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iPhone 3G Users Experience WiFi Problem after Upgrading to iPhone 3.0

August 18, 2009 — by Simon Ng49


Tips & How-to

iPhone 3G Users Experience WiFi Problem after Upgrading to iPhone 3.0

August 18, 2009 — by Simon Ng49

Some readers have left comments in this blog and I was told by a few iPhone 3G owners that they experience Wifi issue after upgrading and jailbreaking iPhone 3.0. I have pointed them to this post that covered some common tips to resolve Wifi connection issues. However, not all users can benefit from it.

Many believe the Wifi issue is related to jailbreaking. Based on this 44-pages long discussion thread at, I’m very sure that the connection issue is unrelated to jailbreaking but possibly due to the buggy iPhone 3.0.

Quite a number of iPhone 3G owners reported in the discussion thread that they failed to connect to Wifi after upgrading to 3.0. Even some users are able to connect to Wifi, they also experienced connection drop or unstable Wifi connection. Here are a few Wifi connection issues reported in the discussion thread:

I’m using a 3G iPhone, and upgraded to 3.0 yesterday. Since then I’ve been unable to join any wifi network at all.

The wifi dropping has been driving me nuts. It’s only started since 3.0. Before, it has always stayed connected, never had conflicts on the network, and was never an issue. But since 3.0, like a lot of others, it can’t hold the connection for more than 20 seconds without releasing.

I have exactly the same problem. Wifi drops when the phone sleeps, and needs to be reset by toggling the wifi on-off switch. Scanning for the network is also flaky. It worked perfectly prior to installing the update. We need a fix, Apple!

Before updating, Wifi worked flawlessly; at times even better than my macbook’s.
After the updating, my iPhone does not discover my networks anymore. I have made it recognize my home network, however, by getting closer to the router. But since distance has never been a problem, it definitely shouldn’t be now.

The list goes on. But the wifi issue is only found after upgrading to iPhone 3.0 and experienced on iPhone 3G only. Upgrading to firmware 3.0.1 does not resolve the issue. The problem may be caused by the baseband update in 3.0. Or due to overheat of Wifi chip. Some users even tried to put their iPhone into freezer for a minute. Take it out and find they pickup the Wifi signal again. (Don’t try it as it will void your warranty).

As pointed out by some users, there seems no concrete solution or workaround for this problem. The best way is to take your iPhone back to Apple Store and ask for a replacement or wait for iPhone 3.1 update to fix this issue. But before that, you can also try the following possible solutions that have been reported successfully for some users:

  1. Turn off Push Email in Settings and restart your iPhone
  2. If you can see your network in the list but it doesn’t connect, press the little blue arrow and then tap “Renew DHCP lease” or “Forget this Network”. Try to connect to Wifi again.
  3. Reset network settings (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network settings)
  4. Reset all settings (Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings)
  5. Restore your iPhone with latest firmware and setup as a new phone in iTunes
  6. Put your iPhone into Airplane mode and then turn on Wifi
  7. If you’re using 802.11n router, try to change it to support “G” only instead of “mixed” or “N” protocol
  8. Disable Wifi router security and see if you can connect without password
  9. If you have to use Wifi security, try to set your Wifi security to WPA2
  10. Change your Wifi router channel to 1, 6 or 11 or simply change it to other numbers that may work for some users
  11. Upgrade the firmware of your Wifi router

Deerman on the discussion list also proposed a method to resolve the issue and you can also try it out:

1. Change your WLAN-/WIFI-station to non secured (no password)
2. Try to connect your iPhone – most probably it won’t connect
3. Change airplane mode to “On” and wait 10 sec
4. Change airplane mode to “Off” and wait 10 sec
5. Change airplane mode to “On” and wait 10 sec
6. Change WIFI to “Off” and wait 10 sec
7. Change WIFI to “On” and wait 10 sec
8. Try to connect – most probably it will connect!
9. Now change your WLAN-/WIFI-station to secured 128-Bit-WEP and give it a password
10. Change WIFI to “Off” and wait 10 sec
11. Change WIFI to “On” and wait 10 sec
12. Try to connect with your new password – most probably it will connect again!

