What iPhone Application Are Used Most?

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A quarter of iPhone users said Facebook’s was one of three apps they accessed most often, followed by game apps, at 20%. More than 10% pointed to music-related apps. After that, the more than 100 individual apps or types of apps cited by users fell to single-digit percentages, with most less than 2%.

Is weather app your top most-used application? For me, definitely not. My top 3 most-used iPhone apps are:

  1. Mail
  2. Facebook
  3. Safari

So, what iPhone application do you used most? Feel free to leave comment and share your top applications with me.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • skp

    my top

    1. mail
    2. sms
    3. phone
    4. calendar
    5. camera
    6. facebook
    7. safari
    8. games

  • buzzinghive

    1. mysms
    2. google maps
    3. safari
    4. shazam

  • Ada Mok

    1. beejiveIM
    2. HK Weather
    3. Ontime HK