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How to Use SSH to Transfer File on iPhone

May 17, 2009 — by Simon Ng248


iPhoneTips & How-to

How to Use SSH to Transfer File on iPhone

May 17, 2009 — by Simon Ng248

OpenSSH for iPhoneIf you ask me the top reason for jailbreaking iPhone, the ability to use SSH to transfer files between iPhone and computer via WiFi is my answer. I believe it’s also one of the reasons why some of you go for the jailbreak. But, as I know, not all the readers are geeks and come from technical background. You may even not heard of SSH until you decide to jailbreak. So, here is a short guide to show you how you can use SSH on iPhone and use it for transfer any files to your computer (Mac / Windows). The guide is completely target for non-technical person. I just want to show you how great SSH is when pairing with iPhone for wireless file transfer. So, you can use it to transfer ringtone and photos without the USB cable.

So, what’s SSH?

The first thing you would like to know is what SSH is. SSH stands for secure shell that is commonly used in Unix/Linux environment. You can use SSH to access a remote a computer and execute commands from another machine that may be miles away. Additionally, you can use it to transfer files to the remote computer, just like FTP. I’m not going to dig deep and throw out all the technical details about SSH. But just remember, SSH is a tool that lets you access machine or devices remotely. Here, the device is your iPhone.

Installing SSH on iPhone

You may be curious why you can use SSH on iPhone. Is SSH just designed for Unix? That’s a good question. You may not know the iPhone OS is a stripped-down version of Mac OS X, which is actually riding on Unix as its core. So, that’s why you can use SSH on iPhone.

But officially, Apple didn’t bundle the utility for every iPhone user and thanks to the jailbreak community to bring SSH to iPhone. As long as your iPhone is jailbroken, you can install and use SSH on iPhone.

To use SSH after jailbreak, you can go up to Cydia and search for “OpenSSH” to find the package. Tap the Install button to install it on your iPhone. Once installed, restart your iPhone. You’ll not find an icon for SSH on the home screen. But after restart, the SSH tool will be automatically launched and listens for remote request in background.

OpenSSH in Cydia

Note: Did you set the auto-lock? Your iPhone should be turned on during the SSH file transfer. So, if you have configured auto-lock, I suggest you to disable it before using SSH. You can go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and set it to Never.

How to Transfer File Using SSH

Okay, here comes to the core part of this guide. How can you transfer file to & from iPhone remotely with WiFi? Now, your iPhone is already enabled with SSH and listens for incoming SSH request. Before you can transfer file from your computer to iPhone, you have to know the IP address of your iPhone.

To check for the IP address, go to “Settings” -> “Wi-Fi”. Tap on the connected WiFi network and view the details. You’ll see the IP address of your iPhone. Say, for my case, the IP address is

iPhone WiFi IP Address

Once you know the IP address, the next step is to connect to iPhone from your PC or Mac.

For Windows User
For Windows users, I highly recommend you to download WinSCP, which is a free SSH client for Win XP/Vista. You can download it for free from here.

Installation of WinSCP is very straightforward. Just double-click on “winscp421setup.exe” and follow the instruction to install it on your PC.

Once complete the installation, launch WinSCP and click “New” to connect to iPhone. In host name, type in the IP address of your iPhone. For user name and password, you can use “root” and “alpine” respectively. Keep other fields unchanged. You can then click “Login” to start making connection with your iPhone. Click “Yes” if you’re prompted with a warning to add the host key to cache.

Tip: Instead of clicking “Login” directly, you can click “Save…” to save the connection profile for future use

WinSCP - New Connection

WinSCP - SSH Prompt

When connected, you’ll see the files in iPhone file system. And, you can easily transfer files between iPhone and computer by just drag & drop the files in WinSCP.

WinSCP - Connected with iPhone

For Mac User
Mac is SSH-friendly. There is already a SSH client bundled inside Mac OS X. But you can only use it in command mode only as it does not offer a graphical interface. So, I highly recommend you to download a free SSH client called “Cyberduck” to connect to iPhone. You can download Cyberduck via this direct link or via its homepage.

To transfer files to iPhone, simply launch Cyberduck and click “Open Connection”. Then fill in your iPhone’s IP address in “Server” field. And use “root” and “alpine” for user and password respectively.

Cyberduck - Open Connection

Next, click “Connect” button to connect to iPhone. And, Cyberduck will start establishing connection with your iPhone.

Make sure your iPhone is turned on. Otherwise, your Mac will fail to make the connection.

Once connected, you’ll see the folder list of your iPhone file system. You’re free to navigate through the file system. To download file from iPhone, just right-click on any file you want to download and select “Download To..” to retrieve the file. And, to transfer file back to iPhone, simply go to the destination folder and right-click to select “Upload”. That’s it!

Cyberduck - iPhone Connected

Further Information

I hope this guide is helpful for you and you can find SSH useful for iPhone. Now, to further enjoy the benefit of SSH, you can check out the following guides:

Do you find any problem with SSH? Feel free to leave comment and share your experience.

WARNING: It’s highly recommended you follow this guide to secure your jailbroken iPhone (with SSH enabled) from virus attack!

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Javier Gil

    hi…… and how do you change permissions for the files??? (ex. 777etc..)

  • Dusty

    @Javier Gil
    Yo! Right click on the file, scroll down to properties/CHMOD. Once clicked, a new window will open up and u will see permissions [xxxx] Change the permissions to correct number and hit apply or ok.

    Good job on the How To Simon!

    • josh

      minedoesnt have properties/chmod… what should i do to change permissions?

  • Nam Luu

    Hey Simon, thanks for the great how-to. However, I think it’s still too difficult for most ppl. I tried SSh my iphone once when I first jailbreak it but I got tired of the tedious process.
    There’s a simple solution to this. I dont know if you ever heard of “iphonebrowser.” It’s a great opensource app that lets you access your iphone sans all the setups that are required for SSH.

