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Enabling MMS on Jailbroken iPhone 3G/3GS using Firmware 3.0 (For AT&T Only)

As you know, AT&T has officially released the MMS feature to iPhone users. However, as it said, you have to upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1 to use the feature. It’s not a problem for those not considering jailbreak. Just upgrade to iPhone 3.1 and apply the carrier update from AT&T to enable the MMS feature.

For those who are using jailbroken iPhone, however, you are probably staying with iPhone 3.0 and waiting for iPhone Dev team to release a jailbreak solution. Despite that, it shouldn’t stop you from using MMS feature on AT&T. Even AT&T claimed that you need to have iPhone 3.1 to use MMS, there is a hack to enable MMS feature on jailbroken iPhone 3G using firmware 3.0. [Thanks for savior1974 and krillr for providing the solution!]

Note that the solution is only for AT&T user with jailbroken iPhone 3G/3GS running on 3.0/3.0.1.

Before following the procedures in the guide, make sure you’re using iTunes 8.2 or 9.0. You can upgrade to iTunes 9.0 by downloading the free copy from Apple.

For Windows

1. Download this carrier update file (v5.5) from here (or here)

Note: If you need to enable MMS/Tethering/Visual Voicemail, please download the carrier update file v6.0.

2. Close iTunes

3. Click “Start” -> “Run”. Type “cmd” to launch command prompt.

4. In command prompt, type: (make sure you type the double-quote)

“C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1


Note: If you’re using 64-bit Windows, type “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 instead.

5. Connect your iPhone and launch iTunes

6. In iTunes, click on your iPhone. Then hold the SHIFT key and click the “Check for Update” button. This will bring up a dialog for you to select the carrier update file.

7. In the dialog, change the file type to “iPhone Carrier Configuration files” and switch to *.ipcc file type.

Select IPCC type in iTunes

8. Locate the carrier update file you have downloaded in step 1. Select and open it.

9. Wait for the update. Once completed, restart your iPhone. The MMS feature will be enabled after reboot.

For Mac

1. Download this carrier update file (v5.5) from here (or here)

Note: If you need to enable MMS/Tethering/Visual Voicemail, please download the carrier update file v6.0.

2. Close iTunes.

3. Launch terminal application and type in “defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE”


4. Connect your iPhone and launch iTunes

5. In iTunes, click on your iPhone. Then hold the Option key and click the “Check for Update” button. This will bring up a Finder dialog for you to select the carrier update file.

6. In the dialog, select the carrier update file you have just downloaded in step 1.


7. Wait for the update. Once completed, restart your iPhone. The MMS feature will be enabled after reboot.

Again, please note that this hack is for iPhone 3G/3GS user with firmware 3.0/3.0.1 only. For iPhone 2G user, you can install ActivateMMS2G via cydia to enable MMS feature.

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  • bullet

    I’m not able to make this work. I am using iTunes, a Jailbroken (not unlocked) iPhone 3G with 3.0 OS, AT&T, and Win XP MCE 2005, not x64. When I copy and paste your directions (“C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1) minus the parenthesis, into the command prompt, and hit “enter”, I get an error saying “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.”

    Also, when I try to do step 7, I am only allowed to select .ipsw files. .ipcc files are not an option for me in the drop down menu.

    I have never had any problems with any of your previous guides. Any suggestions?

    • bullet

      Never mind. I have figured it out. For any of you like me that may have had a problem, type this into cmd (command prompt):

      (hit enter)

      cd\Program Files\iTunes\
      (hit enter)

      iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
      (hit enter)

      Then start at Step 6.

      It worked fine for me after I did it that way.

      Simon, thanks again for supplying us in the U.S. with the guide and everything else you do to keep us all informed. Your work is much appreciated!

  • Dj Fm

    Step 6. In iTunes, click on your iPhone. Then hold the SHIFT key and click the “Check for Update” button. This will bring up a dialog for you to select the carrier update file.

    mines only says “update to 3.1″ and i dont want that

    i cant get it to say “check for update” or get dialog box
    what do i do?

    • bullet

      Dj Fm, if you have done the cmd part correctly (and with iTunes shut down), when you hold “shift” and click the “update” button, click “cancel” for the 3.1 update. It should then give you an option to update the carrier settings only. At least it did for me.

