iPhone Tips: How to Reset Your iPhone When it’s hung

April 27, 2009 — by Simon Ng205



iPhone Tips: How to Reset Your iPhone When it’s hung

April 27, 2009 — by Simon Ng205

Reset iPhoneYou may have already experienced this…

Open up an iPhone application, it just freezes and hangs there. You probably try to press and hold the POWER button to turn off the iPhone, but it doesn’t respond.

This is not uncommon for you to encounter the above hang problem as you install more iPhone applications. A friend of mine, who have bought the iPhone 3G for around 2 weeks, gave me a call and asked for resolution.

So, what can you do to resolve this problem and bring your iPhone back to normal? For experienced iPhone user, you may know what to know. But for iPhone beginner, this hang may scare you.

Don’t worry. The solution is trivial and simple. What you have to do is to do a Hard Reset on the iPhone. To reset the iPhone, simply press the POWER/SLEEP button and Home button together. Hold them until you can see the boot screen, which is with black background and Apple logo. One point to note is you have to release both buttons at the same time.

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  • yea this is a perfect way to do it
    has happened to me before
    guess cause i got a ton my apps from cydia
    so it can happen but use this and its all good =]

  • Slah R

    my phone is jailbroken. and i have to do this 3-4 times a day. πŸ™

  • diba

    Mine is also jailbroken and I had to do it twice since Februrary

  • lynn

    i tried to reset it and when i press on the power button it just froze. what do i do about that?

  • sam


    I tried the above mentioned options, but after that the little apple icon comes, and its struck

    i tried to do reset many times and its no use ?
    mine is a jail broke one
    any help

    • nasir ahmed

      hi i had same prablem with iphone its hung with small ocian apple logo what i do now for this prablem

  • Eric

    I’m having the same problem as Sam, I have a 2G on 3.0 i jailbreak/unlock with redsnow it’s been fine after like 3wks my phone got stuck on the apple i’ve tried the hard re-boot i tried connecting it to itune to sync it and itunes would not reconized it.
    It stays with the apple and black background anter a few minutes it flashes and the little circle comes on like it’s powering down and it goes back to the apple.

    • vivek

      mine is same problem as eric

      please suggest me what to do.

    • nalson ho

      so how do u fix it

  • green69

    i cannot open my iphone after a reset all the setting when the icon apple appears its automatical rebooting and i wont open can some one help me?

  • green69

    we have the same problem eric

  • beeling

    my iphone just hanged at 4.49pm this afternoon, tried the above to no avail, what should i do????

    • Did you try to connect your iPhone back to your computer via USB?

      • rappy

        i am encountering a similar problem…2G phone…wht to do…office call coming in..not able to take it

    • Mysterio

      Do reset by holding sleep and home button

  • Tristiaan


    This is a perfect way to do it


    • angel

      my iphone got jaliboke thank goodess can work


  • sherif

    My Iphone 3gs,legaly unlocked
    many times i found it black with no response,at the same time if i tried to call my number thru another phone i heard it ringing on the second phone.
    the only way to push the power&home button at same time for 10 seconds
    is it normal?
    some days it’s happen twice or more…some days it’s not happen at all

  • abhinav ratra

    oh yes that’s worked, even my new Iphone 16GB 3GS got hanged n i was not able to touch the screen , it was like touch was dead. so i reset the Iphone now what the main prob. is that my Iphone is again locked.So plz send me some info. regarding that. I NEED IT BADLY.

  • Sunny

    This is really awesome. I was breaking my head to sort it out. It had saved a sleepless night for me. Thanks a lot guys.

  • Vita

    Hey Thanks so much! my iphone hung for the first time and i got super depressed. no other forum had this info so clearly and info that worked! πŸ™‚ i guess i got too many apps on my phone which i just deleted. could there be another reason? my phone is jailbroken too!

  • nelson

    press and hold power button and home button..

    • rach

      this is the best answer from all… AND IT REALLY WORK! THANKS NELSON!