    Plug, Run and Play. No more preliminary steps.
    Fast transfer speed (over USB cable)
    Easy for everyone, no need to write a guide for it.
    Preset Directories: Wallpapers, Pictures, DCIM photo, UI Sounds, Ringtones, Theme folder etc.

    No wireless transfer (must use USB cable)
    changing permission? (I never change permission so I dont know if it’s there or not)

    Let me know if you find Iphonebrowser worthy.

    • io

      hy, more easy that ssh, thank you

      • Terry

        definitely easier.

        installed openssh on iphone
        installed winscp and followed directions exactly
        “connection refused”

        installed iphonebrowser, plugged in phone, turned on app and done.

  • Nam Luu

    I forgot one best Pro:
    you get to access/transfer files in the background even when the phone is locked. How cool is that.

  • sam

    Hi Simon,

    After upgrade, jail break and unlock i am not able to install openSSH, installer, video recorder is installed but not able to open it and not able to load lots of applications which was there already.

    As well as could you please reply me i am getting lots of error messages while installing any kind of application.



  • nougiw

    Me too. Just like sam. I’m getting error messages for almost anything I try to dl and install form cydia. Even some essential updates it says I should dl or else I’m going to have problems. Particularly for SSH it gives me a “couldn’t configure pre-depend dpkg for ncurses, probably a dependency cycle” error. Any help or ideas? Thanks…

    • Robert

      Hi Simon,

      Everything went fine until….. I did the jailbreak and installed openSSH using Cydia and then installed Cyberduck on my Mac. Then went to open connection after retrieving the ip from the iphone and using root and alpine got connection failed. Not sure why. My mac is connected to a home network and the iphone uses that without any issues

      • brian

        You must make sure that your ipods screen is not black. click the home button then do it

  • Nicole

    i did exactly as you wrote but i end up with network connection time out?
    any ideas on how to fix this?

    • @Nicole, looks like your iPhone is not enabled with SSH. If you’re sure you have installed OpenSSH, try to restart your iPhone and try again.

    • Jamie

      I did the same thing nicole, and realised what was wrong, when u are entering in the password and username, at the top of the window, there should be a dropdown box, make sure that its on SFPT (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

      • Nico

        I am in the same situation as Nicole. But when i jailbroke using redsn0w, i used the 4.3.1 to jailbreak and when it finished I tried to open Cydia and it wouldn’t open. So i have not even opened Cydia once yet. So I can’t SSH. 🙁 also Safari won’t open either it crashes at start up too just like Cydia. Also Itunes will not let me restore. 🙁 am i stuck?

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  • Charles

    “You may be curious why you can use SSH on iPhone. Is SSH just designed for Unix?”

    Many LOLS…

    SSH is a protocol. It has NOTHING to do with UNIX/LINUX. It is the secure replacement for Telnet. Like any protocol it is used for communication and is not OS specific, even though most bare bones Linux kernels support it. I realize you’re trying to dumb this down for the average Mac users (read people who can’t use a toaster sans epic fail unless Steve Job’s puts an i in front of it).

    While I have an iPhone, the first thing I did was jailbreak it. One thing I couldn’t stand about Apple in the 1980’s and now is their insane level of control over everything you can do on your Mac/iPhone/iPod. It’s ridiculous, and they’ll never change. They’re like the “Pied Piper” stringing people along with promises of a better experience as long as you assimilate to their domination which is why the Linux/Windows market will always prevail. Linux may be a bit behind the curve in friendliness, and Windows has struggled, but both are catching up to Macs, especially Windows with the WPF initiative.

    • Markus


    • cooch


    • jp

      you are a massive jerk who knows too much about nothing relevant

    • ehin

      absolutely stunning revelation of the truth.


      “You may be curious why you can use SSH on iPhone. Is SSH just designed for Unix?”

      Many LOLS…

      SSH is a protocol. It has NOTHING to do with UNIX/LINUX. It is the secure replacement for Telnet. Like any protocol it is used for communication and is not OS specific, even though most bare bones Linux kernels support it. I realize you’re trying to dumb this down for the average Mac users (read people who can’t use a toaster sans epic fail unless Steve Job’s puts an i in front of it).

      While I have an iPhone, the first thing I did was jailbreak it. One thing I couldn’t stand about Apple in the 1980′s and now is their insane level of control over everything you can do on your Mac/iPhone/iPod. It’s ridiculous, and they’ll never change. They’re like the “Pied Piper” stringing people along with promises of a better experience as long as you assimilate to their domination which is why the Linux/Windows market will always prevail. Linux may be a bit behind the curve in friendliness, and Windows has struggled, but both are catching up to Macs, especially Windows with the WPF initiative.

  • Claus

    Hi .need help .have a 3gs. Have one pc with xp professionel where my iphone can wifi connect with winscp and openssh and ex internet explorer and discover app but a vista and xp home edition where nothing works but my old first generation works with all pc. What are my two computers missing to be able to communicate with my 3gs?

    • @Claus, to use SSH for file transfer, you need to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS first. So, are you using jailbroken iPhone? If yes, you can install OpenSSH via cydia and then transfer file via SSH.

  • Claus

    Hi simon. Thank you for answering. I know that and is jailbroken like my first generation iphonw. But the new 3gs do not reply always maybe one in 100 atemts. Grt timeout. Also with cable and tunnel program. Also no reply when use free ftp apps like discover and try to contact with filezille or IE. Like my phone wont answer. If i am lucky an get connection the wifi is extremly slow or the connection stops short after with time out . Turned off autolock and installed keep wake no improvement. There is no iphone support here in denmark and have had it to repair but they said nothing wrong. I do not know what to do. Can use wifi and can easily downloadand stream also from my own media server. Itseems that it is only when my iphone my reply there is problem and suddently it works but very very slow few kb pr sec. But iphone browser i found on internet works perfect with cable on all my pc but i dont think the phone need reply with this. Sorry i am a noob and not good with this why it might sound strange when i tri to explain. Claus

    • @Claus, did you try to reset the network setting? You may check out this post and see if it can resolve your wifi issue.

