NewsUnlock iPhone

Ultrasn0w is just Released to Unlock iPhone 3G on iPhone OS 3.0

June 23, 2009 — by Simon Ng74


NewsUnlock iPhone

Ultrasn0w is just Released to Unlock iPhone 3G on iPhone OS 3.0

June 23, 2009 — by Simon Ng74

This is a great news for all iPhone 3G users and a Big Thanks to the great team.

iPhone Dev Team has just announced the release of Ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone 3G on firmware 3.0. Yesterday, I’ve mentioned in this post that you should hold off the upgrade to firmware 3.0 for iPhone 3G users. Now, I have to say you’re ready to upgrade to the latest version of iPhone OS and you got a soft-unlock solution (i.e. ultrasn0w) that can handle iPhone 3.0 with baseband 4.26.08.

If you have used yellowsn0w to unlock your iPhone 3G on firmware 2.2 before, ultrasn0w should be familiar to you. Ultrasn0w is simply a replacement of yellowsn0w and it works on iPhone 3.0 OS.

To use ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone 3G on firmware 3.0, please follow these procedures:

1. Upgrade your iPhone 3G to iPhone OS 3.0 (or what so called firmware 3.0)
2. Use PwnageTool or redsn0w to jailbreak your iPhone 3G
3. Launch Cydia on iPhone and add “” as the new repository URL. You can simply tap “Manage” -> “Sources” -> “Edit” -> “Add” to add the repository URL.

Add Ultrasn0w Repository

4. Then tap “Search” and search for “ultrasn0w” application
5. Install “ultrasn0w”
6. Reboot your iPhone 3G after installing ultrasn0w and enjoy!

Note for T-mobile USA user: Please ensure you disable 3G service before installing ultrasn0w.

As you may know, the previous unlock solution (i.e. yellowsn0w) will only work on baseband 2.28.00. And for those using baseband 2.30.00, the only solution is to downgrade the baseband (but this workaround only works on bootloader 5.08).

So, how about ultrasn0w? Can it work with my iPhone 3G with baseband 2.30?

Ultrasn0w doesn’t matter the version of bootloader you’re using. As long as you’ve upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0 with baseband 4.26.08. It will work for you. Cool, right? I know you may have been waiting for this unlock solution for months. Now, it’s here.

I will soon post up a complete guide for unlock iPhone 3G on iPhone 3.0 OS. Please stay tuned.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • Alex Chai

    hooray!! ultrasn0w finally is out! actually i just restored and re-jailbroke my iphone 3g 2.2 last night, due to the SBSettings 3.0 problem with FW 2.2. should’ve waited… now i’ve to do it all over again. 😛

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    Please explain in detail why we have to turn off 3g when running ultra. I have USA tmobile.

    • @JEDDDD, this is a requirement for ultrasn0w. I’m not too sure about the exact reason. But according to one of the iPhone Dev team members, t-mobile is not using a standard 3G.


    Simon Ng,
    Thank you. That is what i have been trying to find out or months. As much as i don’t want to i will have to switch to AT&T because i was the speed of 3g. Unless there is some way to fix it. I pay for full data and 3g on tmobile and i’m sick of how slow edge is wile on the iphone.

  • Ram

    hi Simon,
    I have my i phone 2.2.1 which isalready in locked position to i phone 3g on windows. i have successfully jail broked the phone and when i tried to unlock using ultrasnow, i got problems.

    After jailbreaking, i have conneted through wifi and launched Cydia and went to sources to add new URL ,and i typed the posted URL and then i got the result as “Repository Data Not Found” can you please let me out of this problem. i amnot able to add the url mentioned in the blog

    • rebecca

      make sure that the “o” in ultrasnow is a zero => sn0w

  • Sam

    Hi Simon,

    After jailbreak of my iphone 3G with firmware 2.2.1 everything was working fine, but suddenly cydia stopped working. when clicked on cydia it is going to a black screen for 2 seconds and again comes back to home without opening cydia.

    Please advice.


    Hi Team,

    Yesterday night i jailbroked my phone to 3.0 from 2.2.1 using redsnow.

    as a part o funlocking i tried to add in cydia but could not.
    below one is the error message

    The indicated repository could not be found.
    This could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer repository ( these are not supported)

    Can you please provide solution

    • @PRIDE, the URL is correct. Please try to add the repository in cydia again.

      • PRIDE

        Hi Simon,
        Thanks for the reply.

        I tried adding many times but still couldn’t get succeed.

        Please let me know if i have to diable or enable any settings???

