Unlock iPhone

Step by Step Guide for iPhone 3G Unlock using Ultrasn0w

June 27, 2009 — by Simon Ng141


Unlock iPhone

Step by Step Guide for iPhone 3G Unlock using Ultrasn0w

June 27, 2009 — by Simon Ng141

Unlock iPhoneThe software unlock solution for iPhone 3G – Ultrasn0w was released several days ago. All iPhone 3G got excited about this release as ultrasn0w. Unlike the previous unlock solution “yellowsn0w”, which can only unlock iPhone 3G with baseband 2.28.00, ultrasn0w can unlock any iPhone 3G with the latest baseband 4.26.08.

That means, for those of you with baseband 2.30.xx, you can now simply upgrade to iPhone 3.0 OS and get it unlock using ultrasn0w.

Ultrasn0w is available for download via Cydia and it’s very straightforward to use. As I received a number of emails about how it should use, however, it’s always good to write a step-by-step guide that benefits everyone.

Note: This unlock guide is for iPhone 3G only. For iPhone 2G unlock, you do not need to use ultrasn0w. You can use PwnageTool (for Mac) or Redsn0w (for Windows) for the unlock.

First, you need to jailbreak the iPhone 3G

Before you can download and use Ultrasn0w, the very first thing you need is to jailbreak your iPhone 3G. For those who do not know about jailbreak, this process ensures you can install Cydia and other 3rd party applications on your iPhone, which is the prerequisite of iPhone 3G unlock.

To jailbreak iPhone 3G, you can refer to this detailed jailbreak guide (Windows / Mac).

After you complete the jailbreak, come back here and continue with the unlock.

Okay, let’s unlock iPhone 3G

Once you’ve got the iPhone jailbroken, you can now follow these procedures to unlock the iPhone using ultrasn0w.

Note: For T-mobile US user, please ensure you disable 3G service before proceeding. To disable 3G, go to Settings -> General -> Network on your iPhone and turn off 3G.

1. Launch Cydia.


2. Tap “Manage” and then tap “Sources”


3. Tap “Edit” button and then tap “Add” button.

4. Type in “http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com” for the cydia/apt URL and tap “Add Source”. Cydia will then verify the URL and register the repository URL. When complete, tap “Return to Cydia” to continue.

Add Ultrasn0w Repositorycydia-update-complete

5. You’ll find the new URL registered. Tap “Done” and then tap “Search”.


6. Type in “ultrasn0w” to search for Ultrasn0w application. Once found, tap on “ultrasn0w”.

Cydia - Search for ultrasn0w

7. Next, tap “Install” to kick off. Then tap “Confirm” to confirm the installation.

cydia-ultrasn0wCydia - Confirm installation

Note: Ultrasn0w 0.9 has been released. Please download this latest version for the unlock.

8. Cydia will then download the ultrasn0w application. When complete, tap “Return to Cydia”.

9. Next, press Home button to go back to home screen and power off your iPhone.

Power off iPhone

10. Power ON your iPhone and ultrasn0w will be automatically started to unlock your iPhone.

Good luck for your unlock. As always, please feel free to leave comment and share your iPhone Unlock experience.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

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  • tony parinas

    Thank you for posting Ultrasn0w, I have used it to unlock my upgraded 3G iphone OS 3.0 without any problem, now I’m the happiest iphone owner after the unlock. More power to you and to your blogs.

    kind regards,
    tony parinas

  • Nashira

    What a relief! Thanks to your instructions I can use my iPhone again!!

  • Tika

    I have downloaded ultrasnow and done everything everything by the instructions and my sim card does not work again. what should i do? 🙁 is there any possibility that ultrasnow might not work? i live in georgia (country near russia) and i’m using magti gsm card (if it helps)

  • Tika

    I was using turbosim and that appeard a problem. now i have removed it and everything works perfect. thank you very much for ultrasnow now i can use my phone again.

  • Meniqs

    Whew! Thank you very much! It has saved me a lot of money and gained a lot of praise. i thought I would never ever be able to unlock my Boss’ iphone, upgraded from 2.2 to 2.2.1. Followed everything you wrote and everything went ok!

    More power to you. God bless. may you have more knowledge to share. 😉

  • Ant

    after i install ultrasn0w, it rebooted itself and kept coming up with black screen. it kept reboot itself. i couldn’t get to homepage or whatever but apple icon and black screen after apple icon disappeared. i plugged it to my cpu and opened itunes and it will not work at all. what do i do? does that mean its no good now?

  • Chrg

    hey you guys are a genius. thnx a lot.. initially i wasnt gettign netwrk after teh unlock but then i restarted and i got it… you guys… thank you sooo much.
    god bless.

  • George

    IS any of you having issues with the calls after upgrading and unlocking? Evrything worked perfectly, but now, 4 out of 10 calls i get the ringtone does not ring, and if I answer i hear nothing.!