  • allen

    hi what do i download on to my i phone once i have jaol broke it so i can get free apps on it.

    • Dusty


      That is way off topic for how to SSH and I don’t believe Simon would prefer that to be discussed here.

      Use the App Store and support devs to get your downloads for apps and games!!!!!!!!

      • Dusty

        O ya, its also called Jailbreak, Jailbreaking or Jailbroke iPhone for helping u on ur searches 😉

    • Jacob

      first open cydia
      now go to manage
      click sources
      click edit then add
      now type this: cydia.hackulo.us
      hit add source
      let it add the source
      now go to search and search for installous
      download that
      (by the way that was way off topic)

  • Claus

    Nobody thathas experiances what i wrote two days ago? 3gs with 3.01. anyone know a website that might help with issues where things just not work? I need more than a recipe for how it should work. Need some expert advice andno one here in denmark. Just blogs which again shows how it should work no experts when there are problems. Hope for some assistance.

    • vijaya ragha rao

      plz try iphone haking site or redmondpie site to get solution

  • Claus

    Have reset and restored Multple times and downgraded to 3.0. No change at all.

  • chris

    hi. i used this tutorial to transfer a .pdf into my iphone. everything went fine. but when i went to open this file via fileviewer, which i got from cydia, i get this:

    operation could not be completed.
    (webkiterrordomain error 101.)

    anybody know how i can open and view this .pdf on my iphone?


    • @Chris, you can download “File Share” or “Good Reader” from App Store. Both applications can let you read PDF on iPhone.

  • chris

    oh yeah…it’s a 2g with 3.0 firmware.

  • chris

    thanks a bunch simon ng. much appreciated.

  • А если посмотреть на это с другой точки зрения то не все так гладко получается

  • maninder

    Have a jailbroken iphone 2g 2.1 .. i don’t seem to be able to connect thru ssh using winscp or putty.. it tells me “software cause connection to abort” .. Have tried using wifi and via USB as well .. further am using itunes 9 ..
    I have installed openSSH on the iphone 2g and ssh is active on it.. further I have the IP of the phone correctly
    PLS HELP ..maninder

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  • Manuel Paz

    hi !!! i have a mac… how do i change the permissions ?

  • Jim

    Please, please, please append the post to warn people that they should change their passwords for both accounts (root and mobile) after installing SSH. Again (not for the first time) someone has broken into a range of iPhones over the 3G network, using the default password: see http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/11/dutch-hacker-holds-jailbroken-iphones-hostage-for-5.ars

    Unfortunately, most SSH tutorials fail to mention this. Yours is one of the first to turn up in a Google search for ‘SSH iPhone’, so it’s important that you warn your readers.

    • @Jim, thanks for your suggestion. Now it’s advised to follow this guide to secure the jailbroken iPhone once SSH is enabled.

  • Doug

    Speaking of changing the SSH password, in Cydia, there is a nice step by step tutorial. Go to the main menu, scroll down, go to “OpenSSH Access How-To”.

    Follow the steps if you haven’t already installed SSH. If you have, then scroll down, and there’s another arrow taking you to “Change default password.” And follow those instructions.

    Alternatively, install OpenSSH.
    Get your iPhone’s ip address
    Open Terminal
    Login to your iPhone using “ssh [email protected]
    Accept the host key if you are asked
    login with password “alpine”
    type “passwd”

    you will be asked for a new password, but the cursor won’t respond as you type in, so be careful.

    you will be asked to repeat the password. again, be careful

    all done

    • @Doug, thanks for the great tips!

    • Aaron

      HEYYYY !! can help me ???
      i needddd URGENT HELP
      When i use terminal on iphone
      ssh [email protected]
      “the connection is closed by server” error is shown
      HOWWWW ???

  • Jim Frogge

    Another Thanks for the know-how show-how! This is great and again your directions are right on!! Thanks again!!
    jim frogge in NC!

  • Sina

    Heyy thanks for the tutorial but i jsut have a problem

    i have a jail broken iphone 3gs with a wifi connection at home
    and i have tried doing the sssh [email protected](ip-address) thing on “Terminal” on the iphone and it will connect like that but when i do it with WinSCP on my windows Vista Computer it always says that the connect was time-out and i have installed openssh because i can see in both icy and cydia that the program is installed but when i robooted my iphone no ssh program or anything opened up so im very confused 🙁

    any help please?
    Thanks alot in advance 🙂

    Best Regards Sina

    • vijaya raghava rao t

      let me know how to jailbreak and unlock the 3gs iphone (apple)

      • @vijaya,

        What version of iPhone OS are you running? If you are using 3.1.2, you can check out blackra1n and blacksn0w for the solution.

      • aimee

        you’re iphone is from apple? omg!! that’s just crazy talk!! an ‘apple’ iphone…

  • wow.. that was easy then expeced… thanks

  • Sharma

    I can use openssh to do file transfer. But it works only for a while, say for a few minutes. Than the server unexpectedly terminates the connection. Thus I have to reinstal openssh every time to get the connection. Have already changed the password. Is there a way out. Please help.

    • Jim

      Keep the phone ‘awake’ (don’t let it lock). But anyway, this can happen; I get it too. You don’t need to reinstall OpenSSH. If you install any of the programs that can close and restart OpenSSH, that will be enough. For example, SBSettings has a toggle for SSH. It can quickly turn SSH off and back on, so the connection can be established again.

      Alternatively, turning the phone off and on again will work. You can also try a solution using the USB cable (iTunnel, iPhone Tunnel Suite) though I’m not sure whether there is currently a working version.

  • Sharma

    Thanks Jim. I tried all these. Kept the auto lock on “never”. Used BossPref to turn openssh on and off. Also putting the phone off and on. However, it works only on reinstall and that too for 3 to 5 minutes. Will try itunnel now. But would be grateful for any solution with wifi.

