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3 Great Ways to Forward a Contact on iPhone

April 3, 2009 — by Simon Ng6


Tips & How-to

3 Great Ways to Forward a Contact on iPhone

April 3, 2009 — by Simon Ng6

forward_contactAbout a week ago, I wrote a post and asked everyone of you about how you can forward a contact on iPhone. Thank you for all your great response. I got tons of great suggestions and here are the top 3 solutions to forward a contact using iPhone.

Copy & Paste the Contact Number

Copy & Paste Contact NumberYou probably heard of Clippy. Clippy is great hack for iPhone that adds the Copy & Paste capability. The latest version of Clippy lets you easily copy & paste any contact information. Later, you can paste it back to text message or email and send it to your friend or co-workers.

Clippy is available on Cydia and you can download it for free. Once you have Clippy installed, simply tap and hold on the contact number you want to copy, Clippy will then pop-up a context menu. Select “Copy” to copy the number. Then start up the text application and paste the contact number into the text message. Cool, right?

Use BiteSMS to send a contact via SMS

BiteSMS is a premium SMS application available from Cydia. This SMS application provides additional features (e.g. forward SMS and landscape typing) over the default SMS application comes with iPhone. It also lets you embed contact information in a text message very easily.

Simply drag your finger from left to right in the text area, BiteSMS will show an option to add a contact. By tapping on the “Add Contact” option, the application brings you to contact list and you can choose the desired contact to put into the text message. It’s simple and convenient.

Use BiteSMS to Forward a Contact

BiteSMS is a featured application on Cydia. But one downside is it’s not a free application.

Forward Contact using FreeContact

FreeContact, a free application on App Store, lets you send any contacts on iPhone via email. Once you launch FreeContact and register your email address, you can choose any contact from the contact list and send out the contact information through email. The application offers a flexibility to choose which type of contact information to send out. Say, you can select only the cell phone number or just to send out the email address. It also allows you to send the contact info as plain text email or vCard attachment depending on your preference.

freecontactFreeContact - Forward Contact
FreeContact - Plain Text Email or vCardfreecontact_3

You can download FreeContact from App Store via this direct iTunes links.

Wait for iPhone 3.0 for the Perfect Solution

Here is the bonus tip but it will not work until the next version of iPhone. Soon when iPhone 3.0 debuts this summer, you do not need to rely on any external application to forward a contact. This feature will come as a default one and build into the Contact. You’ll see a “Share Contact” button in every contact in the address book. Simply tap on that button and share the contact with others as vCard.

iPhone 3.0 - Forward Contact

Again, a big thanks to those readers who shared with me the tips. And if you have other great tips on this topic, feel free to leave me comment below and let other know.

[iPhone 3.0 image from iLounge]

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  • william allen

    I changed my phone number (I’m still an original iPhone user) and i need to send out a mass “change of number” to ALL my many contacts via text since most are only numbers and not emails. How on iEarth do I do this?

    Thank you…

    William in So Cal.

  • Angel

    Why I don’t have in my new Iphone 3Gs in any contact this button “Share Contact”? only “text message” and “add to favorites”. Please, help, I need this very much.

  • Angel

    for sms, not for mms and e-mail

  • AlexanderKent

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    For more information, you can go:

  • Gehan

    There’s an app for this – SMS contact sender – which lets you forward a contact through SMS

  • xavier

    I’m using ForwardContact.
    It’s a very simple app, but works nicely sending contact via sms or email.