How To Download File on iPhone using aDownloader

May 26, 2010 — by Simon Ng13



How To Download File on iPhone using aDownloader

May 26, 2010 — by Simon Ng13

This is one of the frequently-asked questions from iPhone users:

How can I download file from websites and save it on iPhone?

The built-in mobile Safari does not allow you to download all types of files. File download is only limited to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. And, it just lets you view the file via the built-in viewer. You can’t download and save the file into the internal file system of iPhone.

An iPhone developer, Emanuel, answered the above question by developing a cydia app called aDownloader. aDownloader is a great download manager available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The download manager lets you download any types of files from any websites via EDGE, 3G or WiFi network.

It supports over 40 types of files including: PDF, Word(doc and docx), Excel(xls, xlsx), Power Point(ppt, pptx), Audio files (mp3, m4a, wav), video(mpeg, 3gp, mov, youtube), Image files (jpg, png, gif, bmp), text files (txt, html, xml), RAR and Zip archives (including multipart, password protected).

With aDownload, it keeps the saved file in your iPhone. You can re-open it anytime. You are also allowed to create folders, cut, copy, delete, and move around files.

Like other download managers on desktop, aDownloader offers simultaneous download feature. At any time during the download process, you can pause the download and resume it later. If you encounter any connection failure, you can resume always resume the download at the point of the interruption.

aDownloader also comes with a sharing feature. By enabling the feature, your iPhone is easily turned into a thumb drive. You can then transfer the file back to your computer over WiFi.

It’s a cool application. Best of all, aDownloader is available for free via cydia. Needless to say, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone to enjoy the app.

If you’re interested in the app, here is the detailed procedures about how you can use it.

How to Install and Use aDownloader to Download File on iPhone

1. First, launch cydia and search for “aDownloader”. Install it once you locate it.

2. After installation, launch the app by tapping the aDownloader icon.

3. Once it’s launched up, you will find a familiar browser-based interface. aDownloader is actually a browser with additional feature for you to download files. Say, you are visiting and find a file to download. Simply tap on the download link and aDownloader will then start the download process.

4. You can always view the download status through “Downloads” tab. When the file download completes, you can then access the file in the “Documents” tab.

Sometimes, you may want to transfer the files from iPhone to computer. aDownloader also comes with a Sharing feature that lets you share the file over WiFi. Simply enable the “Sharing” feature in Settings and you can access the file from your computer via browser.

What do you think about aDownloader? As always, leave us comment and share your thought.

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  • I am curious that if there is one tool which can download/upload photos easily to iMac without any interactions, and it is for all iPhone even for non-jailbreaks.

  • tonski21

    can i use adownlaoder to save an attached file in my email?

    • @tonski21, you can use attachment saver instead.

      • tonski21

        are there any free app that can do what i need? attachment saver is a purchased app

  • ishy737

    how do i right click and save a download on the iphone with this app??

  • Kat

    I downloaded this and then downloaded loads of themes, how do I then make the themes useable on my iphone? They are all appreaing in documents but I cant understand how to make them useable… please help…….

  • Zee kay

    Where can I Download songs? didn’t work.

  • KOS-T

    I’m having problems downloading mp3’s directly from websites such as…

    It only puts it into quicktime and streams it directly in the aDownloader browser. How must I get it to download the actually MP3?

    • namerequired

      SAME. What’s the point of this app if it………….doesn’t…………download files……………

      when i try to download mp3s it just plays them, which safari already does (which we DONT WANT SAFARI TO DO, which is why we download this app).

  • omer ahmad

    excellent software…..I have just tried adownloader using cydia….it rocks…

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  • KingChronic

    How can i download full length movies on the iphone with this app. I have Cydia and i downloaded adowoader. But i cant figure out how to get movies. I know that the Android can and it is extremly easy. Please help.

    • Saad

      You download movies through an app called Filer. It is available for non-jailbroken iphones