Unlock iPhone

Complete Guide: Jailbreak iPhone 3.0 using Redsn0w for iPhone 2G & 3G

June 25, 2009 — by Simon Ng778


Unlock iPhone

Complete Guide: Jailbreak iPhone 3.0 using Redsn0w for iPhone 2G & 3G

June 25, 2009 — by Simon Ng778

Sorry for keep you waiting. Finally, I’ve updated the jailbreak guide for iPhone 3.0 using Redsn0w.

For Windows user, you can follow this guide to jailbreak the latest version of iPhone OS and enjoy the new features.

Same as the jailbreak guide for Mac user, please read through the below notes before taking action to jailbreak your iPhone:

  • This jailbreak guide is designed for Windows user. For Mac user, you can refer to this jailbreak guide.
  • You can use this guide to jailbreak & unlock iPhone 2G (the 1st generation iPhone)
  • You can use this guide to jailbreak iPhone 3G (Please note jailbreak only. You’ll need to use ultrasn0w to unlock it.)
  • If you’re using lower version of firmware (e.g. 1.1, 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2), you can also follow the jailbreak procedures to upgrade the firmware to 3.0. But please note that you’ll have to re-install all the Cydia applications after upgrade. And, at the time I write this post, not all Cydia applications (e.g. Backgrounder, iRealSMS, MySMS, BossTool, Quickgold) are compatible with iPhone 3.0. So, if you have any cydia applications that you rely on, please ensure its compatibility before upgrading.
  • For iPhone 3GS user, please do not use Redsn0w to jailbreak your new iPhone. Presently, there is no way to jailbreak iPhone 3GS.

Now, let’s get started.

To jailbreak iPhone 3.0 OS on Windows, we’ll use Redsn0w to jailbreak your iPhone. Developed by iPhone Dev Team, Redsn0w is a replacement of QuickPwn to jailbreak iPhone 3.0. The jailbreak process is very straightforward that any iPhone owner can manage the jailbreak.

Preparation for Jailbreak & Unlock

1. First, make sure you have upgraded to iTunes version 8.2 and backup your iPhone data by synchronizing it with iTunes.

Tip: If you’re upgrading the iPhone from older version of firmware, make sure you sync the iPhone with iTunes. This ensures all your SMS, contacts and applications can be restored after the firmware upgrade.

2. Download Redsn0w 0.8, Bootloader 3.9 & 4.6 and iPhone firmware 3.0 (2G / 3G / 3GS). Save them all in the same folder. And unzip redsn0w-win_0.8.zip. So make sure you have all the files in place before proceeding to next step.

Redsn0w Jailbreak Files

Installing iPhone 3.0 OS via iTunes

3. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and launch iTunes. Select your iPhone in iTunes.

Restore firmware 3.0 IPSW

4. Now, hold the SHIFT key and click the “Restore” button. iTunes will launch a file dialog for you to select the firmware file. Locate the “iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 2G or “iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 3G or “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” for iPhone 3GS that you have downloaded in step 2 and click “Open”.

Select iPhone 3.0 IPSW File

5. iTunes will then restore your iPhone with firmware 3.0 (or what so called iPhone 3.0 OS). Keep your iPhone connected, don’t touch it and wait until the process completes.

Jailbreaking with Redsn0w

6. Now, your iPhone should be completely restored to firmware 3.0. But it’s not activated right now as you can see from iTunes.

So, what you’re going to do next is to use Redsn0w to activate and jailbreak it. But before proceeding to next step, please power off your iPhone (but keep it connected with USB cable).

Turn Off iPhone

7. Next, launch Redsn0w to start jailbreak & unlock.


8. Once launched, click the “Browse” button and select the firmware file that you have downloaded. For iPhone 2G, please locate the “iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw”. And, for iPhone 3G, please use “iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw”. If you’re jailbreaking iPhone 3GS, please use “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw”.


Redsn0w will then verify the firmware file. If it’s correct, redsn0w will show the message “IPSW successfully identified”. Then click “Next” button to continue.


9. Next, you’ll need to select the jailbreak option. For iPhone 2G, please select both “Install Cydia” and “Unlock” option. For iPhone 3G, please only select “Install Cydia” option (actually the “Unlock” option is not available for iPhone 3G). Click “Next” button to proceed.


10. Please select the bootloader files that you have downloaded in step 2.

Note: This step is for iPhone 2G only. For iPhone 3G user, this step is skipped.


Put iPhone into DFU Mode

11. Next, redsn0w will instruct you to put your iPhone into DFU mode. Ensure your iPhone is connected (via USB) and it’s turned OFF. If you’re ready, click “Next” to continue.


12. Follow the instructions to put your iPhone into DFU mode.

Tip: You may not be able to put the iPhone into DFU mode for the first trial. Don’t worry. Simply click the “Back” button to go back and try to follow the instructions again. Redsn0w will start the jailbreak process only if it detects your iPhone is properly put into DFU mode.




13. If you have successfully put the iPhone into DFU mode, redsn0w will automatically start the jailbreak process.



14. While jailbreaking, your iPhone will show downloading jailbreak data, flashing NOR, etc. And, just don’t touch your iPhone and keep waiting.

15. Once completed, redsn0w will let you know the jailbreak process is successful. Your iPhone will be restarted and automatically launch BootNeuter to perform unlock. This process will take 3-5 minutes to complete. Be patient. When complete, your iPhone will be rebooted.


16. Congratulation, you’ve completed the jailbreak process for iPhone 3.0 OS. As you can see from the home screen, you now get the new Voice memo application, which is introduced in iPhone 3.0.

iPhone 3.0 with Voice memo

17. Lastly, sync back your backup data with iTunes and restore all your contacts & SMS.

Hope you’ll have a smooth jailbreak process. As always, leave me message and share your jailbreak experience.

For iPhone 3G/3GS user, please further use cydia to install ultrasn0w if you need to unlock your iPhone.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • daniel

    thank you!

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  • iclim4


  • Rishi

    I have heard that Vista is causing some problems with the unlock/jailbreak process and XP works better with fewer complaints. Is this true?

    I currently have a Vista OS and and an unlocked iPhone on 1.1.4 in the UK.


    • URL

      I have just confirmed that trying to update to 3.0 on a Vista machine doesn’t work. I tried it on my XP machine, and it worked flawlessly. Odd, but true.

  • Andy

    I got an error while restoring to the 3.0 firmware: “The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (10).”

    • Reece

      PLZ help. i also had the error (10) come up while using the restore method through itunes and was wondering if you have figured out the problem to this…? thnx and let me know ASAP PLZ!

  • ching

    Jailbroken works like charm…

    PS: USE Itune 8.2

  • Brian Wallen

    Thank You, I really appreciate it.

  • ching


    You must use Itune 8.2 as the download link is above. Then follow the above instruction.

    Good luck

  • Andy

    Ok.. it worked on my brothers desktop. The only difference was that I didnt have an option to unlock… is that because I’m using AT&T?

  • ching


    It’s not the At& T thing. It’s that you are using iphone 3G…

  • Andy

    Oops.. kinda missed that. I’ll start reading more thoroughly 🙂
    Thanks Simon! Worked great!!

  • ching

    i have just updated, jailbroken and unlocked… now i wanna use MMS but i couldnt find it . Anyone ??? plz?


    Hi there,
    I performed the whole process successfully. That’s what it said anyway. I rebooted my iphone 3g and entered my pin number. It all goes well. It shows CYDIA…. but…. I don’t get any service from my provider. I go to Settings, General, Network….. it stays there for…. like 10 seconds and then it takes me to the network screen. It shows ‘Enable 3G’….. ‘Data roaming’…. ‘VPN’ and ‘WIFI’…. That’s it. No service provider there. I have the Iphone 3G factory unlocked

  • ching

    @ Marios

    Did you Unlock with Ultrasnow yet ??

    • MARIOS

      My iphone is factory unlocked. I upgraded to 3.0 from Itunes, from Apple. I downloaded the ipsw version on this site and did the whole process that you are describing. I used the the ipsw that you provide with Ultrasnow.

  • ching

    Did you run through the redsnow to jailbreak it yet ?


    That’s what I said. I downloaded redsnow and the new ipsw. I started from step 1. Then installed the new OS 3.0 using the new ipsw. Then I used Jailbreaking with Redsn0w. It all went well. I got to stage 15 where it said ‘DONE!’. I rebooted my phone, it shows version 3.0 (in the about section) and shows Cydia too. But I don’t get any service. Top left corner it shows ‘No Service’

  • ching

    hmmm… it worked just fine for me around like 17 mn ago.. may be you should wait for Simon to answer you .. but i think you should retry to see which you have missed…

  • Nigel Haywood


    The 2G link for the 3.0 IPSW file points to what seems to be an IPSW file but when I download it, its a zip file and doesnt unzip to an IPSW file…..am I doing something wrong??


    • Nigel Haywood

      Problem downloading IPSW file fixed by using a download manager….

  • CharlesDLM

    Hi Simon, Worked great without any issues. Took me about 1 hour to complete including the backup and sync, so not too long. Keep up the good work – Charles (Amsterdam)

  • Subbu

    Nigel Haywood,
    I changed the file extension from ZIP to IPSW and it worked for me.

    Again another gr8 job buddy. It hardly took 15 min for me to flash my 2G with 3.0 OS.

    Thanks once again

  • Nigel Haywood

    Simon, After figuring out the IPSW download issue, worked like a treat. You are the man (again!!)…..

  • Venky

    I have a 3G iphone (16GB) and have never jailbroken/unlocked my phone so far. I recently upgraded to 3.0 via the regular itunes update …
    Will this jailbreak process work as I have already upgraded to 3.0 ??
    Also, I am overseas with no access to the AT&T network … does that affect the jailbreak process and subsequent unlocking that I plan to do?

    • @Venky, this method will also work for you, even you have upgraded to iPhone 3.0.

  • Rishi

    I am in the process of unlocking and jalibreakin my iPhone 2G on 1.1.4. I entered into the DFU mode and then redsn0w said it was uploading the ramdisk and then there is a message from windows saying that ‘redsn0w stopped working’. I can either close the application or check for a solution online and close (as vista presents options).. What do I do??????

    • Rishi

      Thanks a lot..!!!
      I stopped workin on Vista and continued on XP.. Upgraded/Jailbroke and Unlocked from iPhone 2G (16 GB) on 1.1.4 to 3.0. in the UK on Orange.
      XP works fine for this (Vista – not so much)..

      All apps work fine except for ‘Notes’.. When I tap a note to open it, the app closes and the phone returns to the home screen. I have quite a few notes stored, so if u have a solution please do provide it here..!!

      Thanks again

    • @Rishi, simply quit and try the above procedures again.

  • ptheridophita

    Hi Simon,
    So i can just jailbreak but i can unlock is it? When will the unlock solution be provided btw i am on 3G.

    • @ptheridophita, you can now use Ultrasn0w to unlock it. You can download the application from Cydia.

  • ptheridophita

    Great guys after 6 months i manage to unock my iphone.
    Thks to all who has done a wonderful job.

  • Bls

    I successfully Jailbroken and unlocked my iPhone 3G.
    3G 2.2 -> 3.0, Jailbroken (redsn0w), Unlocked (Ultrasn0w).

    Thanks Simon and thanks to Dev team for providing the unlock code.

  • Venky

    Thank You for the prompt response Simon.
    Quick Q – What will happen to all the apps that I have installed on my phone – will all those apps and their data be deleted?

  • Monty

    I managed to update my iphone 2g firmware from 2.2 to 3.0 and its working absolutely fine and perfect.This is the third time i have updated my phone using simon`s blog and its just awesome.
    cheers simon

  • Mithun

    Hi SIMON,

    I have jailbroken my phone using ur steps above…but now the problem is…my cydia stops working …i hav upgraded d cydia….and now when i tap CYDIA…it goes back to homescreen…..do u have any resolution for this problem.?

    APrreciate if u could help me….

    by the way…i have installed ICY….so juz wanted to know….if cydia doesnt work….d iphone is still OKAY right?

  • rob

    incredible guide! worked first time, great detail. thanks!

  • tony parinas

    I got it done in 3 tries, Thank you so much! and more power to you Simon, keep up the good work because you make a lots of iphone users very happy with the information you share in you blog….

    kind regards,

  • Raymond Cheung

    Wonderful and I have successfully upgraded my iPhone 2G to OS3.0, thank you Simon !

  • Andybhai

    You are a champ… Have been waiting for this blog for the last 9 days. Will get the change done immediately.

  • Shobhit

    Great job Simon. The upgrade to OS3.0 (unlock & jailbreak) from OS2.2.1 of my 2G worked smoothly. No issues at all.
    However, iTunes is not able to sync the ‘cracked’ apps. To fix this problem, I installed ‘AppSync for OS 3.0’ from hackulo.us.
    please refer to the link below:

    Happy unlocking/jailbreaking !
    Thanks for all your hard work Simon.

  • Alex Chai

    i heard that the push notification and/or MMS wouldnt work properly if the phone was not originally activated with a AT&T SIM. is that true? i also heard that it’s better to restore the phone as a new phone, instead of from the backup. would someone who has successfully jailbroken and unlocked their 3G in 3.0 comment on this?

  • Adrian Batista

    Simon, you are the best!!! excelent job.
    Thank you very much.

  • Anp

    hi Simon,

    great work and i am a regular follower to ur news and views!

    I had a query, i had upgraded, unlocked and jailbroken my 2G from 1.1.4 to 2.1 firmware using QuickPwn NOW is it ok to use RedsnOw to uprgrade, unlock and jailbreak my phone to 3.0? OR is there going to be a release of QuickPwn for unlock and jail break to 3.0 and should i wait for that or il just go ahead with RedsnOw?

    Thanks again Simon for all ur help…aprretiate it dude!

    • @Anp, you can still use Redsn0w to upgrade your iPhone. I have upgraded one iPhone, which is previously pwned by Quickpwn, using redsn0w. So, this should be OK.

  • ken n

    I’m using a iPhone 2G on 3.0 and when I get pass the ispw step I dont get a bootloader/unlock option! Help!!

  • tony parinas

    I have upgraded my iphone 3G to 3.0 and I have noticed that receiving SMS is delayed by about 10 minutes or more, is there anyways to fixed this problem, please help..

    kind regards,

  • Zaika

    hi Simon,

    I just followed the guide and it is perfect.
    Thank you very much

  • Anp

    hi simon,

    thanks for the reply..puts me at ease now!!
    One more thing..is there any way that after i upgrade the firmware and sync my iPhone…i can sync back all my contact photos along with my contacts back to my iPhone?

    do advice! thanks again…!

    • @Anp, as mentioned in the post, you can restore the contact and photos if you have synchronized them to your PC via iTunes before the jailbreak.

  • Anp

    hi simon,

    i was mentioning about the contact-photos…u know the photos we put along with the contact details of our friends in the contact list..so when they call me their pics come up…..last time i had upgraded and synched..the contacts were synched perfectly but the photos of my contacts did not come up….i am using windows XP..and i sync my contacts via windows address book…..

    • @Anp, don’t worry. The contact photos can also be restored.

      • raj

        hey simon im trying this (2g 1.1.4 to 3.0)..can i use itunes 9.0??

  • steve

    I have found that if you check the “install icy” option, redsn0w crashes midway through the DFU phase. Uncheck it and it works fine.

    My 2p….

  • Ragba

    Tried upgrading 1.1.4 to 3.0 for my 2G iPhone. redsn0w get’s stuck in “waiting for Reboot”. Tried multiple times and restore, still no luck. I am using Vista.
    Need help. Reagrds

    • xpinoyballer01x

      Same problem here. have you found a solution? Thank you in advance.

    • Madhu

      Are you able to fix your issu?

  • Anp

    Buddy thanks….for the patient replies for my queries……appreciate that…

    Cheers to u and just keep up ur good work dude!


  • Joerg

    Is there any way to do that without a supported SIM card? iTunes will not let me upgrade to 3.0 without a supported SIM card. The only SIM card I have is from T-Mobile.

    Thanks, Joerg

  • Ragba

    Yeah all, I switched to XP and it worked. Bot sure whatz wrong with Vista. Just a note: In case if you are stuck in reboot mode, cancel Redsn0w application, launch Itunes and restore again. Don’t panic (just my experience)

  • mynk

    i had downloaded bl-39,bl-46, thats in bin format,,and updated itune to 8.2
    and also redsnow is in zip format,and i unzipped it..
    but iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw is also in zipped format,and while unzipping it i get an error msg at last time
    “the path’1_3.0_7A341_Restore’does not exist or is not a directory.”
    and while restoring i cant see any iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw type file..
    so what to do,,i got stuck in very first step,did i get sumthing wrong while downloading..
    i updated my phone from 1.1.4 to 2.2 with Quickpwn and was just smooth as butter..so plz help me what to do..

  • Thank you

    Thank you Simon this helped immensely..

  • Robert

    Hi Simon!

    Did all the steps BUT when I get to the Cydia\Icy part there is NO unlock option?? I read the whole commentsection,and I saw that u ignored 2 exactly identical questions about the 2G Iphone NOT having the unlock option,BUT PLEASE say something about it atl east.I now have the same problem,and ITunes said that my simcard either has a pincode,wich it DONt or is not inserted properly…Dont undertsand JACK,I hate DSNOW,I succesfully unlöocked and jailbreaked a IPhone 2G 3months ago,and 4 Ipod touche´s…Please help me!!

  • Robert

    well,this is a GREAT tut…Sorry for posting rubbish noobish before!!!

    I accidentally browsed the old Redsnow folder when choosing firmware in the new redsnow and the firmware lying there was 3.0 for my 2G ITouch,so MY BAD!!

    It worked the first time unlocking and JBíng my 2G Iphone according to YOUR guide,excellent guide!! For Sure! U made a swede happy!!

  • christian

    thanks man!! it worked great the first time… now i got the 3.0 and unlocked!!! woohoo now next step to see if it actually works when i go to the philippines!! thanks!!

  • magatron

    Hi Simon,

    I need your help or any body’s who can help…….in step 4 when i hold shift key and press restore, it doesnt open file selection dialogue, instead it gives me message “COntacting iphone software update center” and starts downloading iphone software. I have already downloaded iphone software given on this page above.

  • magatron

    Hi Guys,

    Please somebody help me………….i have tried installing itunes 8.2 again but still i am not getting file selection dialogue. Instead when i hold shift key and press restore it starts contacting iphone software center!!!!!!!!!

    • @magatron, I’m not sure the cause. But for now, as a workaround, you can simply download iPhone 3.0 firmware directly in iTunes and restore it.

  • alexey

    Thanks Simon!

    It all worked really well. Was upgrading really ancient 1.1.2 🙂


  • Robert Knight

    O.K. I did the same thing as this user did. I downloaded the 3G file and got the restore.zip file. It looks like it extracted the files but nowhere do I see a *.ipsw file like the example in the guide shows. I’m reluctant to proceed now. Suggestions??? I thought that would be the simplest thing to do. HELP!
    “i had downloaded bl-39,bl-46, thats in bin format,,and updated itune to 8.2
    and also redsnow is in zip format,and i unzipped it..
    but iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw is also in zipped format,and while unzipping it i get an error msg at last time
    “the path’1_3.0_7A341_Restore’does not exist or is not a directory.”
    and while restoring i cant see any iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw type file..
    so what to do,,i got stuck in very first step,did i get sumthing wrong while downloading..”

    • @Robert, you do not need to extract the .ipsw file. To correctly download the file, I suggest you to use Firefox.

      • Robert Knight

        Well, I actually just simply renamed the .zip to .ipsw and it worked just fine. I’m very happy with the jailbreak thus far.

        • @Robert, that’s great. Thanks for your tips.

      • mayank

        wen i updated ios 3.1.13 from itunes it showing now to please install registered sim..:( please help

  • Mithun

    IS THER ANY1 havin problems about the battery…it sems dat after i installl 3.0…my phone dies in like 5 hours….and chargin it takes longer den 6 hours….

    after fully charge and i use it for 10 mins on the call…d battery life goes down 30 percent….

    any1 havin dis problem…pls help me..

    d new o.s is consuming so much battery power..

    even my frenz experiencing the same problme

  • Yanlal Dass

    I followed all procedures upgraded from 2.2 to 3.0, but the final step using redsnow to jailbreak and unlock indicates it’s finish but the phone reboots but is locked. Slide for emergency. I will appreciate any help
    P.S. I have a 2g phone that I upgraded from 1.1.4 to 2.2



    • @Yanlal, did you check the “Unlock” option in redsn0w? My suggestion is go through the above procedures again.

      • Yanlal Dass

        Actually I got it to work by doing it in 2 steps i.e selected unlock only first and then installed Cydia only in the second step

  • AG

    Perfect !

  • shadowzip

    Hello.I have some problems while jailbreaking my 2G Iphone. I’ve updated to 3.0 with iTunes, i turn off phone and start jailbreaking with redsnow. After i put phone into DFU mode, redsnow says “waiting for reboot”, but phone does nothing. I’ve waited for an hour – screan is still black and redsnow says same thing. I am using Win Vista on my pc (if this does matter). Any suggestions?

