PushFix Fixes Push Notification on Jailbroken iPhone

July 9, 2009 — by Simon Ng117



PushFix Fixes Push Notification on Jailbroken iPhone

July 9, 2009 — by Simon Ng117

One of the notable features that comes with iPhone OS 3.0 is Push Notification, that allows you to be notified in background even you have closed the application. Push notification is particularly useful for instant messaging application.

However, for those using jailbroken iPhone (especially 2G), you may find Push Notification does not work for you. Thanks for iPhone Dev Team again. They work really hard and bring us a PushFix to rectify the Push Notification problem.

How to Fix Push Notification

The PushFix is now available on Cydia and you can simply follow the procedures to install the fix.

Note: PushFix is still under testing and not officially released yet. I have installed it on two 2G iPhones and they work. But use at your own risk. If you’re not adventurous, you better wait for an official fix from iPhone Dev team.

1. Launch Cydia


2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”


3. Tap “Edit” button and then tap “Add” button.

4. Type in “http://cydia.iphoneil.net” for the cydia/apt URL and tap “Add Source”. Cydia will then verify the URL and register the repository URL. When complete, tap “Return to Cydia” to continue.

PushFix - Cydia URL

5. Once registered, tap “iPhoneil.net” and look for “Push Fix”. Tap on it.

PushFix - install cydia sourcePushFix - Look for PushFix

6. Then tap “Install” button, followed by “Confirm” to install PushFix.

PushFix - Install

7. Wait until the install process completes and tap “Reboot Device” to restart iPhone

PushFix - Installation Complete

8. After reboot, it’s supposed the installation of PushFix is complete. But you can go to launch YouTube for verification. If you can successfully launch YouTube, that means the Push Notification is fully installed. Otherwise, go back to step 1 and install the PushFix again.

9. Finally, re-install those iPhone applications (say, BeejiveIM) that support Push Notification again to enjoy Push Notification on jailbroken iPhone.

Note: You may require to configure your email or Wifi password again after installing the PushFix.

So far, the PushFix works fine for me and I can still receive instant message from friend even I quit BeejiveIM.

BeejiveIM - Push Notification

Update #1: A bug was found in PushFix that it may broadcast your AIM to unknown recipients. For now, unless you’re adventurous to try it out, I suggest you to hold off the installation.

Update #2: Pushfix 2.0 is now released. This is the official fix for push notification on jailbroken iPhone. Check out this post for more information.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Kevin

    After I installed the push fix the only thing I phone will do now is show the white apple. Do you have any suggestions as to how to fix it now. If I connect my phone to my computer itunes does not even see the phone.

    • Riches9

      Ya..i have the same problem as well, simon can you reply to us ho has the problem it may help…

      • felix

        i have the same problem, did anyone find a solution for this?

        • felix

          just in case anybody else had this problem and got stuck with the silver apple logo, for me there was no other way of getting my iphone back than resetting it (http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/assistant/itunes/#section_4), then restoring it using iTunes, then jailbreaking it again using geohot’s blackra1n software. and then NOT installing pushfix. the last part is crucial.

  • anthony

    installed update, rebooted, had to enter WIFI password, wont accept my yahoo password, my Exchange password, or my Inbox password, gmail still works…. not sure if the push fix is worth breaking my email

  • Jay

    Simon, I have iPhone 2G and this does work on my phone.

    • @Jay, thanks for your feedback and it’s great to see PushFix works for you.

  • skylight

    installed it. Does not work consistently. Actually does not work most of the time…

  • anthony

    removed repo and app, rebooted, entered yahoo and inbox password info and they work. cant get Exchange to work, tried several attempts, Exchange no workie. In SBsettings the EDGE toggle was removed and i had to manually add the toggle back, rebooted…all good…still no luck with Exchange. how did they break the exchange integration?

  • skylight

    Uninstalled PushFix and reinstalled it – still does not work…

  • erni


  • Bill

    I have installed this on 3g and everything works great. I just had to reinstall beejive 3.o with push and all is well Thanks Devs Team.

  • gooseberry

    yo, mr.Ng,

    I installed it here, and just like skylight, i only woked once… hehehe… but my questions lies elsewhere… i had jaaduVNC instaled and working fine, after the push fix it stoped…. any idea how this could be related? the only way to take this out is by restoring the phone?

    thanks, man

  • Randy

    Works Great on my Iphone 1st Gen. With a Pwnage 3.0.1 broke iPhone. Thanks for all you all do!

