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iPhone Tips: How to Fix Wifi Grayed-out Problem

February 24, 2009 — by Simon Ng169


Tips & How-to

iPhone Tips: How to Fix Wifi Grayed-out Problem

February 24, 2009 — by Simon Ng169

wifi-gray-out-problemAs you may know, I’m just back from Beijing. During my trip, I used to switch on airplane mode to avoid any roaming charge. But sometimes, when I was in a cafe with free Wifi, I turned the Wifi on again. Everything works really fine until I was back home. When I tried to connect my iPhone to my home wireless network, it didn’t work. As I checked out the Wifi option in “Settings” screen, the Wifi option is just grayed out or disable by iPhone itself. Even I rebooted the iPhone, the wifi option still stayed in disable state.

This is not the first time I heard from my readers or other jailbreak iPhone users about this Wifi problem. But this is the very first time I experienced it on my iPhone.

And here is the fix:

Reset the Network Setting

Yes, by just resetting iPhone’s network setting, the Wifi option comes back to normal. To reset the network settings, go to “Settings” -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.

iPhone - Reset Network Settings

I’m not quite sure if this is the universal solution to the Wifi Grayed-out issue. But this one works for my case. Leave me comment and let me know this works for you or not.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • Kamal

    I got this same problem when I upgraded my Ziphone 1.1.4 iPhone to 2.2 using QuickPwn. The Wifi got grayed out but I was able to restore it back by restarting my phone a couple of times. I guess this solution you posted is better though! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  • Amit

    Guys – If you are not able to solve your wi-fi with the steps above then you may have a more challenging problem. I upgraded to 2.2 from 1.1.2 and my wi-fi just wouldn’t work and it wasnt easy getting to the right solution so i’ll try and make it easy for you. Follow the steps below only if you wi-fi worked before upgrading to 2.x firmware and the above solutions has not helped:

    1. Downgrade your phone back to 1.1.4 –
    2. Unlock and Jailbreak your phone with iLiberty –
    3. Finally swifi your phone –

    All the software required can be found within the links if you still need any help just reply to this thread and leave your email i’ll do my best…hope this helps…

    • MIke

      hi Amit,
      i have upgraded my Iphone 2G to 3.1.3. now wifi is not working. it’s been grayed.
      i have tried your instruction but when i try to downgrade it using iclarified it says

      This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
      Please contact the application’s support team for more information

      any suggestions??


      • muaz

        Hey I found a fix for no wifi or wifi greyed out it will work 100% go to

    • I actually found some useful info on this mwd website, thought that might help you all.

    • shanw

      I tried to downgrade and itunes says that its not compatible with my firmware

  • paul

    Solution, Fixed for Wifi Greyed out after jailbreak (Iphone 2G)

    If your wifi connection problem is not due to AP settings (i.e. icon greyed out), I have tried various methods and found this to be the working solution to my case. I have used all jailbreak programs (quickpwn, winpwn, ziphone and others) and found the solution fix for Wifi. Would like to share so that the rest can spend their quality time on something more productive rather than going through what i have been through.

    Despite the facts of some saying downgrade and upgrade of firmware, or using different version of itune to solve the wifi greyed out, it does not matter in this process.

    I am on the following env when wifi is greyed out: Vista, Itune, Firmware 2.2.1 jailbreak. tried also on a corrupted restored and it works in both cases.

    Solution to the problem:
    – Use Itune to shift restore your firmware back to 2.0.2
    – Use winpwn to create custom firmware on 2.0.2 (if you are on ATT sim), do not need to select unlock
    – Shift restore iphone using the custom firmware created by winpwn

    note: if you PC does not recognize iphone, first when iphone is detected as an unknown device, delete root hub one by one and vista will redetect one of them as mobile apple device. To do restore, switch off your phone, unplug USB cable, plug it in again while holding the home button for 20secs, vista will detect it as mobile device.