    • Yanlal Dass

      I had a similar problem, try unlock only first and then install Cydia only second. Hope this helps

    • Ziggie

      Vista Users:

      What you have to do is right click the redsn0w application and go to “properties”. Then you select the “Compatibility” tab, and then make sure “Run this program in compatibility mode” is checked and the OS compatiblity is under “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”. Then click on “Apply”.

      Now when you open the program, right click again and “Run as administrator”

    • Madhu

      Hi, Are you able to fix the problem? Thank you very much.

  • magatron

    Hi Simon,

    Still waiting for your valuable advice. In step 4 i am not able to get file selection dialogue window when i hold shift key and press restore. Instead it starts contacting iphone software center. How i should upgarde my iphone to 3.0?? I am using windows vista.

  • Vegesna Varma

    Dear Simon

    Thank you very much. I was able to upgrade my iphone from 2.2 to 3.0 using this blog.

    Best Regards

  • magatron


    Step 4 didnt worked for me………so i downloaded firmware from itunes and performed the upgrade. Before today i didnt knew that my iphone 3G was factory unlocked…….as after upgarde to OS 3.0, the phone didnt got locked. After this, doing jail breaking was piece of cake…… i am glad that all went well……Thx alot Simon and keep up the good work…….we all owe you big time…….cheers

  • pascualpiolo

    This is just Great! thanks once again. I did it in 3G at 2.2.1 now in 3.0 without a glitch! 🙂

  • magatron


    Is somebody having problems with Cydia on OS 3.0. Each time i open the app, it isnt able to connect and load and after some time it crashes and then close. Should i jailbreak again??

  • Vimalraj

    Dear Simon,

    All gone well till it reached the “waitinh to reboot” step. After that it got stuck. Nothing happened aftert that. I waited for an hour. Any idea why this is happening?


  • BlackBird

    Upgraded and unlocked successfully within an hour.


  • Mark

    Worked a treat on my previously jailbroken 3g in about 20mins – interestingly all previous cydia apps deleted as expected except for all the iblanks created.

  • magatron

    Hi Simon,

    I am facing problems with Cydia after upgarde to 3.0. If i want to install anything i get following message,

    “This operation involves the removal of one or more packages that are required for the continued operation of either Cydia or iPhoneOS. If you continue, you may not be able to use Cydia to repair any damage”

    If i continue anyway, Cydia closes autoimatically and nothing gets installed.

    Please help

  • magatron

    Has anyone tried using cydia after upgarde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @magatron, what’s your cydia problem? I have no issue with Cydia on iPhone 3.0.

  • navaz

    simon ng u r the best

  • Rishi

    I have heard about people getting MMS to work on their iPhone 2G on *OS3.0* with a patch kinda thing. I refuse to install anything until I read it on some good forums, *especially yours!!*..
    Please do update your subscriber of any such thing and provide a guide as well. Thanks in advance..!!

  • Bles

    Hello Simon,
    Please advise….I have iTunes installed on my pc. Is that version ok for jailbreakinng the 2G iphone using redsn0w?

    • @Bles, the version of iTunes will work for the jailbreak. Go ahead!

  • Michael

    hi, im having problems putting my iphone 3g into DFU mode it doesnt seem to go into the mode no matter how many times i try

  • mong

    hi……..can i unlock my iphone 3g of 3.0 firmware without using ultarsn0w on cydia?

    • @mong, to unlock your iPhone 3G, you’ll need ultrasn0w.

  • mong

    are there any options?

  • shal

    I cannot put my phone into dfu mode to upgrade can someone help…what am i doing wrong?

  • magatron

    Hi Simon,

    I am facing problems with Cydia after upgarde to 3.0. If i want to install anything i get following message,

    “This operation involves the removal of one or more packages that are required for the continued operation of either Cydia or iPhoneOS. If you continue, you may not be able to use Cydia to repair any damage”

    If i continue anyway, Cydia closes autoimatically and nothing gets installed.

    Please help

  • jenzy3

    I want to jailbreak my 3g running 3.0. Will I lose my pics that are on my phone and will I lose my contacts? I only had them on my sim. I don’t sync them out of my outlook or anything.

    • @jenzy3, as your contacts are saved on SIM, you won’t lose it even you do not sync it with iTunes. For pics, I suggest you to have them backup before jailbreak.

  • Sri

    Everything goes fine as per this guide till step 14, but from here neither i see anything happening on my iphone nor anything happening on my redsnow window, which keeps showing “Waiting for Reboot”, for a long long time…I have tried restoring again few times but everytime time i got stuck at “Waiting for Reboot” screen…can anybody help me out in this…..FYI, am on iphone 2G previously unlocked and jailbroken and was on OS 2.2 before i tried upgrading to OS 3.0

  • salman

    i done all the proces right and my iphone is also workin right but i cnat have any signal or network service plz any body help me

    • @Salman, are you using iPhone 3G? For iPhone 3G, you’ll need to use ultrasn0w to unlock.

  • mong

    thanks simon……….
    i can now use my iphone 3g, 3.0 firmware….in following all your instructions…..
    keep up……

  • firdaus

    bro i stuck at step 13 waiting to reboot. after wait for 15 minutes there no uploading ramdisk. need seek your advise this matters.

  • Joe

    Hey im on 1.1.4
    will it work?

    • @Joe, this should work for all firmware version.

  • Joe

    Also the bootloaders do not work, it says it cant find the page or something

    • @Joe, it’s fixed. Please try again.

  • Edwarde

    so by checking unlock, does this mean you can insert any sim in the phone and it will work?

  • Edwarde

    so by checking unlock, does this mean you can insert any sim of any provider (tmobile, att) in the phone and it will work?

    • @Edwarde,

      Yes, that’s what unlock means. But the unlock option is only for iPhone 2G. For iPhone 3G, you’ll need to use ultrasn0w for the unlock.

  • salman

    thanks for reply simon
    ya im using iphone 3g but i dont have any network coverage how i download ultrasn0w in cydia.cos no network

  • Nishith

    Thank you so much.I did it successfully after a couple of try in step 14 to get correct DFU mode..Thak you somuch…appreciated !!!

  • salman

    i done it again and it works now my iphone is working perfectly thaks simon and dev team but one problem my MMS feature is not working what to do and my service provider has mms service.what i do wrong

  • golyp2000

    i tried to download the firewall but i cant when i unzip no firewall i using vista

  • Alan

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the step by step guide.

    I’m always wondering is the ipsw restore file for jailbreak provider in your link is it the same as the original ipsw restore file from Apple. Each of the time I need upgrade the firmware and jailbreak will need to download the file separately from 2 site (as the filename are different).

    Am I doing something unnecessary or the jailbreak file & the original file are actually different?


    • @Alan, the IPSW file above is exactly the same as distributed by Apple. Actually, if you’re sure you’ve already download the firmware 3.0 IPSW from somewhere else, you may skip the download from this post.

  • jenzy3

    I am pretty computer savvy but I am having problems when I download the software. My icon for the 3.0 os and the redsnow don’t look like the ones on here and I have unzipped and everything. I don’t want to screw up. Any ideas?

    • @Jenzy3, you do not need to unzip .ipsw file. Just keep it as it is.

      • jenzy3

        Now I must be really dumb because I just tried to restore and I have downloaded the firmware and it says there are o files that i am looking for.
        I’m sorry!

    • Nigel Haywood

      Are you using Vista?? – I had the same problem in that when I tried to download the IPSW file it was recognised as a zip file instead….I used my Orbit downloader to download the file and it recognised it as the IPSW file and all was fine……maybe that is the problem?

      • jenzy3

        Yes I’m running Vista. I’ll try that Thanks

  • Alan

    Hi Nigel / Jenzy,

    I’m having the same problem with using Vista. What you need to do is just rename the file extension from zip to ipsw. It will work.

  • Raymond Cheung

    Hey Simon,

    I have done the upgrade with perfect condition except that I cannot connect to Apple Store for application download (I can see all the software available there but when starting the download, it said “Cannot connect to iTunes” after I input the account login and password).

    Anybody have the same issue or problem, is there any fix here ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • salman

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for the step by step guide
    plz help me simon
    i jailbreak it again and it works now my iphone 3g is working perfectly thaks simon and dev team but one problem my MMS feature is not working what to do and my service provider has mms service.what i do wrong

  • Larry

    I have a 2G. Both redsnow and itunes say that the ipsw is not compatible. Any suggestions?

  • pat

    hi.. i have version 1.1.4.. will this process work for me?

    • @pat, no problem. This guide also works for firmware 1.1.4.

  • Matt

    So this update works for 1.1.4 to get up to 3.0? Also do i leave my vodafone sim card in while it is jailbreaking?
    Cheers for the last reply btw 😉

  • Matt

    Ooo forgot to mention, does this work with windows vista or do i have to use windows xp?

    • Mk

      Vista is ok, just follo the instructions

    • @Matt, both should work.

  • Joe

    It worked amazing, first try, (I found the bootloaders elsewhere) but honestly it took maybe 20 mins tops, AMAZING


  • Larry

    I have a 2G. Both redsnow and itunes say that the ipsw is not compatible. Any suggestions?

    –Turns out that I did not have a complete copy of the ipsw. I reloaded and everything turned out just great. Thank you for having this blog, it saved my phone.

  • heavyd

    Work like a charm..thanks Simon

  • salman

    Hi Simon,

    i jailbreak it again and it works now my iphone 3g is working perfectly thaks simon and dev team but one problem my MMS feature is not working what to do and my service provider has mms service.what i do wrong

    • Joe

      You have to download a program off Cydia called something like MMS fixer or message fix or enabaler. Im not sure what its called but it gives you the functionality of the MMS feature of the new iphones 🙂

    • @salman, you’ll need to configure MMS settings in Settings (General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network).

  • Matthew

    Hi Simon, I have a 2G iPhone software 1.1.4 and im using vista. Should i use Windows XP instead and will it work with a vodafone sim card?
    Write Back Soon , Cheers

    • @Matthew, both XP & Vista are ok.

  • John


    This worked great for my iPhone 2G 🙂 However, when I go to Settings -> General -> Network, I can not find Cellular Data Network. How comes ??? Please advise how to fix this. Thanks.

  • Mk

    thank you simon and the brave team, special thanks to you from UAE, still dont know why the freeking wifi not working i think its a hardware issue couse opend it once and obveiosly did not reseat the Wifi & BTooth Cables.

  • matt

    I tried this with windows vista and i got to the point of it loading jailbreaking software and windows said there was an error with redsn0w now im on a different computer with windows xp, i can not get the new firmware to unzip the correct way, ive downloaded it from 3 different sites and it all des the same, getting a little frustrated… worked fine on vist when i unzipped it but not on xp…. any suggestions, ideas, or fixes for me.. other than that one isuue everything worked perfect..

  • Rasterico

    Worked perfectly first time as always, I have now used your blog to upgrade my 2g iphone from 1.1.4 to 2.0, from 2.0 to 2.2, from 2.2 to 2.2.1 and now from 2.2.1 to 3.0.

    Your guides are so clear and concise they really could be used by a child, thanks once again!

  • Matt

    Hey Simon, I’ve gotten alot farther with it now but for some odd reason I can’t get that picture of the hard drive. My iPhone just cuts off and stays off and I have to start all over. I’ve been at this for almost 13 hours I believe that it works but I can’t seem to get the timing right. Is there anyway you you could do a remote assistance to help out, I’m trying to get a phone coin before I go to work. I feel like an idiot I used to build computers back in the day. They have just gotten alot more advanced now. Sorry

  • Matt

    It gets to waiting to reboot and does nothing

  • jefk

    phone is not ringing/vibrating now (not in silent mode) Att says it’s because it’s not activated with them. is this true? I don’t wat their data services

    • @jefk, probably. For AT&T, you may try to activate it via iTunes and see if it works.

  • jefk

    that did work simon, thanks! it worked fine for a week w/o the data plan then the calls and texts stopped showing up. Turned out i had to spend an extra $15 a month ($30 for the plan + 1500 msgs) less the old 1500 msg add on of $15. I still would like to be able tonot use their data if possible but for $15 it’s not bad’

  • shal

    i haveput my phon e in dfu mode and started the process but i keep getting :waiting to reboot,” how long does that usually take, ay suggestions on how to get past that. im using windows vista

  • tyler

    Hi Simon, work like a charm!

    thanks a lot

  • Brad

    I did this and it worked perfectly except when I tried to restore all my iphone data that had been backed up it did not work. I even had the option in itunes where it asked me if I wanted to restore the backed up iphone which i did but nothing was loaded on to it. All my photos, music, apps, settings, everything is gone. Is there any way of re-restoring this data that had been backed up?

  • Brad

    Disregard that last post, everything worked out fine. Thanks for all your work on this blog!

  • Scott

    Wonderful. Perfect. The best step by step on the web. Thank you so much.

  • Mike

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I tried several other sites with NO luck and was really starting to get frustrated. I finally came across your blog and followed your instructions and everything worked absolutely perfectly. It took about 15 minutes to complete the 3.0 upgrade and my phone is working just as it should. The key was the Bootloader download as none of the other sites said anything about it. I will definitely be sharing your blog with everyone i know that needs an unlock

  • Matthew

    OMG IT WORKED!! 😀 wahoooooo Thank You So Much Simon:) Your blog was class, cheers lad:D



  • John

    Hi guys,

    any suggestions o how to fix the missing Cellular Data Network in
    Settings -> General -> Network??? Without it I can not set my internet on the go.

    Thanks a lot.

    • @John, you may need to install “APN Editing” via cydia. This will bring back the “Cellular Data Network” option.

      • John

        Thanks Simon,

        I changed the SIM card with another phone carrier and now it shows up !!! Looks like Telenor DK is blocking Cellular Data Network, not very clear why (even after installing APN Editing via cydia).

  • Giri

    Hi ..thanks for posting this blog. It was a piece of cake. It worked great for my 2G iphone with Os 2.2 using Vista. U just follow the steps carefully and ur iphone is upgraded to 3.0.

  • Noor

    Thanks for the jailbreak and unlock, I have error 1601 when restoring the iphone 3G using 2, 3.0 7A431. My itunes is 8.2, how do i solve it

    • @Noor, I suggest you to perform the jailbreak again. Btw, is this the 1st time you jailbreak your iPhone?

  • noor

    @simonng bought the phone unlocked but jailbreak my 2g b4 upgrding to 3g using your guide. did not have this problem then.
    It is showing the usb and apple icon and whenever it starts restore after extracting the software in itunes it asks for driver and then stops siting error 1601

  • khaygie10

    @Simon Ng

    Having some Problems with my iPhone 3G 3.0 04.26.08…

    *This iPhone is from dubai carrier is “ETISALAT”*
    Carrier Version 4.0

    I’ve done installing redsn0w 3.0(I only install cydia) using windows vista 32bit…
    (using the OFW.ipsw)(haven’t tried using CFW.ipsw)
    Trying to unlock it with my Globe sim card attached in it
    The jailbreak was smooth…

    I’ve done installing ultrasn0w 0.6(I did the repo666.ultrasn0w.com) and Cydia’s 2 latest updates(while my Globe sim card is attached)…
    I restarted it…

    After the restart it shows Searching….
    Then No Service…

    I’ve tried 3 Sim Cards already:
    2 Globe Sim… *the other one is bought yesterday*
    Smart Sim…

    I already did reset the network thing but still No Service…
    I turned off 3G still nothing…
    I did the airplane On/Off thing…
    I turned on and off the Data Roaming…

    I tried restoring it and jailbreaking it and unlocking it again but…


    Carrier Version 4.0

    What should I do?

  • Linux10

    Simon NG, Thanks a bunch worked perfect!!!

  • Andy

    Jailbreaking worked fine, but I can’t send or receive text messages… HELP
    I can open “Messages” application and send messages but none of my friends actually receive them or are able to send me a message..

  • Warren

    I just jailbreak & Unlocked my iphone 3g 16g.
    know im having problem wiht the APPs. it wont let me access it.
    ever thing i try to open the application it just returns to the Home screen.
    does anyone have the same problem and how do you fix it?

  • Andy

    rofl.. ok my problem is fixed.. i didnt have a text messaging plan… my mom cancelled it when i studied abroad last semester..

  • Henry

    Brilliant as always!!

  • Nitin

    Gr8 work dude…felt bored while upgrading…..nothing like a hell to do in this…..just watch the process sitting idle….PERFECT is the word….Keep it up…keep going

  • Subbu

    Hi Simon,

    After flashing my 2G device with 3.0 and using for 1 month, I observed that battery life is not good with this version of OS. I need to charge for every 12 hours. It is pathatic, if wifi is enabled and it does not find a network to connect with. Seems connection manager keeps checking for Wifi network to connect and in the process consuming more power.

    I still have my old OS copy with me. Can I go back to that version?


    • @Subbu, I also find the battery performance degrades after upgrading to iPhone 3.0 but not that serious. Try to turn off location service, Push notification and use “manual” mode for fetching email if you have enabled any of them. This may save the battery.

      I think it’s ok to downgrade back to firmware 2.2 if you like.

      BTW, I also heard that the next version (i.e. 3.1) of iPhone OS will fix such battery bug.

  • Eric

    Thanks alot!!

  • Filipe

    Can I install Icy?

    • @Filipe,

      Sure. You can install both Icy and Cydia.

  • Baba Ji

    I have no words to express my gratitude for your skills and expertise … thanks a lot … 1.1.4 successfully ipgraded and jailbroken in first attempt …

  • Pierre

    Hello Simon,
    When i hit browse and select the firmware update (wich i double checked to make shure it was correct iPhone3g) it says that is was unable to locate the IPSW any sugestions?

  • Pierre

    *register IPSW

  • Jim

    1st time I followed the instructions, I was able to jailbreak the phone but I got “no service” as it seems many others have. I simply restored my original settings, and then re-installed everything. Second time worked perfect.

    Thank You

  • jose

    hi simon i follow the instruction but im stuck in step 13 which is waiting for reboot.i wait my iphone to reboot but it dosent.should i reboot it or it automaticaly reboot?

  • MOnique

    ok so i downloaded the redsnow and the firmware 3.0 thats what my iPhone 3G is running on but when I go to browse and open it redsnow tells me that it is unable to recognize….???

  • lily

    i did upto restore..after restoring itunes didnt come up with a window saying sim card inserted in this iphone is not supported…it just ask me if i want to sync with my previous back up did i did something wrong? i follow the steps as accurately as i can help pls

  • heng

    i have already done all the step for jailbreak 3G
    i try to download some application on webpage but why i cant transfer it to my iphone??? it say some error occurs when transfering.. i am 1st time jailbreaking

    • @heng, you can download 3rd party application via Cydia directly after jailbreak. Simply launch “Cydia”, which can be found on the home screen.

  • heng

    can i import the 3rd part application by itunes ?
    i already downloaded but i cant transfer it

  • Ernest

    Hello all! –

    After upgrade to OS 3.0, how could I install the Installer in my iphone?

    • @Ernest, you can use Cydia or Icy on iPhone 3.0, which are installer replacement.

  • Rebola

    Hello Simon.

    Since I’ve jailbreaked and installed OS 3.0, I’m havis serious problems on my iPhone. The battery went crazy (I’ll explain)

    Even if I charge full batery (whole night charging) in the next day the first time I try to make a call the phone shuts down after the appearence of that white wheel in the center of the sreen. When I turn on the phone I have less 25-30% battery on my phone and when I try to unlock the sim card with it’s pin it shuts down again the same way. Next, when I power on the phone again I have less 25-30% battery on my phone so I have very poor battery.

    The funny thing is that this only happens if I try to work with the sim card. If I just want to listen to music or navigate throught the internet over wifi or even play games on the iPhone the battery works as it should.

    I’ve tried for 2 times already to ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS (process wich take +/- 1h20m) and go throught this guide again. NOT restoring my backup in iTunes but configuring as a new phone and NOT installing any apps.

    Do you have resolution for this my friend?

    PS: My phone is a 2G 16Gb iPhone…

    Best regards…

    • @Rebola, some of the users also reported the battery problem. I suggest you take a look at your iPhone settings. Try to turn off “Push Notification”, disable “Location Service” and disable automatic “Fetch New Data”. Some of these options are enabled by default in iPhone 3.0 and they drain the battery. So, try to disable them and the battery life can be improved.

  • Subbu


    Turn-off location service worked gr8 for me, I observed that power consumtion came down drasticly. At this rate of consumtion, I expect a full charge comes for 3 days for me. Note – my WiFi is still ON.


  • pat

    hi. i cant use my phone ryt now.. the screen is always the silver apple with the loading sign.. i cant do sumthing.. pls help.. thanks

    • @pat, I suggest you perform another jailbreak again but this time try to use redsn0w 0.8 instead of 0.72. It’s the latest version of jailbreak tool and may fix the bug you encounter. You can download redsn0w 0.8 from here.

