iPhoneJailbreakTips & How-to

How To Install Cydia Apps Without WiFi Using Cyder

March 22, 2010 — by Simon Ng58


iPhoneJailbreakTips & How-to

How To Install Cydia Apps Without WiFi Using Cyder

March 22, 2010 — by Simon Ng58

One usual question I got from readers is how you can install cydia apps without WiFi on the jailbroken iPhone. For those who do not have WiFi access at home or prefer to install cydia apps via USB, cyder is the application you should check out.

In brief, Cyder is a cydia manager for PC. It lets you download cydia apps from your PC and install the apps to iPhone over USB. Cyder is a free application but it works on Windows only.

Procedures to Install Cydia Apps using Cyder

Before you read on, please note the procedures only works for jailbroken iPhone ONLY.

1. Download cyder from here and extract it using Winzip.

2. Connect your iPhone via USB

3. Launch cyder by double-clicking the cyder.exe

4. In the Source tab, add the following repositories:


Note: These are just some of the cydia sources for downloading the cydia applications. If you find any other repositories, simply add the URL via this screen.

5. After adding all the sources, click the “Refresh” button to load the list of cydia applications

6. It’ll take some time to load the cydia application list. Once done, go to the Package tab and you’ll see all the cydia applications available. From here, you can select any of the cydia apps and cyder will show a short description of the apps. Simply click the checkbox of the app you want to download and click the hard drive icon to download the app.

7. Once the application is downloaded, go to the Synchronization tab. Here you can copy the app you just download to your iPhone. Select the package you just download and click the arrow button to copy the package to the AutoInstaller folder.

8. Next, click the arrow button to copy the app from computer to iPhone.

9. Wait until the app is transferred to iPhone. Then quit cyder.

10. Power off your iPhone and start it up again.

After reboot, you should find the cydia app you just installed.

What do you think about cyder? Does it work for you? Feel free to leave us comment and share your thought.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Lim

    Thanks Simon,this is really helpful 😀

  • hussain

    i installed cyder….& after that after installing apps from pakages….& during synchronization M not able to copy the apps to autoinstall folders…what should i do..plz help me…!

    • some downloads take a little bit to add to autoinstall then to your idevice. it depends on how big the file is that you are adding.

  • tovinus

    same problem with hussain

  • Matt

    Yeah, I also have the same problem. I cannot copy my packages over to Autoinstall.

    • pollohogo

      same problem please help

  • Einjel

    me too it wont be able to sync to autoinstall folder. how can i fixed this pls help

  • Jack

    Same i can’t transfer packages into auto install, why???????????????????????

  • Charlotte

    This does not work. I was following it until #6 of the instructions. It wouldn’t load the sources. I don’t think I did it incorrect because I followed these instructions.

  • joey

    please help…i have downloaded apps from torrent, the files are already in my pc.. how would i be able to install them on my ipod touch (jailbroken)… thanks

    • anonymous

      If you mean .deb files, you can copy them to the “archives” folder in cyder’s folder. they should show up in cyder. if that doesn’t work, try the program “ifunbox”. it will work as i have tried it before many times. If you mean .ipa files, “ifunbox” will work for that too. I dont believe it’s possible to use cyder to install .ipa files.

    • anonymous

      If you mean .deb files, you can copy them to the “archives” folder in cyder’s folder. they should show up in cyder. if that doesn’t work, try the program “ifunbox”. it will work as i have tried it before many times. If you mean .ipa files, “ifunbox” will work for that too. I dont believe it’s possible to use cyder to install .ipa files.

  • Ninja

    The “P” in packages MUST be uppercased

  • Andy

    Close ITunes and it will work.

  • Shane

    Doesn’t work. Slow and always crashes

  • Shane

    Doesn’t work. Slow and always freezes

  • Brad

    It Does work:

    If you use Win 7 / Vista Start Cyder as Admin.

    What I did was downloaded pakages one at a time. Then Synced them it crashed but then I opened it up again and selected the package and clicked the arrow next to AutoInstal folder. Then as the guide said click the top PC > iPhone icon. Unfortunately there is nothing to say: files transfered. However if complete you will see a quick flash of another red X icon under the bottom right red x icon.

    Note: If whilst adding repo’s and the like you get an “Un-resposive” error on the program window just be patient and don’t click on the program…it will once finished what it was doing respond again.

  • Brad

    Also a big THANKS

    to the maker of this program.

    Although a few bugs, its great!

    Thank you!