  • Richard

    Hey Simon,
    Great stuff dude. JB and Unlock worked just great. Keep up the great work you’re doing.

  • richard

    If go to upgrade says have to download itunes 8.2 is this ok,

    • @richard, are you asking whether the jailbreak works on iTunes 8.2? As mentioned in the jailbreak guide, you have to download and install iTunes 8.2.

  • jay

    thank you!! i had my white iphone stuck on the apple logo so i had to restore it and then redsnow was acting up. but thank you for the guide

  • Laks

    Thank you, i was stuck with locked iphone 2.2.1 for a couple of months, finally i was able to able to unlock with an upgraded OS 3.0, a very effort on guiding us throught the process.

  • vipul

    Hi Simon!
    I Jailbreaked my iPhone 3G by red snow, now trying to unlock by ultrasnow but during istallation it shows error.
    Please help me……

  • I went through the steps to jailbreak my iPhone 3G that I just upgraded to 3.0 but for some reason when i tried to unlock it I can’t get Cydia to work. The screen looks like it is about to start then it goes back to my home screen… Everytime!

    what should I do?

    • @FrontLineMOG, try to reboot your iPhone and access cydia via Wifi again. Hope this works. When you can successfully launch cydia, it may prompt you to upgrade a certain number of essential component. Remember to accept the upgrade and this will resolve the stability issues.

  • khaygie10

    I’m having a No Service even if I’ve done installing ultrasn0w…

    Version 3.0(7A341)
    Carrier Carrier 4.0
    Modem Firmware 04.26.08

    help me out here…

    • @khaygie10, did you put the SIM card in iPhone while running ultrasn0w?

  • khaygie10

    The sim is attached while I’m doing JB and installing ultrasn0w…

    what should I do if I messed up?!

  • Sachin Jain

    Hello Simon, thanks for the invaluable guide to unlocking. But I ran into trouble at the last step. Pls help.

    “10. Power ON your iPhone and ultrasn0w will be automatically started to unlock your iPhone. ”
    After i turned ON the iPhone, it starting showing the black screen with the apple icon and then stayed on that screen forever. None of the keys work, cannot reboot or do anything else.

    Pls help.

    • Sachin Jain

      And yes, I had a T-Mobile in it while i was at the last step unlocking it.

      • @Sachin, for t-mobile, did you turn off 3G service before using ultrasn0w?

        • Sachin Jain

          @Simon – first, my iPhone is working fine now. Like I said earlier it was stuck on the Apple boot screen & the whole thing just froze. I had similar problems with the iPods too and all I had to do was let the battery drain completely & let it shut down. I did the same here. Connected my iKaraoke Player & let it run which drained the battery very quickly (;-) )then I was able to reboot. All is fine now.

          And coming back to the question you asked.. yes, 3G was turned ON as I had to dwl ultrasn0w through Cydia. So, is that a potential problem? If yes, then can u pls include in the guide, will help.

          Thanks again for the follow up. Appreciate it.

          • @Sachin, the best is to use Wifi to download & install ultrasn0w.

  • dhruv

    do i install the cydia upgrades before using ultrasn0w?

    • @dhruv, I suggest to install the essential update of Cydia first. This ensures the core packages of cydia is up-to-date.

  • iPhonegeek321

    Simon – Can we downgrade from OS3.0 to OS2.2 ? I have a 2.2 iPhone 3g (UL using yellowsn0w) and am thinking if I should upgrade to OS3.0 or not. I guess 3.0 upgrades the baseband to 04.26.08, which probably renders yellowsn0w useless, right ? Will downgrading to 2.2 make yellowsn0w still work with the 04.26.08 basedband (or will I have to use something to downgrade the baseband to 2.28 so that yellowsn0w works ? Is there a app/way to downgrade the baseband). Reason I am asking this is to have a backup plan in case my upgrade to OS 3.0 (using ultrasn0w does not work for some weird reason) and I would like to go back to my current configuration which is OS 2.2 (JB using yellowsn0w).

    Thanks a lot for you help and great blog !

    • @iPhonegeek321, yellowsn0w cannot support baseband 04.26.08. So, once you have upgraded to iPhone 3.0, you’ll need to use ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone. Presently, I haven’t heard of ways to downgrade baseband from 04.26.08 to 02.28. So, there is no backup plan. You’ll have to take risk 🙂 Good luck for the upgrade!



  • Martin

    Excellent guide! Started and finished without hassle. Upgraded from OS 2.2 to OS 3.0 with pwnage tool, JB’d and unlocked my iphone 3G in 30 minutes. Thanks a million 🙂

  • christo

    Hi, I just bought iphone 3g v2.2.1 & it’s already jailbroken but unlock yet.
    So do I need the At&t simcard ( which I don’t have it in my country ) to update it to v3.0 by itunes or not?
    Can I update it without the simcard installed inside?
    Please anyone can help me?