  • mab

    any complete detailed guide for iphone 3G 2.2.1 bb2.3 bl5.9? thanks in advanced!

    • @mab, this is the guide! You can use this guide to upgrade and jailbreak iPhone 3.0. By upgrading to iPhone 3.0, you can then use ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone 3G.

  • wcsee

    im using iphone 3G 2.2.1. i followed the steps to upgrade to 3.0. everything look smoothly but the “carrier” missing mean that my iphone cant connect to the network. beside the carrier.. nothing was wrong with it…!! pls help me!!! cant call out now… only can play game… 😛

    • @wcsee, seems your iPhone is locked. You need to unlock it using ultrasn0w, which can be downloaded from cydia.

  • Amos

    I used the redsn0w 0.8 and Im running Vista 32bit and it worked great, Thanks…

  • Hi guyz
    I am from India
    I’ve got iphone from my official carrier.. & got the same upgraded to iphone 3.0. through itunes.

    Now is it the same process to be followed to jailbreak my iphone.

  • Ismail

    Thanks for your clear guide to upgrade to 3.0 from 2.2 for my 2g. Ot was a successful upgrade.Keep the good work!

  • karthik

    dude this hack fucking works!!!!!yoooohoooo!
    cheers bro!!

  • Vaibhav

    First of all ,looks like everyone here has been able to u/l&J/b their iphones..congrats!!! Mine is still a mystery. Have a 2G/8GB already jailbroken once , upgraded once from 1.4 to 2.0 to 2.0.1. Now , I went ahead and downloaded some wromg customized IPSW for OS 3.0 , messed up my phone. Now I cant get the simple restore from itunes , neither can I force restore the IPSW give by you above(itune gives error 9 , cant restore). I still tried redsnow and it kept showing “downloading Jailbreak data” on my iphone screen – and then iboot screen after about 20 minutes. I am at it for last 9 days and now its a challange 🙁 (so you know why I am writing a long post!!!)
    Help …Sos… Before I throw this piece out…

  • SAM

    Hey Simon,

    I am using vista and when I get to the step of jailbraking with Redsnow, I get an error message that it stops working and I am unable to complete the Jailbreak and unlock .. Please guide me about how can I resolve this.
    Is this a problem with vista and can be resolved with XP ?

    • @SAM, what’s your error message? I suggest you to jailbreak again and it’s ok to jailbreak on XP.

  • French_PR

    Thank you sooo much.. it went great… !

  • SAM

    Hey Simon ,

    I just restarted my computer and than ran the Redsnow utility as Admin by right clicking on it and it worked perfectly fine. So this might be a potential solution for all the people facing this problem on vista..

    Thanks for the excellent instructions !!

    what can I do for voice boost ?

    • @SAM, you may use Volume Boost to boost the speaker volume. This may not work on all iPhones but you can try it out. It won’t harm your iPhone even it doesn’t work.

  • Klipenga

    You helped me when i updated to 2.2. And now you’ve helped me again. Thank you. Thats all I’ll say. For now.

  • difvd007

    i am not able to sync apps after Jailbreaking it with redsn0w on 1g ipod touch

  • Mike

    I am having difficulties…everything is working perfectly until the “waiting for reboot” at the end…any ideas? it wont move past that stage.

    using redsn0w .8
    windows xp 32
    iphone 1st gen 16gb

  • Kerz562

    hey I have the iphone 2g with firmware 3.0… I used redsn0w-win_0.7.1 to jailbrake and unlock it.. and everything worked fine but when my T-mobile sim is in it it shows “NO SERVICE” or if I do have service its really really low then goes to “NO SERVICE” right away.. what did I do wrong and how can I fix it???

    • @Kerz562, I suggest you jailbreak the iPhone 2G again but with redsn0w 0.8. Remember to check the unlock option and leave the SIM card in iPhone during jailbreak & unlock process. See if this works for you.

      • Kerz562

        hey Simon, I just redid everything with redsn0w 0.8 but i still get that “NO SERVICE” thing. Do you think the problem would be solved if i just went back to firmware 2.2.1

  • bluepacific

    hi Simon / Rishi,
    I’ve upgraded 2G-16GB successfully from 1.1.4 to 3.0 but i’ve got same problem also with my notes.
    When I tap my notes icon, it would still show me the complete entries of the Notes, but when i tap one of them it would either show me the wrong notes or just simply quit from Notes back to home screen.
    Can you tell me how I can salvage my Notes ? there are plenty of them & most of them are important Notes….would appreciate your kind help !

    THanks a ton in advance !!

  • John Porteous

    Upgraded twice today – 1.1.4 to 2.2, then 2.2 to 3.0 on my 2G phone – both flawless installation on Vista. As before, you are a legend Simon – cheers 😉

  • Sameer

    Thanks a Lot Simon…
    Great work…

  • Wolfvw09

    If doing this, i will be able to use any mobile carrier? Ex : Orange, or Vodafone?

  • Alex

    Hello ,
    I accidentally plugged my jailbroken 2.2 ver 3g into itunes 8.2 and clicked update. Now itunes says it will work only with an authorized sim card.( FYI Im in dubai and using a DU sim) Now my 3g is in “connect to itunes” mode. pls help..I want to upgrade it ti 3.0.


    • @Alex, simply follow this guide from step 1 and this can fix your problem. Leave me message if you need further assistance. 🙂

  • Alex

    Thanks for the quick reply. I connected to Itunes as explained in step 3, but Itunes is showing message..”The Sim card inserted in this iPhone does not appeat to be supported.”….Pls help..
    Thanks, Alex

  • OZEY

    i did everthing it told me to do but then when it rebooted its staying on the apple sign

    HELP WHAT DO I DO ?????????????????????????

  • Alex

    Got it fixed, I kept the home button and Sleep/Wake button while the phone is connected to itunes, and itunes showed the “Restore” screen.
    Thanks anyways..

  • Alex

    Hey Simon…
    Thanks a million.. I successfully upgraded to 3.0, Went thru smoothly..
    Great job.. God Bless.

    Thanks again

  • Colleen

    Seems to be working just fine including phone service. I’m restoring now and it takes forever…. I want to play with it and can hardly wait! Thanks for making it so easy to follow!

  • GeorgePk

    Hi Simon,

    I upgraded and jailbreaked 2 factory unlocked iphones 3G 16gb using the above guide.
    The first iphone works fine with no probs. The second one looks to be ok with full carrier signal BUT it cant receive incoming calls. Outgoing calls and msgs are ok, incoming mgs ok…however incoming calls dont work.

    I did the upgrade/jailbreak twice and I am still having the same effect.

    Any ideas?

    • nik

      i have the same problem and i cannot solve the problem. did you manage to solve ot eventually?


  • SAM

    Hey Simon,

    Thanks a lot for the volume Tip , has helped quite a bit.
    but can’t get any of the games to work or the Notes utility to work.
    It wouldn’t let me add any new pages at all..
    I have a Iphone 2g.

    Also would you advise getting a 3gs over the 2g phone

  • Harold

    Did the whole process, but it wants my old sim card, keep getting the emergancy call screen, anyway to get around this?

  • GeorgePk

    Simon, following my previous post, now the first iphone failes with the same symptom. People calling me say they can connect as if the phone is switched off.
    I redid everything and the finding is that:

    after Upgrade to 3.0 —>ok
    after Jailbreak –>ok
    after the first itune synch incoming calls start to fail. At one instance I coundnt get the messages app to start.

    Am i the only one with such probs?


  • Keyhole

    I’ve just ‘jailbroke’ my iPhone but have no service provider or signal……..
    I’m on a contract with O2 in the UK. I have just restored everything so I can now make /receive calls etc.
    How can I jailbreak and still keep my network service ? Is there a way ?

  • sp

    i cant get signal from my service provider
    i have followed the above procedures twice and its still now working…
    in the settings there is no provider tab, im on a plan with optus in australia please HELP

  • sp

    plz ignore last post worked great thanks for the advise =D

  • Ravi

    Great guys after 4 months i manage to unock my iphone 3G 2.2.1.

  • Urraca

    The best tutorial i´ve ever follow, great explanation, it worked perfectly well for my iphone 2G from 1.1.4 to 3.0

  • chad

    worked awesome! bricked phone came back from the dead on a pc.. guess my mac aint so nice after all 8o)) thank you mucho!!

  • Angelo

    Hi Simon,

    thanks for the instructions but it won’t work for me.. I don’t really know what I am doing wrong or is it on the hardware..

    at step 13. the first picture, it shows waiting for reboot and then it will continue until uploading third step and after that it says “Done!” but the iPhone only turns white screen then blank.. but as for the many instructions such as yours, I should see the downloading jailbreak data and flashing nor on my iPhone..

    already tried it lots of times I even watched some instructions and i know i’m not doing it wrong..


    • Danny

      Hello Angelo, i was just wondering if you fixed that problem or yours? Because i am having the exact same problem for my phone 3G with 3.0 Firmware

      Please Help me

  • jb

    anyone having probs stuck on waiting for reboot on 2g iphone make sure ur using 2g 3.0 firmware not 3g

  • chousama

    This was my first time working with my hacked fone, thanks for the nice guide, it was the easiest to follow!<3

  • Mike

    Thanks much. The steps were detailed enough. Everything went smoothly, just like the snap shots mentioned, the only mistake I did was selected Icy along with Cydia and unlock. Do not do that. Just select Cydia and Unlock. Then Cydia started throwing errors when I tried installing aptbackup to restore my 3rd party applications. Then I ran the the setup of redsn0w.exe once again and just select Cydia and no other options because my phone was already unlocked. I thought, it will remove Icy, but this time, Cydia installed correctly and I was able to install aptbackup and then restore. Then I went in Cydia, and installed Icy once again from Cydia, so that I have the option to uninstall Icy.

    Always you can install Icy from Cydia, but do not do that while installing using redsn0w.exe. Because if you install from Cydia, you have the option to uninstall, but if you install Icy during redsn0w.exe, there is no way to uninstall it. Turnaround is, install Icy once again thru Cydia and then uninstall Cydia. Hope this information will be helpful.

    • @Mike, thanks for your good tips!

      • amanda

        hey simon. this is a few years later than this post was made and i’m wondering if things need to be updated. i recently broke my 3gs and had to downgrade to a 2g. now i never had a data plan and cannot unlock/jailbreak this 2g. i have been at it all day with about three different programs. if you could help me out that would be great!

  • Mike

    Just with the above thread, I upgraded my first gen iphone from OS 2.2 to OS 3. Whoo hoo, everything working fine, aptbackup also restored all of my 3rd party apps. Life is really easy because of these tools.

  • Kae

    Hi, Simon,

    I’m having the same problem as some of the others have had with “Waiting to reboot” waiting, and waiting…and waiting… Only my computer is an xp. I loaded 3.0 from 1.1.4 with no problem and redsn0w says everything up this point is fine, but it just hangs in “waiting to reboot. Am I doing something wrong???

    Thanks much,

  • Kae

    Hi, Again,

    Well, now my phone appears to be completely dead. It won’t turn on, and neither itunes nor my computer acknowledges that it is plugged in to the usb port. WTF???!!
    What can I do?

    Thanks Again,

  • Keyhole

    any advice on getting my network service provider & signal back after jailbreak ?????

    • @keyhole, are you using iPhone 3G? For iPhone 3G, you need to download ultrasn0w from Cydia and install it. Ultrasn0w will unlock the iPhone and let you use sim card from all carriers.

      • Keyhole

        Yeh, I have a 3G with 3.0.
        It’s on O2. Will it not affect my contract ??
        like call allowances etc ??

  • Spencer

    Hey, i just completed jailbreaking my phone with redsn0w and the internet connection is fine i am just not getting any cell service. Can’t make phone calls or mms. If anyone has any tips HELP ME PLEASE!!!! I’ve already tired restoring it and attempted to jailbreak twice.

  • iphone newbie

    I tried to jailbreak iphone 3G (16GB) using the 3G ipsw downloaded from step 2.
    After sometime, I see an error in itunes “The iphone ‘xxxx’ could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1016).”

    No matter how many times I do, I see the same error. Error persists even if I do a normal restore (Apple update) instead of Shift+restore.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Will this one work with the officially unlock iPhone 3g? I bought mine in middle east. and I’m still using the lower version. I want to upgrade it. Can someone help me with this issue?

    Thanks in advance

    • @Arthur, the jailbreak procedures also works for factory-unlocked iPhone 3G. But remember not to install ultrasn0w to unlock as your iPhone is already an unlocked one.

      • Sir,

        Is there anyway to restore the factory settings of my iphone 3g-16GB?
        This is my first time to do this. And can i install also the installer apps by the way?

        Thanks very much much for your prompt reply

      • I’ve done jailbreaking the iphone but no signal? what will i do?

      • I’ve done on 3 times. still no signal… is there anything that i can do with it?
        Please help…………


        • @Arthur, did you download ultrasn0w from cydia and install it? This will unlock your iPhone for unofficial carrier to pickup the signal.

          • Thanks Simon i will try do that.

            • One more thing. Do it needs to be connected to the internet on the procedure of installing the Ver. 3.0 using iTunes? Coz i do that on that procedure 3 to 6

            • One more thing. Do it needs to be connected to the internet on the procedure of installing the Ver. 3.0 using iTunes? Coz i do that on that procedure 3 to 6. Is there in issues on Windows Vista OS on this updating version?

              • @Arthur, I used to connect to the Internet while installing iPhone 3.0 firmware. The procedures should work on vista but make sure you’re using admin to run redsn0w.

  • In the zip file downloaded in step 1 I cannot find the iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw
    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Check on step 2. choose the model of you iphone

  • Spencer

    I bought my phone in Paris and cannot get it on rogers network in Canada, please help. Thanks in advance….

    • @Spencer, did you go through the jailbreak process and unlock it with ultrasn0w? By unlocking, it means you can use those unofficial carriers for your iPhone.

  • rush


    I need some help. I have successfully jailbreak my iphone with this guideline. But unfortunately, some of my apps is not appear including setting, boss prefs and others even i reinstalled them.

    Before i upgrade to 3.0 firmware, i use categories application so that lot of my application was hidden.

    Is there a way to get back my application especially boss pref and settings.

    thank you

    • rush

      found the solution :
      i just installed ‘poof’ apps from cydia .. and i just unpoof my apps including setting .. haha

  • Stephen



  • Patrico_0023

    I think that deactivating UAC (User Access Control) in Vista, that the jailbreaking will work, but I’m not sure. Wanna try it out for me, Simon?

    How to deactivate UAC? Follow this:


  • Patrico_0023
  • Spencer

    Acually, the problem im having is that I cannot find ultrasn0w through cydia…. any help?

  • John

    My RedSn0w says “Uploading Ramdisk” and won’t move past two Squares on the progress bar. Any ides or help?

    • caleb

      DUDE I CAN HELP!!! restart your computer. That worked PERFECTLY for me. I had the same problem.

  • Kulorex

    Please hold off updating your phones to 3.0 for now. if u patient a lil bit in less that 3 months, you’ll get a more stable, sweet firmware.
    The tips: in less than a month of Apple releasing 3.0, they released 3.1 beta en 3.1 beta2 so propably in less than tree months we will see the final version of the 3.1 which will have less new features but more stable.
    A patient dog eat fat bone. Ease off the excitement for now and you’ll be happier sooner.
    Thank you Simon for his good work and gettin us all together. May God bless you son.

    • @kulorex, thanks for your tip. Do you know when iPhone 3.1 will officially release? iPhone 3.0 is quite buggy and I’m looking forward to the update.

  • Rebola

    Hello Simon,

    Just want to give a refreshed briefing about my earlier post (battery problem).

    The problem was that the battery inside the iPhone was damaged. I don’t know if it was about it’s oldness or if some accessory of the iPhone damaged it. Yesterday I’ve change it and now it seems normal. Before when the level was at the midle point if I tried to make a phone call or turn on Wi-fi the phone automaticly turned off.

    Now I’m using OS 2.2.1 and I’ll just change it when OS 3.1 is released because beside my battery problem I’ve read all over the internet that in OS 3.0 the battery life time is reduced compared with all 2.X and I think Apple already admited that this is a bug of OS 3.0 (can you confirm this Simon?).

    Best regards for you all.

    • @Rebola, thanks for your sharing. I also agree the battery problem is due to a software issue in iPhone 3.0. And, that’s why Apple is hurry to bring us iPhone 3.1 (now still in beta).

  • Cyberman

    Need help for my iphone 2g 8gb version.

    I have updated it to version 3.0 and used redsnow and followed all the steps to jailbreak and unlock.
    Right now the problem is, when I insert my sim card it shows the name of my carrier on the top left side of iphone screen and it even receives call if anyone calls me. But the iphone keeps displaying “itunes” screen with usb cord picture.

    I even tried to connect my iphone to itunes and opened my itunes account on computer but itunes keep showing it as:

    “The SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supporte. Only compatible SIM cards from a supported Carrier may be used to activate iPhone. Please insert the SIM card that came with your iphone or visit a supported Carrier’s store to receive a replacement SIM card”.

    Why itnues is showing this message when the iphone is able to receive calls using my sim which is not support?
    I guess it shows the phone is already jailbreaked and unlock but for some reason I
    am not able to pass that Itunes connect screen which I mentioned above.

    Any help from you guys? Thanksss

    • @cyberman, that’s pretty strange. I suggest you to re-jailbreak the iPhone again. Make sure you’re using redsn0w 0.8 and download the 2G firmware. Also, connect your iPhone to computer directly via USB cable (not the docking). Also, remember to keep the unofficial sim card in your iPhone during the whole jailbreak process. Hope this can resolve the issue.

      • Mike

        Hi Cyberman,just had same probelm so I reconnected phone and even thought I could not see it in Itunes I stared to perfrom the process again but this time just started at redsnow8,turned phone off and did all over it worked good,only I did not resync this time and phone works perfectly of course I have lost all my info numbers etc but as I did not have anything important as such it is not big probelm,all my numbers on sim card so I will just find an application to use sim numbers like on original iphone,try it and see,maybe when I am little more brave I will try a resync as I now know how to get phone working again!!!!

  • Aji

    Excellent walkthrough of the jailbreak process! Thanks to all

  • Mohammed

    it’s really great job

    thank you


  • althea1979

    thank you! everything worked smoothly!

  • steve

    worked great thanks a mill

  • April Moore

    This worked perfectly, your a godsend!

  • roy

    just used redsn0w 8 to jailbreak my iphone 3g on the latest v 3.0 golden master software using vista, worked first time and works great. been told not to use winterboard though ? dont know why maybe someone could tell me. but many thanks for your info and links A+++++

  • Surfie

    Just did the Jailbreak on my wifes iphone. The jailbreak itself worked flawlessly.

    However; for some reason, unknown to me, the data backup within the latest itunes failed. And I mean on an epic scale. Said it was making the back up, but it just didn’t. Was entirely blank – unfortunately, I could not tell this until AFTER I tried to restore from said back up. 🙁

    My wife lost all her contacts, applications, data, everything.

    Still, at least it didn’t turn into a brick – time to try and restore from other means…

    Peace out.

  • Anita

    Fantastic, thank you! My iPhone completely locked and upgrading was the last resort. Your guide is so easy to follow and worked first time. Not the first time I have used your guides with this particular iPhone and I don`t expect it will be the last. :0)

  • Thomas

    Wow! Couldn’t believe how easy that was. Although it’s a stupid question to ask now, does this void the Apple warranty? Also, where can I get goodies to put my hacked phone to good use?

    • @Thomas, it’ll void the warranty. So, think before you jailbreak. After jailbreak, you can launch cydia and download lots of free apps (e.g. SBSettings, Winterboard, etc)

  • Mark

    Great site and am going to try this on my 2g. As i’ve already upgraded to os 3.0 though can I jump straight to using redsn0w or do I need to reinstall os 3.0 first? I’m assuming I don’t need to reinstall 3.0 but wanted to check as this is the first time i’ll have tried this.


  • eyes

    thanx i did it well without mistake

  • Mike

    Dear Sir,I folowd your instructions and all worked perfectly,but as I resynced I did not unplug cable and after few seconds new progress bar appeared on the iphone and then just stopped after progressing approx 10mm.Phone totally locked up now and I tunes does not recogince the Sim card.” sim card inserted does not appear to be supported.My phone is 2g unlocked previously with 1.1.4 OS.It is bit similar to Cyberman above,I see my carrier,I tried to restore with itunes but it just locked as I said above and now i can do nothing as Itunes does not recognise it.I have Itunes version,on another computer I had 8.2.1 and it would not recognice my ipod or iphone.How can I reinsatll if I can use itunes to do restore?

    Please advise if possible.

    Thank you,


  • Mike

    Sorry to bother you but I think probelm solved,I did reinstall from redsnow point onwards turning phone off and all ok,I did not resync this time maybe later,so thank you,not sure why resync caused problem.


  • Claudia

    Thank you so much, the jailbreak and unlock process for my iphone 2G went smooth and nice.