  • Sapna

    Hey Thank you so much for your note on how to reboot.
    At first I thought removing the sim card wud help. But even though it gave a message which said no sim card, the phone did not get switched off. I realised unlike regular hand sets, in my iphone 3g i could not jus take out the battery and reboot the whole thing. I was really worried! But I tried your solution and it worked in a jiffy…I was a bot nervous, reading the comments of people who were not successful as well.

    Could you pls advise, if its a good idea to download the new iOS4? Some of my frnds hav successfully downloaded it. But after reading the various blogs and reading of the problems some ppl hav had, Im not so sure if I shud. If there was a way to go back to your original settings in case the new upgrade didnt work, would hav been excellent. But from what I have read, there is no solution for a roll back to the old version.


  • rodrod

    I’t works..

    Thank you

  • rohit

    thank u for ur suggestion it worked

  • rohit

    how to uplod aaplication in my iphone

    • Mysterio

      Through itunes

      • shoeb

        my iphone 3gs has been hang on apple logo wat 2 do?i have restart while pressing home key and shutdown button but it’s not working

  • evonne

    Hi Simon. These really helps alot but i wanted to ask does it bring any harm to my iPhone due to this hanging problem ?

    • @evonne,

      No harm. Don’t worry.

  • evonne

    Ok. Thank you πŸ™‚
    Do you why it will hang whenever I finish taking photo? :/

    • @evonne,

      Are you using the default camera app to take photo?

  • evonne

    Yes. I’m using the default camera app.

    • @evonne,

      If the problem persists, I suggest you to restore your iPhone via iTunes (but make sure you backup all your data before that). Hope this can resolve the issue.

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  • p.d.

    Hi all,
    my also hang up.
    No unlocks,
    no external apps
    all software unmodified and brand new… phone has about 3weeks.

    I see here two possible reasons of such behaviour:
    1) apple software has a bug
    2) might be a result of some network viri trying hijack iphone

    in both we need to escalate to apple i think.

  • Prabhakar dahal

    I did but my screen touch is nt working but it was working before it was hung

  • Soehar

    Thanks for yous suggest….. i tough my iPhone was serious problem but when i tried your suggest it worked n now my iPhone is working normal.

  • karamjeet

    Thanks Man

  • Fennie

    Thanks for the help! I’m a first time user and my iphone hung up on me suddenly… made me worried sick… Now everything is resolved! Thanks!

  • Eric

    Thanks for your tip! The problem of my i-phone is gone. Thank you.

  • mastaneh

    hi , dear friends I have this problem too and I done the structure and just it works

  • vivek

    my i phone get hang,
    as per blogs i have tried many times to reboot but again the small apple comes on screen nothing else.
    please suggest me what to do.

    • @vivek,

      Look like your iPhone is failed to boot up properly. I suggest you to restore your iPhone via iTunes to recover it.

      • my iphone 4 can not be opened

        i tried to restore in itune but when i clicked on restore then the itune (not responing)

  • caren

    it’s work!! thank!
    i thought my iphone K.O. already… cause when i press “home”, it got nothing. the whole screen was dark! i try to charge it, sync it yet no respond. luckily i found your advise. thank you very much!!

  • John

    If your phone is unlocked and you have to restore and you don’t have a back up? Your phone will be locked again. You need to go back to unlocking and jailbreaking process again. I am not sure about others but this is what happened with my iPhone 3G.

    Sometime the iPhone acting up when you download 3rd party free game because of the conflicting script with apple base loop. Your iPhone will do the crazy loop for reboot and finally it gives up and hang.

    If press the power and home button does not help?

    Try the restore. Hook up to iTunes and press power and home button until it goes down. Unplug your iPhone. Press the home button and hold it while connecting to USB cable. Your computer will show up with iTunes logo and asking for a restore. Go ahead with restore to default. If you have a back up? You are safe. If not? Do the back up today before you crash your iPhone.

    I heard some people can’t restart after multiple times. You need to understand iPhone works like a small computer and computer crash if you keep restarting the unit or download wacky free 3rd party application from unknown source.