  • paul

    Another note, after winpwn 2.5 finish created the custom firmware, and after it has put you iphone into DFU mode, Itune will start and winpwn 2.5 will hang, it is completely ok, continue to restore via itune and ignore the winpwn hang. After restore, restart your PC, everything will work just fine.

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  • Tarush

    I was updating my friend’s iPhone from 1.1.4 to 2.2.1 using pwanage tool and got this problem. Everything works fine with my iPhone.
    I wanna know if there’s a way i can fix the problem for the version 2.2.1 itself and don’t have to downgrade it to 1.1.4 or downgrading is the only option i’m left with.

    Please help.

  • pepperz

    Thanks a lot paul, you just saved my day, and saved me a lot of work.

  • Dylan

    thank you so much this worked GREAT!!! i just unlocked and jailbroke my iphone and the wifi was gray but this worked. once again thanks,

  • Dylan

    thanks this worked great!

  • Tarush

    Okay, now here’s a funny thing… I’d updated to 2.2.1 and got the wifi problem. And was absolutely glad to have found a solution after loads of hard work surfing and searching… But as it turns out i’m now unable to discover the way to downgrading from 2.2.1 to 1.4. The ziPhone thing isn’t able to downgrade my baseband. πŸ™

  • Deena

    Please someone help. I unlocked my iphone with yellowsnow and a few weeks after my wifi became disabled. Any advice? Would appreciate. Thank you in advance.

  • Deena

    Please someone kindly take the time to help me out. I unlocked my iphone a while ago using yellowsnow, and ever since then my wifi has been disables. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  • Bartzzz

    Hey Thanx man, this simple tip worked great for me!

  • assoum

    I had the same problem guys my wifi suddenly grayed-out I tried each and every thing but at last I just done a soft reset and it comes back

  • Naeem farooqui

    i m using 2G with 3.0

    working perfect and today it suddenly greay out

    i just restore again with 3.0 this will bring it back but now its not connecting to router there is some thing else

    i can on the WIFI but i can’t connect to any wireless network whats the problem reset network reset all setting nothing works i restore 3 times


    • Mira

      I have the same problem πŸ™ How to solve it?

  • Prashant B

    Regular 3G with 3.0. WiFi is grayed out. Happed a little while after I upgraded. Ran through the Erase / Restore / Sync cycle a couple of times but nothing. WiFi Address registers as N/A. Will be walking this to an Apple Store tomorrow, but I am out of warranty. Screwed?

  • Dave

    Outstanding! Your tip worked great for me. I have a iphone 2G, used redsn0w to jailbreak and unlock. Tried all kinds of stuff to make it work (hours lost), finally found your suggestion. Two minutes later, I’m up and running.

  • Comfirmed. I had same problem with a 1G iPhone with 3.0 OS. After I reseted the network settings the Wifi works fine.

  • Worked like a charm on the first attempt on a jailbroken 3G 3.0.1

    Thank you,

    Tuna Oddfellow

  • Will this work on a jailbroken and unlocked iphone? Or is this part of the issue.

  • mew

    no it doesn’t work do u got any other way?

  • mew

    no it doesn’t work. is there any other way, plz tell me

  • hisham

    my 3g 3.1(7c144)wifi is gray so i need HELP

  • Mira

    Mine is 3g 3.0. I restored it. Didn’t work. Need help!!

  • Michael

    I believe Apple makes this bug so that make time for ATT to upgrade network. Just a bund of cowards. Boycott Apple productions (iphone as well as itouch)

  • mew

    no i have tried,but it doesn’t works. i bring it for service and they changed to brand new iphone for me for free. i was really surprised and was happy. from that day i am keeping my handphone safely. so i may suggest if it have been 12 months since u bought the iphone, u can ask tham whether is it possible to change the iphone to brand new one as singapore singtel had the good heart to change it for me.

