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Bluetooth Photo Share: Transfer Photos between iPhones via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Photo ShareSharing photos via Bluetooth is one of the demanding features on iPhone. The built-in photo sharing on iPhone, however, can only allow you to send photos via 3G or WiFi. Bluetooth Photo Share is an iPhone application that lets you transfer photos between iPhones or iPod Touch over Bluetooth.

There is not much to describe about this app as it focuses on one thing – transfer photo via Bluetooth. The Photo Share app is very simple and its interface is intuitive. To exchange photos between two iPhones, simply launch application and tap the Connect button. The app then searches for nearby iPhone. Once connected, you can tap the Send button and pick a photo from your photo album to start transfer. Once transferred, the image is automatically saved into your camera. What’s great is you can have a preview of the photo while you’re receiving the photo.



As highlighted by the developer, the application does not scale down or apply any lossy compression of the photos before transfer. That means, the receiver gets the exact image as you send out.

The app is free for download and available from App Store [iTunes Link]. But please note this application does not support iPhone 2G and 1st gen iPod Touch as peer-to-peer bluetooth is not supported by these devices.

Personally, this application works pretty great. But, some users reported problems connecting via Bluetooth. Here are some tips that the developers have found to be helpful on getting Bluetooth working:

  • Restart the application
  • Disable WiFi – on the iPhone, bluetooth shares the same antenna as wifi, so sometimes disabling wifi can increase your bluetooth performance.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and then back on
  • Restart your iPhone

[Thanks for Ming to test out the app with me!]

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