Control Your iPad with Bluetooth Mouse (also Work on iPhone)

May 13, 2010 — by Simon Ng10



Control Your iPad with Bluetooth Mouse (also Work on iPhone)

May 13, 2010 — by Simon Ng10

The Apple’s keyboard dock is a great companion for your iPad when you need to type a lengthy email. For some of the causal users, with the addition of a real keyboard, the iPad can probably replace your laptop to do something more serious. Say, use it for word processing and prepare a presentation. However, there is still one thing missing to make the iPad as a perfect replacement of laptop – the mouse.

As demonstrated by RedmondPie, you can pair a jailbroken iPad with bluetooth mouse via a cydia hack named “BTStack Mouse”. I also tested out this interesting hack and it works great with my Magic mouse.

Here is how you can configure your bluetooth mouse with iPad. If you own a jailbroken iPhone, this hack should also work for you.

1. First, make sure your iPad is jailbroken via Spirit. If not, you can check out this step-by-step guide to jailbreak your iPad.

2. On your iPad, launch cydia.

3. Tap “Search” and search for “BTStack Mouse”.

4. Tap on “BTstack Mouse” and tap “Confirm” to install

5. Once installed, locate the “Mouse” icon on the home screen. Launch the app.

Tip: Before launching the “Mouse” app, please turn off the Bluetooth. To disable bluetooth, you can go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth and turn the switch to OFF.

6. When launched, the app automatically search for any bluetooth device. Make sure your mouse is in discovery mode. If you are pairing with Apple’s Magic mouse, you need to switch it off and then turn it on again to put it into discovery mode.

7. After the “Mouse” app discovers your mouse, tap on it to connect. You should then notice a mouse pointer on screen and now you can control the iPad via your mouse.

The mouse app is run in background. So, when you go back to home screen and launch other applications. You can still use your mouse for point-and-click. To disable the bluetooth mouse, simply launch the “Mouse” app again and click the “Discontinue” button.

I have only tested the hack with my Magic mouse. If you have also tried out the hack with your bluetooth mouse, remember to write back and let us know whether it works for you or not.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Darianhomes

    Hi, I tried with mighty mouse, and I get the mouse running on the screen but it does not do anything. Could you please let me if there is any way ti fix it.

  • CC

    IPAD3G64 3.2
    jb with spirit
    bluetooth control OFF
    WIFI OFF ; charging with 3G operator (Orange, France)
    I charged Bstack mouse from cydia I asked for install ; I received a message (don’t remember what) and clicked OK ;
    at the end of installing Bstack mouse, before recharging cydia (or springboard – I don’t know) I’m blocked on the WAIT signal (this little bars forming a circle in the middle of screen) – since 2 hours from now …

    pulling the “OFF” button of the IPAD gives no result ;
    pulling the MAIN button gives no result ;

    HELP REQUIRED ; thanks

  • CC

    IPAD3G64 3.2
    jb with spirit
    bluetooth control OFF
    WIFI OFF ; charging with 3G operator

    Finally, I got a solution to reboot the IPAD : pushing on Main button and “OFF/ON” button ; but I don’t know how precisely.
    After rebooting, “Mouse” is on the springboard, and Magic mouse detected when the app is activated….

  • zain7478

    i tried with rapoo bluetooth optical mouse model: 6020, and it worked fine. But it couldn’t work together with my apple bluetooth keyboard …
    any solution?

    • Macrat

      Zain7478, if you haven’t already found out, there is a BTStack Keyboard app that can be purchased in Cydia so that both will work.

  • Paulo

    I WAS exited about using cydia. I jaibreaked my iPad to get this feature and I realized that i have to pay an overprized fee for the keyboard driver because while using the mouse my bluethoot is bloked by the mouse controller, and I can “fix” this paying 5 dollars to use the cydia keyboard controller. Isn’t cydia an alternative to the greedy strategies of apple to sell overprized stuff. I gess not. And it gets filthyer knowing that that is the way the products are marketed in the cydia market.

    And dont get me wrong, i want to pay for a good product(even knowing they are not responsable for anithing if the product doesnt work,) but the fact that the cydia store is the only place where i can get those things makes

  • Paulo

    Cydia the same bs as the apple store taking advantage of their “unicness”

  • Paulo

    And my grammar is crappy because i speak spanish in case you where wondering

  • FI4

    Hi, will Apple Mighty bluetooth mouse work with this?

    Thank You!

  • c

    does not work with SMK Link bluetooth notebook mouse. FYI