        FYI: I am not able to add any sources not only ultrasn0w

        • Bebeko

          Hi Pride,
          Hi Simon,
          i have the same problem like Pride, can you guys please help me, im trying to upgrade my firmwire into 3.0, its been too long i stay in firmwire 2.2 jailbroken with Yellowsn0w, please help me

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  • Ernest

    Hi Simon – sorry, Im not expert so I need some directions;
    – My Iphone is 2G (first generation). Can I use ultrasnow?
    – Do I have to load OS 3.0 from Itunes first and after that then complete the Cydia process?

    Thank you.

  • andrew

    Work as easy as yellowsnow…..That redsnow program is the go alot quicker then quickpwn….Wd to the dev team and to urself simon for posting great articles as always…

  • jojo

    Simon, Thanks!!! I have successfully jailbreak and unlock my iphone 3G.
    Your step by step guide is clear and easy to understand. Big thanks to you!!

    iphone jailbreak & unlock: UK 2.2.1 locked to O2.

  • naahmed

    I believe after you jailbreak; obviously your baseband will not be working; so is there a way to install ultrasnow without having a GPRS/WiFi connection? I mean locally?

    Secondly, I would like to do a clean install of IPhone 3.0 on my IPhone 3G. Is there step by step instructions?

    I currently have iPhone 2.2 on a 3G device; is there a possibility that a failed attempt may permanently lock the baseband?

    I would be anxiously waiting for your detailed instruction for jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone 3.0 in iPhone 3G.

  • green69

    i do all the method but when its up to unluck it my computer not responding and detected that ultrasn0w have a problem where can i download ultrasn0 thats work ??

    • @green69, you have to jailbreak your iPhone first and download ultrasn0w via Cydia.

  • Ant

    after i installed ultrasn0w, it rebooted and came out with apple icon for 1 min… all of suddenly, it came out all black screen, i reboot its several times and still the same problem. What can i do?

    I also went back and rejailbreak and add icy and came out the same problem! I am going crazy already!

  • kj crazy iphone

    hey simon,
    i have a iphone 2g that was jailbroke/unlocked and accidentally updated to 3.0. now the phone is locked yet i can only receive calls and emergency outgoing. the pwnage tool crashes at the ipsw stage. i cannot find a solution. please provide a link to a location (if necessary) that has a sure-fire solution.

  • khaygie10


    *I restored my iPhone*

    do I need to remove the sim card first before I install ultrasn0w?!

    I installed redsn0w while my sim card was attached…

    I’m using a Philippine carrier(Globe), but my iPhone is from dubai…

    I don’t have the sim thats with the iPhone when bought…

    what should I do?!

    Firmware 04.26.08

    Windows Vista 32bit user

    • @khaygie, just keep the sim card of your current carrier in your iPhone while using ultrasn0w. Hope this works for you.

      • khaygie10

        It didn’t work actually…
        It is telling me No Service for 2 days straight…
        I bought another sim just to test it out, but still No Service…

        I restored my iPhone a few hours ago to try it again…
        Should I keep my sim attach to my iPhone while installing ultrasn0w or should I attach it after I install ultrasn0w?!
        *which do you prefer*

        • @khaygie, simply keep it inside your iPhone while ultrasn0w installation.

          • khaygie10

            ok, I’ll try that again…
            *Gonna reply for any good or bad updates* XD

            thanks for your time…

            • khaygie10

              hey, I just opened Cydia > Manage > Sources
              the installed by Package is empty…


  • kj crazy iphone

    still pwnage tool keeps crashing. redsnow didn’t work either. i’m stuck. i restored to factory settings. should i dfu? btw – why am i still able to make/receive calls if it is restored to factory settings?

    • khaygie10

      your making/receiving calls cause you might have the carrier attached when you bought your iPhone… check your firmware for you to know what version of Pwnage or redsn0w you should use…

  • kj crazy iphone

    not. im w/tmobile. i upgraded to 3.0 on 2g iphone that i previously jailbroke/unlocked. when i inadvertently upgraded i tunes it locked the phone but i can continue to make/receive calls. this is not my central concern though. i want to get pwnage to not crash on a phone with my dilema and no one has the correct answer yet – im no rookie at doing this and im pretty sure i have followed the instructions to the letter. tried redsnow as well – no go.

    • khaygie10

      what are you using?! a Mac or a Windows?!