    • Jim

      Sharma, I suggest you create an account at the hackint0sh.org forum and see if you can find a thread there about this problem. I’m almost sure they exist and you can add a post to one of them asking for help. It is a forum where the most knowledgable technical jailbreak-people are posting.

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  • naomi

    i have a mac and i cannot open cyberduck…..when i double click it it appears in the dock and it bounces…and then dissapears…can anyone help me please?

  • Ross

    Hi Guys

    I have successfully copied the files over…now how do i run them (apps) It would appear the only app to extract apps installed this way is called “installulouss”…but as far as i can see you can no longer download it. I have no way of accessing the files i have copied over?



  • dom

    watsup guys im on windows xp and when ever i try to ssh ill add all my information into winscp and when i click login a white screen just pops up ive re downloaded and re jailbroken my iphone 3gs and nothing seems to work. please help i miss being able to ssh and get into my iphone :[ thanks

  • Dave

    Hi Guys,
    I’m new to this, jailbroke my 3GS 3.1.2 using blackra1n. Worked fine. I failed to install openssh when my Cydia was working. Last night my Cydia opens breifly, says loading data, and closes. I can’t get into Cydia. Can’t install openssh without Cydia, Do I need to restore my phone, or is there a way to install openssh without Cydia or re-install Cydia without SShing?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Charlie

    If your iPhone is jailbroken, and you are running Mac OSX, you can also install “Netatalk” along with “OpenSSH” from Cydia. With Netatalk installed as well, your iPhone will show up as a device in the finder, making this process even easier, because you will not need any additional software.

    Apple Products work perfectly… together

  • My Cyberduck also bounces once then closes, but only if I open it from my Applications folder. If I move the Cyberduck file into, say, my downloads folder, it opens fine…

  • Alex

    hi, i installed openshh on my iphone. and downloaded WINscp. but when i try to login in it just keeps asking for my password and saying access denied. but i have the right password..

    • Vince

      Same problem here, keeps saying acess denied although providing the right password, try many times. Anybody know how to fix ???

  • Owen

    Just a note for anyone trying to transfer photos via SCP, and is wondering how to generate the .THM thumbnail files so you don’t have a page of black in the photo album (it took me ages to work this out!)

    The .THM files go in a folder entitled .MISC, which resides in the same directory as the photos. If you’re using linux and have Image Magick, a simple shell command to make the .THM files is:

    for i in *.JPG; do convert $i -resize 240 -crop 160×160+40+0 .MISC/`basename $i .JPG`.THM; done

    Hope this helps someone …

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  • vietdo

    I’ve got the window vista, netframe 3.5, itune 9. My iphone firmware’s 3.1.2. When i try to putty to my phone and got the message: connection refused. Then, I tried this command on mobile terminal ssh [email protected] then got the message: connection closed by remote host. Do you think iphone itself lock the connection to host? any help much be appreciated. Viet

    • Jim is not the right address. See the details of your wifi connection (in Settings… Wi-Fi…) for the right address.

      • vietdo

        You mean with mobile terminal, I can only ssh to iphone with wifi setting? Normally, i connect iphone to computer by usb cable and thought is default address. I will try with wifi to see the difference. thanks

        • vietdo

          I’ve tested with wifi. It’s also the same result “connection close by remote host. Any help

        • Jim

          If you ssh into your phone through the USB cable, you need to have iTunnel running on your computer. Why you’d use MobileTerminal on your phone to make an ssh connection to itself I don’t understand. You’re already logged into the phone once you have started MobileTerminal on the phone…

          • vietdo

            Dear Jim,
            It might be silly when i tried to connect to itself. Because I just want to test openssh work or not on iphone. Could you tell me why i need itunnel running on my computer? which version of itunnel should i install now?

            • Jim

              iTunnel allows your computer to ‘see’ the phone through the USB cable as if it’s a device on the local network, at address on port 22 (or any other port you specify when launching iTunnel). Once that is achieved, PuTTY can make an ssh connection to that address.

              I think iTunnel is now at version 9. You may also need to copy a .dll file from one of iTunes’ program directories, and you probably need a recent version of iTunes with which you have already connected the phone. Google will provide more instructions.

              That said, if your computer and your iPhone are on the same local network (e.g. the computer is and the phone, PuTTY should normally be able to connect to [email protected].3 on port 22. If not, maybe your router doesn’t allow connections between its clients. That can usually be changed in the router’s settings.

  • Sean

    i am also having the issue where its telling me that i dont have the correct password any help would be greatly appreciated for me and the other poster above me thanks

    • vietdo

      if you don’t change the password, just login by root, password is alpine. It’s default setting.

      • Sean

        thanks for the quick reply bro

  • Nipun jain

    dude i try to download open ssh but cant … it says “Http://apt.saurik.com host unreachable.” and also can u tell me how can i disable APN without doing SSH or any thing complicated . something simple would be great!

  • Sai

    I coudnt get the password to work

  • Nick

    Tried to set up an SSH connection, but ran into a problem:

    I/O Error: Connection failed
    There was a problem while connecting to

    Any Help?


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  • Bojan

    worked for me tnx

    • Nice2beat

      Where did u then find the files on the iPhone/iPod Touch?
      What folder/directory/application?

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  • jay

    Nice work simon!!!
    Muchos Gracias

  • jake

    I had the same problem as Alex…when the [email protected]###.###.#.# window shows up it says:
    Searching for host…
    Connecting to host…
    Using username “root”.
    Authenticating with pre-entered password.
    Access denied.

    then it asks for the password…i tried “alpine” but that failed. there is a checkbox that says “Change stored password to this one” but that doesn’t work either…if someone could help me out with this that would be great (and yes, i have openssh, my ipod is jailbroken, and i tried username “root” password “alpine”)

  • Ridell

    I have exactly same error as jake above. I have tried from a Mac too but same error. The good old “dottie” doesnt work either and I’m sure I used alpine before.