    • Martin

      hi, i did my jbreak with pwnage tool ,then unlocked with ultrasn0w ( iphone 3g v2.2 to 3.0). I did all this with my simcard inside the phone (ZAIN network in Nigeria). Good luck

  • christo

    sorry I mean it’s jailbroken but not unlock yet

  • Zac

    Hi when i restart ultrasn0w doesnt load, what am i doing worng???

  • wcsee

    @simon….. thank you thank you n thank you!!! for every1 ultran0w have 0.8 now…

  • Rommerj

    I need H E L P!!!!!!!!. My Iphone is 3G. I had FW 2.2.1, Baseband 02.30.3, Bootloader 5.9. I upgraded to the 3.0 JB`d by following the steps here. I was also able to unlock my phone too. But after about half a day, I installed some apps and restarted, my Iphone is stuck displaying only the apple logo. I tried to hard reset for almost 2 hours now but there seems to be no effect. What is happening is, the apple logo would appear, then the screen would be blank for almost3-4 minutes and this would repeat without anything happening. What could have happened? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance to everyone.

    • @Rommerj, it seems the jailbreak process does not fully complete. I suggest you to jailbreak again using redsn0w.

  • Arvidh

    You have described the jailbreaking and unlocking guide in great detail but I do have one question before I go ahead and do this on my friend’s phone. Once I upgrade to 3.0 and jailbreak it, the sim card would not work since the phone gets locked. Would I still be able to use the phone to download Ultrasn0w from cydia?

    • @Arvidh, even your iPhone is locked after jailbreak, you can still use Wifi to launch Cydia to download ultrasn0w.

      • Arvidh

        Thank you very much!

  • Rommerj

    Thanks for the reply. I did used redsn0w to Jailbreak. Afterwards, I used ultrasn0w to unlock. It was successful for at least half a day anyways. After half a day, I installed some apps and after restarting, that`s when the problem started. I already repeated the process quite a number of times but the same thing happens. The app I installed, if I recall correctly, is something like ACTIVATE MMS2 something. I`m not quite sure. I think some of the apps cause problems.

  • I want to install iblacklist on my iPhone, anyone who can help, ad be grateful…

  • Da_Blazer

    Ummm…might I say sir…You have excelled the awesomeness barrier. If there was a number to describe your awesomeness, it probably would be the number 8 horizontally. Thanks bro. Worked like a charm.

  • Mack

    Sweet blog Simon, thanks for your efforts.

    All, I am failing at step 4 above as Cydia fails the validation of the URL http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com with ‘Did not Find Repository’. Anyone else have this problem?

    I have a jailbroken 3G (and 2G which I tried to add the same repo as a test – same problem). I am logging in from my home wifi in Germany, is it possible I need to route via a proxy server elsewhere?

    Best of luck the rest of you.

    • bb

      Hey Mack, yeah I’m getting the same. I see others seem to be having the same problem and think it may be ISPs blocking it. Seems to have just happened in the last couple of days from what I can see

      • Andybhai

        @ Mack, @ BB

        just curious to hcek that you have used Zero (0) in ultrasn0w and not the letter O (oh).

    • mark

      I am in Germany as well using an O2 SIM card. Try taking the SIM card out before you add the repo666.ultrasn0w.com URL. Put the SIM card in when you turn the phone off. Ultrasn0w unlock will begin when you turn the phone back on and enter you Pin number.

  • Fajr

    Hi Simon,
    I managed to install ultrasnow on my iphone 3G, I’m currently using operator et****** and try to put other simcard from other country it works fine since it roams with et******, but when I change to other operator simcard (here in the same country) it can get the operator logo but only can do emergency call and error message appear : “the different SIM card is detected, please connect to iTunes”, when I connect to iTunes it says “the SIM card inserted on this phone is not suppoerted; please insert SIMcard that came with your iPhone…” ???
    it means I cannot use other SIM card from other operator and means my phone is not UNLOCKED??
    Please help or anyone has the similar problem? I have restore couple times but still the problem persist.
    BR, Fajr

  • stickystones


    In unlocking the iphone, what setting is to be used under network settings? should the 3G network be turned on and also data roaming? Also should the sim card and turbo sim should be removed while unlocking?


  • Prithvi

    I followed the instructions to the T and it worked perfectly!! Thank you sooo much!
    More power to all the people on your team that made this happen!

  • aby


    I upgraded the ultrasn0w last night and now my battery is draining very fast. Is there any way I can go back to the older version of ultrasn0w? Or if anyone has any other solution to this, please let me know…


    • @aby, you can’t go back to the older version. I suggest you to check out these battery saving tips to see if they can fix the issue. Otherwise, you may need to go over the jailbreak and unlock process again.

  • harikay

    thank you v.much….. …

  • hao

    thanks, 1 more question
    how to do with this step
    17. Lastly, sync back your backup data
    with iTunes and restore all your contacts & SMS.
    i can’t restore all contacts & SMS, please help me thanks.