  • Simon —

    Thanks a lot for this great tutorial! I had a few hiccups along the way (backup freezing), Redsn0w crashing, the “an error occurred (13) message but I tried some of the additional instructions provided by Vista-users in the comments and ended up with a fully working iPhone 2G 3.0.


  • Attique

    Hello Simon, I have unlocked my Iphone 2G 8GB, but the problem is that I am getting “NO SERVICE” at the top left hand corner of the phone. Could you please tell me any solution how to resolve this issue.

    Many thanks

    • @Attique, did you select the unlock option in redsn0w?

      • Attique

        Dear Simon, Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did check the unlock option in redsn0w. I have noticed that the iphone searches for the network and after a while, shows “NO SERVICE”.

        Your comments would be highly appreciated. Regards

  • Shiv

    Hi Simon,
    I have a Iphone 1st generation, which i unlocked and Jailbroke using the “http://www.simonblog.com/2008/11/27/complete-guide-jailbreak-unlock-iphone-22-using-quickpwn-for-windows/ ” guide from this side, and my phone works fine. Now with Iphone 3.0 out, how can i just upgrade the firmware?

    • @Shiv, simply follow the instruction in this post and you can upgrade to iPhone 3.0 firmware.

  • KG

    Hi Simon,

    I’ve used your guides to do this before, but for 3.0 I can’t seem to get it to work. First time I tried it (using redsnow 0.7.2) the process got right to the end (where redsnow displays the “done” prompt, but when I hit finish my iphone failed to reboot and simply sat in a kind of stasis. Now when I try it, redsnow never seems to get past the “waiting on reboot” prompt.

    Any ideas?

    • @KG, did you try redsn0w 0.8? You can refer to step 2 for the download link.

  • kulorex

    expect OS 3.1 in about a months time

  • KG


    I did indeed – I actually attempted that first. However, when using that, the process simply stopped dead whilst Redsnow was displaying “waiting on reboot” without actually installing anything, which was vexing.

    I’m no expert, but I am certainly lost as to why it seems to have been fine for so many, yet I can’t seem to get it to work (tried several times).

    Any advice or assistance you can offer would be appreciated.


  • pelotudo


    Excellent writeup, thanks. Used on both my 2g and 3g iPhones.

    Im looking to sell my jailbroken/unlocked 3g. Would I go about this via the Settings>General>Erase All Content and Settings button or will that mess up the phone afterward?

  • tato

    hi simon i want to upgrade my os from 1.0.2 to 3, is this possible with the procedure above, and one more question will my music file in my iphone will be lost if i dont sync it with itunes before jailbreaking and unlocking?

    • @tato,

      Yes, you can use the procedures to upgrade your iPhone. But before upgrade, as suggested, please sync it with iTunes to backup all data including contacts, sms, etc. For music, as the songs are already in your iTunes library. You can sync them back to iPhone after jailbreak.

  • Paul

    I am able to run redsn0w on my PC and jailbreak is successful. I use Cydia and install Installous. When I download and install a hacked app, all is well. Then I went to restore my settings from backup via iTunes and I lose all hacked apps. Not only do I lose them, I am unable to install anything via Installous anymore. I have tried all the settings (allow sync with itunes, dirty, etc).


  • mike

    hi Simon

    great work. just a problem that i faced.

    i was able to install everything successfully. when i went to cydia, it says the following message:

    ‘cydia doesn’t know what version it is working on. this could be due to usage of cydia and icy for jailbreak. as of now you can’t use both. so delay the installation of icy and use cydia. for this you have to restore.’

    any idea how i go about using cydia without doing the whole process again? any other way?

    would really appreciate if you could help me find solution.


  • amad

    if u can help me..me ordy upgrade my iphone 2g 2.21 version into 3.0 version using redsnow.but my ipsw has been download using chrome google(not using mozilla firefox).so right now.all software can be use..but me cant rcvd all any incoming call right now..me can use to call ppl only.cant rcvd incoming

  • tato

    Hi Simon,
    thats good news for me, i really want to upgrade my classic Os, but im afraid to do so until read about your blog…..
    regarding my music files in iphone, it is not yet in my itunes library now, because my previous pc crash and and did not retreive the file. im now using a new one, simon what will happen if i skip step 1 in the procedure? will my music file in the iphone will be lost?

  • cm

    I had done the JB follow step by step but after the last step my iphone apear a note ” successfully unlocked” It sound great to see this eventhought i do not need to use “ultrasn0w” to unlock it and there is no problem to receive the network. But, my iphone keep lossing the network easyly.once loss the network, is really hard for me to connect back the network. May i know what is the problem on it? any step i done wrongly to JB?

  • daniel

    i want to jailbreak my new iphone 3gs 16gb . but before i do i want to no if anyone has had any problems doing so ? im connected to a optus plan should it go all sweet ??

  • Richard

    Just jailbreaked and unlocked a 1st generation iphone on firmware 3.0 using your invaluable methodology. fantastic instructions…
    Thanks very much. You are the dogs Bullocks as we say over here as a compliment in good old England
    Do you have any advice about connecting to i-tunes… heard a rumour that if you download future firmware updates, your phone will lock…

  • Nick

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks so much for this really useful guide.
    I have just upgraded my previously jailbroken 1st gen iPhone from firmware 1.1.4 to 3.0. The only issue I’m having at the moment is with the Notes application. I have a number of existing notes restored from the backup but I am unable to edit them or add new notes. When I make changes and click ‘done’ in the corner the application closes and returns to the home screen without saving the note/making changes. I know it’s a pretty trivial niggle but I do use Notes quite a lot and it would be handy if you have any tips on how to fix this.

  • kulorex

    okay people good news. OS 3.1 is now available via iTunes.


  • kulorex

    want to sell your iphone 3g? send me an eamil:
    [email protected]

  • Sharad Suri

    hello simon after going thru ur blog the only conclusion i came across it that u should be named iphonegod….hehehe

    im facing a problem while jailbreaking my iphone 3g.
    it was succesfully restored using shift+restore on itunes.

    then for jailbreaking i used redsn0w but the screen gets stuck on wating to reboot. i hav tried redsn0w-win_0.7.2 and redsn0w-win_0.8, which had the same result.

    so now in stuck with a UBS logo connecting to itunes on my screen with emergency slide.

    also when i connect my iphone 3g to itunes its say the sim card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported.

    its been a month now in stuck with so pls pls help me, it will b very much appreciated.

    im on windows xp using itunes and iphone 3g 8gb.

    pls help superstar

  • Vish

    Thanks sooo much for all the info! i have reffered so many of my friends to this site! i had the original iphone 2g with 1.1.4…upgraded to 2.1 using this site. Then upgraded that one to the 3.0. Bought a 3G iphone and upgraded to 3.0…and it worked!! i love it. It works everytime i need to unlock and jailbreak any iphone!! Your step-by-step guide is priceless!!

  • ronnie

    hi simon its me again, im stck in step 13 it doesnt show the step 14, it turns my phone to lightblack then jump to step 15 after 15 minutes my phone restart to emergency call….. im in win vista…. pls help simon…..

    look in step 12 DFU mode…..it detects me in the last no. in 20 second then….. step 13… should i finish the 30 seconds or should i stop to press when it lunch the steps 13…..

    plssssssssss thanks

  • ronnie

    i used 0.8 and the same error i got… help pls

  • nikki

    woohoo! worked like a charm! thanks!

  • Ari

    Hi Simon,
    I have completed the whole process went on well but now it is stuck at teh boot mode in apple logo can you help?

  • Ari

    Hi Simon,
    I have completed the whole process went on well but now it is stuck at the boot mode in apple logo can you help?

    • ronnie

      ari same here got problems like yours…. are you using OS vista…. if yes i think it in the OS… maybe XP ….

      • Ari

        Ronnie saddest part is i’m using XP and still the problem persists

        • ronnie

          @ ari i solved my problem i used MAC PC….. then used steps using MAC its very easy use…. hope you solve it…

  • Murray


    I only have access to Windows Vista. After reading all the blogs, it seems that I need XP to jailbreak. Any chance of a Vista fix soon?

  • Chintan

    Hi, I have iphone 3G which has OS 3.0 on it. My fear is I have Windows Vista. I dont have Windows XP. Will the jailbreak be successful on Vista? Please let me know.

    • @Chintan, you can jailbreak your iPhone 3G on Vista but ensure you are using “administrator” to launch Redsn0w.

  • Subbu

    Hi Simon,

    Today I bought 3GS and trying to jail break it with info provided here. When I selected the IPSW file with shift button pressed. it is failing with error “The iPhone Subbu could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible.”

    Can you please suggest me what need to be done?


  • Subbu

    Additional update to above info is It is with 3.0.1 OS.

    I tried directly to unlock using the guide lines for 3.0.1 but when I launched redsn0w 0.8 and selected the OS, I dont see unlock option.

    Please help me.


  • RufusXXX

    This is great!!! nuff said why didnt I do this before…Wait why didnt Apple just do this before…Oh yea because they just wanna make the cool stuff as they go (ie 3gs) I just have a 3g but now its the same if not better. However you should support the little guy who makes apps. so buy on app store and use cy

  • Dror

    Thank you so much, this tut is absolutly easy and fast and works 100% for me, two thumbs up :))))))

  • haovo

    on step 9, the window not show “unlock” box (just show “install Cydia” box and “install Icy” box). what I will do continous?
    thanks Simon

    • @haovo, are you jailbreaking iPhone 3G? For 3G iPhone, the unlock option is not shown. You’ll need to download ultrasn0w from cydia after jailbreak to unlock your iPhone.

  • Jeremy Morgan

    Thanks, this worked a treat. One thing I found that might be useful to others: I had problems when I tried to restore my data from the backup I made when the phone was on previous firmware (1.1.1) (made just before updating the phone). Even though all my contacts/calendar info was OK, the Messages application started behaving strangely. Incoming texts would appear as a notification (‘Close’ or ‘Reply’), but would disappear from the text message list upon exiting the ‘Messages’ application. I fixed this by doing the firmware update again from scratch, but instead of restoring the data from a Backup I set the phone up as a ‘new’ phone in iTunes and synchronised the data instead. This problem has been mentioned in another blog. By the way, this problem also seems to manifest itself in another way – the number of unread messages is normally shown as a number in the top right hand corner of the ‘Messages’ icon. When this problem occurred no unread message count would be shown either. Hope this helps someone.

  • Zachary Nguyen

    doesent work. Whenever i reboot it it goes to a screen that tells me i have to plug it into itunes and when i do it says unreconized help!!!

  • eyes

    i have a problem when i already jailbreak iphone 2G…
    i already download hackulo.us n try to install appsync…
    but it showed error i cannot install that…

  • eyes

    hi simon,

    error message :
    http:/1 1 404 not found
    i dont know what happen with that error…

    note :
    i already read all blog but i didnt found any error like me

  • Sony

    Hey Simon..greetings to you ..thanks for the update .. i guess apple has released 3.01 firmware ..when can we get an update on jailbreaking this ..

    • @Sony, you can still use redsn0w to jailbreak 3.0.1. The trick is you upgrade to firmware 3.0.1 via iTunes. Then launch redsn0w for the jailbreak. But please select the firmware 3.0 IPSW when redsn0w prompts you. For details, you can check out this post.

  • Niall

    your a star my friend !!

  • Kerz562

    still havent been able to get service on my iphone 2g.. i’ve done everything above 3 times and still same “NO SERVICE” on top left corner. please help anyone.. im using tmobile

  • Dirk


    I’ve jailbroken my iphone 3g 3.0.1 with redsn0w 0.8.. everything went fine..
    The problem is that i don’t have service… I’ve never had to unlock my iphone after jailbreaking be4, cause i use the authorized sim, so I’d rather not unlock it if i don’t need to. Can’t think of anything, help appreciated.

  • Dirk

    Oh, maybe good to know.. when restoring my iphone 3g and upgrading to 3.0.1, i got the “connect to iTunes” screen on my iphone, but when i did this iTunes gives me an error message (can’t connect to iTunes store (-9808)) and doesn’t do anything.

    After that i just jailbroke it with redsn0w 0.8 and got my iphone working, but without service.

  • Dirk


    and this is how:

    the problem was the iTunes store thing, error code (-9808)
    I fixed this by opening internetoptions (via control panel or Internet Explorer)
    > advanced options
    check SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0
    uncheck Check for server certificate revocation
    Save changes
    restart internet explorer
    open itunes and plug in your iphone, now your iphone will get activated (yaay)
    now jailbreak, and you’ll have service 🙂

  • Dave

    after i unlocked, i am not recieving any network coverage.. no bars.. doesnt even list my carrier under network…? can someone help pleasee?

    • @Dave, try this. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset and select Reset Network Settings. This may fix the issue.

  • I am having trouble running redsn0w. When it comes to “waiting to reboot“, the aplication becomes unresponsive… nothing happens.

    What can I do????


    • @Sonia, two things you can try:

      1. Try to start from step and re-jailbreak your iPhone but using another USB port.
      2. Try to perform the jailbreak procedures on another computer.

      Anyone got other suggestions?

      • ronnie

        that is true i got lots of problem bcoz of my usb port and also i tried it to another pc. but the best thing you would do is to try to use mac coz its easy for me and the steps are not complicated (when putting it in DFU mode), than using steps for windows, sometimes vista wont work…

  • I accidentally upgraded to 3.0.1, and am having trouble running redsn0w for unlocking my iPhone 2G. When it comes to “waiting to reboot“, the aplication becomes unresponsive… nothing happens. It was jailbroken before the upgrade.

    What can I do????


    • @Sonia, redsn0w can handle iPhone 3.0.1 jailbreak. Try to follow these procedures and jailbreak again.

  • amit

    Awesome man….no hiccups during the whole process…just that DFU mode took 1-2 attempts to get the hang of…Thanks man!!! for the big favour 🙂 hope my iphone doesnt hang now 🙂

  • ashley

    hey simon i downloaded the iphone restore for 2G but it doesnt have the IPSW file….

    • @ashley, the firmware file for 2G can be found in step 2. If you got problem with the download, I suggest you to use Firefox to download it.

  • Frustrated

    This has been a terrible experience. Phone is heating up and battery drains like crazy. Can anyone help? How do I go back to the old firmware.

    • Did you try to turn off Push notification? I find this is the main cause of battery drain. You can further refer to this article for details.

  • Gerry

    Very clear instructions, jailbroke my phone with no hickup’s
    Thanks !

  • hao

    hi there,
    i try to jailbroke my phone 3, 4 time, process run smooth. but when it finished in my iphone is not show “Cydia” icon.
    what do i do for unlock my iphone? 3G 2.2.1

    • @Hao, I suggest you follow the procedures in this post and upgrade to firmware 3.0. Ultrasn0w does not work with iPhone 3G 2.2.1.

  • heevo

    wow,this is very helpful thanks to u i saved 50dhs for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big A

    using windows 7 redswow 8 hung on me, but 7.2 worked flawlessly. open cydia, update it, click manage, edit, add, http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com. let it install, search for untrasn0w, install and voila. excellent.

  • shaahi

    hi friend

    i have problem with iphone3G Os 3.0 . after jailbreak my camera and wifi not woking
    but im already jailbreak 2-3 iphone 3G os 3.0.1 also does have any problem’s

    can u help me

  • Dean Callaghan

    Worked a treat, well done guys..

  • ashley

    i have successfully upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 firmware!!! thanks so much Simon!!!

  • Mac

    Will the jailbreak work with Itunes 8.2.1?

  • Mac

    Will the jailbreak work with Itunes*****************

  • Mac

    I updated a jailbroken 2.2.1 Iphone 3G to 3.0 update using Itunes

  • Brian

    Hey Thanks, this was pretty simple. Got everything done in about 20 min.

  • alex

    thanks… its really takes alot of patience

  • banu

    whow! thank you so much!!

  • ylli

    hi,simon i have do this step i have jaibreak and unlock easy my iphone 2G 1,2,3 TIme with redsnow but,but finally when i power ON i have a problem with my Sim card whyyy … help?

  • guy wire

    my JAU’d 2 g is upgraded to 3.0 and the tmobile cellular side work fine. But the wifi does not work. The phone sees the router, but doesn’t get an address , and therefor cant connect to the internet. Apple has a technical release on this but I want to hear from you what to do. thanks, guy wire ( a geezer in DC)

    • @guy wire, I do not experience the wifi connection problem on iPhone 3.0, though I have heard of it. Did you check out this post? Despite it’s written for firmware 2.1, the tips should also apply to 3.0. See if they can help.

  • juan

    I just tried to jailbreak my iphone but i was unsuccesful twice, i got through the whole process smoothly but at the end when rdsnow is doing its thing the program stops working and explorer forces me to stop the program running and so stops the jailbreak? dont know what is happenning

  • juan

    cancel my post… appearently if you get this problem all you have to do is give your pc or laptop more processing speed and redsnow will work and do its job just fine, i had my laptop on low speed and well im glad to say my iphone is free

  • irene

    hi simon, after jailbreak, does mms tag along with the messaging?

  • Jos

    Worked great! 1st try, no problems, great guide! Thank You!

  • gaby

    hi, i upgraded my 2g from 2.2 something to 3.0 but it keeps getting upgraded to 3.0.1, what should i do to upgrade it to 3.0 only? please help.

  • Fab

    Updated to latest update on Itune. Use redsnow 8.0 but got hung up for hours on waiting for reboot portion. What is the problem? Using 3g.

    • @Fab, try to reboot your computer and connect to a different USB port. Then perform jailbreak again from the very beginning. Most of the time, you can bypass the issue for your 2nd trial. If it still doesn’t work, see if you have a 2nd PC for jailbreak.

  • guy wire

    Wifi problem: router seen by phone, but iphone doesnt get an ip address or subnet and mask numbers and one can’t connect. my solution was to hit “other” and type in the name of the router you want, and ask to join network . then you get an ip address and can proceed to the internet. now new problem , at sbux, I can get the numbers but cant get to the att log in page, even with devicescape

  • Schmidty

    My only problem was I couldnt do jailbreak on my laptop due to it running on Vista, I had to download iTunes & the needed files to my parents slow ass PC but onve I did that it worked 1st time. Freakin SWEET!! I love the 3rd party apps especially the ability to have a camcorder on the 1st Gen iPhone & Categories v2.24 so my main screen isnt full of clutter I have all my apps now just on 2 pages & things are so much easier to find. Being able to sent & receive MMS texts too, just too many things positive to say. overall jailbreaking is sweet, THX!!!!


    i got iphone 2g, already upgraded to 3.0, but when i tried to use red snow 0.7 and 0.8 TO INSTALL CYDIA AND ICY, , it says ‘UNABLE TO RECOGNIZE SPECIFIED ipsw’ IM USING ASUS VISTA… THX FOR THE HELP…

  • Joel

    I’ve found that several of my friends are happy for me to buy their old iPhones for the same price that they must pay to upgrade to a 3GS. So, I’ve run the jailbreak and unlock routine on two 3G models and one original iPhone for myself and members of my family. Based on these experiences I have three *very* helpful, simple tips.

    1) The only way that I could get started with the process was to have an AT&T SIM card installed in the phone even though it wasn’t activated. If you don’t have an AT&T SIM card to put in the phone I’m not sure how you get started. With no SIM card the phone displays: No SIM card installed Insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPhone. iTunes displays: iTunes cannot activate your iPhone because the SIM card is not inserted or a SIM PIN is required. With a T-Mobile SIM the iPhone shows the display indicating to plug the phone in to the computer. iTunes displays this message: The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.

    2) Do no install the Icy application. I’ve yet to understand what this app does.

    3) If RedSn0w hangs at “Waiting for reboot” quickly unplug the cable, count 2 seconds and plug it back in.

    I’m sure some techies could explain the reasons and workarounds for #1 and #3 and what the Icy application does but I have found very few places that point out how to workaround these situations.

  • Asha

    dear Simon,

    i told see the steps on 14.0 but it appears that the Jailbroken is done.. however, the phone wen restarted, its not jail broken… i tried several times but the same occurs.. pls help

  • sandy

    Thanks bro…worked like a charm for me….

  • Asha

    for me the RedSn0w hangs at “Waiting for reboot” and am unable to move any further steps.. someone please help.

    • Joel

      Asha, see message #394 above. Joel

  • puneet

    it works with vista no problem i upgraded my 2g thnx simon.
    is there any free app to fwd sms for 2g on 3.0

    • @puneet, you can forward email on iPhone 3.0 without installing other free apps. You can check out this post on how to forward sms.

  • Schmidty

    The jailbreak went awesome and I love the apps ive been able to download for free, my problem now, well more of a personal inconvenience is that when I go from any home screen into ANY app then close that app I lose my top status bar.. I cant see my time, battery status and most importantly my signal strength.

    Some areas in my home I get no signal & its important for me to know when i have no signal otherwise I could be missing calls/texts/emails that I wont receive until I move into another area.