  • Vito

    I have an itouch 1g, jailbroken, running 3.1.2 firmware, i have open ssh and toggle ssh, winSCP, and have put in my IP Adress 10.x.x.x, the user name “root”, and the password “alpine”. i’m SFTP with SCP fallback enabled, and everytime i go to to login I just get a white box that shows no text, before returning with a message that says “Network error. Connection Timed Out” every time. any ideas?

  • James

    i have an iphone 3g, jailbroken, openssh and everything and everytime i try to ssh into my phone it says “access denied. wrong password” or something like that… idk what to do it used to work evertime i tried it but now it jus wont work…. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Thank you very much. I just jailbroke my iphone and had no idea what ssh or anything like that meant. Your guide was all I needed to make my own theme and it turned out just the way it should. 5 star guide.

  • roy

    How do you transfer music and videos from itunes to iphone through cyberduck on a mac.

    I have everything already and have been messing around with ssh (all new to me) and figured out how it works, but I cannot figure out how to add movies or songs.

    The reason I need to do this is because my iphone 3g charges but does not sync to itunes… dunno why and out of warranty. my computer does not even recognize it.

    I did however figure out that I can convert my movies from itunes to .mov and save it onto my iphonevideorecorder from cydia and play it on my phone through that app. I just want to know if there is a way to add my movies to the “Videos” section on my phone through ssh/cyberduck.

    any help please!!

  • khalil

    hey there..
    im trying to SSH into my iphone (firmware 3.0)
    but it is not working.. the error i get is “server unexpectedly closed network connection”

    any hepl please?? thanks in advance

  • Stephanie

    I have a iPhone 2G, jailbroken and unlocked. I installed OpenSSH and Winscp in order to change the default new text message tone. Installation went fine and Winscp opened fine and I was able to connect to my iPhone. I tried a couple of times to drag and drop a new tone into the right pane, but it didn’t work. After reading on the internet, I discovered how to do this and it worked fine. I have a new sound for new text messages. My problem is that before using SSH, my phone was recognized by iTunes. Now, iTunes doesn’t recognize and I get an the error message “iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknow error occurred (0xE8000022).”
    The only solution I can find on the internet is to “Restore”. I’m afraid to do this because I don’t want to lose my jailbreak or unlock or have my iphone updated to 3.1.3.
    Please help me find a solution. Thanks in advance.

    • @Stephanie,

      Looks like you need to restore your iPhone via iTunes to fix the problem. As you are using iPhone 2G, it’s not a problem to upgrade to 3.1.3. It can still be jailbroken and unlocked. You can follow this guide and use redsn0w to jailbreak the iPhone.

  • zarah sayed

    can someone please help i have tried transferring photos from pc to iphone using winscp … i drag and drop from the right side of winscp to the left so that it can reach my phone, however when i go back and chk the photo is not there on my iphone 🙁 plz help

  • zarah sayed


    i am on this link of winscp and i try to drop my pc photos to this link on winscp and i dont find them once i go back to my iphone plz help 🙁

    • @zarah,

      Actually, the “Photo” application on iPhone does not display the original photos directly. Instead, it only shows you the resized photos which can be found under /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/.MISC folder.

      • Waddup Sun

        I’m able to SSH my phone (iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2.1) and transfer files into the correct DCIM folders. However, when I open either the Photos app or look through the camera roll, I don’t see the photos. The photos were originally taken with the iPhone, then transferred from the phone to my desktop before doing a fresh restore to upgrade to 4.2.1. I then jailbroke the phone and installed openSSH. What could the issue be?

  • Nice2beat

    I transferred a video clip with WinSCP but where do I now find this clip on the iPod Touch?

  • Nutzy

    thx a lot for this informative post – i got everything to work on my laptop and the connection seems to work fine. now what? i am a newbie with iphone and i have no idea on how to use this or what can i do with it.

    any more info and links will be highly appreciated.


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  • reistarz

    hi! those who cant connect and are having network connection timeout, don’t use the Wi-Fi IP Address. if you have SBSsettings installed, u can see the Data IP Address stated. Use that address instead. It works for me! remember to turn on ur SSH too! hope it helps! 🙂

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  • gerrono

    When the transfer was completed (from pc to iphone) I have no way of accessing the files i have copied over? How or where can i found these files.

    • @gerrono, you can install iFile through Cydia to access the files.

  • Big Q

    I think I changed my password now i cant remember it. How can I retrieve or change it?

  • Zjeans

    Hi everyone,

    I could ‘SSH’ fine into my iphone (2G firmware 3.0) but when i go to private/var/root/Media, there is no folders whatsoever there. <- is this normal? (btw ihave no songs/pics/videos yet in my iphone)
    I just wanted to read .pdf. So i created a folder there "PDF", transferred the .pdf file, but i dont see the icon on my iphone. Went to use ajireader but it doesnt detect my ebook.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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  • mjamz

    You can currently SSH from your mac to iPhone over USB with the python-client of Héctor Martín Canteros usbmuxd distribution. There is a small HowTo from phonique:

  • Kaz

    This article is very useful for us thanks.

    i am window user, when i am transfering huge file 1.5 gb to IPHONE , after an hour connection of my iphone drop and after then i am unable to connect from my window then i have to reinstall openssh when reinstall it will work but again after approx hours connection drop , i tried several time but not succeed can you please help.


  • luka Fent

    hey ive downloaded it all but what happens is when i click log in it come up with a box asking for a password again and i put in alpine and it says access denied???????
    what do i do? please help!

    • josh nim

      ye im havong the same problems as luka i dont know what to do?

  • ella smith

    please help im having the exact same problems i reeally dont know what to do.
    it just says accses denied i dont know??

  • nipun

    how to unlock iphone 3gs? 3.1.2

  • Andrew Bauer

    So I put some music files on it but how do i listen to them? They don’t show up in my library.

  • Khalil

    Why dis u ignore my post man?

    • @Khalil,

      I suggest you to reinstall both OpenSSH and OpenSSL. Reboot your iPhone and see if it works again.