If none of the above works for you, I suggest you to contact local Apple Store for help. Are you experiencing Wifi connection issue after upgrading iPhone 3.0? How did you get it solved? As always, leave your comment below and share your experience with other users.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • t

    I’m having a major wifi problem with 3.0 upgraded to 3.0.1 and nothing works. I’m currently out of Canada where I bought the phone from, and won’t be going back anytime soon so resolving this by going into a store is impossible. Will the 3.1 upgrade coming out next month resolve this? I am desperate for some answers as apple has been ignoring our questions and not even acknowledging the problem whatsoever. Is this what we get for dishing out hundreds of dollars and getting a lemon for a phone – or iphone i should say?! WTFark!

    T – AKA frusTrated

  • Thank you very much dear it really worked

  • Age M

    1. Turn off Push Email in Settings and restart your iPhone
    6. Put your iPhone into Airplane mode and then turn on Wifi

    I can confrim that these two methods work perfectly!!! I just did them both to be safe!! Thank you so much!! You saved me the headaches!!!

    • ShanghaiSimon

      I just tried Age M’s fix on my jailbroken iPhone 3GS running OS 3.1.2, and it worked for me. Thanks!!!

    • alex

      age m your solution worked thank you

    • alex

      age m your solution worked for 2 seconds

  • fantim

    freaking apple. I lost my wifi when I updated to 3.1 and non of these worked.
    I live in Japan so I now have to deal with useless Japanese help lines.

  • bob

    Where is Push Email located in settings?

    • @bob, it’s under Settings -> Mails,contacts,Calendar -> Fetch New Data.

  • Larry

    Reset network worked for me!!! Hell yeah!!

  • Emilio

    SOS!!! First of all, hi to all!, thanx for this cool forum I recently updated my Iphone 3GS from 3.1 to 3.1.2 and I have a little problem. Unfortunately now I cannot connect any Wi-Fi spot to download Cydia and sn0w Thats why I cannot unlock my phone, help me please… I had already RESETED NETWORK SETTING and had already RESTORED my phone twice… But even those there is no effect… I’m waiting for answers… Or suggestions… If You have some advices contact with me PLEASE… [email protected] or leave your comments right here… Please help… MORE TRULY I CAN CONNECT, I mean it is connecting normally and I have WI-FI icon on my statusbar, BUT it seems it is just icon, because when I try to connect YouTube or ITunes or App Store or any site it is written that there is no connection And icon often disappears… (( I HAVE ALREADY TRIED IT WITH MANY WI FI SPOTS… (( NOBODY KNOWS SOLUTION??? (( Thanx for reading, I’m waiting…

    • jorge rodriguez

      you are not going tobeleive me but try to freeze your iphone..and it will work..but!make sure you have already downloaded blackra1in on your iphone from your comp..let it sit in the freezer fo10 minutes and then try it..if it works download black ra1n from your iphone to get cydia,rock and snow,just install cydia ok..

      • Jay Magz

        This technique WORKED!!!! I did every fix from every website and this WORKED!!! Leaving it in the freezer, I thought it was a joke but I can’t freaking believe it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  • anyone

    This works for me thank you.

    “Age M September 8, 2009 at 2:39 am

    1. Turn off Push Email in Settings and restart your iPhone
    6. Put your iPhone into Airplane mode and then turn on Wifi

    I can confrim that these two methods work perfectly!!! I just did them both to be safe!! Thank you so much!! You saved me the headaches!!!”

  • Chris

    I have tried everything to get my wifi going ever since I unlocked my phone, Have reset my settings,tried push fix, and absolutly nothing seems to find any networks, Someone please assist me

    • valbon

      I have tried everything to get my wifi going ever since I unlocked my phone, Have reset my settings,tried push fix, and absolutly nothing seems to find any networks, Someone please assist me

  • milan

    Hi everybody,

    I’m using 3G 3.1.3 firmware,and before i upgrade to this firmware my wifi service not working.After I upgrade to 3.1.3 firmware still doesn’t work I mean won’t search wifi.Can anybody solve this problem plz,thank you.

  • hi, my iphone 3g 3.1.2 wifi is not working its happend during i usin wifi please give me solution

  • Eylesda

    This is a VERY common problem and I’m going to fix mine tomorrow.

    I am going to demand either a fix or replacement, if not then it will be my credit
    card companies problem.

    I advise all of you who have paid by card to do the same, the card companies
    will back you 100%

  • Northline

    Somewhere in the recent past, probably after a firmware on my iPhone, my WiFi connectivity failed. I could see the local networks, mine included, but could not receive an address assignment via DHCP on my router. My solution has been to assign a fixed address that is valid on my local wireless network, along with the appropriate security information. Hope this is helpful to someone.

