Download YouTube Video to iPhone with YourTube

August 1, 2009 — by Simon Ng7



Download YouTube Video to iPhone with YourTube

August 1, 2009 — by Simon Ng7

Do you still remember MxTube? I have covered MxTube very long time ago. For starter, MxTube is a cydia application that lets you download video from YouTube and view it offline on iPhone.

Recently, a new iPhone application known as YourTube is available on Cydia Store. Same as MxTube, it allows you to download YouTube video and save it onto iPhone. But, it performs much better than MxTube. It’s really an awesome iPhone application and demonstrates why you need to jailbreak iPhone.

Unlike MxTube, which is a standalone app, YourTube is tightly integrated with the built-in YouTube application on iPhone. That means, YourTube is not a separate iPhone application. Instead, it slightly modifies the default YouTube app and powers it with the download capability. You can save the YouTube video directly on iPhone and play it back anytime you like.

With YourTube installed, you’ll find a new “Download” button (at the top-right corner) in YouTube app when you view the details of video clips. Simply tap on that button and choose the version of video (high quality or low quality) to download. The video is automatically saved on iPhone. Normally you can only access the low resolution version of videos via iPhone. YourTube does a great job here that allows you to retrieve the high quality version.


To review the download progress or play back the saved videos, simply tap “More” section and select “Downloads”. You can find all the saved videos here and play back any of them you like.


The saved videos are in the format of mp4 and they are located at /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/YourTube. So, you can easily transfer them back to computer via SSH or other iPhone file browsers.

YourTube is a fantastic application and greatly demonstrates the benefit of jailbreaking. It is now available on Cydia Store and costs at US$2. Same as other cydia apps, YourTube only works on jailbroken iPhone.

Tip: To learn about how to purchase iPhone app from Cydia Store, check out the Walkthrough Guide for Cydia Store.

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  • Walter

    I cannot remove this problem thoroughly, some selection page everything when I browse online it pops.

    please advise how I can remove this programme.

    More, black screen will happen when you wouldl like to play the second video after the first video continually.

  • Thank you so much! This is great. By the way I found a website to Download YouTube Videos

  • joel

    hey do you know how to put mxtube videos into the youtube video directory so it shows up? becos i really don’t wanna download all that videos that i have dled in mxtube again. i’ve tried dragging it in, but it doesn’t show up and i assume some file format is needed

  • ye

    cheers mate.
    the app is still live and works on ios 5

  • ramu

    i like this app……

  • Thanks for the app review but now there are many more apps like this so no need to Jailbreak device.

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