      BTW, remember to set the “Auto-Lock” to “Never”. You can find it in Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock.

  • ann

    When I open up WinSCP I enter in my IP addy in the host box…then root for username and alpine for password, when I click ‘login’ I get a pop up saying “network error. permission denied” also, when I open up my terminal i type ssh [email protected](my iphone ip addy) and it says its not valid……could my router have anything to do w/ this since its a secure router? dumb question, but the more i mess w/ this iphone and cycorder the more i hate technology! just so aggravating. thanks for any help.

  • moiz

    i dun have OPENSSH can i do something my cydia is not opening

  • Ahmad Magdy

    Does that apply on the new OS 4 ? please answer ASAP !!

  • garrett

    I finally got this to work…..
    Got all my videos off my phone with sftp
    Use your IP address
    Settings>Wifi>Click on connection to see IP address
    Or it is now listed in the top part of the App itself
    Use this IP addy as host…
    BossPrefs – Turn SSH on…
    It would not work for me defining port 8080…I left it blank!
    Couldn’t get it with Cyberduck or Filezilla….
    Had to use old faithful: Rbrowser…purchased version….
    I use this all the time so it is worth it! FTP and SFTP
    user: root
    pass: alpine
    files are located at: /private/var/mobile/Applications/5BCBAF3E-2FB8-482B-86BC-0F795AC9370C/Documents

  • Great tips and a thorough tutorial, but I’m afraid it’s too complicated for most people. 🙁 Why not just use a service like FilesDIRECT – super easy to use, 128-bit encryption on all your files, and it’s accessible from any browser. Nice and simple!

    • Jim

      Frank, perhaps people want actual access to their phone’s system (including all the system files), so they can actually make changes to what it does. The app you are advertising simply allows you to view a few of your own files on the phone, IF you’re online, at $18 per month. That is no bargain! You can buy excellent apps to view/edit your own files AND the system files at a fraction of that (e.g. iFile).

      Anyway, if you want to advertise your overpriced service, please pay for the ad instead of spamming someone else’s blog.

  • THe OpenSSH has be install but i can’t remote my Iphone….

  • Mindy

    I have a question about SSH and security. I have not installed OpenSSH. I do not really want the ability to transfer files to the phone right now.

    So…does that mean that no one outside (like hackers) can get into my phone? Even if I haven’t change the root password yet?

    In other words, is the only way to get into the phone by installing OpenSSH, which will allow me to turn on SSH? Or is SSH always on?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Jim

      You don’t need to worry. As long as no server is running on your iPhone, no-one can access it over the internet (with or without the correct password), so there’s no need to change the password. Servers are things like SSH, HTTP etc., which are not installed by default.

  • opo

    If you found some problem that didn’t got a solution you can check New4gsm.com blog here: http://www.news4gsm.com/2010/08/04/downgrade-iphone-3g-ios-4-to-3-1-3-got-stuck-guide-8326

    So what will this guide explain?

    – Slow iPhone 3G iOs 4 solution
    – Downgrade iPhone 3G from firmware 4 to 3.1.3
    – Restore error in iTunes code : 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1608, 1609, 1611, 1612.
    – Restore error in iTunes code : 1002, 1011, 1013, 1014, 1015.
    – In-out Restore Mode using RecBoot
    – Redsn0w is unable to recognize the 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 firmware.
    – Cydia error : apt.saurik.com host unreachable.
    – Saurik repository : dev-team repository to Cydia (repo666.ultrasn0w.com).
    – Accessing iPhone as root solution

  • Jake

    I too had the problem of the connection timeout when connecting to my iPod Touch 1G 3.1.3 using WinSCP, however managed to find a fix for it which is working well so far!

    I went into my WiFi connections and told my iPod to forget the network that I was connected to. I then re-connected, entering the password in again, and tried connecting to the iPod using WinSCP which then worked!

    Hope this will help some people with their problems

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  • abbas

    hey i got every thing write in the winscp login but it gives me network error… any one had this problem

  • nomi

    hey i write every thing right in the winscp login but it gives me network error… any one had this problem

  • votu

    Dear Simon,
    It was very interesting to follow your directions transferring files from PC to iPhone with Open SSH and WinSCP. It was very wonderful. But I could use this way only for a few times. Now I cannot connect my iPhone to PC. I try to connect step by step as you directs and it says: “Network error: Connection refused”. What is wrong here? Could you please explain the problem and help me use it again?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


    • @votu,

      Did you keep your iPhone turn ON while you are transferring the file? I suggest to disable the Auto-lock feature. You can go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and set it to Never.

      • votu

        Dear Simon,
        I followed your suggestions, but it still doesn’t work. Could you give me other suggestions to solve the problem?

        • Newbie

          dear Simon,
          having the same problem with Votu.
          please advice other solution for this problem.
          your respon is highly appreciated.

          dear Votu,
          have u try to forget the network on the iphone wifi?

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  • Roach

    this shit doesnt work. i input the right ip adress (its secured and shows no place to put password other than the obvious) and still doesnt work. cant i just connect this crap manualy. dam this wifi shit is bullshit.

  • chris

    i can’t ssh to my iphone 4 anymore! i dont know why? please help me , i tried to reinstall the openssh but nothing doesnt work

  • Robert

    Thanks man. That tut was extrememly helpful

  • Clark jones

    Thanks!!!! Nice guide!!!!

  • Macaulay Simon

    HI! i had a question that i cant find ANYWHERE i am curently jailbroke my ipod touch BUT it is untethered and i do not know if you have a on untetherd jailbeak you can sync music to itunes to the utethred ipod i u can please help mch appriciated

  • richard

    thanks for this great tutorial, it really helps and running great to my iphone

  • Finn


    I use “photofolders”, it has wifi connection and is easy to use when transfering pictures or movies to your pc, and you can create a secure folder with passwords when there is pictures only for your eyes.