  • I installed the PushFix to my iPhone and works fine.
    although after I installed I have to re-enter all my email accounts password.

    It works fine!
    thanks Simon πŸ˜‰

  • lovely

    hi,i have my iphone 3g 3.0 and jailbroken redsnow..but the push notification does’nt work for me..i have beejive im with push and everything is on..push email alert and notification..but sttill push is not working..i followed ur advice..and installed the pushfix but no changes..hope to further response and help thanks..

    • JONTEZ

      hey there,are you saying that push notifications does not work with your wfi??

      • lovely

        as for now i got my push working,BUT,sometimes its not working at all..and the BIGGEST PROBLEM is i have my wifi on but i dont understand that my money on my iphone got empty..its always comsuming my money though i have wifi..strange huh?!

  • slime


    Thanks – it does fix push but does BREAK exchange email! I suggest you do not use if you use Exchange email on your iPhone!


    • Paul C

      @ Slime – did this kill your exchange or did you manage to get it working??

  • lovely

    hi again what is exchange email?i have this email applicaton for checking mail inbox only,,the only problem i have is my push notification not working..i tried to put my iphone back to original(not jailbroken)but still the push not working..then i jailbroke it again..and install the pushfix..i also open my ssh and add nimble and inject and stuff like that but no changes..my youtube is working good and no problem..hope anyone can help me..

  • Chris

    Installed 2x and still no push. Kinda sad as I was looking forward to using it.

    • lovely

      i installed push fix more than 2 times and i gave up cos nothing happened and afraid of that something wrong will happen if i continue it,but i didnt uninstalled it,,and after 1 day i just suddenly got push working and receive other people messages..and it works but sometimes its not..

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  • mikes511

    don’t install you will just reboot your iphone to its factory settings..since this PushFix will corrupt your iPhone system..now im doing it all over again..damn this apps..

  • Akiliss

    Works just fine for me, let the phone reboot and turn off then back on push notifications. Some of the apps that use push notifications might have to be reinstall but other than that is been fine so far. Good luck to all.

  • Zkaka

    I installed the fix – and now my 1st gen doesn’t work anymore! it doesn’t get pass the apple loading screen… keeps restarting after that in a loop

    don’t bother installing this unless you like jailbreaking all day long :/

    • @Zkaka, understand your frustration. As pushfix is still under beta, it’s very stable at the mean time. I think you can put your iPhone into recovery mode and then restore it via iTunes to bring it back to normal.

  • SossieNL

    After install. All passwords are erased. Known problem i see.
    But Push notifications are not working. Sometimes it does. But mainly not!

    To bad. Update in the near feature!?

  • Sergio

    I’ve installed it on my iPhone 2G but it doesn’t work (with Toodledo, IM+, BeejiveIM).
    I’ve only received a message from BeejiveIM testing it on GTalk and a message from someone else that I don’t know in IM+.


    • Sergio

      My firmware is 3.0!

  • cabrinus

    My Iphone 2G doesenΒ΄t work either..

    My Iphone Firmware is 3.1.

  • Chris

    Understand that this really is not a fix. The work around only works for the last person to install it and they will receive other peoples messages. Apple has a unique identifier for using push and this work around allows everyone to use the same identifier so any message that would normally go to you will potentially go to the next person to install the push fix. The Dev-Team seem to have given up on a true fix for push and the only way I know of to get this to work is to activate your iPhone with a sim that has already been used to activate another iPhone. This is how I got it working on my 3G.

    • @Chris, thanks for your tips!

  • david b

    this is the stupidest fix ever. it’s like saying “so you need a phone number, huh? how ’bout this one that everybody’s sharing!”
    dusche bagsies :/

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  • Lucio

    the fix don’t works . tha iphone does not receive notifications when in standby mode and no connected to cable . 3G or wifi the same issues . iphone 3G with 3.1

    help help help

  • Dg

    Worked a treat. Thanks. 2g now pinging!

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  • NiceGuy

    forget about push, it kills ur battery. Just use backgrounder instead.

    • whats backgrounder?

      • @Denise, backgrounder is a cydia app that lets you run iPhone application in background. You can check out this post to learn more.

      • NiceGuy

        backgrounder accompanied by pro switcher, u get the palm pre’s look and feel of multitasking. Try it.

  • Albert anto

    Push is juat apple s way of sucking money away from customer…by paying for the premium software and 3g connection. Dun use it. All phone that use push last in one day battery.

