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How To Fix Push Notification Issue on Jailbroken iPhone

January 18, 2010 — by Simon Ng31


Tips & How-to

How To Fix Push Notification Issue on Jailbroken iPhone

January 18, 2010 — by Simon Ng31

For those who have followed the jailbreak guide and use blackra1n (or earlier version of jailbreak tool) to activate an unauthorized SIM card (i.e. Hacktivated) on iPhone OS 3.x, you may experience problem when using Push Notification.

Earlier, we have covered to use PushFix 1.0 to rectify the issue. However, the fix is not a permanent fix and may not work on iPhone 3G/3GS. Even worse, it introduces the push broadcast issue. The root cause of that is there is only one certificate bundled in the fix and the certificate is shared by many iPhone users. Even without the broadcast issue, some also mentioned they noticed a serious battery drainage after applying the fix. To be fair, the Pushfix 1.0 is not an official fix and was still under testing at the time we covered it. That’s why you may experience some abnormal issues.

So, what should you do to fix the Push Notification problem?

To truly resolve the issue and make Push Notification work on your jailbroken iPhone, the developer from has rolled out the PushFix 2.0 that officially fixes the push notification issue on hacktivated iPhone by providing each iPhone device with an unique certificate. The PushFix 2.0, however, is no longer free for download via cydia and you need to pay US$5.99 for the certificate to enable it.

Procedures to Fix Push Notification Problem using Pushfix 2.0

To install Pushfix 2.0, make you first uninstall any previous version of Pushfix from cydia.

Note: I assume you have used blackra1n to jailbreak and hacktivate your iPhone.

1. First, purchase the Pushfix certificate from Make sure you have read through the instruction before you hit the Purchase button.

2. Once you have the certificate, launch Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone.

3. Tap “Manage” -> “Source” and then tap the “Edit” button.

4. Tap “Add”. Then add the Pushfix source (

5. Once you have added the repository, you should be able to download the Pushfix 2.0 package. Go to “Search” and key in “Pushfix” to locate the Pushfix 2.0 package.

6. Select the package (i.e. Pushfix 2.0) and tap “Install” button to install it.

Note: Make sure you have purchased the certificate before downloading the Pushfix 2.0. Otherwise, the installation will be failed.

7. After installation, restart your iPhone and it should fix the Push Notification problem! Now, you can install any app with Push Notification support (say, Beejive) to test out the fix.

Despite it costs US$5.99, Pushfix 2.0 does work perfectly and completely fix the issue. If you are in search of a fix to rectify the Push Notification issue for your jailbroken iPhone, go ahead to purchase the Pushfix 2.0 via It’s just worked as advertised. Feel free to leave us comment should you encounter any quesetion about Pushfix 2.0.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • Dan

    Im using my iPhone in the UK and on the three network, and I’ve tried every methofd to get Push working on my legitimatly activated iPhone, but all lead to no avail.

    This has worked a charm! Found my IMEI number out, and 2 minutes later I was recieving Push Messages again!

    Thankyou for posting this, its a brilliant write up and credit due to the creator of this fix! Its by far the best thing since sliced bread for the iPhone/Cydia Community!

  • Does the PushFix work on the newer firmware version of 3GS..haven’t tried though

  • Dan

    @mobile review – I did this on my iPhone 3G (3.1.2) So yeah it works fine.

  • alex


    I have a iphone 3.0. Will installing this allow my phone to push emails even when the phone is in off mode like we get in Black berry?


    • @alex,

      If you’re using Gmail or Yahoo mail, their services already come with push email capability. To setup push email with Google, you can check out the earlier post for details.

  • Alex, you can already do that with the iPhone using Google Sync. It is push email and it is completely different from push notifications.

    Think of push notifications as a free SMS service, but the notifications can have different sounds (or no sound) and the alert can have an action. For example, an eBay alert will have an action that opens the eBay app and takes you right to the item that caused the alert (outbid for example).

    One company even uses push notifications to trigger events, such as to turn on tracking of your phone, or to remotely disable or wipe your phone if stolen.

  • alex


    Thanks for getting back and helping me out with the difference. I took a look at Google Sync and as I understood that also works only when you load the mail application in iphone. Will that work by pushing my mail to my iphone desktop even when the phone is in sleep or off mode (like we get SMS)

    Warm regards,

  • alpash

    thanks it worked for me!

  • kishax

    Hi, I paid the $5.99 and it works! I was having issues with pMessenger and other apps pushing, but it’s fine now. thanks a bunch!

  • Dan

    Guys if it ever asks you to connect to iTunes to get Push working, then dont.

    Just restart the phone and it will fix it again! πŸ™‚

    • angela

      restart as in reboot? or power on/off?

  • Nick

    Works an absolute treat! $5.99 well spent. Well done Steve your an absolute legend.

  • Dan

    @angela Yep Power it down and then back on again.

    Usually it breaks for me when i plug it into iTunes so as soon as i’ve done with it on the PC i restart it to enable Push.

    This is because im using my iPhone on the 3 Network in the UK and 3 are an unsupported carrier in the UK for the iPhone.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Rick

    Push doctor worked for me with 2g jb unlocked on t-mobile

    link here

    • @Rick,

      Thanks. I’ve also covered Push Doctor here.

    • Pablo

      Thanks, Rick!

  • Rachael

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. The Pushfix 2.0 worked perfectly on my unlocked/jailbroken iPhone 3.1.2. I’d rather pay the $6 rather than keep reinstalling the Push Doctor every few hours. Meh, call me lazy! Thanks again!



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  • matt freund

    this really did not work for me…..I pay for data also…..I left a support ticket and got no reply. pushfix test program still say push not working….So far out the $6

  • damian lee

    just installed pushfix 2.0
    when do the push test
    status : push is not connected
    cell push n/a – no IP
    push token missing

    pls guide me.thks

  • Nancy

    this did not work for me…… i did the test and it said push is not working…. this makes me sad.

  • Marc

    Worth every penny. For the very first time I can receive push using Tmobile Im using a 3G with IOS 4.01 via WiFi and $10 data web2go plan.

  • John

    Would installing PushFix2.0 on my IPhone 3G also fix the wifi problem? I read that before but i dont want to Pay the $6 for nothing if it doesn’t work….

  • Scofield

    Hi, ive done everything as it said and after using the pushfix test, it said everything is working but it doesnt please i need help here ive paid for it, thanks

  • Scofield

    Hi, ive done everything as it said and after using the pushfix test, it said everything is working but it doesnt. please i need help here ive paid for it, thanks

  • Scofield : Why are you writing here? Please open a ticket for support help at

    Luckily I subscribe to comments on this blog post. πŸ™‚

  • LoreG

    Hello.. does it work for sure on a iphone 4?

  • adalberto

    how can i fix my iphone 4 cdma firmware 4.2.8
    has push notifications probles cant resive notifications πŸ™

  • luis

    does it work on iphone 3g version 4.1.2?

  • dhruv

    I m using iphone 3g with ios 4.2.1 and firmware 6.15
    it will help me to overcome this push notification problem
    by pushfix 2