  • Finn

    I just upgraded to 4.1 with tiny umbrella but i ofcause not backup my cydia files. I will have to install again from new. Now my problem seams that cydia cant find the connection and it always gives me a cashe error, does someone know about this. ?

  • Stephen

    Thanks Simon. Since the bluetooth on the iPhone do not recognise another phone, is there Any app that can do this.

  • jo

    why when i connect to login it said connection refused?

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  • Patrick

    I have the exact same problem as sharma’s comment above – Sharma December 8, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    they only way i can get connection is to uninstall open SSH and then install it. i have auto-lock on “never” and i have the sbsettings toggle for it. does someone know what i can do, instead of uninstalling and installing again?

    • Sharma

      Sorry Patrick, I didn’t notice your post earlier. I had solved this problem last year, through removing a few files ( a cleanup adviced to remove some virus), and then having a clean reinstal of openssh. I don’t remember the link now, from where I got this advice, but it should not be difficult to find those. Hope your problem is solved by now.

  • m3max

    Hi all i have the ipod touch 4, lailbreaked and using the winSPC i cannot found a way to upload cracked games and apps.I wonder in wich folder of my ipod in winSPC do i have to copy the application?And… please in wich folder i found the apps i have on my ipod on the right part of the winSPC panel?

  • Thanks as a remedy for this discriminating article, it’s extremely conspicuous blogs

  • Whit

    I am having issues locating anything in my media folder. I am connected to my pone and can see the Library and Media folders but when I click on the media folder nothing shows up? Can anyone help me figure out this problem?

    • Whit

      It also says that I have 0 files in my media folder. Is that right?

  • Emil

    Dear simon, I have seen that many here asking how to solve the problem with “access denied”. When I type the password “alpine” it says acces denied. What’s wrong?

  • ronnie

    can i use this to burn movies from dtunes off of my ipod to a cd-r?

  • amber

    not that i am ssh in. how do i transfer the files so that they show up on my devive.

    • @amber,

      What’s the error when you SSH to your iPhone? If SSH doesn’t work for you, you may use iPhone Explorer to transfer file.

  • Alleem

    hello simon.. i tried the instructions above, but for some reason i can’t connect.. even if i enable the toggle ssh… im using whited00r firmware, the newest itunes, and i installed winscp the newest one.. im not sure what’s going on.. triend various methods but still can’t connect..what do you think is the problem?

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  • Sharma

    Hello. I had been using openssh, both through wifi and also through usb, via itunnel, without any problem so far. However, since about a month, I have not been able to get the connection through usb (using, through itunnel and winscp (though I can still connect through wifi). I have checked firewalls and deactivating them also has had no result. I still get on my windows PC – target machine actively refused it- error. I need it because- 1. usb connection is faster than wifi and 2-One of my machines does not have wifi. Can someone help me please?

  • Brian

    I have done everything step by step to access ssh into my iphone 4 and all i get is an error box that reads invalid access to memory, any solutions?

  • Rauul

    when i press connect it says that connection refused.How can i fix it?

  • Rhinopep

    I have openssh and winscp, I can even choose the theme in my winterboard but once I respring the theme does not work. I have watched several YouTube videos and read several post including this one and I can’t find out what’s going on someone please help it’s starting to make me feel lime an idiot

  • Harish

    but my cydia is not opening then how SSH will install?


    I have a jailbroken iphone 3G 3.1.2. Installed SSH. Installed Winscp. And it keeps telling me access denied because the password is incorrect.

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  • Justin

    Do you know if this saves game data as well? im upgrading from a ipod 3gen to a 4 gen and will be jailbreaking it as well but i just wanted to make sure that i have all the same apps as well as the saves and all that good stuff..

    • @Justin,

      Make sure you perform backup by syncing your device with iTunes. The process should also backup your game data.

  • fiona

    it keeps saying connection refused. phone is on and unlocked, username and password are correct, any idea on how to solve this?

  • […] How to Use SSH to Transfer File on iPhone | The iPhone and iPad Blog by Simon […]

  • Gabriel

    can you do this for apple tv 2? how? thanks.

  • Camille

    Dear Simon,
    I downloaded the mobile terminal in order to change the password but unfortunately it is not opening on my iphone 4, what shall I do?
    your advise is really appreciated.

    • @Camille,

      Mobile terminal doesn’t work on the latest version of iOS. I suggest you to install SSH and then use SSH client (e.g. Putty) to connect to iPhone. Then you can change the password by using the “passwd” command.

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  • help plz i put in my iphone ip address as host but it connect to my computer instead of my iphone it makes me browse my own computer open ssh is curently installed and i rebooted my iphone 3g 4.2.1 does iphone ip address start with 192.168 help plz

  • iAdam

    Hey Simon, great guide, but im still stuck!!! 🙁 I have a iphone 3gs version 4.2.1, my neighbors wi fi connection is strong where ever i am in my house. ive got to the point of installing WinSCP on my computer and OpenSSH on my iphone. When i come to the WinSCP window, I enter all the necessities: Hostname(I.P. Address) i.e. Username(root) password(alpine). When im done i try to login but i can never get passed the first screen, theres always a Connection error/ timed out. Ive done some troubleshooting such as removing the auto-lock, rebooting my iphone, and making sure the connection response time was extended past the normal. still i am faced with this impossible quest. please help

  • Branden

    Hi everyone,

    I did everything accordingly, but it got stuck at trying to log in and says connection timed out. What should i do?

  • i still dont know why ssh is required…..i am sorry to ask

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  • John

    This is my second time replying on this thread. The first one posted but disappeared. I get up the point of the SSH and copying the files into the themes folder. I can’t copy and I can’t drag and drop anything into the themes folder (or any other folder). It just won’t allow it for whatever reason. Any ideas?

  • pasquae

    come si fa a sapere l’indirizzo ip senza dovere aprire l’iphone?