  • khei

    Nothing happened.. installed it over and over again.. still on my ebuddy shows that, “push notification is disabled”.. can you advise please..? tq.. ^^

  • I can only make it up to step 5.1 cause i don’t see Push Fix on my list… Is there a solution?

  • john

    this 100 percent works if your gps is not working, this morning i jailbraked my iphone and discovered my tomtom navigation system wasnt working then i tried other application that use gps and realised they wernt working either then i contacted apple and they told me its probaly a jailbrake that causes it….. it replaces it with new settings so thats y GPS doent work but just right now my tom tom and other apps got the gps signal in jus 3 secs after i did all these stepsm thank you very much for who posted this,, but i uninstalled blackra1n coz i thought first that might be wots causing the problem but anyways i still have blackrock and cydia and am very happy.. byeee πŸ˜€ im veri hapyyy woooohoooooo

  • DwAyne

    I Install the push fix! Hmm” it works outstanding! Got it with my 1st try” thanks alot πŸ™‚ still have one problem with the facebook chat app: my friends keep saying am offline when they try to reply…, any suggestion!

  • turck

    thankyou for show me how to fix youtube . verygood thank’s again

  • Nashy

    btw, is this still the fix with single set of certificate for everyone?? i thought it will work for only the last person who install it? or is this already pushfix 2.0 which generate new set of cert for every installation???

  • DesertRose

    I’ve installed it on my iPhone 3GS with 3.0 firmware, and though push for email works my push notifications from Ping! What’sapp and IM don’t work! Does anyone have any suggestions?!?!

    • Anonym

      how is the message, “connect to itunes to get push work” or something else error message?

  • maggie

    I’ve installed it on my iphone 2G with 3.12, i could send out but
    i dont seem to received from my friends when they ping me.
    Pls help

  • Jake

    I have installed push fix on 3G S and cannot recieve messages from friends via ping. They are getting mine. Any ideas

    • an

      dont install this version. it’s all using same certificate. So u can send out, but those messages sent to u will arrive randomly to other’s iphone using same certificate.

  • djholden

    I just used their service and it worked great my problem was not easy to solve but Pushfix stayed with it until resolved
    Thanks Guys

  • JOn

    guys, just download MxTube and use it, that’ll work just fine

  • paul

    I got as far as adding iphoneil.net but when I went to look for “pushfix”, it wasn’t there just some iphoneil theme. the only thing under the
    “P” column was Pocketguitar. Where is Push fix???????

  • abduke

    I have the same problem as Paul. Looks like they took it down. πŸ™
    Now what??

    • Paul

      Yes they must have removed it for some reason Abduke. I’ll keep poking around to find something else but so far, no luck.

  • anto

    hang on guys,… pushfix 2.0 is coming to town soon

    • abduke

      Yeah, but at what cost? πŸ™‚ According to iphoneil.net (http://www.iphoneil.net/?p=32862), the old fix was problemmatic. (Lots of other sites discuss the duplicate certificate problem). So it looks like iphoneil.net took it off their source list. At the same time, they’ve added links to Push Fix 2.0 (http://pushfix.info/) which generates unique certificates, for a mere $6. If this is indeed the ultimate Push Notification fix, then I guess that’s money well spent. My problem is that I don’t care about Push Notification – I just want my GPS (and YouTube) to work, following blackra1n unlock. Does anybody know of another way to fix that? Every link I found points to the obsolete (and problemmatic) Push Fix.

      • anto

        in that case, use the old fix for pushfix (ver 1.0), even the single certificate used by everyone else doesnt matter for u, since u dont care about push, just remember to turn off ur push tough . I’m sure a lot of those file remaining somewhere in the internet.

    • Paul

      Thanks Anto. Please let me know if you hear when and where we can find Push fix 2.0 for download

      • anto

        if u r familiar with ssh and scp stuffs, get the pushfix from pushfix.info, u might need to cash out a bit for donation (he deserves it), but it really works great. the guy helps u to the end if got problem. in fact, this might be the manual installation version of pushfix 2.0

      • @Paul, it is ready for download but it is not free.

        • Paul

          I know Simon. I paid 5.99 for it last night and it works flawlessly.

  • instead of i use
    working fine so far…

  • Paul

    I downloaded Push fix 2.0 and it works beautifully. Well worth the the pittance he charges for the download. I highly recommend it to everyone with an unlocked jailbroken I phone.