    • @Hao, did you backup your contact & sms via iTunes before jailbreaking?

  • Svenixen

    Thanks for the unlock. Been waiting a long time, worked like a charm and all the steps were really easy to follow.

  • haovo

    hi Simon,
    yes i did my contrct & sms before jailbraking. is that problem?

  • Morten Johansen

    This is wonderfull., thought my 2.30.03 baseband 3G would never come alive. It’s a miracle. No problems at all! — Thanks to the dev team’s

  • Russell

    Simon, first off, you rock. this is a cool thing you do.

    I got an iphone 3g jailbroken and unlocked. When i first put my sim in, it worked fine. then i connected to my computer and itunes asked me to upgrade. i did. then it locked me out. (I’m with tmobile in the US FYI) so i started from scratch. I followed your jailbreak with pwnage and that worked fine (i got the pineapple anyway). but now i turn on the iphone (with or without sim) and it only gives me the usb cable symbol pointing to the itunes icon. I have wifi, so if i can only get to that screen i could use that to install ultrasnow and unlock the phone. i just can’t get to that point. As far as iphone is concerned there’s either no sim or a sim that is not supported. What am i missing? other than my phone! Thanks again for your awesome blog.

  • Shar

    I have tried to unlock my 3g using ultrasn0w its not working, do you think it has anything to do with it runing 3.0.1 version


  • Andreea

    Thank you very very much for your support,I managed to jailbreak and unlock my iphone and my boyfriend iphone.My iphone had also 3.0.1 version and it worked!

  • Russell

    Simon, disregard my question, i have done it!!

    the first time i did the jailbreak, the sim was not in and i think i misunderstood the prompt and unchecked “activate phone”. Second time it worked like a charm.

    Just to confirm, i can use this like a normal Iphone with iTunes, MacMail, etc. I just should not accept any updates through iTunes before checking in here?

    • @Russel, that’s great to hear you got your problem solved. Yes, you can use all functions including iTunes, app store, etc. But remember not to update via iTunes even it prompts you to update.

  • jeff


    I just updated and unlocked my iphone 3g using ultrasnow 0.9. Can i also do it for iphone 3GS?

    I used pwnage for jailbreaking with the 3.0 ipsw

  • Twist

    Hi Jailbreak & unlock founder,

    It is true and very obvious that your useful guide can help me to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 3G successfully. Now i do enjoy playing it. So fantastic!!!

    Hope that others can do as i did.

  • Navin

    try purplerain its the easiest and safest way to jailbreak and unlock an iphone

  • Nikos

    Thank you for all your guides truly invaluable tools.

    I finished this unlocking my phone and it rebooted but nothing started…. it just went straight into my menu. Everything works. How can I tell that the phone is indeed unlocked. I’m in the USA still using the ATT network still, but soon will be going overseas.

    Thanks again.

    • @Nikos, do you have other sim cards? The best way to test out the unlock is to put in other sim.

  • Sachin

    Hey Simon, I got my iPhone jailbreaked & unlocked using ur guide in early July. Then i moved back to my home country. All was fine a while ago. 🙁

    I am not able to make outgoing calls. I get ‘Call Failed’ msg all the time. I am with Vodafone. But if I use another SIM card it works but Vodafone SIM doesn’t.

    There was a recent update from iTunes reg ‘Update Carrier Settings’. I did install that & i think that could be a possible reason. Your help is highly appreciated.

  • Thanks a bunch Simon! My notes:
    Had an account w ATT, Skyhigh bill, closing account,
    Read these tutorials but the pwnge program didn’t work on my system..
    It worked until step #11 i think… whichever is the actual build process.. Locked up pwnage crashed repeatedly.
    Bcuz of using an older IMac??
    I have a 1.8 GHz Power PC G5
    1GB DDR OS X Version 10.5.8
    My Iphone is an 8GB 3G version 3.01
    I finally went out an bought a wireless router. You need
    RedSn0w worked after trying to enter DFU mode several several times..
    But that lil program is great! I think it helped to go thru pwnge
    even though it didn’t work in my case.. bcuz I understood the concept better.
    Great info on here its definitely key to read through the comments.
    Much thanks for laying it out so good!
    Another important part for me was to Restore the phone to factory settings first
    take out the AT&T Sim & install the Other Sim.. Temporarily T-Mobile til I figure out best plan.
    Can we use GPS on any plan with Data?
    Ok good luck IPhoners!! Now to explore cydia.. crazy style!
    This stuff makes u feel like a scientist! thanks to the DevTeam and all others that
    supply these tools & knowledge to the people!

  • Manel

    hey, i just jailbroke and unlocked according to your guides. First thing, kudos to you. Now, my problem. after doing everything as told, i still can’t get any service with my or any SIM card.. any idea? I am a Vodafone client in Portugal, with iPhone 3G 3.0

  • Viksraj

    Hey….It is really too easy to unlock.

