A Walkthrough of Cydia Store – How to Purchase Cydia Application

March 29, 2009 — by Simon Ng19



A Walkthrough of Cydia Store – How to Purchase Cydia Application

March 29, 2009 — by Simon Ng19

Cydia Store has been opened for business for around three weeks. Have anyone purchased any Cydia application from Cydia Store? I bought the first paid application – Cyntact from Cydia Store. The shopping experience from Cydia Store is very different from App Store. And, here I’d like to walk you through how you can purchase a paid Cydia application.

If you’re already using Jailbroken iPhone, you should have used Cydia to download free iPhone application. Cydia Store is just an extension of the original Cydia application that lets you to purchase paid application, which can’t make into the Apple’s App Store.

Shopping on Cydia Store

By launching Cydia, you’d see a “Cydia Store: Products” button. Tap on it will bring to the Cydia Store. By the time I write this post, Cydia Store is offering three paid applications: Cyntact, iWipe and Voicemail Forwarder. I’ll expect more apps will show up in the coming future.

Cydia Store - HomeCydia Store - Products

To show you the shopping experience of Cydia Store, I purchased the Cyntact application. What’s this app about? Wait… I’ll show you after the walkthrough.

Now when you select a paid application in Cydia, you’ll see the same package screen that shows the package description but the “Install” button is replaced by the “Purchase” button.

Cyntact in Cydia

Show Your Identity

Before you can purchase paid application, Cydia Store requires you to show your identity. Unlike Apple’s App Store, Cydia Store does not require you to register an account. Instead, you can choose to use your Facebook or Google account to logon the store.

Logon Cydia Store

As for this walkthrough, I logged on via my Facebook ID. Simply tap “Connect with Facebook”, Cydia will bring you to the logon interface of Facebook. Select “Log into Cydia” and sign in with your Facebook account.

Cydia - Logon FacebookCydia Logon Facebook #2

Once authenticated, Cydia store requests you to link the device with your Cydia account for purchase authorization.

Cydia Store - Link Device

Proceed to Payment

Next, you’ll have to make the payment. Presently, Cydia Store only supports payment via Amazon and Paypal. But if you opt for Paypal, you’ll be charged an addition of 25 cents. So, like me, you’ll probably opt for Amazon Payment to save money.

Cydia Payment

By tapping “Pay $1.00 Now”, you’ll be brought to Amazon Payment. If you already have an Amazon account, simply logon using the registered email address. Otherwise, register a new one. Next, type in the credit card information and proceed to confirmation.

Cydia Amazon PaymentCydia - Fill in credit card
Amazon Payment - Shipping InfoAmazon Payment - Confirm

Almost complete… Install the Application

Once you confirm the payment, you’ll be brought back to the Cyntact package screen. But this time, the “Purchase” button is changed to “Install” button. And, you can go ahead to install Cyntact on iPhone.

Cydia - Install Cyntact

Cyntact – The First Paid Application on Cydia Store

So, what’s Cyntact? Cyntact is the first paid application released on Cydia Store. It tweaks the iPhone Contacts application and displays a profile thumbnail in the contact list. That’s really simple.


That’s how you purchase an app from Cydia Store. As you see from the walkthrough, buying an iPhone app on Cydia store takes much more steps, as compared with App Store. Many suggested that Cydia Store is a potential threat to Apple’s App Store. Base on my shopping experience, however, the developers of Cydia store will need to work harder and provide iPhone user a better shopping experience in order to compete with App Store.

Have you bought any iPhone apps from Cydia Store? What do you think about it? Feel free to leave comment and share your thought.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • need help

    Hey thanks for the walkthrough but when ever i go on cydia store and try to purchase some thing it never gives me the option to purchase it, all it says is install and if i try to install it the download screen says error cuz i haven’t bought it if anyone could help me with this that would be greatly appreciated

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  • Michael

    purchased app on cydia and almost double the money got charged to my account. Half a day later I’m still without the app, and if it was available anywhere else I’d definitely get it. Funny thing is, the developer touts his wares on the basis that he provides ‘…freedom to the masses’ yet he restricts you so such that even when you pay (for warez) you STILL aren’t guaranteed to get anything. CYDIA – BUYER BEWARE THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND YOU WILL GET NOTHING LIKE ME

  • Jailbreaker

    Infiniboard is realy cool! I didn’t get it and I don’t plan 2 buy anything but I saw it on my friends iPad and I recommend it to everyone! The bad part is that i can’t get it if I want 2 because it’s only for 3.1.1 users! Hopefully they will update it soon

  • the Fuxxxing Amazon payments account only authorizes Americans. Its not valid for international users. I hope cydia adds a google checkout or direct creditcard to save for future purchases. The Rockapp does this.

  • Michael

    After two days, I was able to download after paying two days earlier. I did eventually get mine, but who wants to wait two days for some little bs app? What they REALLY need is one of these little computer nerds to build a MyWi that works on iPhone 4. Do THAT and then you’ll get some respect.

  • cms

    Doesn’t work for me. Can’t get passed google login. Thing ask me if can connect with all my friends from gmail, I say no (of course), and then it doesn’t work (status 200).

    If it’s because I won’t let it poll my account, that’s lame. It already seems shady enough as is.

  • michael

    yea, SOUNDS good. Payment screen hangs on amazon… when I purchased my first app on Cydia had to wait for email reply from saurik. You know, if they want their DOLLAR then they should make it EASIER for people to pay it.


  • Kristian

    I don’t mind paying for apps off cydia, because someone has got to put alot of time and effort in to making some of the apps possible (one of the reasons I stay jailbroken)
    And over the last couple of months, I’ve downloaded a few apps, and I think the apps are great, but I agree with what everyone else has said, it need to be made simpler to buy them.

  • Joe

    I’d like to purchAse the 3g restrictor from cydia. But everytime I try to log into my amazon acct…. The screen freezes. And then it crashes. Does anyone know how to resolve thus issue? Thanks!

  • Rng

    I’ve tried to download paid apps from the Cydia store, but the screen is so small (it won’t turn either) that I can’t see what I am typing. Is it me or is there a secret for enlarging the log-in?

  • LSS

    What does it mean when amazon “ships” do they ship the bill?

  • LSS

    What does it mean when amazon “ships” do they ship the bill?

  • sbjt

    I do NOT have Facebook account or google gmail account.
    I DO have PayPal account.

    How can I purchase apps on cydia without creating a Facebook or google account just for authentication?

    Isn’t PayPal account authentication enough?

  • Themomatic

    If you want the tweak bad enough, you will go through the steps. Stop complaining. U did go through all the trouble to jailbreak it, cant u go through a little to set up cydia?

    • Michael

      Hey Richard (Dick) Themomatic,

      Get a job. If you did have one, and let’s say for example you were an IT consultant (obviously you’re not), then you would see that requiring subscription to a completely irrelevant system is archaic and it’s not out of pocket for someone like sbjt to complain about having to do it.

  • Jack

    Cydia gots to do a better job at how to purchase. First off I do not want to log into cydia entering my password to either accounts. Instead I think user should make a cydia account and have a paypal email entry and if you make a purchase you will get a paypal notification on your computer paypal and than from there you will make your purchase over paypal rather than signing in with paypal or amazon on cydia which is just historical. Cydia please do this upgrade so that the 45% people will purchase instead of getting the deb file because its easier..

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