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How To Prevent iPhone from Opening iPhoto

May 6, 2009 — by Simon Ng3


Tips & How-to

How To Prevent iPhone from Opening iPhoto

May 6, 2009 — by Simon Ng3

Are you a Mac user? I own an iMac and really love it.

But one thing I dislike is every time I connect my iPhone to the Mac, it automatically opens iPhoto and assume I need it to download photo from iPhone.

That’s really annoying. Like me, you probably experience the same issue on Mac platform. So,

How can you prevent iPhone from opening iPhoto automatically?

To disable the auto-launch of iPhoto, you can simply disable it in iPhoto’s preference. And, here are the procedures.

1. Launch iPhoto

2. In menu bar of iPhoto, select “Preferences…”

iPhoto - Preferences

3. Select the “General” table in Preferences dialog

4. By default, the “Connecting camera opens:” option is set to “iPhoto”. That’s why it’s launched automatically when you connect the iPhone to your Mac. You can set this option to “No Application” to disable iPhoto from launching automatically.


5. That’s it. You can now close the Preferences dialog and iPhoto.

Next time when you connect the iPhone to your Mac, iPhoto will not be opened automatically.

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  • Brant

    In case you are like me and your version of iPhoto does not have this option available in its preferences. There is another way to prevent your iPhone from opening iPhoto everytime. Its called Image Capture and it is located in your Applications folder. You have to open Image Capture and go to the Preferences menu (under the Image Capture menu item). Under the General tab, change the option for “When a camera is connected…” to “No Application” instead of “iPhoto”.

    • @Brant, thanks for your great tip! This should help those who are still using older version of iPhotos.

  • @Brant

    Just got a iPod Touch and love it…’cept iPhoto opening every time I sync. Didn’t see the option in iPhot preferences but found it just fine in Image Capture. My version has all devices listed in a way similar to the left hand bar in finder. Was able to prevent just my iPod from opening iPhoto (my camera still opens it when I connect…just what I want). Thanks for your tip!