    I could manage to unlock my 3GS through above given method.


  • pinky

    hi simon,
    When i try to open cydia to install ultra, it crashes and shuts down…………how i shud instal ultrasnow? i already jailbreaked my iphone but cud not unlock it. 🙁

    • @pinky, did you install all essential updates for cydia? When you first launch cydia, it should prompt you to install some essential updates. Have you installed it?

      • pinky

        hi simon,
        it does not connect thru wifi and says netdb: open node name and when i got in changes->sources> and put the link there, it says not found repository or something like that ………….in short it does not takes the link to ultrasnow

  • jan

    hi simon in step 4 after i entered the link, it says cached failure and NetDB: Open nodename nor servname provided, or not known.

    what do i do??

  • Jordan

    When i try to add repo666.ultrasn0w.com as a soure the url is unable to be identified. Any solution

    • @Jordan, did you include “http://” in the URL?

      • John

        @ Jordan,
        Don’t give up – I had this exact same problem for a week or more. My iPhone (3G, 3.0, from Australia) was able to surf with Safari, however Stocks & Weather would not update, even when right next to the wireless antenna.
        I am not sure sure how these two problems are related, but I do know that one day, Stocks & Weather did update, and Cydia ran, updated itself, then I did the ultrasn0w and it worked without a hitch.
        As I am in Saudi Arabia and it was a work modem, at first I thought it was a proxy problem, but as it eventually accessed via that system, proves that theory wrong.
        Is there any way there could be an internet glitch between here and the Cydia website and the same for you? Or perhaps Cydia site was down but that doesn’t explain the Stocks & Weather not updating.
        Hope that helps and gives you hope, John

  • five00seven

    when unable to validate the url in Cydia, check if your wi-fi needs you to log in when you first open Cydia

  • John

    @ five00seven,
    Thanks for trying to help, I am fully aware of the idiosyncrasies of working with Wi-Fi in conjunction with firewalled internet access. I had the company proxy settings in iPhone settings, and entered the User Name and Password every single time after opening Cydia.
    The time that it finally worked, I did nothing different than before; hence, my question about an access problem to the website or even an internet blockage between here and there. Be interesting to see a follow up from Jordan, did he finally solve the problem?
    I did get a lot of proxy errors when Cydia failed to access properly, but they were not related to my company proxy, more like they said Proxy 407 or something to that effect. The time it finally got thru, it was a beautiful thing to watch, I just knew that it was going to work, you could tell by the way the files were downloading.

  • Nik

    Hey… i tried unlocking using the procedure mentioned above…. The phone is not unlocked. I am using the 3.1 upgrade and have 0.91-1 upgrade of ultrasn0w installed on this phone… please help!

  • John



    “But let me take this opportunity to warn you again. If you’re using ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone 3GS or 3G, remember not to update to iPhone OS 3.1 directly via iTunes when it’s released. You may end up losing the ultrasn0w unlock. That is, you cannot make call or receive call.”

  • John

    Also @ NIK

    Once upon a time, a young lad was born without a belly button. In its place was a silver screw.

    All the doctors told his mother that there was nothing they could do. Like it or not, he was stuck with it ……

    He was screwed.

    All the years of growing up were real tough on him, as all who saw the screw made fun of him. He avoided ever leaving his house… thus, he never made any friends.

    One day, a mysterious stranger saw his belly and told him of a Swami in Tibet who could get rid of the screw for him.

    He was thrilled. The next day, he took all of his life’s savings and bought a ticket to Nepal .

    After several days of climbing up steep cliffs, he came upon a large Monastery. The Swami knew exactly why he had come. The screwy guy was told to sleep in the highest tower of the Monastery and the following day when he awoke, the screw would have been removed. The man immediately went to the room and fell asleep.

    During the night while he slept, a purple fog floated in an open window. In the mist floated a solid silver screwdriver. In just moments, the screwdriver removed the screw and disappeared out the window.

    The next morning when the man awoke, he saw the silver screw laying on the pillow next to him. Reaching down, he felt his navel, and there was no screw there!

    Jubilant, he leaped out of bed…… and his butt fell off.

    The moral to this is –

    ‘Don’t screw around with things you don’t understand… you could lose your ASS.’

  • nik

    well.. i havent downloaded the 3.1 upgrade from itunes directly. I downloaded the hacked file from one of the torents and used pwnage to convert the file to custom_restore and updated the phone with that file. That is what i have installed on my phone currently.

  • Jon

    Dear Simon Ng

    I have installed ultrasnow but every time I turn my phone on I get ‘searching..” and then “No Service”. Could you please guide me on what I should do.