  • tony munson

    I’m using 3G 3.1.3 firmware,and before i upgrade to this firmware my wifi service not working.After I upgrade to 3.1.3 firmware still doesn’t work I mean won’t search wifi.Can anybody solve this problem plz,thank you. please contact me at [email protected]

  • Just wanted to let anyone interested know that turning off Push under Settings > Mail > Fetch New Data seems to have worked for me. I can now see and connect to wireless networks again.

    I have a iPhone 3GS 16GB Firmware 3.1.2.

    Thanks for the fix.

  • Federico

    hi all of you, I have read almost everything in regards of the wifi problem. I have an Iphone 3g 8 gb and after one year of purchased (guarantee expired) my wifi is not working at all, i have tried almost everything: reset network setting, i put the iphone into the freezer, i did the airport and push data procedure but nothing happened, my iphone is the same.
    I look for a fix in Cydia and I just found the “push fix” that after installed the iphone remains the same.

    Please if someone knows a trick or if I just need to get a new iphone with a renewal of 2 yrs contract.

    • Francisco Toledo

      My problem is exactly the same as yours…….. anything yet???

      HAS NO ONE EVER TRIED BUYING A NEW ANTENNA OR OTHER PARTS TO FIX THE PROBLEM AT HOME? Of course this wouldn’t be advised, but at least who wants to try, would try, by it own risk and wouldn’t pay lot more to apple or to repair companies that charge A LOT!!!!!!!

      Common guys, fixing it is just knowledge, i want to learn how to fix it too!!! I’ll do it!!

      • Karl Z

        I tried the replacement of the antenna but it did not solve my WiFi issue. I still cannot receive Wifi at all. When i updated to OS4, i saw wifi for a few minutes (for the first time in 4 months) and then is dissappeared, never to be seen again….
        I have no idea why this happened. Wifi deteriorated over a period of 3-4 months, firstly losing connection, then not always recognising netowrks until eventually nothing at all. Of course, this was at the end of my warranty period.

        I havent tried the Fridge, but i have tried all of the other points from above.

  • Antonio

    Tomorrow I go and give it back to Apple. I tried all variations to find the solution but nothing works. otherwise very good phone but when that happens …..

  • Alzoof

    I LOVE you! My WiFi is back again! 😉

  • Francis Kuah

    Can you help me with the following.

    I have a jail broken iPhone 3G, 16GB, its just over one year old, and the guarrentee has run out, My iPhone has been working very well unti about a week ago, since then It will not connect to my WiFi. My iPhone says WiFi not connected

    After setting and resetting my WiFI on my PC, on many occasions since, with no luck.
    I have gone to McDonalds to see if I could connect from their free internet, again no luck.
    Is there a simple way to fix this problem, and if so would you please direct me through this, as I am a complete amature, when it comes to advanced techicnal stuff.

    Thank you in advance

  • Mike

    THIS IS NOT A MAJOR HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE ISSUE. BUT IT IN FACT IS A HARDWARE PROBLEM, I for a while i had wifi problems where is had no little to no access unless i was about 5ft from the wireless router. Well i replaced my screen because it was horribly cracked, and a ribbon connected cable came completely un done it was labeled “6” on a tiny orange sticker, i presses it down and i heard a click i turn on the ipod and suddenly i caught wifi in my room when the router is on the other side of the house. Now this wasn’t the first time i opened my ipod the first time i opened it i noticed “6” was very wobbly and seemed strange well just push it in and listen for a click, it has circular connectors. “6: is located on the upper left corner of the iphone. I %100 sure this is the real solution I belive this happens when you drop the iphone the cable is very delicate. Go ahead try you save yourself a hell of alot of time.

  • I tried everything on this site an several others without success. I even beat the thing against my desk. Then later I tried turning on bluetooth, which is something I’ve never used. Sure enough, the wifi starting working immediately afterword for the first time in months.

    • thanks tried all sorts before this but this is the one that worked for me

  • Ida

    Just like Nate. Tried almost everything suggested and even Nate’s suggestion. Upgraded to 4.0 but my Wi-Fi connection still refuses to appear 🙁 The sad thing is that my phone is out-of-warranty already. Anyone have any idea how much would it cost if we send it back to Apple?