      I just tested out the MMS picture message function after rebooting the phone from the off position, and it worked PERFECTLY!

  • Dj Fm

    thx man i did what you said in ur problem
    i have MMS now!=]
    thx so much

  • Hector


  • Robert Knight

    Help! I followed instructions many times and made sure everything was done correctly and I keep getting this error: The iPhone (name) could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (oXE800003D). I have a 3G running OS 3.0. I downloaded both ippc files thinking I could used 6.0 but got the error so I tried 5.5 and still get the error. I’ve booted and rebooted both my PC and phone a bunch but same result. Anyone else getting this?

    • Thomas

      Yeah, I am having the same problem and did exactly what you did. The whole jailbreak process went flawlessly but for some reason I cant get this MMS to work. I as well am getting the 0xE800003D error. HELP!!

      • Simon Ng

        @thomas, did you install a carrier theme from Cydia? Like the AT&T logo? If yes, please uninstall it and try the procedures again.

    • vin

      sometimes if you get an error it might be from changing the at&t carrier logo from cycia. If you have changed that logo, go into cydia and uninstall it and try again. It will work.

      • Thomas

        Dude, you’re awesome! It works now perfectly now. THANKS SO MUCH!

  • Neal

    This won’t work with a 2g iphone?

  • Roel Dela Cruz

    i had the same problem as bullet and i tried his solution, but once i got to typing in iTunes.exe /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1, it said something like it is not a recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. can someone help me get passed this portion so i can receive mms. please get back if you can. thanks.

    FYI, my music is stored on an external hard drive. not sure if this matters.

    • Jay

      I am getting the same problem. I’ve tried numerous other methods and I keep getting the same error

  • Kathie

    I am using a pc with windows vista 64bit I tried every step above and I do not have the option in the drop down menu for iphone carrier configuration files (*.icpp) I just get the ipod/iphone software files (*.ipsw)

    I am ready to scream I have been working on this all day

    I downloaded the update v6.0 (also known as STEALTH) so I can keep my tethering

  • Christian

    Thanks again Simon, you really know how to write some quality instructions. I have a question for the “Stealth v6″ ipcc file though. I’m able to use MMS now but when I try to tether it tells me to contact AT&T. Is there anything else I need to “adjust” so I can use tethering?

    Thanks again for your help or anyone else who might know the trick.

  • David

    Apple mac user.

    Applied stealth update all works but the mms. The take photo button is ther. I’m able to execute the whole mms process, but unable to sucessfully send or receive mms.

    Any suggestions?

    • Lucho

      Do you have the “data plan”?

  • Buddy

    Anyone Else?

    Hey I did everything correct and it seems as though i’m sending mms messages… but when i asked my friend if he received the picture he said no? Does he need the update or hack also in order to see the pics?

    • bullet

      @Buddy – yes your friend needs to either update to 3.1 or Jailbreak their 3.0 or 3.0.1. to receive MMS on AT&T.

      • bullet

        ….oh, and go through this hack with the Jailbreak too.

        • Buddy

          Kewl kewl… If thats the case then this blog post worked perfect! Thanx guys :)

  • Buddy

    btw – i own a jailbroken 3GS with 3.0 firmware (not a MAC user) Thanks….

  • bullet

    @Neal – this was copied from step 7:

    “For iPhone 2G user, you can install ActivateMMS2G via cydia to enable MMS feature. ”

    @Roel Dela Cruz – make sure BEFORE you type in the command string –

    iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    That the prompt reads: C:\Program Files\iTunes>

    That way you will know that you are entering the command within the correct system folder.

    Of course if you have installed iTunes in another drive (E: or F: for example) or in another folder on your computer, you will have to open that folder location instead. The above instructions only work for the standard install in the standard location.

    @Kathie – Make sure in the command prompt you have opened the correct folder location for where you have iTunes located. The command line will only work in the folder your iTunes is installed. If you enter the command correctly in the folder that has your iTunes program installed, then you will be able to see the .ipcc file in iTunes carrier update. If all else fails, ask around for someone who can help you with DOS commands. It’s an old standard from before Windows, but sometimes it still comes in handy.