    Many thanks

  • John

    More details of your phone required……….
    ultrasn0w version 0.9 is out! We believe it solves pretty much all of the various random issues that have been reported. Its features include:

    * Works on both iPhone 3G and 3GS
    * Works on jailbroken iPhones
    * Works regardless of how you jailbroke your device
    * 100% Free

    1. After you have jailbroken your iPhone, fire up cydia application installer.
    2. Next click manage on the bottom toolbar in cydia.
    3. Click Sources
    4. Click Edit
    5. Click Add
    6. Type “http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com” without the quotes
    7. Click Done
    8. Click Search back on the main screen of cydia
    9. type in “ultrasn0w” using zero not ‘o’ you should see the application come up
    10. Click Install -> Confirm and let it install

  • Viksraj


    A Question for you.

    After doing all above exercise, only once I was able to connect to the iTunes, 2nd time when I connect with laptop – it didn’t recognise my phone.

    Please advice.


  • Viksraj

    One more question.

    I have 3GS, I followed above steps. Now, Incoming is ok. While making outgoing call – it gives message that “you dont have enough credit in your account.” When the simcard is working fine with other mobile handset(outgoing as well).

    Please advice.


    • @Viksraj, it’s likely the problem is due to the sim card. Did you check with your carrier?

  • Psypha


    Ive got a jailbroken with redsnow .8 iphone 3gs 3.0. i installed ultrasnow with att simcard in then after installing, it TRIED to reboot. It goes to apple logo for a few seconds and then black screen as if it wont load. Dont know what to do now im stuck. Do I do a restore and if so will itunes let me restore since 3.1 is out and cant do any other restore unless i update to 3.1. PLEASE Help

  • John

    @ Psypha

    You can download the file you need to restore your firmware from this column =

    and follow the instructions there also. The secret is when connected to I-tunes, press SHIFT and click Restore which gives you the option to choose the location of the file to use.

    Don’t worry about the phone, I had way more problems and did full Apple restores, I-tunes restores, redsn0w’ed, & DFU’ed for a week and it still bounced back

    Good luck, John

  • Psypha


    you didn’t answer my question. I know how to restore. The thing is with the new 3.1 os release, if you own an iPhone 3gs and try to restore it, you are only able to upgrade to 3.1 and nothin less(which is my case). If you try to restore you’re 3.0 3gs using the shift restore technique, apple will not let you unless you update with 3.1. I dont wanna do that because I won’t be able to jailbreak it.

  • John

    @ Psypha,

    Oops, I missed the “S” part in your first post. So your situation was – 3GS phone with 3.0 system, you did not update, but were able to jailbreak but the unlock with ultrasn0w didn’t work?
    And now I-tunes will not let you point to the 3.0 file to restore to that, right?
    Well, I guess you may have to do that in order to use the phone, assuming you have a SIM card with the locked carrier?
    That’s all I can suggest as no experience with the 3GS, and I see plenty of warnings not to upgrade to 3.1 on the net; just keep Googling and research, I joined at least 6 forums while looking for answers, sorry, John

  • John

    @ Psypha,

    Go right to the source, and keep researching, and by the way, another thing that confused me about your posts here, the topic heading clearly says this information is for unlock 3G phones.


  • John

    @ Psypha,

    Hope Simon doesn’t mind these external link, some good information here –


  • John

    And I hope Simon doesn’t mind some FAQ copy & paste

    @ Everyone – this FAQ covers almost all of your questions please read them.

    Q: Can I update to iTunes 9.0?
    A: It won’t affect already jailbroken devices. Enjoy

    Q: I don’t care about the unlock.. can I update?
    A: Not if you want to keep the jailbreak now.

    Q: Uh-oh I updated.. can I still unlock?
    A: Nope. Sorry. It might take a while.. you were warned…

    Q: I can’t restore to anything except 3.1!!!!!
    A: All restores on the 3GS and newer devices need to be signed by Apple. You will not be able to restore to anything except the latest version.

    Q: How can I downgrade from 3.1?
    A: DFU mode, click+restore. It will work on anything except 3GS.

    Q: Will that downgrade my baseband?
    A: No.

    Q: I didn’t get my iBEC & iBSS files.
    A: Uh-oh spaghetti-o! Ouch… you can no longer get those files.

    Q: Where’s the jailbreak?!
    A: Not now.

  • ultrasn0w didnt load after the reboot. i see other ppl have said the same thing but didnt see a solution posted. help please!!

  • John

    @ caHawtie,
    I was one of the posters that had the same thing, and I posted my solution above, see September 16, 2009.
    Do you have strong wireless signal? Can you surf with Safari? Can you get Weather updates? Can you get Stocks Updates?
    You may find, as I did, that it may just be a case of the Cydia website not cooperating, hence the advice, just keep trying, keep restoring, keep running redsn0w, keep on using DFU until you finally get it to work.
    That is what I did, I believe the programs are fine, it is just a matter of getting to them.