    I would not go for any advise where they tell you to do the 3 times restart process. By default iPhone can always go to restore mode. If that does not work? It’s time to give a visit to the Apple God. lol. They call them : Genius call center. lol

    Good luck

    • saif

      I works thanks for ur help!!!!!!!!

  • daniel yevu

    my iphone just hung what should i do to boot it

  • thannxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………………. this above solution is very helpful….!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ralph Mariveles

    The procedure is very helpful and effective even to my Iphone 4….. thanks

  • Moe

    Hi guys,

    I have the same problem and I have doen the instructors many times, but the problem still exsit.

    any suggestions

  • andy

    i have i phone 3gs i try this but it don’t works i cant unlock my i phone ……..

    plz halp me …

  • sara

    hey. thank you so much for the info!!!! when i do that, it jz display the apple logo for like 10mins . i was really worried coz it takes time for me to unlock it. so if you guys have problem, jz try to press the power button and Home button together and just wait and the password logo will come out.

  • error

    hi,i tried to erase all data/contenet of my iphone 2g and it said it will take about 1 hour to finish but it was more than a day ago and it is hung since then with its apple logo on display…i tried your advice but its not working…plz help

  • rahul

    hey thnks dude it’s cool trick

  • Hamid

    I have got an iPhone 4 and this afternoon when I wanted to switch it off it hanged up and there was only small sign (like e sun) and it was all there. I used iTunes and many ways but it did not worked out untill I used the above advice and it soon started up. Thanks a lot.

  • josh

    thanks for the info………………….

  • Centos

    iphone 2g stuck in restarting screen with circle revolving round for more than an hour after installing installeous 4 and reinstalling springboard…what might be the problem … plz seriously needed help…..

  • manu

    thanks guys….ur solution help me a lot…..thanks heaps…

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  • Taqi

    Thanks dude πŸ™‚

  • Eugene

    I reset my jailbreak iPhone 3G using the delete all data option then it hung on the boot screen ive already wait for an hour and still it wont work…. I already tried to hard reset the phone and nothing happens can you help me with this thanks…

  • levis

    thanks for d info

  • shashi

    @ simon ng
    hello sir i have 3g 8 gb, my phone got struck with apple logo, followed ur steps but it reboots n apple logo appears i then release both at the same time. but once again the same apple logo comes n stills for hours to geather. plz help me out
    thank u

  • shafiq

    Thanks It worked

  • bilal

    thanks man its works thanks alot

  • flying

    It really works. computer 101 Turn it off & turn it on. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the tip

  • shahzad

    hey it is realy good idia .n i am very hapy my iphone started again .thanks a lot ………………..

  • erica

    thank you so much for the note…my iphone 4 was hang im so worry than i send it to handphone shop for check wat happen to my iphone 4 and what happen was the guys dont know wat is the problem and he told me that he got 5 costumer facing the same problem but they cant fix it,im so disappointed they cannot do anything what more the shop is selling iphone handphone and they also do the handphone service….anyway move on for tis so i try to over come tis issue so i google it thank God i found tis note and my problem is solve thank you guy;-)

  • cahbagoez

    yea… it works for me, at least for now. many thanks…. πŸ™‚

  • cahbagoez

    yea… it works for me, at least for now. many thanks… πŸ™‚

  • jay

    Hi mate, thanks. the tips for resetting the hanged iphone worked.

    • alex

      i have just purchased an i phone 3g and did a reset and it took an hour but now it will not power up and has frozen on the apple screen does anyone know how to fix this ?? the above method does not work please help

  • my iphone 4 can not be opened

    my iphone4 could not be open after i installed many apps… there is only a logo apple in the black background, πŸ™

    • You may need to restore your iPhone via iTunes. If you have backup your iPhone before, you can restore the data after restore.

  • rahul

    i resett all setting from general n my iphone 3g cant able to restart n when i use the power button to restart it shows only the logo of apple only…..wat can i do ….i m very upset !!!!

