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Scan Document with iPhone using Pocket Scanner

Pocket Scanner LogoPocket Scanner for the iPhone is great little application that lets you scan any documents and turns them into a PDF file. You can simply take a photo of anything or combine a number of pics into PDF, that you can edit, save and share with others. The app costs US$0.99 but the functionality it offers in terms of actually creating custom PDFs is well worth the cost.

When you first launch the Pocket Scanner, you will be presented with four buttons: PDF Scanner, Docs, Settings and Help. By tapping on the PDF button, you are presented with a blank page and four bottom buttons: Scan Page, Preview, Make PDF and Clean. Tap the scan page button will let you start scanning any document using the built-in camera. The app also allows you to import any photo from you photo library. Once you have a couple of pics that make up what you want in the new PDF, you can then edit each one, as you feel needed. You can change the exposure, the B&W settings and crop & rotate the pic as required. Once you are happy that you have all your pics and have edited them as required you then press the Make PDF button and the new PDF is then added to you Docs folder. One thing that is not available in the current version is the ability to change the order of the pics. So, make sure you add the pics in order.

Pocket ScannerPocket Scanner New PDF

Despite the app is named as a scanner, it comes with an in-app browser and a document manager/reader.

With the Pocket Scanner’s in-app browser, you can browse the web and download a webpage, a document on the web or images for the web and view them all as a PDF. You can always find the list of PDF files in the Docs folder.

The document viewer lets you Delete, Copy, Cut, Paste, Rename, Email and Zip your document. It also allows you to zoom in/out, bookmark pages on your doc and turn on and off a number of page options such as Auto Flow, Lock Horizontal, Lock Rotation and Jump to Page. Also, you can email the document from here using your native email app on the iPhone.

Pocket Scanner OptionPocket Scanner 2

The built-in reader supports various types of documents including MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), image files, audio files, video files, text files, HTML files ,etc.

In the Settings area you can change your time interval, jump space px and have the Pocket Scanner remember the scale you last set. You can also turn on/off the private folder option and the auto rotation option.

I have to say this app is a terrific application that is well worth what they are asking. The rich functionality that was included in the app was really surprising to me, this application truly lives up to its name as a fantastic Pocket Scanner that you will find numerous uses for. To purchase the app, you can click this direct iTunes link.

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