  • iphone user

    @ Simon

    Maybe you can help me out. I have a jailbroken 3g 3.0.1 and it’s unlocked . I have no problems sending/receiving sms and everything works through wi-fi no problems there. I keep having an issue making calls – it tells me “call failed” – I can receive calls fine. What can I do to resolve this issue…. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Sharon

    I have jailbroke and unlocked my iphone 3g using unltrasnow, I still cannot get a signal when I put my O2 pay and go sim in, do I need a contract sim for this

  • Viksraj


    I am trying to configure email and cisco iPSec VPN – but both are giving erros in connection. Any idea about that ?

    Thanks – ViksRaj

  • Ahmed

    hi all

    i got a iPhone 3G FW3.1, Baseband 5.11.07, bootloader 6.02… how can i unlock it…. ?
    thanks alot if u can help me.

  • guileukow

    I solve the apple logo stuck at boot problem for my case.
    My iphone 3G has the 3.0.1 firmware, jailbroken with redsn0w 0.8 and unlocked with ultrasn0w 0.91-1 all thanks to Cyder because I don’t have wifi network neither at home nor at office.
    For those who don’t have a wifi connection and who download ultrasn0w with Cyder, don’t forget to update your mobilesubstrate version to 0.9.2977-1. Indeed, as Cydia can’t update itself without wifi, you should need to update the mobile substrate and reboot the phone before to install ultrasn0w 0.91-1.
    Indeed, I had to restore my iphone to 3.0.1 each time I installed ultrasn0w. The phone was always stuck to the apple logo when booting once ultrasn0w installed and I found that the default mobilesubstrate installed with redsn0w 0.8 was at version 0.9.2975-1 and seemed to be incompatible with ultrasn0w 0.91-1. So I’ve updated it and now everything works like a charm.
    Hope this help.


  • aru

    I jaibroke my iphone 3GS using blackra1n, went very smoothly, used ultrasn0w to unlock..dont know if the iphone is now unlocked as my Indian sim card doesnt seem to support the iphone..will know only when i go to India and mayb ungrade my service or some such.
    The biggest problem i have is I have no service on my ATT sim card..what do I do??
    Is it shorted? I have turned my phone off and on a number of times, syncd it with the itunes and all that…now?

    • @aru, what’s the iPhone OS version?

      • aru

        its 3.1.2..i had to restore the phone to factory settings after i had the sim card changed from ATT to get it to work..

  • Iss K

    Where on earth is the cydia thing?
    i dont have the app in my iphone.. im using an iphone 3G
    if i have to download it, may i please know where i can get it from? im pretty much lost here.. lol

    • Dipen

      check the second page of your main grid (spring grid menu) U can see the cydia if you have jailbroken ur cell using redsn0w or yellowsn0w.

  • Dipen

    @ Iss K
    check the second page of your main grid (spring grid menu) U can see the cydia if you have jailbroken ur cell using redsn0w or yellowsn0w.

    @ Simon + everyone

    I am having one problem in following these steps:
    when i enter the URL http://repo666….. it gives me message: “Did not find Repository…………” with Ok button.
    can anyone please tell me how can i add this URL and go ahead?

    I am sorry if I am asking any silly question. but I am very new to iphone.

    please answer asap

  • vikash jewrajka

    I tried all but could not unlcock the iphone
    when cydia was launched it shows errors when the same was run and after everything was done and the phone was re-booted ultrasn0w did not start and hence unlock did not happen

  • mashitah

    it works great! the steps are amazingly short n simple! 🙂

  • Duncan K

    I’d like to thank and support your blog for all the post here. I’ve unlock the iphone just by following all your step by step guideline. Easy to understand and very useful!I’ll recommend your blog to everyone.

    cheers. Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot for such useful guide on unlocking IPHONE 3G


    I would like to know one more thing , is it possible to download the application on pc and load the same through cydia

  • nita

    can u do this with the sim card slot empty? i don’t have a AT&T sim card, only TMOBILE. HAALLLPP PLEEASE

  • TinTin

    Hi there,

    First up, great job on the tutorials! Keep it up!! I have a question for you ..

    * I have a jailbroken iphone 3G with 3.1 OS
    * I have a ton of apps that I downloaded via appulous and synced via iTunes
    * Now I have unlocked the iPhone
    * Can I go ahead and sync my iPhone with iTunes? (some 8.x.x version)
    * Also I am buying a new iMac .. what should I do to be able to sync my iPhone with the new iMac?

    Any help will be much appreciated!

  • asiff

    hi people,
    can u mail me how to unlock iphone 3g.its unlocked at the moment i see connection pointing to itunes.i was told it is unlocked can u send me the softwares and links to unlock it.
    thanks and regards

  • cristal

    what should i do if it after restoring it display i tunes cannot activate your iphone because sim card is not inserted or a sim pin is required. and i dont have simcard what could i do to bypass this to activate my iphone.. on my iphone it display no sim card installed.. please help..