    The very top of the screen where the status bar usually is, just shows whatever my wallpaper is and this is this way on all of my home screens. The only way to get it to reappear is to either be in an app or to lock & unlock my phone. But as soon as I use an app and close it, I lose the status bar again. This I just noticed it never happened before the jailbreak & ive tried at least 10 different themes it happens with everyone of them.

    Ive reset my iPhone back to the original settings and it worked fine, but as soon as I jailbroke it again the same thing happened. Can someone please help me with this? Again I love all the features of the jailbreak & Cydia’s apps but its a pain in the A$$ to not know if I have a good enough signal strength to receive calls & ive never noticed how often I looked there to see what time is is.

    [email protected]
    or you can text me at 267.574.1774

  • gerald

    Hi Simon,
    I used redsnow today on my IPHONE 3g 3.0 to jailbreak. Afterwards(over Wi-Fi) I installed ultra snow and rebooted. Now my Phone says ‘No Service’. I’v tried various SIM’s & still get thesame thing. Is there any solution to this?(I’m running Windows 7 RC1)

  • David

    Hi all,

    [Help !! I can’t jailbreak my iphone in firmware 3.0.1]

    – Iphone: 3GS, Firmware 3.0.1, factory unlocked
    – Itune 8.0, redsn0w 0.8

    As noticed, firmware is already latest. Thus, i skipped to update the firmware using iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw. Then, I use redsn0w 0.8 for jailbreaking. It hang at process No.13 “Waiting for reboot” (And I’ve waited several hours), and never completed the jailbreak process.

    Note: I try the initial step as well, i.e. to “shift+restore” using the iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw, but itune even stated that it’s not compatible.
    What shall I do? Appreciate advice from you guys.

    Thank you.


    • Joel

      David, I think you’re supposed to be using firmware iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw. Check here:


      For the hanging problem waiting to reboot, see message #394 above, item 3.


    • @David, I suggest you to upgrade iTunes to the latest version and try out the jailbreak.

  • David

    Hi Joel,

    Thanks for your reply and advice. Ya, I found out about the article and doubted the file i used too.. Anyway, I gonna try it out later. And, also I will try to unplug the USB cable and replug again. This is what recommended in most users out there…

    Anyway, thanks a lot pal.


  • Him’s

    Hi Simon,
    i had upgraded, unlocked and jailbroken my 2G from 1.1.4 to 2.1 firmware using QuickPwn as explained by you in your previous post. It worked awesome but after some months of use on a restart it never booted completely & always showed apple logo. I tried to put it in the recovery mode using Ziphone & now its stuck right there. It is not coming out from recovery mode nor it is getting booted. What should i do? Is there any change i can recover it to normal mode or i need to restore it?

    Please help!
    Appreciate you response.

    • @Him’s, probably you’ll need to restore your iPhone and go through the jailbreak process again to resolve the issue. You can use the same guide for jailbreak. Hope this can recover your iPhone.

  • Frances

    Simon, I can’t thank you enough (and the Dev team, of course) for your extremely detailed instructions. I successfully jb/ul’d one of my 2G phones last night on a Vista machine using your step-by-step instructions and it took all of 15 minutes to complete.

    @ziggie (#80) – Thanks very much to you also for the tips for the Vista users. I enabled Win XP compatibility mode as you mentioned and ran redsnow 0.8 as an Admin and it couldnt have gone any smoother.

    Also, I found this tip on one of the TiPb forums which said to Setup the Phone as New instead of Restoring from Backup. It’s suppose to make a HUGE difference in the battery life and performance of the phone for some reason. Heard this sentiment echoed more than once on another forum over at Modmyi also.

    • @Frances, great that you have successfully jailbroken your iPhone. And, thanks for sharing the useful tips!

  • Thank you very much for the nice upgrade and unlock of iphone 2G to 3.0
    thanks a mill ! cheers

  • mohit

    thanks… upgrading is very easy following the instructions….

    Thanks once again


  • Habib

    Hi simon, as gerald i hv jb/ul my 3g but one of the most important sims i hv doesnt work. i hv tried d unlock severally bt yet my mtn doesnt respond. it can call bt cant receive. can anyone help out there!

    • @Habib, did you put your sim card when using ultrasn0w?

  • Moon

    Worked like a charm. no issues, but jailbroken successfully.
    Thanks a lot…

    Is there any problem if I update to the firmware version to 3.0.1?

    • @moon,

      Firmware 3.0.1 is jailbreakable using redsn0w. But if you plan to upgrade to 3.0.1, you’ll need to go through the whole jailbreak process again. For iPhone 3.0.1, it is a bug fix release that handles the SMS security flaw.

  • Habib

    yes Simon, i did ultrasnowed both with and without sim card, yet it only make calls but cant receive calls or sms…what nxt Simon or any other with similar sickness. LOL

  • may

    will the reboot logo become PINEAPPLE instead of the apple logo?

    • Frances

      @May – the logo will be an apple with a slash thru it, not the pineapple logo. If you had used pwnage, it displays the pineapple logo.

  • John

    I had problems with my iPhone version 2G. I synch it with a Mac and tried Pwnage Tool but could not get anywhere – it gave me the error about the SIM card not being supported.
    I then tried using the redsn0w-mac_0.8 application and kept getting stuck on the step 13 – waiting for reboot (the phone and mac just stopped any action).

    I then read some of your comments above and tried removing the usb cable and inserting it in another usb slot and BINGO! – the iPhone fired up again and completed the process.

    Thanks for the team’s good work on providing this valuable tool.

  • Well I did not even get to the redsn0w part… I had 2.2.1 firmware and went to upgrade the firmware but when I did it and did the restore with it… It came up with a picture of some random man on my iphone and then some error came up on Itunes and it currently restoring from a backup now.

  • Scott

    Thank you very much. You made this process very easy!

  • Earth Goddess

    Thank you sooooo much, fab easy to use instructions!! The only thing I would add (and this might be the problem associated with Vista) I noticed that after putting in DCU (?) mode the jailbreak started and then redsn0w stopped working… but I also noticed that this happened as iTunes started up.. went through it twice like this but then the third time I closed iTunes BEFORE it had a chance to start up and redsn0w worked like a dream… might be worth trying if you’re having problems!!

  • Erich

    been trying to unlock my 2g for weeks now and thanks to your site i did it in a few min.thanks a mill……the only thing is XP works better than Vista

    thanks again

  • Habib

    Simon, am still waiting to get feedback on how to bring back my sim card to work in my 3g iphone. i have tried all possibilities known to me like JB with the sim in the phone, resetting the network etc. NOTE the same sim works fine with other phones. Also, it cant receive bu can make calls and send sms…heeeelp

  • nguyen

    do we have anyway to unlock iphone 3GS with firmware: 3.0.1?

    • @nguyen, follow the procedure described in this guide and unlock it via ultrasn0w. You can download ultrasn0w via Cydia after your iPhone is jailbroken.

      • Ron

        Hi Simon,

        My friend got iphone for me from US – while he was using it as a Ipod he clicked on itune – after that automatically it got connected to wi-fi and further mentioned searching. it rebooted and worked fine till he put it off later when he tried switching it on it was into emergency call screen.

        i wanted to ask why this happend and is it like the firware got updated or something like that?

        Can you please clarify at earliest

        Thank you

  • Thomas

    Everything worked great but I would like to know how the hell I get the NES rom working. I keep seeing apps for “Installer” but don’t know how to get it. Is installous the same thing? Thanks so much!

  • twin2264

    when i enter the file {iphone1,2_3.0_7a341_ restore} in the file name box and hit open, i get a message saying ” the iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”. can someone please help!!!!

    • @twin2264, are you using iPhone 2G, 3G or 3Gs?

  • Habib

    twin2264 are u using the latest itune 8.2, otherwise check and be pretty sure b4 u continue. after checking make sure u place both redsnow 8 and the ispw 1,2_3.0_7a341 in the same folder and unzip the redsnow. then follow the process as described previously.

    hey Simon i got my sim working. MIRACLE…i just switched the phone off while entering a bank, and after i finished my business and switched on but refused to get service, hence i remove the simcard and inserted the one i very much like…whaw! it went i got the service and everything…thanks alot jack!!!

  • Richard

    Hi Simom and Team,

    jailbreaked many moons ago using your invaluable step by step guide… Got a new issue now which is not directly related to the jailbreak process but hope you can advise anyway…
    Downloaded a whole heap of apps through Cydia which included some other repos such as isinfuliphone, etc…
    Am now getting overwrite conflict messages which refer to a subprocess paste killed by signal (broken pipe)…
    These are some of the errors that i am receiving which interrupts the download process and does not allow the app to download 100% despite repeated attemps. Alos have issue deleting apps as well…

    Please note the following error messages:

    Sub-process/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)’

    trying to overwrite
    ‘/applications/NES.app/a.pmg’, which is alos in package com.isinfuliphone.nes

    ‘Error Uninstalling
    2com.mcleaner.mcallshow2 failed to uninstall’

    Was thinking about putting myself back in jail and then breaking out again in the hope of solving these issues but wanted to run this by you first in the hope of getting a less extreme method of making the iphone happy gain….
    Please advise?

  • George

    Hi. I have a 2G phone with 2.2 firmware. I pressed “Shift” then click the “restore” button, then I entered the file {iphone1,1_3.0_7a341_ restore} in the file name box and hit open, i get a message saying ” the iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”. Am I supposed to use the {iphone 1,2_3.0_7a341_restore} in the file name box? Thanks.

  • George

    Hi. I have a 2G iphone with 2.2 firmware. I pressed “Shift” then click the “restore” button, then I entered the file {iphone1,1_3.0_7a341_ restore} in the file name box and hit open, i get a message saying ” the iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”. Am I supposed to use the {iphone 1,2_3.0_7a341_restore} in the file name box? Thanks.

  • 2A

    No tutorial can be as beautiful as yours. Awesome man! I didn’t even have to read the text… it just took a minute to scan through the screenshots and that a smooth-flawless jailbraking. keep up the good work.

  • Jason

    Worked flawlessly on the third try! thanks so much, you guys rock!

  • jan

    hi i would like to know if this jailbreak works for the 3gs? has anyone tried using this to jailbreak 3gs and were there any problems so far?

    • @jan, this guide can also use for iPhone 3GS jailbreak. But make sure you download the correct firmware as mentioned in the post.

  • Ram

    Hello Simon,

    Thanks for your assistance to get my Jailbreak task to be successfully completed.

    I went through few nightmares before tasting the success.
    1) My first download of *.ipsw file got corrupted. Due to this the Redsn0W application didn’t accept the firmware file (*.ipsw).
    2) Second download of the *.ipsw is saved as a compressed file (*.ipsw.zip) extension and I extracted the *.zip folder; Unable to locate *.ipsw file and though I tried the Redsn0w appln point to this *.ipsw.zip; File not recognized error happened.
    3) My third download was finally successful.
    4) Redsn0w appln, recognized the *.ipsw file!! uhhh!! But redsn0w appln was abt to complete the boot loader/kernel/reflashing activity and few more minutes to go but “Windows complained that this appln failed and need to exit immediately”. I was clueless at this time as my iPhone 3G displays “Jailbreaking in progress…” but redsn0w is not running any more. After few minutes, I restarted the appln and went thru the same steps as mentioned in the blog above.
    5) Finally to put the iPhone to DFU mode – Took 2 attempts to get through it; So repeated the procedure.

    Only anxiety was to restore the phone to working condition!! Full of relief once it got successfully done.

    Then attempted ultrasn0w appln to “unlock the phone”; Except for few pop-up’s showing “packages are not upto date” – Accept to download the latest sw or…Just went through it and finally unlocked my iPhone.
    First attempt of iPhone wasn’t successful. When to the setting’s page in iPhone and searched the provider – After few minutes, it finally recognized my Service provider.

    Now I am back up & running. Thanks Simon for all the efforts that you hv taken to update this blog and serving lot of us!!

    Great Job!! Keep it Up. Thanks for your continued support.

  • firdaus

    Awesome post and thank you so very much for taking the trouble. Have found new love for my iphone 2g.

  • krasimir

    Hello Simon Ng
    I have a problem when I try to Jailbreak my Iphone 3g 3.0,
    when I try to restore from Itunes I get message “the iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”
    What I can do?
    I try on 2 different computers

  • David

    Hi guys,

    First of all, would like to thank Joel & Simon for their advices. I am too excited until nearly leave back my msg here.. coz my iphone is jailbroken successfully. the process is easy as long as the downloaded files are correct. Especially the firmware! For 3GS user, make sure u download the “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” (NOT …1,2….ipsw). Just follow the Simon’s guideline or instructions from redsn0w.

    Good luck.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Mehran

    worked perfectly. took like 3 minutes for the whole process:)
    i have 3G iphone firmware 3.0.1. i thought i wud lose all previous apps but they all remain. -from a very happy jailbreaker:)

  • gerald

    Umm…..Simon…..still waiting for a reply to my August 19 post…..stilll have NO SERVICE on my phone…..

    • @Gerald, I suggest you to go through the whole procedures on Windows XP or Vista. I only tested on redsn0w on these two OS. Also, you can check out this post for further tips.

  • marco

    Thank You so much!!

  • jan

    hey i can’t unzip the redsnow folder in step 2. it says the file is corrupt. help!

    • @jan, I have tested it again. The redsn0w zipped file should be ok. Please try to download again.

  • jwidenerga

    Worked like a charm with 3G 3.0.1. Did need to use the below “trick” to get redsn0w to see iPhone “reboot” —

    3) If RedSn0w hangs at “Waiting for reboot” quickly unplug the cable, count 2 seconds and plug it back in.

    Other than that I am up and jailbroken once again! Thanks for the tips!

  • qais

    thank you for this. it worked good for me. just one problem, i cant seem to download installous from cydia now? please help quick.

  • jan

    i’ve successfully jailbroke my 3Gs but after i entered my pin i have no service from my provider. help!!

    • @jan, have you installed ultrasn0w via cydia? You can use ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone. Also, please disable the PIN of your sim card before using ultrasn0w, which can’t support it.

      • jan

        cydia can’t open cos it says i have no internet connection. my 3G isn’t working cos i have no service for my phone after jailbreaking it

        • @jan, even without 3G, you can connect the Internet via WiFi and download ultrasn0w through cydia.

  • AK

    Worked first time !! upgraded 2G from v1.1.4 ..Thanks

  • gian

    Hi, I have a 2G iphone, firmware 1.1.4, I unlocked it a year ago with Ziphone
    Will i have any better perfomance if i update de firmware to 3.0.1?
    I have Itunes V7.0

    What do I have to do? follow the procedure you posted above?

    Thank you very much for your answer

    • @gian, correct. You can follow the procedures to upgrade to firmware 3.0. Remember to upgrade your iTunes to 8.2 before applying the procedures here.

      • gian

        Thank you for your answer Simon but the fact that my Iphone have been already unlocked with other SW will not cause any conflict?
        Do I have to “Jailbreak and unlocked” with the procedures here?
        The itunes version to upgrade is 8.2.1? and the firmware is 3.0.1?

        • gian

          Simon, no need to answer, everything is working fine till now, my Iphone is working OK, I only had some issues with the sync with Itunes

  • jan

    sorry if i seem to be asking so many questions but do i need to take out my sim card when unlocking my phone? and how do i disable pin for my sim card?

  • jan

    i went to settings> phone> SIM PIN but i can’t turn off my SIM PIN. why is that?

  • Ahmed

    i still cant jailbreak iphone 2g even after goin thru the procedures above….d iphone went blank and it restarted with d same problem….pls can anybody help me????

  • coolfire

    upgrade to 3.0 by using redsnow, everything looks and works fine, however just noticed that i’m missing “contacts” and “notes” as applications on my iphone.
    Everything synched through itunes without noticing and missing contacts, any idea what’s the problem ?

  • kurt

    I cant seem tojailbreak my iphone 3g 3.0 wont ever show jailbreak image on iphone why?

    • @kurt, do you mean you have gone through the jailbreak process mentioned above?

  • Gul

    Works like butter on a hot cob!!!! Thanks simon! god bless

  • kurt

    hi Simon finalley got my phone jailbroke ran across site were it said when get that blank screen and never shows the jailbreak to unplug and plug in usb cable as fast ass you can and that did the trick. Thanks for all your help.
    But no turned phone off and now it wont statrt up just stays on apple icon
    do you have any suggestions? I’m stumped was working fine until i shut it off all the way.


  • Chester Fung

    My phone is unlock by my local operator Maxis. Im using iphone 3G and updated to 3.0. Can you guide me in how to install Cydia?

    • @Chester, you can use this guide for the jailbreak. But as you already own a factory-unlocked iPhone, you do not need to use ultrasn0w.

  • John

    it works great

  • Josy

    hi Simon!
    can this tutorial work with itunes 9.0?

    • @josy, I haven’t tested it out yet. But I think it should also work. Anyone try out the procedures with iTunes 9?

  • MRB

    I just did!… It sounds that it does not work on itunes9… it says that the SIM CARD IS NOT supported….

    Any solution, besides reinstaling itunes 8?

  • MRB

    Well, a quick update to thank the developers for the great work. I reinstall itunes 8 and it all went well. But I am not sure if the problem I had while using itunes 9 was due to it.

  • Josy

    hi there!
    i tried my luck and followed the tutorial with an iphone 1.1.4 on windows vista and with itunes 9.0. Everything went on smoothly until the restore backup data phase…in the middle of it the iphone just got stuck with iphone logo and static downloading bar. I attempted the jailbreaking again, but still resumed to the same screen. Then tried restoring again from backup and it worked just fine and I have retrieved all my data (sms, contacts, call history, pictures, notes…). So overall: SUCCESS….thank you Simon for sharing ur knowledge.

  • Josy

    correction from my previous post…phone got stuck in screen with apple (not iphone logo) logo and static downloading bar…

  • ted

    Dear Simon, could u tell me how to back up the sms as I counldn’t find any button related to SMS in Itunes, thanks!

  • Harmaninder

    This is simply gr8!! I have upgraded my Iphone without any single error!!! Like a butter!!!

    Thnx a ton SIMON

  • Stanley

    Worked like a charm. Much better than the other tutorials out there. Thanks….

  • FelixJr

    Hello Simon..
    I have a dilema myself. For no reason at all i upgraded my 2G jailbreaked iphone 2.2 directly tru itunes without reading 1st the instructions. And now my sims phone needs activation and i can’t access my iphone so i can’t start upgrading to 3.0 firmware. Can you please help me on this….thanks man.

    • @Felixjr, no problem. Try to jailbreak again and start from the beginning of this jailbreak guide. Let me know if you have other questions.

  • LynneD.

    Well, it took 2 days and a couple of those 1604 error messages. Reinstalled itunes (ver. 8.2) and that worked. My only worry: Redsn0w stopped responding and never completed the final ‘success’ message, but the phone seems fine now! Should I worry about unpleasant suprises later or am I ok? Thanks!

  • RichE

    Simon, got a 3g iPhone on firmware 2.2.1…. Want to upgrade to 3.0 as my bootloader version will not work with yellowsn0w on 2.2.1… Wanted to jailbreak and unlock using your guide but missed the window when 3.1 was released. Is there anyway I can upgrade to 3.0 outside of iTunes which only displays the latest firmware which is 3.1, so I can get outta jail. Guess the ? Is, where and if I can get the 3.0 firmware to upgrade to and then use yr guide to unlock… Riche

    • @RichE, you can just follow this guide for the upgrade. But make sure you use the firmware file (i.e. IPSW) from the guide and do not upgrade directly in iTunes. Otherwise, you may accidentally upgrade to firmware 3.1, that is currently unjailbreakable.

  • FelixJr

    It’s frustrating….i’ve tried 3 times following procedures above except for the updating to firmware 3.0 from itunes directly. After jailbreaking using redsnow my itune still is not recognizing my sim. I surely followed the steps & mark check the unlock. Any ideas you can recommend me so my iphone 2G can work again. Before version was 2.2 and i used Quickpwn.

    Thankz again..

  • MRB

    Hi Simon! I wonder if you can help:
    I can browse my notes but every time I try to create a new note, I can write all I want but when I exit it, or move to another one (saving it), iphone does not keeps it and jumps to the main screen; When I try to search notes, I get no results and iphone jumps to the main screen; if I try to delete one of the notes, iphone exits again to the main screen.
    I tryed already to restore previous backups, but I get the same result.

    So I can’t use notes at all. Any idea of why this happens?

    • @MRB, that’s really weird. I do not experience it on my iPhone. But you may check out this discussion thread from Apple support and see if you can find any solution.

      • MRB

        Yah. Weired it is! even when I try to syncr notes, it stops. So probably a corruption in the notes file system or index… I will check apple. Thanks any way

  • Raghu

    Hi Simon,

    How to get fringe or skype on iphone through cydia? Please help

    • @Raghu, you can download fring and skype from App Store. Just do a search to find them

      • Raghu

        Dear Simon,

        Thanks for your quick replay. I have unlocked my iphone. I tried to download skype from App store, However it is asking me to register. Can I register?

