How to Make Your iPhone Look Like iPad Using Winterboard

February 10, 2010 — by Simon Ng1



How to Make Your iPhone Look Like iPad Using Winterboard

February 10, 2010 — by Simon Ng1

After the official announcement of iPad, lots of theme developers have put up an iPad theme on cydia. Simply search “iPad” in cydia and you should get a list of iPad related theme. If you can’t wait for the launch of iPad and would like to make your iPhone or iPod touch to look like iPad, you can easily install these kind of Winterboard theme to turn your device into iPad look & feel.

First, the procedures only work on jailbroken iPhone with Winterboard installed. If you’re new to jailbreak world and haven’t heard of Winterboard, you can refer to this post and install Winterboard first. In brief, Winterboard is a cydia app that works like as a theme manager for your iPhone. You can use it to customize the background and icons of your home screen. To use the iPad theme, the prerequisite is to have Winterboard installed.

Okay, you already have Winterboard installed. Let’s move on.

1. With Winterboard installed, the next stuff you need to have is the iPad theme. Launch cydia and search for “Simple iPad theme”. Then install it.

2. After installation, go back to home screen and launch Winterboard. Tap “Simple iPad Theme” and click home button to activate the theme.

3. Now your iPhone is already loaded with an iPad background. To polish the home screen and make it look more like iPad, we have to reduce the icon size. There is a cydia app called “Shrink” to customize the size of app icon. Download it and set the icon size to 75%. If you want to learn more Shrink, check out the earlier post.

iPad Theme Large IconiPad Theme - Shrink

4. After shrinking the icon size, rearrange the icons to make it look like below.

5. Finally, download “MakeItMine” app (or FakeCarrier) from cydia and use it to change the carrier logo to iPad.

That’s all. Once you restart your iPhone, you should see an iPad themed iPhone with an iPad carrier logo. Of course, the iPad theme is just fun and lets you show off to your iPhone friends. The upcoming iPad offers a lot more and some features (e.g. larger screen and those rewritten iPhone apps) cannot be emulated on iPhone. Anyway, have fun and enjoy the tweak!

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  • Yogev

    Shrink Dosn’t Works on iOS 4 :/