  • kj crazy iphone

    here are the details in full:
    i jailbroke/unlocked my (at&t based) 2g iphone on a pc and setup a tmobile acct via pwnage 1-1/2 years ago via pwnage (even updated to 2.2.1 with no hassles. i inadvertently updated ituens to 3.0 and discovered that my iphone was now locked. i originally jailbroke/unlocked my iphone via pc. since then i switched to a mac powerbook g4 and stored away my pc. i am currently on vacation and away from my stored pc and want to re-unlock my iphone via MAC. i have tried both redsnow (which i believe is a windows based application, and thus could not find a suitable tool to open it – if you know of one please let me know…i tried utorrent and it never fully ran the redsnow application. i tried pwnage (for 3.0) several times and it crashed every time. i tried both redsnow and pwnage before and after restoring my iphone to no avail. i’m thinking my next step would be to dfu the phone, which i am a bit hesitant to do as i (for some unexplained reason) still have the ability to make/receive call with a TMOBILE sim card on a “factory restored” iphone…the boot screen has the apple symbol and the splash screen has the “plcu & itunes” prompt symbol – if dfu is the answer, i need to know for certain this will work as again, i am away on vacation and need to have a working phone. i dont want to have to go out and buy a backup phone to switch the tmobile sim card to if for some reason the solution is not an absolute lock. i hope this information provides a clear enough picture of my dilema for someone geekier than me to provide a desperately needed solution. taking all comers! thanks!

  • green69

    i all ready unlock my iphone 3G now b4 i can use cydia after a day i cant not open it can someone here can help me? what shall i do?

  • green69

    How can i use my cydia againt if is cannot open? what shall i [email protected] simon

  • Omer

    i unlocked my iphone with cydia, it was working fine till i statrted using wifi, it stopped recieving call but i could call. i again flusshed and unlocked it agin , its working fine now but i ahve used the wifi yet. Does anybody kow wht is the problem and how to fix it? plz reply

  • Linux10

    Thanks a lot, appreciate time and effort worked perfect, you have to have wifi to install ultrasn0w!!!

  • Bluelie

    I have installed pwnage a couple of times but I do not see the pineapple nor Cydia. What am I doing wrong?

    • @Bluelie, that’s strange. Are you following this guide to jailbreak your iPhone?

      • Bluelie

        Dear Simon, Guess I am not good at reading manuals and following the rules. Once I did, your guide worked like a charm. Thanks a million


  • iPhonegeek321

    Finally got the courage to try out the JB and UL (redsn0w and ultrasn0w). Works like magic and in 15 mins I was on OS3.0 with my carrier sim post unlocking. Worked really smooth. Thanks Simon for the detailed blog and also the Dev Team deserve all credit !!!

  • kj crazy iphone

    simon, any comment on my last post? so far not a sinngle peep from anyone on how to solve this. are you stumped?

  • noor

    Jail break successful. I had to use xp with a virgin installation of itunes. Thanks @simonng.

  • wcsee

    @SIMON ~~thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!!!

  • Fajr

    Hi Simon,
    I managed to install ultrasnow on my iphone 3G, I’m currently using operator et****** and try to put other simcard from other country it works fine since it roams with et******, but when I change to other operator simcard d* (here in the same country) it can get the operator logo but only can do emergency call and error message appear : “the different SIM card is detected, please connect to iTunes”, when I connect to iTunes it says “the SIM card inserted on this phone is not suppoerted; please insert SIMcard that came with your iPhone…” ???
    it means I cannot use other SIM card from other operator and means my phone is not UNLOCKED??
    Please help or anyone has the similar problem? I have restore couple times but still the problem persist.
    BR, Fajr


    @ Simon:… I have an iPhone 3g 16gb that was previously unlocked for t-mobile with 2.2.1… i upgraded it threw iTunes and it locked so i got someone to unlock it again this time with 3.0 and I installed ultrasn0w via Cidia… now I’ve been trying to connect my sim card (t-mobile) with and without the turbo sim and i’m not getting a connection at all… please help… [email protected]

    • For t-mobile US, you need to turn off 3G before using ultrasn0w. You can go to Settings -> General -> Network and set “Enable 3G” to off. Then reboot your iPhone to make ultrasn0w work.

  • Brito

    I was able to jailbreak and unlock my iphone 3g but when i went to Cydia to add unltrasnow on manage it ask me to reboot the phone and now it wont turn on!!
    All i see is the apple logo?? what can i do?

  • hi simmon!
    I am unable to unlock my iphone 3G. I have followed your all instructions, it is jailbroken but no signals. I also installed ultrasn0w by using (using zero in the ultrasn0w) but after restarting, same problem; no signals. I bought it from uk with o2 carrier but now am in asia. Please help me.

    • @Muhammad, try to go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings and then restart your iPhone with your Asia SIM card inside. Hope this works.

  • Pop

    if i use mac to hack this phone and unlock it.. will i be able to use my PC to update my phone with music, sync it and all that other stuff??

  • Muhammad Aurangzaib

    Hi Simon,
    I followed your instructions; i went to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings and then restarted my iPhone with my Asia SIM card inside. but that didn’t work at all. Any other suggestion?

