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iPhone Tips: How to Check iPhone Firmware and Baseband Version

May 3, 2009 — by Simon Ng12


Tips & How-to

iPhone Tips: How to Check iPhone Firmware and Baseband Version

May 3, 2009 — by Simon Ng12

This is a iPhone tip for newbie. In some situations (e.g. jailbreak), you’ll need to know the firmware version or baseband version. Where can you retrieve this information from iPhone?

That’s very simple. All the iPhone configuration information are resided inside the “Settings” screen. For both firmware and baseband version, they can also be found under settings.

So, simply tap on “Settings” screen and then tap “General”. Further, tap on “About” to reveal the information about your iPhone. The “About” screen displays all the general information about your iPhone including number of songs, cellular network, etc. And you can find the firmware version and baseband in the “Version” field and “Modem Firmware” field respectively.

iPhone Setting - GeneraliPhone Firmware Version

That’s normal way to check the firmware version. But what if my iPhone is not activated and can only make emergency call. You can dial the secret phone number: *3001#12345#*


Once you make the call, you can tap on version to reveal the version number. If you dial the above number on normal iPhone, you’ll be brought to a field test screen.

Note: The secret code may not work for all iPhone firmware version.

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  • neeku

    Thanks for the guide, but i can’t access the settings or so from the emergency call screen. my phone is new and not unlocked yet, but i need to find the version before unlocking… so could you help me with this? (secret code doesn’t work).

  • Divitya

    I have a 2g iphone running a 1.1.4 , i upgraded it using itunes 8.2 to 3.0 and now the phone is locked again. Also i am unable to check the firmware version using the *3001#12345#* method the code does not work ….what is the code to check the firmware after getting the latest upgrade ? Also should i wait for Ultrasnow to be released or can i unlock the phone as it is a 2g ?

    • Vishal

      I just purchased new unlocked 3GS iPhone and (first time user so did not check any detail). By mistake my friend put it in recovery mode and from there I restored it through iTunes(Version When I finished restoring my phone got blocked and asking for Valid Sim Card.

      Kindly tell me

      How to confirm firmware now??
      If it is with firmware 3.1.3(hope not) , Is there any way to unlock it ??

      Please consider that I am using that in africa so it was been imported or carried etc…

      kindly suggest some Trusted site links for reference.

      • marc

        I was curious to find out if you ever found a solution to your iphone being locked in recovery mode. I’ve tried multiple IPSW files, and now i don’t know what baseband my phone has. Anything would be helpful.

  • Vishal

    Sorry Guys

    I forgot to mention that Ihave tried above mentioned procedure …none of them worked for me……..

    Thanks in Advance…….

  • link

    fukcing dont work ass hoo..

  • Abas

    Just plug your iPhone in to the usb. Launch TinyUmbrella 🙂

  • Andhu

    How to find baseband version on locked iPhone .
    My 3g iPhone stucked on boot logo
    I don’t know baseband version
    please help

  • john

    If you are going to make some newbie tutorial for people who just started using the iPhone, how about it not sucking?

    If you go to Settings – General – and see an option that reads “iPhone Firmware Version” you are out of your mind. You are hallucinating.

    There is an option under Settings – General – that says “About”, and under this we see two suspects:

    Version: 4.2.1
    Modem Firmware: 05.15.04

    Version most likely refers to the software version, that is, the version of iOS your device is running. Modem Firmware seems plausible, except that it is a date and not a version number.

    Not only have you failed at a newbie tutorial, my crappy tutorial explaining why your tutorial is inaccurate is better than yours, and this is day 1 with my very first iDevice. TY for polluting the internet thus.

    • Duh

      Um….It does Say in the About section!

  • nana

    It doesnt want to call 🙁