        • Raghu

          Dear Simon,

          I got it. Thanks for the same. You are great!!!!!!!!!

  • Jorges

    Hey Simon!

    Thank you very much for this! you really rock!!!

    I did the procedure to an iphone 2g locked with at&t’s latest version. It worked smoothly! But, I noticed when I installed some games that many of them run slower. E.g. Baseball superstars runs awful! also Tap Tap revenge!!! It’s like the phone has become slower! How can I solve this? What do you suggest?

    Thank you again!


    • Steven

      I did success to jailbreak & unlock my sim for my iphone 2g! thanks a lot!

  • Mark K

    Can anyone help. I did all the steps and it looks like everything went through ok. The only thing is that now I have no service and I can’t make any phone calls. I have the Iphone 3g with the 3.0 firmware. Has anybody had this problem? What is the Fix?

    • @Mark, did you install ultrasn0w? You can download it from cydia to unlock your iPhone.

  • christopher muniz

    after the downloading jailbreak data screen my iphone goes striaght to a screen with the itunes logo and an ipod cable what do i do?

  • YOU ROCK!!!!!!! I am 37years old, and you teach sooo well. IMPORTANT BEFORE BEGINNING, found out hard way, IF your ITunes needs to update ITunes before you began, DO IT! I figured oh no I have the 8.2 ITunes, not needed, bull, went through hell for a minute, got phone back to basics finally, and started again. IT WORKS AND YOUR AWESOME, THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR WORK AND HELP.. 🙂

  • raj

    hey simon im trying this(2g 1.1.4 to 3.0).can i use itunes 9.0

    • @raj, I haven’t tested it yet. But some readers have reported that iTunes 9.0 works.

  • Guy


    my sister sent me an iphone from the usa … i was able to jailbreak it with the older version of quickpwn .. now with the 3.0 i tired to jail break it .. now its tells me that i need to insert a SIM card with no pin lock and that its the only way to open the phone .. all i see on the screen is the itunes logo and the USB with an arrow … and it has a screen

    IMEI and ICCID ??

    what should I do … please note im not very computer savvy

  • Mark K


    Thanks ultrasn0w worked. I have full reception and it works great.

    Mark K

  • raj

    hey simon thnku very much ..it took me hardly 20 min to successfullly update to 3.0..and yes itunes 9.0 is working perfectly…

  • Kavin

    Hey Simon,

    I have a 1st Generation iPhone that I recently upgraded to OS 3.1. However, I decided to jailbreak it, so I downgraded it to 3.0 and tried to jailbreak using redsn0w. I checked only cydia (I have a contract with AT&T, so I didn’t want to unlock). After putting my phone into DFU mode, redsn0w froze at “Waiting for reboot”.

    What should I do?

    • @Kavin, I suggest you to try again the whole procedures from the beginning. For most of the time, it’ll work for the second attempt. Also, make sure you’re using administrator to launch redsn0w.

  • VIcky

    hi simon i have a Unlocked 2g iphone with firmware 1.0.2. i tried to upgrade my phone using the above steps but while restoring i got the following error. the Iphone could not be restored error(13). after this only apple symbol is displayed. Phone got crashed. please help me out of this

  • hi simon. i jailbreak my phone using redsnow 0.8. I wanted to restore firmware to factory settings using itunes 9. it ask me to restore and upgrade to 3.1 and it constantly keep having an error. The iphone could not be restored.

    I tried DFU mode and nothing.

    what should i do??? PLEASE HELP!!!

    • @lucho,

      Just ignore the upgrade of 3.1 in iTunes. You can press SHIFT key and click on the Restore button to select the firmware 3.0 file (.ipsw) to restore to firmware 3.0.

  • Juan

    I’ve been following your site for quite some time. Haven’t found anything better with more complete info. Had to do it twice! But it worked great the second time.

  • VIcky

    hi simon,
    i am upgrading my 2g iphone from 1.0.2 to 3.0 . i began the restroration process. the status bar on the iphone is full but the one in itunes got stuck for more than an hour.. please tell me how to overcome this ASAP.

  • Raghu

    Dear Simon,

    If I receive a new sms, it gives me two options – 1 view and 2. close. If I close I am not able to find the same in the sms inbox. if I view it will be there for few minutes and disappears. When new sms comes it does not get highlited in the sms box. Mine is a iphone 3gs unlocked with 3.0.1 firmware.
    Can u suggest me some ways where I can keep these sms

  • Dina

    PLEASE helpppp! i followed alllll the steps and it got thru everything then rebooted and im at the same screen i was in the beginning. my phone was jailbroken and unlocked and i updated the software to 3.0 before reading about how i shouldnt do it. i have a iphone 2g and so when i downloaded the software it restored the phone and its no longer jailbroken or unlocked and i have been using it with my tmobile sim card. after all the steps now its showing a picture of itunes and to connect the usb and when i do connect it, my itunes is saying ” The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.” even tho i already did all these steps! what do i do now? please help me simon

  • Alex

    Works greatly!! Thanks.

  • Raj

    Hello Simon this is raj 2 days before I upgraded my 2g 1.1.4 to 3.0 successfully by following this procedure..today one of my friend who is using 3g 2.2.1 unknowingly clicked the update in itunes by seeing the 3.1 update so it got locked nd even didn’t detected in tunes so I tried the phone by clicking power nd home button like dfu mode so finally it got detected in iTunes .I tried to update with 3.0 firmware by clicking shift nd restore as I did to my phone but after some time it’s showing error 1015 I tried so many times but invain…plssss help…

  • Raghu

    Dear Simon,

    After receiving a new sms, it notifies the reception and if you tap “ignore”, when you later go to the text app the message isn’t there. However, if you tap “reply”, it opens the text app, it opens the message and it seems fine, but if you then choose not to reply and close the app, when you go there again, the new message also disapears. So I guess the text app isn’t saving any new text messages arriving!!! Anyone had this problem? No other text apps such as MySMS are installed in the iPhone.

    Pls help

  • Daniel

    Hello Simon!

    I have used your tutorial for jailbraking iPhone 2G, and also updating firmware from 2.2 to 3.0. After the process was finished, everything seems to be fine (i can accept calls, and call other numbers with my slovenian number), the only problem is that i cannot launch some applications like Mail, Safari, Cydia. They open for a second, but then application closes. What could be wrong? I know those apps need internet connection, and when i launch these apps i have connection to my router. The application Weather opens fine, without any problems and updates weather info.

    Thanks for your answer,
    Daniel from Slovenia

  • Michelle

    Hi, I have Iphone 3G and I got an error 1015 while trying to restore, what do I do?

  • Mahmood

    Tnx Simon Ive always followed your guides for older frimwares using Quickpwn but this was the easiest tnx again to u and Dev team

  • Tyler

    I did the jailbreak process but it keeps going back it to recovery mode at the end of the process.
    I don’t no what to do. Please help.

    • Tyler

      I forgot to say that I downgraded from the 3.1 to 3.0 version then it gives me the error thing and i ignore it then it says that it is in recovery mode. I then did the whole jailbreak process but it goes back into recovery mode. Please Help!!!

  • Josh

    Yeah, using this method I got the “Error could not be restored” problem.

    I’d like to know why that happened? I’m not going to attempt jailbreaking again until I can figure out why there was that error.

    • @Josh, did you download the correct firmware file (.ipsw)? The firmware file for iPhone 2G and 3G are different. Also, please use Firefox to download the ipsw file.

  • Josh

    I figured out the problem.

    You have to be in 8.2 Itunes as 9.0 and older will not allow you to downgrade.

    3.0 firmware is a downgrade.

  • Cicely

    I Cannot Find The File “iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” On My Computer What Do I Do?

  • Sonny

    THANK YOU, Simon. My iPhone 2G jailbreak and unlock seems to have been successful. Appreciate all you’re doing for us, man. Only one question:
    My 2G was not connected to any network since I bought the 3G to replace this one. Will that have any effect on the unlock? How do I know if the 2G has been successfully unlocked (I can see it’s jailbroken). Please do let me know, Simon.

  • raj

    Hello Simon this is raj 2 days before I upgraded my 2g 1.1.4 to 3.0 successfully by following this procedure..today one of my friend who is using 3g 2.2.1 unknowingly clicked the update in itunes by seeing the 3.1 update so it got locked nd even didn’t detected in tunes so I tried the phone by clicking power nd home button like dfu mode so finally it got detected in iTunes .I tried to update with 3.0 firmware by clicking shift nd restore as I did to my phone but after some time it’s showing error 1015 I tried so many times but invain…plssss help…

    • @raj, you can ignore the 1015 error. Your iPhone should have been restored to iPhone 3.0. Now you can use redsn0w to jailbreak the iPhone again. Let me know if this works.

  • mayank


    Can anybody help me, i have iphone 2g and was trying jailbreaking n unlocking from OS2.2 to OS3.0 thru redsn0w. At the last step “downloading jailbreak data” message was aprearing on my iphone but after that it went again to DFU mode with a man standing wallpaper.

    Please help me how would i get my iphone working back in normal condition.
    My id is [email protected] please mail me your replies. I would really be grateful to u guys!!!


  • Cicely

    What Do I do If I Cannot Find The“iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” File On My Computer In Order To Move On To The Next Step Of RedSn0w?

    • @Cicely, download the firmware file again. Some browsers will automatically extract the .ipsw file and add “.zip” extension to that file. So, I suggest you to use Firefox to download the file.

  • Awesome! Simon … tks alot… gt it smoothly too.. I was kinda worried I will screw up the whole ting again. Ur directions was clear & easy tksss again.

  • dustpaq

    Hi Simon: Nice work! I successfully did the jailbreak and when I inserted my ATT sim, i can get voice service but no data even though I have a data plan. I rebooted the device and it keeps telling me that it could not activate the cellular network. Am I missing something?

    • @dustpaq, you probably need to add the APN setting in Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network. You may call up your carrier’s customer service for the values.

      • Chester Fung

        i hv upgrade to 3.1 for my iphone 3G. Can i still do it with the instructions here?

  • D

    the upgrade works fine and i get to the restore from back up screen. but when it starts the process, the apple logo and a progress bar show up on the screen and it stays there! i got worried and did the whole upgrade twice! now im back to upgraded phone with no contacts or sms. what do i do? Im so worried cos i have got 907 contacts to back up and doin dat manually is gona be hell.. I used windows contacts to back up my contacts. outlook didnt seem to be working :(.. a speedy response would be greatly appreciated.

  • SBM

    THe same here. Backing up my iPhone takes forever and it just stays there…is it broken because I really need all these contacts and I backed them up on iTunes but I’m not sure it will work that way….

  • iyer

    hi simon, the process u explained here worked well for my iphone 3g as the OS i was using was 3.0. Now one of my friend need to jailbreak but he accidentally updated to OS 3.1. Weather need to follow the same process and what about the .ipsw file as we do not have OS 3.1 ipsw file. Please help me out with this.

  • Alaia

    I want to upgrade my iphone 2g 16gb from 2.2, I had upgrade/ jail break/ unlock it before using mac (pwnage) and it worked. And now I wanna upgrade it again to 3.0 using windows. I’ve downloaded the firmware and followed the steps above and it worked perfectly (the firmware too) until step. 6. Now my iphone had been restored and I’d turned it off. But when I’m gonna jailbreak it with the redsnow, and it asked to BROWSE the firmware that I had downloaded and used with the Itunes, it said “UNABLE TO RECOGNIZE SPECIFIED IPSW”

    What should I do? How come is it working on itunes but didn’t worked on redsnow?

  • menak

    hey for some reason it doesnt read the ipsw and whenever i search for it using redsnow it just shows all the folders and comes up blank
    it all downloaded ok just wont let me choose it as a file anybody…???

  • Anthea

    I thought I would be suffering with the stupid mistake but this works a treat thanks

  • Jim Frogge

    This work PERFECT! Even after I had done some dipsh!t thing like upgrading to the 3.1 on my Iphone 2G. My 1st try resulted in an error regarding the program and windows closing it down. However and per Simon’s instructions to try it again it could not have run any smoother!!! Thanks a BUNCH!!!!!! I now have an UL/JB Iphone!!!!! I’m delighted beyond my wildest thought!!!!!!!!!

    Jim Frogge

  • GENE

    I have a problem.. after following these instructions.. i am stuck at “DOWNLOADING JAILBREAK DATA….” i have been waiting for it to load for hours and nothing seems to happen.. pls help…

  • i need help!!! please ive been trying this many times… i continue using redsnow and it seems like Im doing the right thing, till the last stage which show the “downloading Jailbreak data…” until then nothing follows… and it back to icon which itunes connecting to usb …

    Iam using iphone 2g..
    Please help I need an urgent reply about this

  • antwan

    Well done. Many thanks. Every thing worked well, internet and all

  • Surya Rudraraju

    Hi Simon,
    I accidentally upgraded my 2G to OS 3.1 after several attempts i was able to downgrade OS from 3.1 to 3.0 and jailbreak it.

    Thanks a ton,

  • NaM

    The pictures said redsn0w 0.72 but why the instruction said to download 0.8?!
    And once I have downloaded it, redsn0w doesn’t have the “unlock” option?!

    • @NaM, please use redsn0w 0.8 which is the latest version. The usage of the application is the same as 0.72. I guess you’re using iPhone 3G. So, for unlocking, please first jailbreak your iPhone with redsn0w and then download ultrasn0w via cydia to unlock.

  • Janak

    Hi there

    Thanks for that. Worked like a charm……………thanks for all your help

  • Nick

    Hey Simon… I’m wanting to get the MMS update for 3G. My iPhone is currently jailbroken w/ redsn0w. If I follow these instructions again will the phone automatically pick up the MMS update? Or do I need to restore phone to factory with all updated firmware, then follow the process to jailbreak?

  • Nick

    Nevermind, just found the MMS carrier update download 😉

  • saeed


  • vishnu

    Hello simon!

    I have earlier updated my iphone 2g 8gb from firmware 1.1.4 to 2.2 using your post and it worked well.

    I am facing a serious problem now while trying to upgrade from firmware 2.2 to 3.0..during the middle of restore process,itunes says a error occurred while doing restore and its written in bracket error 10….my itunes was 8.1.1…could that be the problem????

    i have kept my phone still connected and download of 8.2 is going on…please help me out

    • @vishnu, please upgrade your iTunes to 8.2 or 9.0 and jailbreak again.

  • vishnu

    Hi simon…to continue on my above post

    the iphone “iphone” could not be restored.An unknown error occured(10)….this is the exact error message…….

  • YossiK

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks, follow your instruction I was able to move my 2g from OS2.2 to 3. w/o
    any problem.
    Some minor issues:
    I lost some applications such skype, facebook and couple of games after upgrade.
    It was not so important , already installed again..
    The only thing that really disturbe me, I also lost some files recorded by Cycorder…

    • @Yossik,

      That’s great! Next time, if you want to preserve your cycorder video file, I suggest you to backup via SSH.

      • YossiK

        Hi Simon,

        Thanks, I established SSH connection, but not sure where cycorder video storage is located on Iphone…
        Could you please advice?

  • raj

    hii simon how can we store the video files of cycorder to system…

  • Rabz

    Thank you so much for the great easy to use and user friendly instructions.

  • Prasad

    Hello Simon,

    Great detailed blog you have over here. I tried all the steps, downgraded to 3.0 as suggested, used the Redsnow for Jailbreak. But finally after everything all i see again is the Itunes icon with USB cable icon.

    I have a 8 gig Iphone 3G and it was accidently updated to Iphone 3.1. Please tell me how to get out of this stuck, as all i am seeing is Itunes with USB cable screen since long.

  • donovan

    Hello Simon
    Please help me here im having a problem.
    I done exactly as you said, i downloaded the files
    redsn0w,bootloader,firmware , and unzipped them. The problem comes in
    when i go to the itunes and hold down the shift key and click on restore, i get the options to choose the files, but the files when i click on the iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw, i get two file folders, fseventsd and firmware and both are empty, but when i view them in windows they not empty but cant open them.

    What am i doing wrong, i have no idea please please someone help me

    • @donovan, please try to download the iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw file again. Some browsers may automatically extract the ipsw file. So, try to use Firefox to download.

  • donovan

    just to let you know im using windows Xp home and version 2002, service pack 3, i dont know what im doing wrong please somone please help me out

  • Azim


    As per above instruction i finished the jailbreak process, but still it is same locked.
    can any one suggest me what i should do.

    • @Azim, please download ultrasn0w via Cydia and unlock your iPhone.

  • Azim

    after downloading jailbreak data it is directly restarting the iphone and not going for flashing NOR, etc. Showing as again locked (picture as data cable and itune logo connection).
    means i have to restart the jailbreak again. can any one suggest me where i am wrong.



  • Prasad

    Azim, i am in the same boat, my phone however does every thing from Restore to Jailbreak to showing Pineapple logo and then returns to itunes logo with usb screen. thats it it hasnt budged since.

  • Azim

    so what shal we do now

    pls help me out

  • Prasad

    Well same heere, i am stuck with an unusable phone. SIMON HELP!!!!

  • wow its easy and fast! thanks a lot!

  • mandiravathi

    It worked like a charm! Thanks a lot. I used iTunes to upgrade my iPhone from 1.1.4 to 3.0

  • Amit


    I am in India and I have my friends iPhone 2G with the ATT sim card in it. I did a Restore and Update and iTunes installed the 3.1 firmware. I later found out that there is no redsn0w for 3.1 so I downloaded the 3.0 firmware (iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw) and used redsn0w 0.8. All the steps listed above work, but the phone does not show the home screen. It still shows the USB -> iTunes screen with the option of Emergency calling. Any help would be appreciated here.

    – Amit

    • @Amit, try to follow this guide to downgrade your firmware to 3.0 first. And then you can use redsn0w to jailbreak again.

      • Amit

        Thanks Simon. I guess 80% of the job is done. I can now see the home screen. The downgrade to 3.0 + redsn0w worked. However, I am unable to get network coverage (carrier). I am trying various carrier sim cards and none of them are responding. I would appreciate if you can give my ship the last push…

        • Amit

          Alright Simon, I have things working like the way I want them to work. Thanks to a pdf that I found on a torrent site.

          After the steps you have mentioned above are complete, you need to
          1. use Cydia to download and install the latest Cydia packages,
          2. download and install the bootneuter package using Cydia
          3. flash the baseband using bootneuter

          and then, you are ready to roll.

          I’d appreciate if you can add these 3 instructions to the immaculately outlined steps in your blog.

          – Amit

  • Prasad

    Amit same thing like me, only thing is my is 3G and urs is a 2g. HELP HELP HELP

  • Amit

    guess what, the 3.1.2 is out now… so another redsn0w… another jailbreak 🙁

    • @Amit, thanks for the update. Yes, iPhone OS 3.1.2 is out. However, for jailbreaker, please do not upgrade to this version yet. The Redsn0w does not support the latest OS version. So, stay away from iPhone 3.1.2.

  • Prasad

    :(…Saala IPhone has become JEE ka JANJAAAL… 🙁

  • suman

    i just upgrade 2g 1.1.4 to 3.0 and working like a charm thanks thanks and thanks

  • Alex

    Thanks a lot. I am a real jailbreaker now!

  • LoOpz

    Thank You very much. I have followed all the instructions and it was a success. Thank You again very much!

  • vertew

    Just updated my iPhone 2G (already unlocked / jailbroken on 2.2.1) to 3.0 using redsn0w and iTunes 9.0. Went straight through with no problems at all. Is now working fine connecting to Orange UK. So thanks very much Simon – your instructions are just brilliant – incredibly clear. Didn’t time it exactly, but the actual redsn0w unlocking/jailbreaking bit from DFU to final iphone reboot was no more than 30 mins.

    Was a bit freaked by the problems some are having (sympathies) , but I knew I’d have to go to 3.0 at some point, so went for it. For info, here are some things I did to try an minimise problems … probably overkill + no idea whether it made any difference:
    – reset PC back to standard processor clock (eg. remove any overclocking)
    – unplug all other usb devices and hubs
    – restart PC from cold (eg. start from power off at mains)
    – shut down non critical apps / processes
    – plug iPhone cable directly into a motherboard usb port (eg. directly in PC)
    – then … start the process …

    I also checked hash values for the important files to make sure they really were properly downloaded (there are lot’s of free apps for this – try googling hashtab). For info, here are the SHA’s for the files I used [NOTE (a) these are for iPhone 2G files and (b) may change if file versions change above]:
    ‘BL-39.bin’ SHA-1 = 8ec565fe026d3f642dbe836c0fdc80f06844603b
    ‘BL-46.bin’ SHA-1 = fd4825ffe5727dcc30e4c70dc78908838d498822
    iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw SHA1 = 2AFD3F8EDE17390737F508473ED205506A0BD23F


  • Raj

    Thanks.. 🙂
    Works like a charm..I upgraded successfully to firmware 3.0 on my 2G iphone.