    Good Luck to all!

    • bullet

      oops I made a typo. Do NOT use a ” at the end of iTunes.exe

      DO, however, use a space there before typing the rest of the command string /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

  • Cory

    Thank you so much for the great Instructions Simon! Also, thanks to Bullet for his additional instructions! I’m officially a Picture Sending/Receiving user on a Jailbroken Iphone. Awesome!!!

  • Rob

    I have a jailbroken phone running OS 3.0, I did this successfully and after being able to send ONLY one MMS now I cant send or receive. If I try to send the little status bar goes up to about 80% and then stays there for a while after which I get the little red exclamation mark. I try to resend and the same thing happens. If somebody tries to send me an MMS I won’t receive it. I dont know if this is a problem with the AT&T network or being on OS 3.0. Has anybody else had this problem?

  • Kathie

    I just went and used my desktop instead of my laptop, my laptop has Vista and my desktop has XP it took me 2 minhutes and all works great, can send and recieve.

    Thanks for all your suggestions!

  • Christian

    I’ve basically got the same problem. However, my status bar goes to about 95%, stays there and then yields an error. But, my friend who doesn’t have a jailbroken 3GS on OS 3.1 has the same problem. Initially on Friday it was working fine for him but now he deals with that same issue. My best guess is that the AT&T network took a bad hit and now they are trying to fix it. Let’s hope they are getting cracking on it.

  • Kathie

    This is what I used to update the carrier on my 3GS jailbroken 3.0 on Windows XP

    1. If you want to still have tethering download this MMS AT&T CARRIER 6.0 Link… (Data Network Enabled)

    2. Close iTunes (if it is already open)

    3a. Click Start > Run > type:cmd then press enter. Run this command:
    “C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    (this has to be typed exactly…including the quotes).

    3b. (If you’re on x64 Windows) Click Start > Run > type:cmd then press enter. Run this command:
    “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    4. Open iTunes and PLUG IN PHONE

    5. Hold the shift key while clicking update under your iPhone in iTunes.

    6. Change the file type to “iPhone Carrier Configuration files” by clicking in the the bottom right corner and switching to *.ipcc. filetype

    7. Find the file of the carrier update you just saved to your computer in step 1, select it and click open.

    8. Your iPhone is now updated. Make sure to reset your phone, and when it restarts, MMS should be working.

    MAKE SURE YOU RESTART PHONE WHEN DONE!! You will see a photo icon on you text window … press it to send a photo.

  • SkyLeopard

    Am on a Mac, Snow Leopard, iTunes 9.0, 3Gs 3.0, Jailbroken, Unlocked.
    The ATT_US.ipcc file is greyyed-out! I seem to have gotten stuck at step 6. Please help…

  • Kathie

    I did forget to mention sorry that Safari blocks that, if you can download firefox you can download off of there.

  • Kathie

    I got these instructions for the mac, jb 3gs 3.0
    this is the link to the instructions

  • SkyLeopard

    You mean download using firefox or set firefox as my default browser?

  • SkyLeopard

    Thanks for the link and your promptness

  • Kathie

    I don’t think you have to set firefox as default, just download it so you can get the update file.

  • tee

    hi simon,
    this works perfectly! but i guess i messed it up when i tried to download swirlymms2. now i don’t have mms anymore )= is there a way to get it back? or should i do a restore?

  • Mank1975

    Thank you for this! I didn’t want to give up my jailbreak enhancements just for mms!

  • Dimi

    everything including tethering seems to be working but the recipient of the texts don’t seem to ever get my pictures.
    I can recieve them however. there are no errors when sending them. I an also send them to myself on the same phone but when I tried to send one to my brother’s blackbrry on ATT he never got a mms from me but he could send one no problem and I could recieve it no problem. any suggestions? I am jailboken with 3gs 3.0.1 and have confirmed tethering to work with stealth.

  • jay

    hey everyone…

    i have a 2g iphone and i downloaded the sinfuliphone app from the jailbreak…
    the mms is on my phone BUT it always fails when sending… can i get some help please?