  • lucky

    wait for it until it get shut down …..
    The only way to get rid of it …..
    on the other habd you can’t take it’s battery out ……….

  • Ketan

    Thanks a lot for help…. it worked perfectly for my iphone….

  • Olusola Kokoye

    You guys are the bomb….. it work like magic.

  • Thanks it worked πŸ™‚

  • Ashish Subedi

    thanks my problem is solved.

  • Allison

    It worked! Thank you!

  • jos

    It worked! Thank you! Now I can make cheap international calls via my iphone

  • aimi

    my iphone 3g got hung few hours ago, after downloading apps. i tried to follow your advice, but its still not working. i tried to reboot it many times but it always get stuck with black background with apple logo and a small circle on the middle. it repeated many times. i hope you can help me out. thanks!

    • @aimi, I think you may need to restore your iPhone. To restore the iPhone, you can connect it to computer (via USB) and restore it via iTunes.

  • Puneet

    My I phone was hanged to black screen,nuthin works but ur tip to reset (power + home at the same time & release together ) works….

    Now its working…


  • Parham

    Thnx a lot body……!!!!!
    you saved me from my idiotness…..when this happenned ,i waited until the battery goes down until turn off….!!!

  • Ashutosh

    thanks bro it worked like charm

  • abhishek

    thanx bro

  • Jaydeep

    Thanks a lot, It works perfectly :))

  • thanks tonnes!

  • saif

    its really work

  • sekhar6666

    thanks bro’s…. my 3gs is hanged.. m also hanged and scared with that… coz its my first… m use ur tip its worked thanks alot…..

  • Jefri Abu Bakar

    as an iphone noob, i learn something new today when time in desperate need. thanx for saving my $$$ and time..

  • thank a lot..ur tip very helpful..also working on 4s…

  • Mohammed

    Thanks. it works

  • Kris Reddy

    Thanks… good one.. I am able to fix the issue

  • It really works. thanx dear

  • Waseem Mohi Uddin

    Thanks a lot @ Simon Ng. I was really very scared of losing my data of my I Phone 4, it does not be in normal mode for 18 hours, i tried a lot to do it with I Tunes but my mobile was passcode locked, but when i tried this one it really works thanks again Brother….:)

    • Archana

      Thanks ! it happned on iphone 4s 16GB also. This is the best way to reset it.

  • Teejay

    This worked!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Abishek

    thank you i had the same problem……..nw i got solved

  • Dr.Sudin

    Thanks for the information provided for How reset your Iphone.

  • Jidu

    Thank you so much…..

  • hsu

    really thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    it is working

  • kamal

    thanks really.. I was thinking its gone and repair is gonna cost me in dollars. Since I was expecting some important calls and have no other phone and dont even had time to go to mechanic. Really got free from headache.

  • adil shah

    looovvvvveeee You guyzz Simon this tip reallY work thank uuu soo much dear πŸ™‚

  • Richard

    i want to ask , why my iphone will switch off automatic ??? and why it will hanging ??? how to solve it ??? do you have any solution ???

  • Richard

    i want to ask , why my iphone will switch off automatic ??? and why it will hanging ??? and can’t restart . how to solve it ??? do you have any solution ???

  • Pawakumar

    T H A N K Y O U B O S S ……..

  • Fauzy Asif

    Thanks a lot dear πŸ™‚

  • Its me

    its perfect action, do both actions at the same time< I mean press the on/off button at the same time holding the home botten then leave both button at the same time then go ahead, ur iphone would be on factory setting,

  • Hemant

    I did switch off & reboot a number of times since inserting a new sim alongwith the gevey sim on my jailbroken iphone 4, but it still remains hung. (Tried this even after emoving the sim tray). What next????????????

    • Step 1: Switch off you iphone
      Step 2; Run iTunes on computer
      Step 3: Hold home button and plug in (Keep holding home button until you get in recovery mode)
      Step 4: Restore
      Step 5: Jail Brok!

