iPad Camera Connection Kit: Transfer Photos Directly From Your Digital Camera to iPad

April 27, 2010 — by Gaurav Kheterpal22



iPad Camera Connection Kit: Transfer Photos Directly From Your Digital Camera to iPad

April 27, 2010 — by Gaurav Kheterpal22

iPad Camera Connection KitWant to transfer photos from your digital camera to your iPad? You no longer have to go through the tedious process of transferring photos to your computer and then syncing it with your iPad. Courtesy, the just released iPad Camera Connection Kit, you can import photos and videos from a digital camera or SD card directly to your iPad. The kit also supports most popular photos services including Flickr, MobileMe and others. What’s more, the iPad Camera Connection Kit costs a miserly $29.

The Kit provides two simple ways of importing your photos. One way is use your SD card connector to upload photos via a SD card. The other option is to use the USB connector so that you can connect your camera directly to the iPad. The usage is intuititve – as soon as you plug the connector to your iPad, it opens the photo app and shows the photos on your card. It may take a while for all your photos to show up, so be patient. You can then either choose some photos or all photos to be imported.

As a bonus, the kit allows you to connect a USB keyboard to your iPad. The Apple iPad does not have a webcam or a USB keyboard – No worries, the iPad Camera Connection Kit offers both. Further, TidBITS reports that you can use a headset to make VoIP calls over Skype, and that the audio quality is excellent. You can also use a Bluetooth headset with the iPad.

The iPad Camera Connection Kit does have some limitations though – it is not 100% USB compliant, does not recognize external drives and you can’t copy files directly from the iPad to the SD card. If you face any issues in operating your iPad Camera Connection Kit, see this Demo video.

If you’ve used it already, I’ll be glad to hear your opinion about the iPad Camera Connection Kit. If you’ve not puchased it yet, I suggest you do so. At $29, it’s great value for money!

Check out our how-to guide to learn how to use the camera connection kit to transfer photos from camera or SD card to iPad directly.

Gaurav Kheterpal

Gaurav Kheterpal is a seasoned technology professional with nearly a decade of experience in Mobile, Web 2.0 and Open Source Technologies. He's an Apple fanboy and an iPhone lover/ critic since it's early days. He loves exploring, developing and reviewing iPhone apps, as well as covering news stories about Apple and its products.

  • SeattleBrad

    I heard that it downsizes your photos to 3 megapixels. This means it spoils my plan to offload my vacation photos, so I can delete them from my memory card.

    • Gaurav

      I’m not sure about the downsizing. Perhaps, you should try it out once for yourself.


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  • Cheryl

    It doesn’t downsize your photos, but it does make a 3MP jpeg for viewing on the iPad.
    If you then download the photos to your computer from iPad your original JPG or raw photo will be transferred unaltered from your iPad, or so I’ve been told


  • pat moore

    Would I be able to use my card reader for my Olympus camera? It connects to my iMac just through USB just like a cable would.

  • Brian Purnell

    how do i download my photos in which i transferred to the ipad back to my imac at home after my vacation?

    • Kathy Jackson

      use mobile me

    • Sue

      Sounds to me like they will download when you sync or if you do not delete from card after download to iPad then just download as normal to computer.

  • ste

    how do i transfer the pictures back to the computer? i cant find any ways to transfer them from the camera to the ipad, and then to the computer!

  • Stewart J

    What a joke !! You shell out $30 to transfer photos to the iPad? I can do that for free with ANY $250 netbook! Pathetically useless thing this iPad !!

    • n


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  • Anon

    Not only can I transfer photos and videos via built-in SDHC card on my $250 Windows 7 netbook, as well as transfer photos/videos directly from my camera, but I can also run full blown office 2010, adobe apps as well. I can also hook up flash cards and all sorts of USB devices to any cheap netbook. iPad? More like “iOverPricedandUselessPad”.

    • raw

      And be ever vigilant for the virus that’s going to get your netbook!

  • Stewart J

    @ste, if you really want a streamlined way to transfer photos and videos, use a $250 netbook. Put your iPad up on Craigslist.

  • SAn

    Pc users please dont read or comment on apple products, just relax n stay jealous.

  • Chainsaw

    Is there a way to copy images from an iPad or iPhone to the camera connection kit? Like if I want to backup my images from my phone quickly to an external SD card is there a way to do it with the kit, a card and the phone or pad?

  • e39 M5

    Stay jealous of what? That this device doesn’t have a USB port? pay $30 for a limited use adapter? that it can,t do what a net book can for a third of the price? the display is neat but it fails in substance

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  • Kelly

    My photo adapter suddenly stopped wooing. Only used a few times. Any suggestions

  • fantastic points altogether, you simply received a new reader. What might you recommend in regards to your put up that you made a few days in the past? Any positive?

  • Ann

    How do I delete a single pic without deleting “from everywhere”? As far as I can see, that is my one and only choice.