  • quelqu’un

    bonjour ,
    J’Ai iphone Nations Unies et J’Ai Problème des Nations Unies :
    iPhone lun. n’arrive Pas à détecter les les Réseaux sur une neufbox et UNE SUR L’ iPhone il ya UNE icone a coté de la batterie Qui cadennas Représente l’ONU . Je ne sais Pas si CELA Vient de sa MAIS répondez Vite SVP !
    Merci d’avance !

  • Tony

    I have been trying different things (EVERYTHING!) for 12 Months! (veen ‘freezing’ the phone did NO effect)… until I finally set the Netgear router to NO security and reset everything (after which I STILL got no connection) and then gave up and set it BACK to WEP2 with a CODE and put the phone into Airoplane mode and set Wi-Fi from off to ON and left it for 5 minutes…. then VOILA!!! I never DID actually reset the ROUTER, update it’s firmware and try NO security (temporarily)…..

  • i have 3g iphone jailbreak 4.0.1 with redsn0w
    my wifi grayed out i try everything every move every setting mention here and other sites in all posts including (put iphone ice bag lol as mention in other posts) in this nothing help me out of it.
    my wifi was worked well before someone @#$$%^ told me to upgrade iphone to 4.0.1 after that i face this problem almost 2weeks.
    guys/gls i try every thing almost everything nothing helped me….:(
    plz give me some suggestions answer to solve my prob
    not to go to store…cuz it requires $$$ (@#$%)
    my email is [email protected]

  • Amy

    I have a replacement 3G phone I got the other day. My last two 3G phones wifi worked fine in my apartment, but this one won’t show any connections at all. There are about ten wifi in my list on my computer but nothing shows up when I turn wifi on on the phone. I’ve tried everything on this page and nothing is working. Any suggestions? It is pretty much out of box, I haven’t had time to download many apps, and since I have a new laptop I lost all my backup when my old computer crashed. THANKS!

  • Ardit


    I have a problem with WiFi, i have changed it and repair but its not working yet…

    Can you help me pls


    I have Iphone 3G giving “unable to connect to WiFi” all option tried as stated above,any more solutins plz let me know Thanks

  • I thought this was just a hoax but then a month ago it started happening to me. It seems to do it mostly when it over heats or when wifi’s been on all day, but a network reset gets it back although then when I try to use any app requiring this “working” wifi, it just jumps back to EDGE
    Why hasn’t anyone started a petition on this, that dumb antennagate thing was huge in the US, it’s much more suspect the cheap wifi they put in these phones in the first place. and I wonder if, like the 4.0 iOS “upgrade”, that the os 3 upgrade wasn’t designed similarly to cripple the phone’s wifi capability, thus making the user subscribe to expensive Edge/3G coverage, in the first place.

  • Oneal

    i have a iphone 3G with a 3.1.3 IOS and the method 1 and 6 work perfectly thankzzz

  • This seems to keep happening on iPhone for about 2 days every week, and then suddenly it’ll reauthorize my wifi. Quit pinging to China Apple!

  • Saad

    i have same problem with my Apple iPhone 3G Black 8GB 3.1.3 wifi is not working. any body help me, this is jailbreak.

  • Aurora

    I had the same problem (bad wi-fi, kept dropping, and not registering) and took the risk of opening the phone. Inside there were huge amounts of dust which covered the whole of the wi-fi antenna. (6) So yeah, I think that might have been the problem. if you’re doing it, be careful to follow the youtube instructions on how to open your phone. Then restart, and TADAA! My phone is working!

  • Louella Homeres

    my wifi connection wasnot working not untill 2 days ago when I opened it, I saw the on/off is missing. normally,you just touch the screen of the unit…and wifi connects. what should I do? please help

  • It worked for me also!

    Thank you so much.


  • I had faced wifi connecting problem in iphone.But now it is solved thanks for the post.Do any one know what Technology iphone uses in wifi.

  • Paige

    Hello: I was having wifi dropping issue after jailbreaking my iphone to 3.1.2. I used the changing the router channel (mine was on 11, changed it to 10) and this worked! (so far, but I will see) Nothing I had tried previously had worked. So, if this continues to work, thank you so much! If it doesn’t I will post again. So far, so good! Thanks again!

  • el batro

    thx it work verry good
    an other solution is by usin freez way for 30 mn an instal sbsetting from cydia

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