  • FelixJr

    Finally after a month of waiting i was able again to use my locked iphone!! Thankz Simon for the tips on downgrading iphone 2G from 3.1 to 3.0. It help a lot. I’ll be more careful next time upgrading my iphone. Definitely there are still plenty of iphone users still having the same problem as i have before. They’d better be tuned to this station!

  • Prasad

    Simon, how to go about the unlocking bit of my IPhone 3G which has been successfully downgraded and jailbroken from 3.1 to 3.0. I am seeing the springboard and it works fine. Only thing is theres no network, what is it that can be done for it as the baseband is still 5.11.07.

    Any way that this can work ?

  • Prasad

    Ok after everything, i come to conclusion that if you have downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0 and also jailbroken it, good enough but you will ONLY be able to unlock the phone now if you have the Bootloader version as 5.8 or lower and not 6.2 (which unfortunately i have).

    So net net..if you have 5.11 as baseband and 6.2 as Bootloader. Nothing can be done :)..So wait till the Dev Team returns with a solution till then its a Paper Weight Mode for IPhone 😛

  • Ow man Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You saved my life i accidently updated to 3.1.2 for which there is no hacktivation yet now it is working again =)

  • Azim

    Hi Simon,

    can u help me out pleasssssssse,
    I have downgraded my 3g 3.1 to 3.0. but the baseband is still 5.11.07.
    i tried fuzzy downgrader, but its not working.
    can u suggest me a link for an exact baseband downgrader.
    or any other option



  • Azim

    I Mean,

    I accidently upgraded my base band to 5.11.07 on my 3G, now i am back to FW 3.0 jailbroke and try to downgrade my baseband back to previous state but unfortunate i have 5.09 bootloader and i am not qualify with fuzzyband to downgrade BB to 4.26.08 . My question is there anyway to downgrade bootloader from 5.09 to 5.08 so i can use fuzzyband for unlocking my device ?

  • Krewmonkey

    Worked great for me in Vista 64.

  • Vrana

    Hi Simon,

    I have 32 GB – 3GS iPhone. I am using iTunes version

    On iPhone screen, it does shows only two screens

    (1) USB Cable connection with iTunes Logo
    (2) Emeragency Call option with various languages

    When I connect my iPhone with iTunes, it shows error message “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.”

    Please advise how can I use (jailbreak and unlock) my iPhone – OR – I would ask how can I use my iPhone with any simcard.

    Thanks in advance and Waiting for your reply.


  • Julian

    Just did it, after 3 tires, everything works. Except that i have no service, and that my phone cannot read my sim… I had no clue what to do, i think i lost all my contacts… Anyhow, what i did now is go safe, and went to 3.1.2. I hope to see all my contacts back.

  • @vrana: just run the redsnow and follow the procedure. while in the process you can check the box jailbreak and unlock…follow the procedure so on.. it will be then unlocked and jailbroken.

    @simon: after jailbroken and unlocked from 1.1.2 to 3.0, i can receive SMS but it CAN’T BE SAVED in inbox. how to fix this. thanks in advance.

  • Vrana

    @ Kian Castaneda:

    First of all thanks a lot for reply and sorry to bother you again.

    I tried to follow the same steps but it didnt workout. I am bit confused for IPSW file. If I tried to download “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.zip” for 3G from the link which you gave above then it is ZIP File contains many other compressed files insides and iTunes didnt recognize the them. Then I search “iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” file from google and then I tried to restore and it gives below error.
    “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. This device is not eligible for the requested build.”

    Kindly help…

    Once again sorry and thanks in advance if you can guide somewhat more to make my iPhone working.

    Best Regards,

  • LC

    dang nice work! Ive been looking for some to help on how to jailbreak my iphone 3g and didn’t fined anyone but this website:) tanks a much^^

  • Lee

    i seem to be stuck at step 2 because i cant choose my phone. whenever i click on iphone from itunes it says the sim card seems not to be supported.because im with tmobile…i then used my friends att sim card to jailbreak it .. this time i was able to choose my phone but theN I GOT STUCK AT STEP FOUR.. i held down the shift key and clicked restore but i wasnt able to find the file “7a341_restore” .. i went back and unzipped it. then i could find it but couldnt select anything.. help pleasee…am i even doing it right?

  • Azim

    Hi Simon,
    I need you help.
    Every time when i am jailbreaking my iphone 2g 8gb firmware 3.0 i am getting an error of “flash failed (Error 5)” while unlocking with bootneuter.
    Can you suggest me the solution, i need your help to solve this issue



  • Balakrishnan

    I tried to unlock Iphone 3G with 3.1 version. I followed all this procedures and it went on as per the steps indicated. But finally after rebooting, it again come back to the original status (emergency call) and is not recognising other network SIM. (I tried to unlock using windows Vista OS.

  • Ashish


    Thanks for the step by step process. I have updated to 3.0 successfully.

    I took a manual back up of my contacts file from /root/private/var/mobile/Library/AddressBook. After updating to 3.0 i replaced the back up file at the same location but i do not see the contacts on my iphone.
    It will be great it you can help me out with this else i would lose hundreds of my contact details.

    Thanks again.

  • Balakrishnan

    I am having Iphone 3G with latest firmware 3.1.2. Can you guide me to unlock it.

    • @Balakrishnan,

      For now, there is no way to unlock firmware 3.1.2.

      • Ron


        There is a way to unlock 3.1.2 as well. try Blackra1n – I updated my version to 3.1.2 and later cracked it – all the best.

  • Azim

    i have an iphone 2g 8gb, while restoring 3.0 FW it gets stucks at the end and could not be completes. I tried several time but still same.
    Can anybody help me in solving this problem.

  • hi all
    bit of a newbie but i accidently upgraded to 3.1.2 via itunes the other day and got locked out of my phone i was using an o2 sim and was a bit stumped as it should have still worked so i called apple and they told me i had an american iphone which explained why the o2 sim didnt work

    i did this tutorial earlier and now i have an unlocked jailbroken iphone

    not sure how i did it but i did a hard reset before i did the downgrade

    hope this helps others

  • Mike

    hey Simon.. i just had a quick question for u.. if the iphone is on version 3.1.2, is there a way i could downgrade it to 3.0, i mean like to unlock it.. i think if i restore it thru redsn0w wouldnt it automatically bring it back to 3.0, please let me know .. thank u in advance.. your step by step guide is very helpful

  • farra

    simon, i have unlocked my phone via quickpwn.
    can i continue jailbreak using redsnow?

  • MK

    Hi Simon:

    I have recently upgraded my iPhone 2G to iphone 3.0 software. The phone works fine except for some issue with incoming calls.

    Some times my iphone gets into a weird state, where it doesn’t receive any incoming calls. The caller gets a message that my phone is switched off. I don’t see any problem with the network, I see full signal in the phone and at the same time I don’t have any problems making outgoing calls and SMS.

    There is a workaround for this, but it is very annoying. I can receive incoming calls only after few mins after I make an outgoing call. It is really annoying to just make some dummy calls for every few mins to keep the phone in a ‘alive’ state to receive incoming calls.

    Is anyone else having this problem ?

    I upgraded it twice but still I have the same problem.

    Please advise …


    • @MK, I do not experience the problem. But, one possible solution is to re-jailbreak your iPhone. Anyone can help MK?

  • SBM

    @Simon NG

    It’s been a month since I posted this question below. You haven’t answered it. If you don’t know the answer please tell me you don’t know right now instead of ignoring me.

    SBM September 27, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    THe same here. Backing up my iPhone takes forever and it just stays there…is it broken because I really need all these contacts and I backed them up on iTunes but I’m not sure it will work that way….

    • @SBM, what version of iTunes are you using? Are you using iTunes 9.0.1?

  • Tommy

    I got it unlock but i cant update it to the latest firmware. If you updat it to 3.1.2 it will not work so dont update it

  • Jesus Inzunza

    I just finished upgrading my 2G iPhone from 2.1 to 3.0 OS and it went smoothly, I followed everything that this page said and also read some of the coments from the users.

    It took me about 25 minutes to finish the upgrade, I did use this comment from Ziggie:

    Ziggie July 15, 2009 at 1:05 pm
    Vista Users:

    What you have to do is right click the redsn0w application and go to “properties”. Then you select the “Compatibility” tab, and then make sure “Run this program in compatibility mode” is checked and the OS compatiblity is under “Windows XP (Service Pack 2)”. Then click on “Apply”.

    Now when you open the program, right click again and “Run as administrator”

    I don’t know if that helped or not, but I did it with no problems.

    THANKS every one 😀

  • sal

    hey simon bro ..i need ur help ..asap ..i got me iphone 2g updated to fir-3.0 and when i tried to restore back up file …it got fkd up ..now it just starts the apple logo comes ..and …does nothin …i tried ..to restore it with fir 3.0 again ..and 1.1.4 dosent work …it says …firm not supported…plz…man …tell me what should ..i do …all my contact’s around 1600 r in i tunes..plz…save my i phhone soul ….sis….plz .

  • sal

    hey simon bro ..i need ur help ..asap ..i got me iphone 2g updated to fir-3.0 and when i tried to restore back up file …it got fkd up ..now it just starts the apple logo comes ..and …does nothin …i tried ..to restore it with fir 3.0 again ..and 1.1.4 dosent work …it says …firm not supported…plz…man …tell me what should ..i do …all my contact’s around 1600 r in i tunes..plz…save my i phhone soul ….sis….plz .(save iphone soul)

  • Jim Frogge

    WHYYYYY?? Why would a brand new sims card not be recognized by an unlocked Iphone 2G when it sees an older sims I use in another Iphone 2G?? The sims card was bought brand new and works in the Samsung AT&T phone it came with. And as I said, I can use an older sims and it (the Iphone) works fine and dandy! Once I pop in the new sims card it finds nothing!? Anyone!?!?!?

  • rommel ramos

    i have an iphone 2g fw3.0 and i think its already jailbroken coz there’s alreadya winterboard app on it.. but the thing is when i use the winterboard and click on a theme, all of them are working,the lockscreen is working,the dock is working , the icon changes all except for the springboard background,it stays black, why is that?
    hope you could help me shed some light on this.. thanx & GOdbless!!

  • Tommy

    Thank simon you are the best now i get what am looking for which is cydia app.

  • George`

    Once I jailbreak my IPhone can it be updated say back to ver 3.1 or the latest 3.1.2?

  • Jim Frogge

    Unlocked, now what? Unlocked and JB a 2G with no problems…none! Thanks, Simon! However, I bought a AT&T GoPhone but my unlocked Iphone does not recognize the newer sims card!? I have an older (about 1yr old) pay as you go sims ( looks identical to the new one) and it works FINE! and DANDY! Can someone tell me why the newer GoPhone sims isn’t being recognized by an unlocked Iphone??
    Tomorrow I’m off to plop down another $25 at ATT for another sims card….maybe this one will work!??! Input appreciated folks!? Anyone?? Email me [email protected] if you want! Thanks!!

    • Jim Frogge

      OK…here’s the answer to my own post. I’ve no idea why but the sims from the Walmart GoPhone was not recognized in my unlocked 2G. However, I purchased one from an ATT store and it worked fine. All problems gone and now a happy customer!!

  • Bles

    Hi Simon,
    Is the OS 3.1 available for jailbroken 2G iphone (Windows XP) now?
    Is it possible to have MMS on my jailbroken 2G iphone? If so, which application do I have to install?
    Many thanks!

  • Ron


    Hi Simon – please throw up some light on my query here.

    My iphone got updated to 3.1.2 now a dealer here says he will downgrade and then initiate a JB and Unlck on it.

    Is this safe and if it is successful will there be any issues on the phone.

    Earlier one of my friend clicked on itunes and it searched something further rebooted and went on to emergency screen.

    PLEASE provide some inputs from ur end.


    • @Ron, you can now use blackra1n & blacksn0w to jailbreak and unlock iPhone OS 3.1.2. No need to downgrade the iPhone OS. I’ll put up the guide soon.

      • Arthur

        Hello Simon,

        Can i use redsnow 0.72 wi 3.1.2 firmware to my iphone 3GS and to unlock it as well?

        with the same procedure?

  • Ramki

    Might be 8-10 months late. But, i unlocked my 2G phone today. It is never too late to say thanks. The process went very smoothly and the instructions were perfect.

    • MK

      Hi Ramki:

      Please look at my post on Oct 27, 2009. Please keep an eye on your 2G phone with 3.0 s/w and let me know if you run into the same problem that I have.


  • alfredcth

    Simon, I think I will be your fans soon (with so many followers, 130 pages to print) I just order the newest 3GS from online store as birthday gift to my wife. It will arrive at about 20th Nov. I still use Palm 650 never use apple stuff before. I just wonder which guides of yours I should follow. In your reply to Ron November 5, 2009 at 2:07 am, you are going to launch another guide. Is that the one I should look at. Besides, according to an Hong Kong blog, there is no perfect jail break for 3.1.2 (the newest I guess) yet. Is it true ?

    • @alfredcth, glad that you love my blog and join the iPhone party! I have posted the jailbreak guide for blackra1n. As you’re using the latest batch of iPhone 3GS, you can only tethered jailbreak your iPhone. You can check it out here for details.

  • alfredcth
  • manish sharma

    after doing all these prosses sucsefully this is not working iphone is still unlock why?

    • @manish, did you download ultrasn0w (via cydia) after jailbreak? Ultrasn0w can unlock your iPhone.

      If it still doesn’t work for you, alternatively, you can try to use blackra1n & blacksn0w for the jailbreak and unlock. These are the latest jailbreak and unlock tools for iPhone running OS 3.1.2. You can follow this jailbreak guide for detailed procedures.

  • Aditya

    I am really thankful…. 🙂

  • Prasad


    The http://www.blackrain.com offers you the ultimate and easiest jailbreak ever. Just restore ur iPhone to 3.1.2 and then use the blackrain.exe to jailbreak it. Now using ur wifi connection, download Cydia and the Unlock tool available with the Blackrain app, which would be available on the Springboard. That’s it urs will be unlocked.

    GREATLY – The baseband and bootloader version isnt a worry and mine was 5.11 and 6.0 respectively and it worked like charm.

    Donate some amount to Blackrain if you like how it works, i did coz i found myself elated after months of non working iPhone.

    • @Prasad, thanks for your tip. I’ve written a jailbreak guide for blackra1n. You may refer it here.

  • Omar

    Finally a tutorial that really works….

  • alfredcth

    simon, in your reply, I do not known what is meant by “tethered jailbreak”. shame on me. can you advise such stupid question.

  • Andrei


    It worked so well for me!!

    Soft I was using:

    iTunes = 9.2
    iPhone 2G 16GB / Software version 1.1.4

    Only fault is I forgot to back up which I thought wasn’t a problem for me since all my contacts were on the sim card! Now it will not import my Sim contacts, still trying. The process couldn’t have erased my SIM as well could it??

  • Azim

    Hi Simon i need your help,

    i have an iphone 2g 8gb, while restoring 3.0 FW or any othr FW it gets stucks at the end and could not be completed and shows only “restoring firmware” and not exceeding. I tried several time but still same.
    can you help me solving this problem.

    • @Azim, not too sure what goes wrong. But did you try to put your iPhone into DFU mode before restoring the firmware?

  • Azim

    Dear Simon,

    I have tried with DFU mode as well but still it stucks at the end showing restoring FW. is there any hardware problem.
    I tried to restore customs FW, it worked once but WiFi was not working and showing me flashing erreor while unlocking. that means it was locked and no WiFi.
    When i tried with “iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw” FW it gets stuck.
    Can u help me,
    also how can i remove flashing error 5 while restoring customs FW.



  • mashi

    it works fine! love it 😀

  • hafiz shekar

    hey azim,

    why dont you try hurling your phone out your window…that might work…you dimwit…silly idiot dont even know to do a small jailbreak!!!!

  • Azim

    Hey Hafiz,

    To start jailbrak i need to install FW, which is not possible. I think you did not understand my problem.
    and what do u mean by hurling your phone out your window.
    Why did you replied me, |My qutn was for simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suresh

    I did it successful in the first attempt.
    updated from 2.2.1 to 3.0 of my 2G iphone.
    Great work man.

  • sonu

    Hi Simon,

    Need help urgently. jailbroke iphone 3g from firmware 2.2 to 3.0 and unlocked using ultrasnow, ever since been experiencing major battery problems. Location services, notifications, everything turned off. Been charging it for hours and hours, battery doesnt go above 10% charge, stays in red only. Then it depletes and turns off automatically while still plugged in then restarts automatically and keeps repeating cycle while never going above 10% charge. What should I do?

    If i try to restore using Itunes, it says it will restore and update software, but will that cause iphone to become permanently locked?

    • @sonu,

      It’s ok to restore to the latest version (i.e. 3.1.2) of iPhone OS. You can use blackra1n & blacksn0w for jailbreak and unlock. If you need further information, check out this jailbreak guide for details.

  • pocket

    i did everything and it said that its successfully jailbroken, but theres no cydia, what am i doing wrong?

  • allanz19

    thanks i learned a lot

  • dm

    if u guys are having problems jailbreaking using vista.
    just right click the redsnow.exe and run as administrator.
    it’ll work.

  • CRUG

    Please help!! I have now been trying to get this to work for 12 hours. I have a 2G jailbroken iphone on 2.1os. I followed all above instructions to the letter. The 1st stage ran for 6.5-7 mins and then stoped with a 1603 error. I have tried everything to resolve including: Re-install Itunes, try itunes version 8.2 and the latest 9, re-booted PC, tried different USB, taken sim from phone, restarted Apple Phone app, logged in as a new user, reset Sync history etc etc. I have followed all of Apples list to resolve it with no luck. I must of tried it 20 times. I am running XP in administrator.

    I now have an iBrick! It now remains on with the itunes symbol and usb lead. Any ideas would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.

  • Crug

    I think I have found the problem 🙂 I have now downloaded the 3.0 firmware again using firefox rather than IE. It seems to now be working. Only 12 hours of my life wasted trying to update the phone so the wife can play a bl**dy app that would not work on 2.1. Thank you for this page. Brilliant!!

  • theresa

    i cannot believe how many people hav used this

  • theresa

    when i was restoring
    it said that there was an error
    and when i finished the rest of the steps
    i didnt get cydia
    help me

    • @theresa, what’s the error? If you got problem with redsn0w, you can also try out blackra1n, which is the most up-to-date jailbreak tool.

  • Alex

    Hi Simon,

    I think this must be the most informative site on iphone.

    I have a jalibroken and unlocked (using Ziphone) 1.1.4 phone and is planning to upgrade to 3.0 today using your advise. Is this ok? Will I have to do ultrasnow also in the end?

    My system is a Vista. Would that be a issue as I see many people posting that Xp is better.

    Simon, can you also help on how to transfer the photos stored in your iphone to Vista or XP? I think this is a topic that many people are posting and so far no correct response has been given.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.


    • @Alex, great to hear that you enjoy reading the post. For photo transfer, you can further check out this post. Other than using SSH, you can also use DiskAid to transfer files directly from iPhone to your computer.

  • Alex

    Dear Simon,

    Thanks for responding to my point and I must say that is a good quality you have – responding to users queries.

    Can you clear one point. What is the major difference between 3.0 and 3.1.2. Also if I need to upgrade from 1.1.4 to 3.1.2 (if it is better than 3.0) then do I need to1st upgrade from 1.1.4 to 3.0 using redsnow as you have given above and then use blackrain to move from 3.0 to 3.1.2? Or can I do it in 1 step using blackrain to move from 1.1.4 to 3.1.2? Do you think former reduces the chances of problems?

    I see that people who have used blackrain still has issues. Are they all solvable?


    • @Alex,

      You can check out this post about the new features of iPhone OS 3.1. I recommend you to upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1.2. Even you’re using 1.1.4, you can directly use blackra1n and upgrade to 3.1.2.

      • alex

        Thanks Simon.

        But then I understand most of these features available in 3.1.2 will not work on a 2G phone.

        Am I right?


  • alex

    Dear Simon,

    Just to let you know that today I got some time and I tried the update. It worked really fine and without any issues at all.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.


  • Udaman69


    I have a jailbroken 2g iphone running 1.1.4 with firmware 4.4.5_g

    Can i use this procedure to bring the unit up to date?

    • Udaman69

      oops, i see above :~)

  • veljko

    uys i have donloaded the firmwe for 2g n somethin is wrong….the icon isnt thrlike in the file :P….most of things inside are notes n stuff 😛

    • @veljko, what browser are you using? Some browsers may mis-recognize the firmware file as a zip archive. Please try to download it again using Firefox browser.

  • kwesi banson

    I have successfully gone through the jailbreak process but my iphone 3g does not detect Wifi. please heeeeeelp.

  • Ellis Dee

    It worked on my iphone 2g
    several things to note
    Itunes was at the activation page and running in the background,after reinstalling the 3.0 from itunes (using 9.0 btw)
    RedsnOw was crashing on my desktop during just after “waiting on reboot” phase.
    Worked fine on my laptop- Both are running Windows 7.
    Might of been my anti-virus firewall settings. set it to treat redsOw as a installer or updater under the Comdo Firewall-Virus I am using.