  • Jim Kelly

    Hi Simon, I’ve jailbroke my fone in the past and now i’ve contacted my carrier vodafone and payed $50 to unlock to all networks this is okay though now whats happened is it told me to restore my phone and it’s unlocked to any network now though i’ve lost my cydia and all apps as it doesn’t appear to be jailbroken anymore?? i’m running 2.2.1 and modem firmware 02.30.03 what i’m wanting to know is should i update to os.3 and try ultrasn0w or will this stuff my unlock feature that i now have??? thanks in advance

    • @Jim Kelly,

      I think they have completely restored your iPhone to factory setting and you lose all cydia apps. There is no way to recover them except you re-install them one by one. Back to your jailbreak question, as your iPhone is already factory-unlocked, you do not need to use ultrasn0w to unlock it. But you can still upgrade to iPhone 3.0 and then use Redsn0w to jailbreak.

  • Hey Simon,

    I JB my phone with redsn0w then unlocked it with ultrasn0w.. I get full signal bars, but everytime i make a call it says call failed.. any suggetions.. I reset the network settings.. i reinstalled ultrasn0w with 3g off.. but still dont work..
    im using a national geographic sim card for the UK..


  • Prasad

    Simon after 2 weeks of trying i finally managed to JB my 3.1 down to 3.0. But now i need to get the phone working i mean the unlock, how do i do that ?

  • ilan

    I used Ultrasnow today to unlock my iPhone 3G version 3.1.2 and it worked perfectly fine except that it is not showing the operator name (E.g O2-UK) on my home screen, on top left corner.
    Did anyone face this issue? Is there anything we can do to fix this or is this a known issue?
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • TheBeast09

    Iian…. I can help you on the server if you can help me out on how u unlocked your iPhone on 3.1.2!!

  • ilan

    Hi beast
    I upgraded from 3.1.2 and jailbroke using blackra1n. Then installed cydia to use fuzzyband to downgrade baseband. Then used ultrasnow to unlock
    can u help me with bringing back network name… I went through all the comments in the post u mentioned but found nothing?

  • TheBeast09

    Ilan…. I cant seem to Unlock my 3G iPhone using Ultrasn0w… There’s an app for you though that you can use to replace your service provider in the top left corner of your phone. You can change it to whatever you want. PLEASE E-mail me Ilan [email protected]

  • TheBeast09

    Hey Ilan… well I can’t download my baseband unfortunately… My version is 5.9.. well go to Cydia and download Make-It-Mine.. Just search for “Make” and you’ll find it.. Thanks anyway!

  • ilan

    Hi mark
    Sorry abt 5.9… I was lucky to have 5.8…
    And yes I did try make it mine … I was hoping that would somehow bring back the network name but it only allows me to use custom names… Which i am not very keen on… I will be travelling next week through different countries and need to know which network I am on… While I’m roaming
    thanks for your suggestion anyway

  • Sage

    I just jailbroke and unlocked a new 3g 8gb. I restored it back to firmware 3.0. My intention was to use it on Tmobile. It reads my SIM card fine but all calls are failing. Is this because it was once on iphone 3.1.2 and the modem is stuck on the 5.11.7 or 5.7.11. (whichever it was)? Can someone help?

  • ilan

    Hi Sage,
    if u have already jailbroken u mught want to try installing FUZZYBAND to check what baseband u have to find out if it is on 5.11

  • Sage

    @Ilan. Thanks for the response. I have jailbroken, have Cydia, have fuzzyband. But I have 5.11.7. So sad. Nothing I can do is there?

  • ilan

    Like its mentioned in the fuzzyband tutorial “Fuzzyband can only support iPhone with bootloader 05.08 (5.8) from the factory” I think u have to have bootloader 5.8. Anyway this is the link to the tutorial to downgrade the modem, if that helps!

  • ilan
  • asiff

    hi simon,
    i have jailbreaked my iphone 3g,i can use all the features of the phone but not able make calls so is the phone unlocked i used redsnow to jailbreak when i open cydia it says internet connection is not working.will wifi work please advise and mail me the steps to unlock the phone to make calls from india.

  • herry

    i have a problem failed to inastall ultrasnow,,,my iphone 3g 3.1.3 modem firmware when i tried to instal ultrasn0w i got this error

    “Note:Note: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”

    anyone can help me???

  • bhim

    1. After stucked in apple logo in my iphone 3G having 3.0, I restored it with ios 3.0 throuh Itunes 10.6 but now it asks for original sim & stuck in emergency call. I don’t have original sim please help me. It had been jailbroken & unlocked earlier. Please help me to activate the phone JB & UNLOCK.

  • Marcos Pinkey

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