    Goods stuff


  • mitchie

    pushfix? where to download? i cant find in CYDIA

    • Paul

      mitchie, Check out #56 (above) by adduke. I found it there

  • Khurram

    Works like a charm! I was unhappy with youtube being not working and this made me happy! Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

  • Hi , love all you help here but i cannot find pushfix in the iphoneil source package, can you advise me what may be the problem?
    thanks so much

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  • phonw345

    check post 56 that should do that. i would pay for a better fix .

  • Treeple7

    Hi everyone,
    I have followed the guide to jailbreak my iPhone with blackra1n, & i encountered the below issues:
    * Fail to launch YouTube
    * WiFi is not working fine keep disconnecting
    I followed the wizard in order to install the PushFix I cannot find it?? Any idea how to solve it???

    Thank you

  • Basem Antonios

    Hi guys!

    First I want you to smile OK! cause I just fixed my push notifications on my 3gs 32G iPhone in a very simple way after I spend long days searching on the internet and trying a lot of trial.

    OK guys let’s do it..

    1. Put the old AT&T SIM or any activated or unactivated AT&T SIM in you iPhone.

    2. Do the factory restore by using ITunes. (update carrier data Don’t worry I did that) your iPhone will restart and will say ” waiting for activation ” That cool.

    3. Then blackrain/blacksnow with the old AT&T SIM
    “Mine says NO SERVICE” so don’t worry Restart you and wait until see ” waiting for activation ” then remove AT&T SIM and put in you T-mobile SIM or any working SIM what ever and then you will see “your phone has been activated”

    Congratulations πŸ™‚ You have activated unlucked jealbreak iphone with working Youtube and Push Notifcation πŸ™‚

    A special Thanks for someone called ” geminiboi who get that idea , have Fun guys πŸ™‚

    * No much People Know about this way PLZ try to spread it in many webs and blogs

    [email protected]

  • Treeple7

    Hey Bassem Hey guys
    i still have the below issues:
    * Fail to launch YouTube
    * Fail to use the phone
    Please any suggestion???

  • Basem Antonios

    Hi Treeple7 sorry for late replay i was away from the internet,

    what exactly what issues you have you said youtube and fail to use the phone what that mean ? about the youtube you still have problem with your certificate

    I hope you did exactly what I said in the guide really its worked for me
    just ask if you have any question about the steps.

    * This guide show you how to generate you own certificate for your iphone by activated it as you using AT&T service , really you need any AT&T SIM cause its generate the certificate according to the service-subscriber key (IMSI) used to identify a subscriber on mobile telephony devices.

  • abduke

    Yes, I am smiling, Basem, especially after successfully activating, jailbreaking and unlocking 2 devices with 1 AT&T SIM. Of course, you need an AT&T SIM to pull this off, which I did not have until today. But your procedure worked like a charm. πŸ™‚

    • anto

      wait a minute, is whta u guys mean is that we dont need all those jailbreaking and unlocking tool like redsnow, ultrasnow, etc. ??? or did i get it wrong…

  • abduke

    Anto – If you bought an iPhone from AT&T, or another legit supplier elsewhere in the world, you may want to jailbreak it to install alternate apps, but you don’t need to unlock it. However, if you want to put in another SIM, such as T-Mobile, then you do need to go through the whole unlock process.

    All this thread is talking about is that after unlocking with Blacksn0w/ra1n, the push notification (and YouTube and Maps) don’t work. If this is important to you, then you either purchase PushFix for a few bucks, or borrow a friend’s AT&T SIM and follow Basem’s advice.

  • Treeple7

    Hi Guys,again and agian i followed the complete jailbreak guide for iPhone 3G/3GS using blackra1n and blacksn0w the jailbreak works fine and i can install cydia and rock and install all the applications i wanted. But after i did this task twice and i still have the same 2 problems: Youtube problem (cannot connect to youtube) and the phone is not working (No Service).

    As for the Youtube now it works coz i installed the YouTube fix1 newely publish on simonblog website.

    But the phone is still not working it can read the sim card but cannot register to any network carrier. I tried using vodafone Uk sim, i tried also rogers sim card, it didn’t work :((((
    Bassem thanks for your reply but what if i cannot have any att sim??? what shall i do???

    The iPhone is 3G 16GB have now the OS 3.1.2 (7D11) from 3.0.1 with the updated baseband 05.11.07 from 04.26.08. i tried to unlock it twice even with ultrasn0w,also tried downgrading with fuzzyband and unlock it again nothing worked out…still cannot use the phone… Its really upsetting i don’t know what to do i need to solve this issue?????