    Tried Many other methods received errors like 1600 and 10 all over the place all on my desktop machine went through this one time on my lap top and worked well!
    so it does work.

    Try a different machine it might be chip set sensitive maybe USB controller picky.
    The DFU mode is slightly tricky I looked at a You tube video before this during many attempts and tons of reading,its pretty stright forward once you get it,not very hard really.

    So this does work on 2g’s ,it is worth the time to try this method on several different machines, before you waste more time on other methods when it might be just machine picky.

    Also the are two other one time automatic setups it go’s through when the iphone reboots that take several minutes a piece.

    Good Luck

  • jeet

    Very smoothly done!…

  • MASH

    I have an iPhone 3G Version 3.0 and Modem Firmware 04.28.08. Should I still follow step 2 with downloading the 3.0 firmware and everything?

  • 3m50

    Went from 1.1.4 to 2.2.1 flawlessly. then, after bout a week most apps wouldn’t open, it would just crash to the desktop. So then I upgraded to 3.0 flawlessly & I love it! On a IPhone 2G

  • Dispair

    Hi Simon, tried to jailbreak but instead it became a blank screen with the apple logo.. What should I do? I have tried holding the start button n middle button but it still does not work. iTunes isn’t able to detect the phone. Could u help ?

    • @Dispair, I suggest you to use blackra1n for the jailbreak. Blackra1n is the latest version of jailbreak tool and it’s easy to use. Let me know if it works for you.

  • Bles

    Hi Simon, I also have the same problem. My 2G iphone was not charging fully and it could not be synched with itunes (itunes could not detect the phone). So I tried to do a phone reset but now the phone is continuously starting up and sometimes it shows that apple-usb-itunes logo after holding the home and power buttons simultaneously. But when i try to connect the usb into my laptop, the itunes does not detect the phone. I’ve tried re-installing itunes many times. I’ve also tried different usb cables on different computers, the phone is still not detected. Please help me man. what else can i do to bring my phone back to life?

    • @Bles,

      You may try to follow the jailbreak procedure described in this guide to recover your iPhone.

  • Ali Hijazi

    hello I have a 2g 1.1.4 iphone
    I downloaded iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw which upgraded my iphone to 2.2 however when I ran QuickPwn22 it didn’t recognize the ipsw file and so my iphone is now locked
    if I launch itunes it tells me the sim card is not supported

    what shall I do?
    Please help

  • This saved my live man… I finaly got my phone back


  • pat pat

    hi simon.. is this guide also good for my iphone 3gs? thank u

  • dell

    it’s work great on my iphone 2G. But wonder if i could reinstall to the same version? how does the procedures like?

  • ryan

    This didnt work for me… It said for me it couldn’t restore because an unknown error had occurred, i have read previous comments and people have said that you need iTunes 8.2… well since then there has been an updated version and is now on 9.0.2, anyone have any ideas/help?

  • hm.. something didn’t work well at all…
    Now i don’t have “mobile network” …
    i’m in spain (movistar).

  • Carlos Mtez

    I followed your guide to upgrade from 2.2.1 to 3.0 in my 1st gen iphone (2G), using the newest version of Itunes (9).
    All steps worked fine, but I’m unable to re-sync my data since Itunes is saying it found an iphone in ‘Recovery Mode’ and I need to restore from factory setting in order to use Itunes.

    What can I do to recover my data?


    • @Carlos,

      Seems you haven’t completed the jailbreak process properly. I suggest you check out the updated guide and use blackra1n to jailbreak it.

  • Hello!

    I went through the jailbreak process. Until I get to the part where the iPhone shows a graphic of a hard drive with the green arrow and says “Downloading Jailbreak Data…” On the computer it says that the process is finished and to click “done”. The phone and the computer aren’t showing consistency, and my iPhone just keeps on going with the “Downloading Jailbreak Data”. What’s up? It’s been like this for 10 minutes now.


    • Ok so it finally rebooted but no Cydia is on the phone? I have a iPhone 2G Version 3.0, used Redsn0w. Unlocked the phone and chose the option to download Cydia as well. As soon as it rebooted, phone looks the same, no Cydia.

  • rachel

    thank you so much, just recently got an unlocked (1.1.2) 2g and had no idea what to do… used your 2.0 jailbreak and then this one and they both worked like a dream. i’m not the most technically-able, either, so, thanks again!

  • maxime


    want to thank you for a great job keep it up.

    i just upgrade and jailbreak my iphone 2g to OS 3.0 using itune 9.0.3

    and it worked perfectly without any problems

    thank’s again

  • malik

    hi simon gd job , i successfully fix my youtube and video cam by cycorder by using ur instructions.
    Thanks a lot

  • belinda

    hi… i am having trouble with the ipsw file as i upgraded my iphone to 3.1.2 then it became locked (as before this i jailbroke it with blackrain) since then I have been unable to do the restore through itunes as you suggested in the first step.. any suggestions?

    • @belinda, did you use blacksn0w to unlock it? After blackra1n jailbreak, you can launch cydia and download blacksn0w to unlock your phone.

      • Belinda

        hey simon.. i used blackrain to jailbreak it… but it says that it has done it.. and comes up with the ‘thank you for using blackrain’ screen at the end and the ‘done.. wait for reboot’ but doesn’t ever reboot?
        and the blackrain icon is not on the iphone….. i have jailbroked before successfully on the same phone (before upgrade) but can’t seem to get it right this time…
        thanks for your time

  • Mukesh

    Hi,I would like to thank all the people associated with wonderful and easy to understand guide to jailbreak and unlock iPhone. I was able to upgrade my 2g iPhone from 2.1 version to 3.0 successfully without much difficulty except fro putting iPhone in DFU mode,but with 2-3 tries I was able to do it.
    Again many thanks and all the best to the people associated with site.You guys rock !!!
    — Mukesh Yadav

  • yone

    i have read the aricle nnd it looks so helpfull…i am about to jailbreak my iphone now but is the links to the sotwares to download in this article enough… i mean is there any software i have to buy or something?…simon thanks alot

    • @yone,

      Yes, that’s enough. You do not need to purchase any software. All jailbreak tools are free for download.

  • Nishh

    hey Simon…….can i jailbreak my iphone 3gs MC model………its 3.1.2 version????? modem firmwire – 05.11.07??? i am confused………..!!

    • @Nishh,

      You can use blackra1n to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS. Check out the guide here.

  • ajay

    Hello Simon,

    Many thanks for posting the upgrade in user friendly (especially for technologically handicapped person like me) manner. I am planning to upgrade my unlocked (using Ziphone) 2G Iphone 1.1.4 version to firmware 3.0 using your steps listed above.

    My questions is: Do you suggest that I follow the steps mentioned by you or do I need to do anything else (reset etc) as it is already unlocked?



    • @ajay,

      I suggest you to upgrade your phone to firmware 3.1.2. You can follow the jailbreak guide here.

  • CT

    Hey Simon,

    So my iPhone (1st generation) was originally unlocked, but I updated today not thinking…so now when I plug it in it says “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.” It doesn’t even show my iPhone information so I can’t click on restore or anything. Is there anything I can do to get it back to how it was before? Thanks!

    • @CT,

      I think you need jailbreak your iPhone again. Follow the instructions mentioned in this post to get started.

  • georges rizk

    I am having difficulties…everything is working perfectly until the “waiting for reboot” at the end…any ideas? it wont move past that stage.

    using redsn0w .8

    iphone 1st gen 16gb

  • levic

    worked like a charm!yeeeeey!

  • Pinz

    It worked beautifully and the directions were very easy to follow. There are many other sites but i would recommend your blog. Great Job!!
    Thanx alot simon.

  • pummy

    Thanks a lot ! It worked smoothly on my iphone 2g. Had big problems figuring out the process before. Did it on Vista with no problem.

  • georges rizk

    i have iphone 3g with bootloader 5.9 any solution for jail break and unlock?

  • Ashlie Marie

    I’m curious, does it HAVE to be iTunes 8.2? Or can I use the 9.1 version that Apple has me updated to?

    • @Ashlie,

      Haven’t tested the procedures with iTunes 9.1. But I think it should be okay.

  • Noel

    you are a savior this thing worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks bro

  • newradgirl

    Thank you. Very easy to follow and straight to the point.

  • marion

    unknown error occurred (0xE8000015) whats this all about ?my phone is stuck with emergency thingy …help me !! thanks

  • marion

    YES !!! i finally unlocked it wew ! i find it HARD but i enjoyed :)))))) yipee !!! thanks for sharing :))and i dont have to waste any money now coz i already know how to do it 🙂 thumbs up !

  • KHAN

    Hell yeah ….i m done .its over ..i have updated ,jailbroke and unlocked my iphone .
    U R Awesome

  • chinita10

    thank you!!!

  • padmakar

    Thank you so much for this..It worked

  • kamal

    thanks a lot man it has been a really helpful tool for me

  • Peter

    Hi Simon,
    I have 3G with 3.0.1 version which is a apple refurb’s phone and locked to AT&T. I don’t have data plan as it was bought from best buy.

    What is the best way to jailbreak ? Should I update the phone to 3.1.3 before jailbreaking ? I don’t want to unlock the carrier but just want to jail break the phone.

    Please assist as what is the best approach ?

  • Peter

    I couldn’t wait to break it and I followed the instructions. All is well now. Thanks a lot.

    • AJ

      Hi Peter,

      Did you unlock your iphone 3.0.1 or just jailbreak it? How did you do it?




  • AJ

    Hi Simon,
    I am still stuck on iphone os 3.0.1 and badly want to unlock it since I will be travelling abroad. Unfortunately apple has stopped authenticating any update below 3.1.3 and I have no way to upgrade to 3.1.2 and use blackra1n. I am not sure redsnow still works for 3.0.1 since authentication will not work during restore and I will probably be bricked. Please HELP!

    • @AJ, what happened when you used blackra1n to jailbreak? It should work with iPhone OS 3.1.2. Just a kind reminder, please do not upgrade to 3.1.3 if you need to unlock your phone.

      • AJ

        Simon, I am still on 3.0.1 and apple doesnt let me upgrade to 3.1.2 (they only allow 3.1.3 upgrades and I obviously dont want to do that). From my understanding, blackra1n doesn’t work on 3.0.1. Looks like I am kind of stuck in no man’s land.

  • Kumar

    This is magic…i did it myself….works like a charm. Thanks a lot for this..your guide with the screenshots is amazing…

  • This is very helpful, I have successfully upgraded my iPhone.. So thanks a lot for share this information.


    Hi Simon,

    you are the BEST OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD when it comes to unlocking and jailbreaking iPhone 2G’s. I waited 2 long years with my iPhone 2G which was useless and was used only for calling ans text and no other App would work as it was not unlocked and jailbroken correctly the first time around.

    Now i did it all by myself and that too in Vista and worked smoothly in flat 17 mins.

    Also i have a question to ask. i had cycorder before now it is gone. Also how should i start downloading free apps going forward into my iphone?

    And will it be alright from now onwards if i synch my iphone to iTunes to upload songs and movies into the iphone?

    And should i still stick to iTunes 8.2 or okay to update to latest iTunes ver and synch my iPhone (OS 3.0), just worried that if i do so then it might get locked.

    Thank once again mate. you are the BEST and i will never forget you.

  • notoriousOmi

    hello simon,
    my iphone was 3Gs , and i upgrade to 3.1.3 by itune. mine was unofficial unlock, i.e , my ph got SIM locked. what’s my future ? and also i can’t restore my iphone. is there any software that unlock both SIM and jb ?

  • Max

    Dear Simon, I try to JB ad UL my old 2G but, despite I follow all your steps and despite the SW at the end of the process says: your iPhone has been successfully JB” this is not true as I still can make only emergency call and cannot unlock it. What may be the problem…?

    Tks and Rgds.

  • Cindy

    Hi Simon, i just inheretied from my bro in law his iphone 3gs 32gb. I have activated it , its OS 4 and have been using it fine with att. I want to add the ablity to download attachments (i guess using cydia ifile/Attachmentsaver apps). Seems i need to Jailbreak my phone first? then do i download cydia so i can buy applications from their store? How do i jailbreak my phone as I saw that you cant use these instructions for 3GS.

    Your help Simon is appreciated.

  • Amit

    hi Simon,

    I am having a 3GS with OS 4.0 in it. It was jailbroken with 3.1.3. The guy who owns it was a fool to Upgrade to iOS 4.0 and now he wants to jailbreak it. The problem is, iPhone 3GS is not going back to 3.1.3 / 3.1.2 using the Recovery Mode.

    Help !

  • LEX

    Im a 2g, 3.0.1 Jau’d with redsnow v.8 using your excellent help, thank you. ONly thing is my youtube doesnt work. says it cant connect. Ive seen youtube fixes at other places in your blog that relate to blackra1n, but not redsnow.
    I dont want to leave 3.0.1, but will listen to you.
    what should I do?

  • chankhaito

    thanks this is the best and easy…

  • chankhaito

    hi good morning SIMON. i’d already done this jailbreaking i have 1.1.2 firmware before and now i’m using 3.0. but now the reason why i jailbreak my phone is to have a cydia and costumized a theme for my iphone but i got a prob i can’t install winterboard every time i tried to search WINTERBOARD nothing’s happen. and now the newer version for my iphone is 3.1.3 is it ok if i upgrade it or is there a chance to get a prob by upgrading my iphone to 3.1.3.

  • peter

    thank you very much!!! 😀

  • marsha

    help i was in the middle of restoring and a error came up saying “could not be restored. a unknown error occurred (1015)” i have a 3G and i did download the latest itunes but it still wont work .. someone please help me!!!!

  • ice

    thanks sooOooo much! im from the philippines & your guide worked very well for me!
    actually for 2x… after the 2nd time it crashed, i wasnt able to save your site & checked other’s site on how to use redsnow but it took me a whole day but kept on crashing again & again, so after approx 7hours in the comp, i searched for your specific site & viola!!! just did it ONCE!!! and my phone is back to working (jailbreaked & unlocked) again!!!
    thanks soooOOOOoo much..
    so if you ever come across this site on how to use redsnow & it worked well for you, bookmark this page & dont make a mistake on checking out other sites & waste precious TIME (like i did)
    CONGRATS again & GOOD job!!!



    Hi Simon,

    Its me once again… and this time it is to do with “Youtube”.

    Same question as LEX….”m a 2g, 3.0.1 Jau’d with redsnow v.8 using your excellent help, thank you. ONly thing is my youtube doesnt work. says it cant connect. Ive seen youtube fixes at other places in your blog that relate to blackra1n, but not redsnow. I dont want to leave 3.0.1, but will listen to you.

    what should I do?”

    You don’t seem to reply atall… PLS HELP

  • praveen

    hurray! it worked for me. great help. Thanks a lot.

  • Nitin

    Cheers..!!! I did it ..!! with Simons detailed illustration I could manage to upgrade my 2G – 1.1.4 to 3.0 with redsnow.
    Thanks a lot. Everything works perfect.
    Pls guide me how do i install interesting applications.


    I have jailbroken my phone using ur steps above…but now the problem is…my cydia stops working …i hav upgraded d cydia….and now when i tap CYDIA…..”Loading Data”…. and it goes back to homescreen…..what can I do ???
    Please, help me!!!
    Paula / Brasil

  • Mahmood

    i did every thing and goes will, put the wifi in not working and the signal is ni serching mode, what to do

  • Ganesh

    Can this jailbreak & upgrade be done using Itunes 10?

    • Not tested. But I think it’s okay.

  • Rock

    My phone (3.2.1) was unlocked before with Blackrain but I had problem with Cydia and was unable to remove Cydia. I did upgrade to 4.2.1 and than went through all the steps.
    I did follow the procedure and everything went fine. I can connect through Wifi but the phone keep searching for the service. I am using T-Mobile.
    Any suggestion?


  • Rock

    the phone stopped searching and now I have no service.
    When I go in settings carriers is automatic and I get a popup with “Unable to load network list”

    • mayank

      need help… ma phone version is 1.1.4 nd wenva i try to upgrade from ur 3g file .. it says that firmware is not compatible

  • rayoutha

    help… i stuck in ” download jailbreak data”

  • rayoutha

    thank you it’s works for me, but i have another problem that i cant sync my back up data 🙁

  • tommy

    hi Simon is there solution to jailbreak i phone 4 bass band 03.10.01 yet? please tell me.
    thank in advance.

    • @tommy,

      I think you’re referring to “unlock”. As of now, there is no solution for unlockiing iPhone 4 with baseband 03.10.01.

  • Bindanoe S.

    Thank You for this guide!!

  • Sungwhan

    Hi Simon,
    Nice guide!
    I upgraded my unlocked, jailbroken, firmware 1.1.4 iphone to 3.0 successfully using your guide. Thanks. Everything seems working fine other than cydia. cydia still crashes.

  • edvardas from lithania

    thenks for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    My iphone 3GS i currenty having 3.1.2 (7D11) version,every time i connect to my laptop itunes gives me the alert to update to 4.3.3 versios but when i connect, it runs up to 250MB then it stops and tell me that there is internet connection error but there is not…so i want u to help what i should do..??? At first i thought because it not jailbroke may be but after i read ur reasons of jailbreaking i knew it is not.Please help me.

  • Sachin

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your guide. I did it successfully. Thanks a lot bro.

  • Mert

    Very thanks :))

  • Mike

    At my iPhone 2G, everything is going good. But one thing is not good, doesn’t show this flashing NOR, why???

  • Janet

    Hi Simon,

    I used RedSnow to jailbreak my iphone 3G (v. 4.2.1) and Cydia to unlock using your great instructions. Same thing happened as when I tried with another site awhile ago, all goes fine until I call T-Mobile, switch out the SIM card and there is no way to select the carrier in the Settings menu – the bar is simply missing. T-Mobile seems baffled and I don’t get any answers Googling the problem. Have I missed a step? T-Mobile had me try to make a call but no luck. Any idea why there would be no carrier/network selection in the menu? Many thanks.

    • If you plan to use t-mobile, you have to disable 3G before using ultrasn0w unlock.

  • Janet

    Yes Simon, I did disable the 3G and the select carrier option still did not appear. Mduhon2 noted that Apple made it impossible to jailbreak v. 4.2.1 and suggested downgrading the phone to an earlier version. Tried that but itunes is giving me an error message when i try to restore to an earlier version. Think I’ll post the phone on Craig’s list cause I just don’t see a way to get it to work. ;-( Thanks for the help, though. I still think your instructions for jailbreak and unlock are the best I’ve run across.

  • Janet

    Yes Simon, I did disable the 3G and the select carrier option still did not appear. Mduhon2 noted that Apple made it impossible to jailbreak v. 4.2.1 and suggested downgrading the phone to an earlier version. Tried that but itunes is giving me an error message when i try to restore to an earlier version. Think I’ll post the phone on Craig’s list cause I just don’t see a way to get it to work. ;-( Thanks for the help, though. I still think your instructions for jailbreak and unlock are the best I’ve run across.

    joestump – thanks, I visited the link but it was Greek to me. IPSW file? I wouldn’t even begin to know…I’m the dweeb who’s only using my iphone to sync my work calendar and email – no phone service cause I simply can’t figure it out so these types of instructions are way over my head. Pitiful…

  • Kris

    Hi Simon, I have an iphone 2G, which was jailbroken by a friend of mine probably 6 months ago. I do have ATT service but since it’s 2G i really don’t want to pay for data plan. It worked okay for six months (with a few dropped calls) but suddenly last week it stopped getting service. Everytime I restart it gets service for probably 30 seconds and looses it. So I followed your instructions (best i have found so far, used the exact same boot loader) but used 3.1.3 FW instead and downloaded it from, http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ . It installed FW properly but redsnow 0.9.4 version that I found (multiple of those that I tried) just would not recognize it. So I downloaded 3.1.2 FW version and thought let me try and see if redsn0w likes it or not? And it did. It went through the whole process as you’ve described. Everything was hunky dory for 2-3 days and it lost signal again.

    Now, I tried the same process again a couple of times but it just doesn’t get service, it does for 30 seconds when i restart and looses it right away. Any ideas, suggestions? I will really appreciate any help.

  • jin

    buen aporte de el tutorial de iphone

  • Sam

    Hi Simon,

    I have a old 2G phone on which few apps have stopped working.
    So to fix it can I use above instructions and move it to factory settings and unlock as above? or do you think I should leave it as most things are still working?
    The version is 3.0(7A341)

  • Can I simply say what a ray of sunshine to seek out someone who truly is aware of what
    theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know
    how one can convey a problem to mild and make
    it important. Extra individuals have to read this and
    perceive this facet of the story. I cant imagine youre not more popular because you positively have the gift.

  • Eve

    Hi Simon,

    is it possible to upgrade iphone 2g (3.0.1) to ios 6?

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