URL. That said, it still offers a very convenient way to share the URL with your iPhone.

The “Chrome to iPhone” extension only works on Google’s Chrome browser. To install the extension, go to Google’s Chrome Extension site using Chrome browser and then hit the “Install” button. After that, follow the on-screen installation procedures to configure it on iPhone.

If you are using Firefox browser and looking for a similar utility, you can take a look at “Firefox Home” for iPhone. The Firefox Home provides access to your Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs. For details, you can check out the review of Firefox Home.

What do you think about “Chrome to iPhone”? As always, we love to hear your comment about the app.

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