  • Rich

    hey man check it, i got the apps to the sync tab but. . . . the apps wont go into auto install folder how can i fix this??? can yu help?? Plz and thanks 😀

  • Nik

    i installed a game but i can’t play it. do i need wifi to play it?

  • hoksa

    i cant find a mem tool in packages?
    which things i will click for iphone 4?

  • Russian fruit

    I dosnt work for me! I cant istall the program, only i can download the file. This programm sucks! And it is very slowe! what i have to do it when it is work betters? sorry about my english language, it is bad.

  • Shane

    If you can’t get this to work google Cyder 2. It’s much better

  • esther

    mine won’t copy to the other installer please help…

  • Kristienne

    Why is it that the downloaded file can’t be added on the AutoInstaller box? I kept clicking the arrow but it doesnt appear?. What’s wrong?.

  • LD

    the app list wont come up plz help me

  • me

    oh why i dont get any package…..thats very sad

  • lily

    just freezes on loading packages :L

  • graham

    doesn’t work very well, the apps do not install, i do not have cydia on my iphone though, will that make a difference?

  • bononoy

    i tried it but i doesn’t work. i was able to move apps in Autoinstall folder but it nothing happens when i click on Copy Sources to Cydia.

    i have iphone 3g IOS 3.1.3 bb 6.15.00 jailbroken using Spirit. wifi is broke.

    hope you can help me. tnx!

  • salman

    8th step won’t work

  • i stack to downloading when i click the harddrive icon to download it stack … >,<

  • im stack at step >,<

  • to copy your download to autoinstaller you must go to settings and click the box copy to autoinstaller and go and click the arrow if it wont work unflug your iphone/ipod then plug it again…it will copy the download files 😀 hope it works 😀

  • Claire

    Im stuck on the loading of packages. then Cyder stopped responding. What to do? 🙂

  • MacAndCheese

    Mine is the same as Claire’s. Cyder stops responding after loading the packages. Tried it two or three times, refreshed again, tried again and no use. It gets stuck after loading the packages. >.< Please help!

  • Jen

    i have already installed cyder here on my pc, when i go to the sources the packages appears then after a few minutes cyder is not responding,, what will be the solution for that problem??

  • sri

    Guys, make sure OpenSSH is installed on your phone. If not install OpenSSH from Cydia and then the you should be able to transfer files to auto-install folder from Cyder

  • mc_Gee87

    hope this work…..


    it’s not working.

    url not responding

  • Hulk

    Hulk want packages, cyder crash…HULK SAD…

  • HULK

    pop goes the weasel

  • Jason

    Hey Simon,
    Very helpful article, thanks! The only problem is, when I start Cyder, it says that asl.dll is not found, then I get a message about my iTunes lobrary having an error. And suggestions?

  • joe

    all it does is just refreshes then qouite responding

  • tyler

    ok so i downloaded it copied and refreshed but when i clicked packages nothing was there what do i do

  • it says ” the procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll.” please help please .i am so frustrated and later it says “could not load itunes mobile.dll,check your itunes installation.” what is meant by this. once again please help.

  • imii

    I have done everything upto refreshing , after I click Packages tab , I’m not able to see any category ,, Like the ”All Categories” tab , ‘Name’ option is blank too. And if I click anything , it wont come. Whats the matter?

  • lola

    same thing with others… i downloaded it, copied and refreshed but there’s nothing in packages… i did everything on the instructions, what is lacking? can i do this even there’s no active service on my iphone? please please help me… thank you

  • twisted

    k, so i did everything up to step 8……IT DID JACK.
    Fix the dang bugs because cyder 2 sucks worse…
    Id say I’m pretty fluent in computer tech and I KNOW this can be improved. I mean really.

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  • James

    mine says that it cant find iTunesMobileDevice then when i press cancel it wount load and says that it is not responding. what do i do about it?

  • nima

    please help! it says “cant find itunesmobiledevice” and i press cancel and nothing opens it just empty tabs, please help!

  • Prem

    tell me its works also without cydia becouse i tried without jailbreak its not work

    • CaPS mELtdoWn

      of course it wont its a cydia package uploader !!!!!

  • CaPS mELtdoWn

    does this program leave a trace anywhere else

    Internet Explorer (toolbar)
    Google Chrome (toolbar)

  • bobby

    plese he;p me iphone 3gs no serves plese fix this problam

  • ahh

    when i click on “Packages” nothing comes up. its just empty boxes instead of having options.