    • hi treeple 7 sorry your having problems. i just wanted to ask you.. after u added push.fix.info to your sources which push fix did you pick? theres push fix 2.0 , 2.0 migration , push fix support .. then theres other ones with a yellow power drill picture next to them youtube fix one ,fix 2, and fix 3
      anything will help thank you πŸ™‚

      • Treeple7

        Hi Denise, i totally understand your situation without youtube… i just followed the instructions and installed push fix 1 and it worked fine but as per Simon its seems, the original version of Pushfix is obsolete. Please check out PushFix 2.0 here. You can also use it to fix the YouTube problem. Your Lucky Simon replied on your post i’m still waiting for any useful reply to activate my phone…
        Anyway Good luck with your iphone πŸ™‚ and if i found anything i will inform u…

  • muskaan

    i just unlocked my m iphone 2G version 3.1.2 and as eveyone said that youtube doesnt work im also having the same problem…i cold buy the push fix 2.0 but the problem is i dont live in states anymore so i cant buy it…plzz anyone can help me out how to get the youtube back…????

  • muskaan

    hi Treepie 7 can u plz tell me where to find youtube fix1 from the simonblog? because i cant find the push fix anymore on cydia

  • Basem Antonios

    Hi guys πŸ™‚

    I’m back sorry for being away from the internet I was having some troubles πŸ™ but I’m happy to see you again πŸ™‚ Any way How are you doing? πŸ™‚

    I’m really happy to hear that some of you success to unlock, jailbreak, fix push and youtube, that is great πŸ™‚

    OK guys here is the problem some of you lives out of the USA and can’t get AT&T SIM to create their own certificate for iPhone so here is the solution

    Smile OK πŸ™‚

    you know that apple make a contract with some service provider in each country like AT&T in USA, so you can use this SIM to create the your certificate ( not required working one) NO service is OK. Try to figure which service provider in your country work with apple and follow my guide, Plz read it carefuly you need to understand the guide very good before you start doing it.

    I wanna hear good news from you, OK guys πŸ™‚
    I hope you got what I’m saying and I’m waiting your questions πŸ™‚

    Your friend

    • i tried to fix my push and you tube with the instructions above but nothing works. i dont really need those things . its not essential to my phone but i guess the fact that i cant have it makes me want it. push fix is no where on cydia after i install cydia.iphoneil.net as a source, thank you

  • Basem Antonios


  • Basem Antonios

    sorry I don’t know how to past pics here

  • Basem Antonios
  • i tried to add cydia/iphoneil.net but it gave me an error code. saying cydia.iphoneil.COM sub-process bzip2 returned error code 2 and that it failed then followed by another error code regarding repo666 same error code. i clicked ok and after that iphoneil was added as a source and i did a search for push fix but nothing came up.

    • @Denise, the original version of Pushfix is obsolete. Please check out PushFix 2.0 here. You can also use it to fix the YouTube problem.

  • Hey can any one help me with you tube. i have 3gs latest firmware cydia its jailbroken all that stuff .. there’s two things i cant figure out.. how to receive mms (i can send )and you tube cant connect. PLease and thank you! πŸ™‚

  • alper

    it work but there is no push fix app in given source how can i get it? thaks

    • @alper,

      As mentioned in the post, the pushfix 1.0 is no longer available. You can check out Pushfix 2.0 here.

  • Marc

    Don’t waste your time with this. if youre willing to spend $6 go to pushfix.info I just installed this yesterday and for the very first time have got push working 100% worth every penny.

  • Tristan

    I tried this, worked 100% first time, Ty for the info

    • umair

      Hi guys, i have installed heywire on my iphone 3g 4.2.1 and its not working, but my youtube is working.. I also tried push doctor from cydia. what should I do?

  • Jed

    just add this source for PushFix –


    this works fine, it also has the updates.

    Hope this helps, Thanks!

  • Ana Khan

    i am using a JB iphone 2G with 3.1.3, my push is not working for any messaging apps, when i tried to add source “http://cydia.iphoneil.net” i am getting this dialogue
    “Did not Find Repository
    the indicated repository could no be found. This could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository (these are not supported). Also, this interface is only capable of working with exact repository URL’s”


    PS: I tried push doctor, still its not working…:(

  • Hmmmm

    Can’t install Pushfix. Reads “subprocess pre-instrallation script returned error exit status 1” and then “sub-process /usr/bin/dkpg returned an error”. Any idea what to do?