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Send Free Text Message on iPhone with textPlus

March 20, 2010 — by Simon Ng12

textPlus is a free SMS texting application for the iPhone that allows you to text via Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge. With the textPlus app, you can essentially save yourself the $5, or whatever, you are charged by your cellular provider for messaging. Moreover, if you only have an iPod touch, this app gives you a texting capability (via Wi-Fi) that will connect to any of your friends phone.

To start a text message, you simply press the little text box in the top right hand corner. You will be presented with three choices: Contacts, textPlus Address and Phone number. If you choose contacts you get your native Contacts App opening and you can choose the phone numbers of those folks you wish start a text with. Once you have added the number of folks you want from your “Contacts”, you then click on the “Compose Message” button. From there, textPlus functions similarly as any texting application you are used too.

If your friends have registered for a textPlus address, you can type that in directly allowing you both to text back and forth for free. Binary Option Trading Stories Xposed Strategy Choice At The Forex Exchange Also, if you just have a phone number of someone but it is not in your contacts, just enter the number directly. Moreover, you can bundle all three of these functions together for a group chat. Say, you could pick 3 folks from your contacts, enter 2 textPlus address and phone number, then when you choose compose message you will be having a group chat with all six of those folks.

textPlus conversion viewtextPlus group text

It is very fast and the GUI is similar to what you are presented with the native iPhone-messaging app. You can even set-up textPlus communities, which is basically your group lists that you want saved because you use them frequently for texting.

For those of us that do have relatives in Europe, you will no doubt be somewhat dismayed at the high rates for international SMS. But, if your relatives or friends have an iPhone and use this app, you can text them app-to-app absolutely free. This will be a huge savings and for that alone this app gets a very big thumbs-up.

Some of the settings you get with this app are the ability to turn push notification on or off and to actually set-up the notification type to be Push or regular SMS. Not sure why someone would choose regular SMS as you then would need to pay for the text as you regularly do. Also, you can choose the sound you want to hear when you receive a new text.

textPlus is a great app that is extremely easy to use and works very similar to what you are familiar with your native iPhone messaging app. The free version [iTunes link] does come with an advertisement banner but can be removed by going to the textPlus Ad-Free version for US$1.99 [iTunes link].

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