    • @cristal,

      I suggest you to use blackra1n and jailbreak your iPhone again. You can check out this guide for details.

  • JoJ Chiu

    I bought my iphone 3G and is at firmware 2.2.1 baseband 02.30.03 bootloader 5.09
    I just jailbroken with QuickPwn 2.2.5 successfully.
    I then downloaded and installed FuzzBand 3.1.3. When I run Fuzzband, it says “Ready to upgrade to baseband to 4.26.08”
    Bootloader = 05.09
    Baseband = 02.30.03
    Iphone Os = 2.2.1

    So my Question are:
    Will FuzzBand 3.1.3 upgrade my baseband from 02.30.03 to 4.26.08?
    If yes then by using this instruction Ultrasn0w will help me to unlock my iphone 3G bootloader 5.09 (baseband is now 4.26.08 after fuzzband upgrade) ??

    Could Someone how has experience or know where I can find more informations about it please reply me. Much appreciated!!

  • JoJ Chiu

    I now upgraded Baseband = 04.26.08 using Fuzzyband 3.1.3.
    Now what I have is
    Bootloader = 05.09
    Baseband = 04.26.08
    Iphone Os = 2.2.1

    Ultrasn0w says missing dependency OS 3.0. This sound like I need to upgrade my Iphone OS from 2.2.1 to 3.0. How do you do that without iTunes 8.2 ?
    I do not want to use iTunes 8.2 (this is older version) to upgrade my OS since it may upgrade my baseband..
    What do I do next??? Any alternative?

    Help help!

    • @JoJ,

      From the information you provided, your iPhone is running on OS 2.2.1. You do not need Fuzzyband to downgrade the baseband. If you’re looking for solution to upgrade your iPhone, I suggest you check out this article. You can directly upgrade to iPhone 3.1.2 and jailbreak it via blackra1n.

  • shiv


    I was one of those unfortunate ones who upgraded their os from 3. to 3.3 man that was a mistake…would never do that again. Now my phone once again is free……

    • drew24

      @shiv, we have the same problem, but i downgrade mine to 3.1.2 (7D11) and my modem firmware 05.12.01, can you help me? i already have the cydia on my iphone3g.

  • Ashton Ray

    Just a quick question, if you jailbreak using ultrasn0w, can you use the iPhone with the data plan?
    Please Please Reply.

  • Ashton Ray

    I meant without**

    • @Ashton,

      You still need the data plan to access the Internet after unlocking.

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  • liam

    hi im just starting to jailbrake my iphone 3g 3.1.2 and i was in itunes ready to restore it with the iphone1,2_3.0…. firmware which i was guided to download. when i click shift and restore it doesnt launch a file dialog for the new firmware only the available software which is version 3.1.3. im not a computor wizard so maybe i might be doing something wrong, also its itunes 9 i have maybe thats the problem. any help would be great!!!

  • Saara

    Thanks so much – I managed to unlock my iphone 3G FW 3.1.3, Baseband 5.12.01 following these instructions! I had jailbreaked it first with redsn0w. I bought my iphone used from ebay and it had no SIM card in it (it was used with AT&T). I put my Rogers SIM card in after everything was done and everything seems to be working 🙂

  • Chetan

    Hi Simon,

    I jailbroke my IPhone 3g ios4 baseband 5.13.04 (MB Model) using redsn0w and unlocked with ultrasn0w(cydia) everything works well i am able to receive calls but i am not able to make outgoing calls, incoming/outgoing messages,wifi,3G & emails are also working fine.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Chetan

      Also i have tried SIM cards of different carriers, everytime it gives Call Failed(Outgoing only).

  • Very useful guide!Finally my iPhone is unlocked.Thank you!

  • Waqas Rehmat


    You look like the perfect and up to dated guy who knows what he is talking about:)

    So, Friend Help me out with the Following problem Please:) I have an iPhone 3g 3.1.3 of baseband that I don’t remmember.

    1. My SBsettings crashed while i was changing a few settings and the phone got restarted. Now its stuck at the apple logo and keeps on rebooting again and again until I switch it off. So do i really need a restore or is there a way out?

    2. I am currently downloading the iOS-4.1 Would I be able to jail break and unlock it?

    3. I remember last time when i restored my phone, it was not accepting the sim (As it was Non AT&T). So i wasn’t able to neither jail break it nor unlock it. So I had to pay a person to unlock it. Is there a way to get the phone started without the original AT&T sim?

    4. Can if i upgraded to iOS4.1, would i be able to downgrade later to ios3.1.3? Which one you suggest? 3.1.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2?

    5. What is a baseband? how would that effect my upgrading and downgrading?

    Your help would be highly appreciated:):)

  • iphonelover

    worked a treat! : D

  • supern0va

    when i type the repo666 thing on cydia, it goes like “Verification Error: The request timed out.”
    what do i do???? i dont get it

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