  • Lucho

    FYI We have 3 iphones, one withOUT the data plan, whenever I move my sim card which doesn’t have the data plan to a particular iPhone, that iPhone won’t send or receive picture mail. Weird huh

    • Lucho

      NEVERMIND It was just that picture mail was not included on that particular sim…

  • Drew

    I cant get it to work at all.. I don’t know how many times i’ve done steps 3 and 4 but i never can get it to work.

  • Chad Williams

    OH SWEET! Thank you so much for your easy to follow and easy fix for MMS on JB iPhones! It worked flawlessly! After an absurd wait, our $600 phones now have the same MMS functionality as all the freebie phones out there! :P

  • Eatyourveggies

    Thx for the info! Got mms on my iPhone 3g with 3.0 no prob!!

    But can someone advise me as to if there is a way to get mms enabled on a 3g running 2.2 firmware??

    Please advise! Thx!

  • Chloe

    I followed all the steps and now have the right icon, but status bar gets to 90% and then I get the error exclamation point. Seems like others have this prob too. Any one figure out the prob yet?

  • psygn0sis


  • Jeremy

    So when I try to update through iTunes to 3.1 after I hit the agree button on the license a window pops up an says that the software cannot be downloaded and to try again. I have jailbroken iPhone 3g with 3.0 and my cydia is messed up (my own mistake) so I just need an update or, could I hit restore button in iTunes, which will enable the update to 3.1, without it ruining my phone? Or is there a different way around this? I need it updated and re-jailbroken

  • Jeremy

    And the steps here are kinda complicated, I could pull it off probably, but if there’s a easier way that I don’t know about, I’d like to know :)

  • daddyo702

    Every step goes on smoothly after the error go around instructions from bullet. Upgrades the IPCC. version to 5.5 coz no tethering desired but still no success. Please help if someone can.

  • Jeremy

    Ok so I figured it out on my friends gateway and now the MMS works perfectly however, I still need to re-jailbreak my phone so that my cydia will work again and be jut like it was last time I jailbroke it. Any suggestions or tips? How would I go about doing it all over again but now with MMS working and cydia still not, and still on the 3.0 firmware

  • Jeremy

    And now I need to update to 3.1 because myspace app doesn’t work unless you have 3.1 I guess. Just found that out today. Any suggestions?

  • Linda

    I have a jailbroken 3g with 3.1 OS that is not unlocked. Is it safe to apply the carrier update from AT&T to enable the MMS feature?

  • Ddawg14

    “daddyo702 October 9, 2009 at 3:21 am

    Every step goes on smoothly after the error go around instructions from bullet. Upgrades the IPCC. version to 5.5 coz no tethering desired but still no success. Please help if someone can.”

    I have had the same problem, i was able to install version 6.0 but once i restarted my iphone there was still no “Camera” picture next to my text box. I was previously on 3.1 but i decided jailbreaking my phone would be more fun that pic messages : (
    Im running on my iphone: Version 3.0 (74a341)
    Carrier At&t 6.0
    Modem Firmware 05.11.07

    Anyone have some suggestions/fixes


    i followed all the steps but keep getting an error message “the firmware is not compatible” please help!!

  • kandarp

    Dude, i am using mac n carrier update v6 shows .bundle file that cannot be selected to update anyhow. I tried changing it into .ipcc, no success. What’s d fix? any help appriciated.

  • Tanzeela

    Can someone tell me that how can I have video option on iphone 3g. It’s unlocked and has 3.0 and unlocked with cydia.

  • Kandarp

    @tanzeela, “cycoder” is ur option. Go to cydia and search that packege. Install it n u’r good to go. Yeah u will not have option to upload, trimming options like in 3GS. But, u’ll have a chunk of space to save ur fav moments somewhere in ur iPhone.cheers!!

  • George

    Worked Perfect for me, thanks

    Iphone 3GS 3.0.1 Jailbroken
    Windows XP Media Center Edition

  • M@

    Fucking……AWESOME. Thank you SO much for this! WHOO HOO! Ive been suffering without MMS for so long and this is AWESOME…

  • Sarah

    Got the camera for the MMS but like many others- it won’t send! I have an unlocked 3g and a regular AT&T plan (not for iphones, with unlimited SMS and MMS)