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  • Toyo Tsuchiya

    Hi Simon

    I just installed Cyberduck and am following your article about this so I can remotely transfer files from my iphone to my mac so I can edit my APN settings as I have a jailbroken phone. However when I opened Cyberduck and clicked on open connection and entered in the server which is the IP address of my phone, then I used the user name you said and password it didn’t work. I then tried to use my username and password for my computer and that didn’t work. Any advice?

    Thanks so much

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  • your are awesome. I spent 2 hours before coming across this blog. In 15 minutes I was able to connect. you rock!

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  • very nice sir… good …… 🙂

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  • James

    The whole thing I find confusing is I jailbroke an Iphone 3g, I have no WiFi connection as it does not work. I have been trying for days to connect via cyder 2. i have WinSCP loaded but I follow instructinos on getting IP address in I phone and It dose not work I see no address. I can not connect to begin with and from what i read this is supposed to allow me to load cydia files without internet access. ? IS there a special USB cable other than the one that came with the iPhone is should be using?

  • Exitfailsafe

  • john


    I used to have these problems too. But to fix it I downloaded SBsettings from Cydia. Just type it in the search bar. Then slide across the top to show the Sbsettings screen. Then tap more. A new screen will show up. Tap themes and change it to any one of them. Respring then when you open SBsettings you should see an SSH thing. Tap it so that it is enabled, THEN SSH>>>>

    hope this helped

  • steve

    im done transferring cracked games from pc to iphone using ssh. i rebooted after but the games wasnt there and my memory was eaten up. what should i do? thanks

  • James

    Just a question on SSH, I originally started looking at this because I read that SSH could be used to transfer files through cyder 2 via the USB cable. Is this correct or not? I have a Iphone 3g that the WiFi does not work at all so once jail broken I could not load the cydia applications because no WiFi so I was trying to do it via USB cable.

    Is it possible or should I give up as everything I have read on line shows you need WiFi to make it all happen.


  • Aman Aziz

    Hi thank you for such nice guide and actually i got i phone 4 g just 15 days before and i dont know much about it. my question is does anyone know tiny umbrella? how to install it and why i need it ? i was downloading firmware 4.3.3 and it just says internet connection time out why? m freakin out with restore help me out to restore my device thnx

  • sako

    i can transfer files from iphone to the laptop..but when i transfer photos from laptop to iphone they’re not showing on iphone!! and the extention of the pictures are the same..

  • Bella

    Hi. I already know how to use Ssh but I was wondering if you can ssh from iPod into computer instead of from computer to iPod. It would be extremely helpful to me since I share a laptop with my bf and at times need to get to certain files while he is busy on the laptop.

  • Richard M

    I have the same problem as an earlier post but I did not see ann answer. I have installed winscp, ssh, on my 3gs but when I enter my IP add, username, & password, I get a network error message and it times out. My phone is jailbroken. Help?

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  • Hey very cool web site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your website and take the feeds also?I am satisfied to seek out numerous helpful information right here within the post, we need work out more techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  • Nice one!
    I’ll be using it – thanks!

  • Nick


    I have been looking everywhere on the net to try and figure out how I can view the files transferred to my phone using WinSCP? I transferred .jar and .tar files by click and dragging to iphone portion WinSCP. I have no idea if they are even on there or how to find out. Can you please tell me how to do it?

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  • Generally I do not learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thank you, very great article.

  • Nicky

    Note that if your iPhone is hacked, and can be accessed VIA SSH connection, this can put all of your data in risk, cause anyone can access it. I managed to find a guide to block this loophole:

    Make sure you are safe…

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  • Paul

    Hi. Where I should copy the files (music) ? I want to copy mp3 from my PC to my Iphone. I did everything and is working, but I dont see the music in the phone. Where I need to copy them ? Wich folder ?

  • MadisonYE

    I’ve just stubled upon this site theas400.com, could I just copy the technical
    data from the web site or do I need special permission?. I’m writing a school project.


  • abbeydawn

    While this was a very good article, the instructions on how to set up the SSH by using Cyberduck does not work. I’ve tried several times and even download the program SBsettings from Cydia, but I still get the “network connection fail” error. Thank you for this information but unfortunately, this article does not address an error that several people seem to have. If I find a work around I will update, but until then, for those of you who stumble upon this error, the program Cyberduck offers no relief.

  • Monsturr

    This really helped. Thank you. Now off to making themes :”D

  • mystic

    Hi i can’t get it. it keep saying authenticating with pre-entered password. Access denied. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  • Eunice

    I hav download Folder lock in my iphone & i have choose all the setting to protect spotlight multitasking also locked. i can’t event get into cydia to remove the folder lock and because my ”Setting” is locked, i can’t get in to disable it too 🙁
    Can anyone help????

  • Eunice

    I hav download Folder lock in my iphone & i have choose all the setting to protect spotlight ,multitasking. i can’t event get into cydia to remove the folder lock and because my ”Setting” is locked, i can’t get in to disable it too 🙁
    Can anyone help????

  • Amanda

    Hey all, I was having issues connecting via cyberduck. Make sure the drop down menu is set to SSH. Worked perfectly after that

  • Jay

    Question is i done transfer winrar by step u suggest but after that i want to install that rar file on iphone so on my i phone where i found that file to open and install ? How to see tht file on iphone


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  • I seldom drop responses, however i did some searching and wound up here How to Use SSH
    to Transfer File on iPhone | The iPhone and iPad
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  • S Briggs

    Mine no longer connects.
    I don’t know why.. I’ve reinstalled winscp, reinstall Open SSH, still getting connection errors

  • Mikes Multimedia

    Appreciate the post, I’ve recently had to explore ways to access the files directly inside one of my apps cache, openSSH was the solution. However, I would like to avoid transferring usine the wifi, and transfer files from my ipad2 using USB and openSSH connection. Is this a matter of just changing the ports?
    Not sure if you’ll be reading this anytime soon, but I’m continuing to look for the solution on my end. Email/post me when you or one of your viewers figure it out.

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  • Dave West

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