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Easy Way to Activate iPhone Without Official SIM

July 20, 2010 — by Simon Ng29


NewsTips & How-to

Easy Way to Activate iPhone Without Official SIM

July 20, 2010 — by Simon Ng29

If you are not using an official SIM (say, the one from AT&T), you should be very familiar with the below message shown in iTunes when you connect the iPhone to your computer:

The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.

Apparently, you can use PwnageTool or Redsn0w to activate the iPhone (i.e. what so called hactivation). But no all iPhone users are comfortable with these jailbreak tools.

Sherif Hasim, the guy who found the exploit for unlocking iOS 4, has figured out an easy way to activate most models of iPhones including iPhone 3G/3GS, as well as, iPhone 4, without an official SIM. The trick is to make use of a Phonebook SIM card. As you’ll see in the video, you can simply insert a phonebook SIM into the iPhone. And, that’s it. The iPhone is automatically activated.

As mentioned by Sherif, all phonebook cards should work:

Use any phonebook sim card, they are there in radioshak, mobile phone shops or any mobile tech moles , any phone book simcard will do the trick, no need for programmable sims, all those phonebook sims used to save ur contacts and transfer them have a universal ICCIDs preprogrammed so they all work.

To learn more about how Sherif uses an phone book SIM card to activate an iPhone, check out his demo video:

I can say this is by far the easiest way to hacktivate an iPhone. If you’re interested to purchase a phonebook SIM, you can head to DITS’ website or buy one via EBay.

As the phonebook card does not available as micro SIM, for those using iPhone 4, you need to use some kinds of micro SIM cutter to convert the card into micro SIM.

Update #1: Apple has implemented fix to block out phonebook sim. You will encounter “Different SIM Detected” error after activation/jailbreak. Fortunately, someone has developed a workaround to fix the issue. You can further check out this post for details.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • Tom

    This is no news, since I have done the same with any non activated sim card (any carrier). But again since this is not a any sim unlock & nor does this help get apple’s official push notification settings, I don’t see any reason for doing this….

    • @Tom,

      Just to clarify. The phonebook SIM card is used for activating the iPhone. To unlock an iPhone, you still need to use ultrasn0w.

      • Tom

        Thatzzzz the point, for this just activates iPhone with the phonebook SIM card, once you insert the SIM you want to use, the activated screen gives way to connect to iTunes different SIM detected message screen. Now you have to run Redsn0w for the activation patch & to install cydia (for the mentioned Ultrasn0w). The activation patch by Redsn0w, will delete the official apple activation (Done with the Phonebook Card) & in-turn you lose apple’s official push notification settings. Now again you have to depend on Push Doctor to get push notifications

  • Al

    It works, I ordered 2 dits sim from dits website and received them today.

    Activated my iphone 4 with the dits sim card
    didn’t need a micro sim card cutter, used a blade and file to get it down to the chip. At first i thought i might have ruined it because it was real close the chip edge.

    Once the sim fit in I plugged it in itunes, disconnected and reconnected again and it activated it.

    Have to hand it to this guy, save me from a lot of headaches. bought my phone off of ebay the guy forgot to activate it. AT&T is a headache to deal with all their new security requirements. Thought I had to return the phone, or was stuck with a brick. Thanks to this, not anymore.

    Screw you AT&T and Apple for not having some kind of override.

    • Thomas

      Hi Al,

      I was wondering. Where did you get your card? Can you give me the link?


    • ordinary_guyz

      hi AL.. ur iphone 4 also request for billing zipcode and last 4 ssn from the original owner right? but when u insert the DITS phonebook sim, its activate for you?
      i happen to had this problem as well.. when i insert a blank att sim card, it asked me for the zip code and ssn. i try the other phonebook but it didnt go to homescreen..
      thats why im so curious if its really activating the phone without filling those info..

      • milhouse

        did you have any luck activating phone? i have same problem as you…the dits phonebook card didnt work for me either.

        • @milhouse, please check out this post for the update. Hope the fix works for you.

          • milhouse

            nope the phonebook sim cant get past the emergency screen so i cannot even use safari to jailbreak to begin with…my issue is being stuck at emergency screen

  • Thomas

    Hi Al,

    I found the site but still skeptical of this card. Can I really just stick it in and it will get rid of the screen that says, “Insert a valid SIM with no PIN to activate the iPhone and The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.”? Will it keep the phone unlock to read my carrier’s card: T-Mobile?

    • The card is just for activation only. If you want to unlock your iPhone, you still need to go through the jailbreak procedure and use ultrasn0w to unlock.

      • Hi simon. I have been offered some 3GS iPhones that have “fallen off the back of a lorry”, is it possible to activate them useing phone book sim or will apple immediately. Is there any possible way of activating or will they be rendered useless?
        Thanks Martyn.

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  • charlito

    DITS is using us for our money..dont trust that stupid fucking phonebook card because it DOES NOT WORK. He goes to every forum where people would ask “were do i buy the card” and posts the same thing everytime to get your money.

  • Action Speaks louder than words , we no need to give proof, people who bought and using already know whats working and what’s not. seems like you are some kinda jerk who don’t even know how to use the card.
    For others kindly look the iclarified official video :

  • charlito

    And you might want to rethink what you are saying. Watch this video
    And then come to me, because it doesn’t, maybe for people only in the east

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  • Fred

    HI, i bought that phonebook sim card i only want to used my phone like a Ipod but doens work, is not easy……. they sais this work with all iphones ( i have a iphone 3gs I dont know the original carrier because i went to Colombia and some guy the offerd to unlock my iphone and he changed my iphone for another iphone of another country) but doesn work with my iphone

  • William

    Hola! Yo compre una tarjeta phone book sim de dits. Cuando itunes me pidio que insertara un sim valida inserte la sim de dits (phonebook sim) pero itunes no la reconoce. No pude activar mi iphone en la firmware 4.0. Me toco volver a la version 3.2.1 y usar blackra1n. La tarjeta phone book sim no activa el iphone en itunes.

  • kent

    i have an i phone 3 gs from australia and i can not activate it. and i have tried the phonebook sim. it done nothing! so is there anything i can actually do?

    • Sasha

      hie,,did yu manage to unlock your iphone ,f yu did, how?i noticed this was a long time bac,,but i hav a similar problem and all the tutorials aint workin .thx

  • This Card is totally worthless !
    They rip you for nothing .

  • Jay

    is this phonebook is albe also to unlock the sim card so i can use my sim card on it or it just activate the iphone.
    Because my iPhone is locked by T-mobile and i cannot use my O2 on it.