      Thats all

  • Abby_redemption

    It WOrked for my Iphone 3Gs……………..Thanks man πŸ™‚

  • Debbie

    You are a life saver! Also resolved an error message I was getting from Itunes :0)

  • Pil

    Cool tip. It worked.

    Thank You dude..

  • samson

    my iphone is display only iphone apple logo and touch screen is not workig. How to restart my iphone ?

  • Smit

    he thanx man itz raely workzout

  • shas

    Thanks Simon. Great Help. Small but very useful

  • jastine

    my iphone 3gs is hung up i tried what you said but it doesn’t work what should i do now? and how long it will takes to restore my iphone in itunes

  • ronnel

    my iphone cannot open can u help want can i do?

    • ronnel

      i cant open my i Phone..

      BUT WHEN I CHARGE IT it has a word that saying “CONNECT to i tune”..

      any suggestion how can i open my i phone when hunging?

  • Aamir Mir

    Great…. πŸ™‚

    It works, Thanks

  • jhim18

    thanks for the info it really works

  • ankit

    sir, i have tried this also but there is no respone from the phone just lyk before a small apple is appearing on it. it can be reastarted or not..??

  • Shakshyam Poudel

    yuppie it’s really worked THANK YOU!!!!! REALLY i was too scared!!! ONCE again thank u

  • leen

    it works !thanks for the tips:)

  • Rao

    press hold both buttons together till the screen goes off and apple logo appears, and leave both buttons, it will take couple minutes to come to normal

  • chesca

    thanks a lot it helped me fix my iphone 4s

  • ranne

    thanks….it worked! saved me some bucks from that technicians..

  • Anish

    thanx bro….it worked really….so happy n confessed now….i got mini heart attack when it didnt worked….thanx anyway

  • ajmira

    thnks alooooottttt…….nw drz no need f runing to istore to gt it dne….it really wrkd…

  • khairul hassan

    thanks brother. i had suffer a lot. but with your tips its solve my problem.
    thanks once again.

  • thank you for some tips to repair hunging iphone

  • Monika

    hey MY 4s is jailbroken and got hanged while downloading an aap from cydia.. m realy Scared, tried rebooting but its not working out for me.. everytime i leave both the buttons apple and the small circle appears again
    tryng this from last 2 hours but its not working out.. not even working with
    itunes cz my 4s is password locked
    please help πŸ™

  • darshan

    thaks to u

  • Nauman

    thanks simon.

  • Anne

    Thanks for the big help..

  • Raman

    HI guys, My iphone 3GS suddenly started behaving odd. when I try to open it by sliding my finger to unlock it, it does not do that. When I try to put passcode, it does not take it, as if it is not getting my command. It suddenly started behaving like – voice applicatiion started and whatever I was trying to do, it was speaking out – like when I press code it would speak the code but won’t let me in. Suddenly its screen got zoomed in and so on……………………

    Can anyone tell what is this? How this happened and how can I access my phone ……… Though I can sinc it with my computer but few recent memoes it is not sinking (they are very important for me.)

    Please help

  • maine

    Thank you. it really scared me. πŸ™‚

    • Monkey PS

      TQ Simon for ur useful tips πŸ™‚

  • hafsa

    thanks it really worked

  • Madhumathi

    I tried watever is said to reset my iphone4s, it was of no use i was holing it for more than 5min i could not see any apple icon appearing, its worring me a lot, its not even 10days i have started using this phone and i’m struck with such a problem guys pls some one help me to reset it

    • Ankit

      i think you should go to apple store so that the will replace your phone.

  • Chaitanya S Patel

    Thank You very much it works!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Absolutly perfect solution…Thank you!!!

  • This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Kudos!

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    no words …. :))
    i was getting mad… when my cell phone just hanged

  • Dr. Adnan

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    it’s not working frind you have another way to solve this.,

  • D..:)

    Thanx a ton…bt what to do after that…:(

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    what to do if it hangs and my off button is spoiled??

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