Shrink for iPhone Lets You Reduce App Icon Size

February 5, 2010 — by Simon Ng3



Shrink for iPhone Lets You Reduce App Icon Size

February 5, 2010 — by Simon Ng3

There are a couple of ways to extend the 11-pages limit of iPhone apps. You can use Five Column Springboard to add an extra column of icons to the springboard and even install FiveIRows to add an extra row of icons. By applying both approaches together, the home screen can hold up to 25 icons (excluding the dock) in one page.

However, as you may realize, without changing the size of the icon, the whole home screen looks cluttered. To retain the uncluttered look, the best way is to resize the icons and make them smaller.

So, here is another interesting app called Shrink you should check out.

As its name suggests, Shrink lets you reduce the size of app icon. By shrinking the icon size, it turns out that your home screen can accommodate more app icons. Even you installed both FiveIRows and Five Column Springboard together, your home screen still looks great.

Developed by Paul Griffin, the app developer from Phoenix Dev, Shrink only works on jailbroken iPhone and is now available on Cydia for US$0.99. To resize the icons, you can simply launch “Settings” and tap “Shrink”, followed by “Icon Size”. Here, you can set the icon size. At maximum, you can reduce the icon size by 75% less.

Once you select the size percentage, tap “Shrink” to go back and then tap “Respring” to activate the change. As you can see from the below photos, the home screen is less cluttered after using Shrink.

As mentioned by the developer, Shrink is compatible with Winterboard, Iconoclasm, Infinidock, WeatherIcon, LiveClock and Backgrounder. If you find Shrink useful, simply launch cydia and search for “Shrink” to download it.

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    i have just bought the shrink softwear but i cannot din a way to put 5 icons in a row 🙁

    dun mind give me a reply n tell me how to do it thanks 😀

  • JP

    Every time i turn on my phone now it zooms in on the main screen so i can only see five apps at a time. Its a pain in the ass and I was wondering if theres a setting or something that i can mess with? I tried the display setting but now luck. Thanks,