  • ricardo

    hi, im from brasil my iphone is legal here, but the wifi is gray and imposible to turn on, iphone 3g 3.12.
    what I have to do? i reset the settings wet. I restored and nothing happend

    i change 2 time for a new,
    first iphone bad connection
    second iphone dead pixels
    and now i have to change again?
    Maybe apple send a bad iphone to brasil

  • Randika

    hi guys i’v a iphone 2G jail brocken one. now my wifi is not working. previously it works fine. some time back i updated the phone to 2.2 vertions from then onwords it’s not working. now i have 3.0 but still it’s not working. i have followed all your tips. i’v reset network settings more than 10 times. but it’s not there. sometimes it says can’t scan for wifi networks. need help guys, what should i do? at least any free software’s to solve this???

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  • Don_mc

    I’m using original Iphone with version 3.1.2 . My wifi also cannot work. Every time when i try to connect to web or download my Email, it always show ” The connection to the server failed “. Is there any way that I can do to fix this problem?I din’t try the method above cause i using legal iphone that why i didn’t download jailbreak software.

  • Joe

    Don_mc. Same problem with 3G. We doomed, I’ve looked everywhere…nothing.

  • Sliver

    It’s really working. Thanks for your advise.

  • Raquel

    Hi, my problem is that on my iPhone I can’t access the wifi conection. It is off but it is not able to change. It was working before. I don’t know what I did but isn’t working anymore.
    Do you know how to fix it ?

  • Nick Ellis

    THIS WORKS!!!!! THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh

    I have a iphone 3gs 16gb and i jailbreak it with blackrain and it worked fine til i put music on it and the next day it went it to emergency mode. so i took it to the apple store and the guy there tryed to restore it and it failed. and when i try to restore it it fails and gives me a error (1013)? But if re-jailbreak it and will turn on and i can use it. but the wifi is grayed out in settings and it say searching on the top of the phone even when i have my sim card in. does any one know how to fix my phone?

  • MG

    I am also having the same problem. At first the wifi was not diabled (greyed out) but it didnt detect any wifi networks. Then i read that resetting the network connection on settings would solve the problem. I did that and my iphone stuck (showing only the apple logo) for about an hour before somehow it came back again. I am therefore not keen to reset anything again. Does anybody have a different solution to activate the wifi again.

  • how can i fix my wifi on iphone firmware 3.0 need help i did, reset network and i cant make wifi works thanks

  • alecccphom

    worked first time for me, thanks!

  • Tetey

    I have the same problem, my iphone’s wifi can not detect any network even i’m in front of my wireless router. Any help guys

  • ri

    Hey I was on a 3.1.1 firmware everything worked fined for a bit then after awhile the wifi got greyed then I restored it with a 3.1.3 firmware and it is still grey out. Is there something wrong with the modem firmware or something??? I need help badly so please help

  • hi there!

    so my problem i think it’s little bit different … iphone 2g bought with 1.1.4 and now with 3.1.2 all things working well!! really never i had problems… but yesterday night i come back @ home from my office … and in the house my iphone check the wireless network then come in and in a few seconds go out …. so i restar the router … i restart the iphone … this is strange!!! after all reboot i’ll try again setting-general- wifi the iphone see the router but sometimes can’t connect or qhen connect stay in touch for a few minutes …. sometimes when i choose the network and come back in home iphone lost the signal??? i dont know why … one on my friend said that it is possible the the wireless card … is ….. broken …. πŸ™

    any idea …


    thanks guy!!

  • Chris

    Didn’t work for me either.

  • cesar

    i dont know how or why but after trying everything to fix my grayed out wifi i came across someone that said they fix it by putting it in the freezer for about 10 min it worked for me!!! make sure you put in ziplock with tissue for condensation

  • Alisameer

    my iphone showing no wifi after upgrade 3.0 version! now its some tims show wifi but its not scaning network i have somany time do it that network reset but its not worked my iphone
    i spands lots of maney to fixt my wifi problems but still i cant fixt it
    im realy upset about my iphone because that my iphone i use only three months its break wifi
    plz plz plz somebody help me do fixt my problems

  • CHOI

    I have a 3G and jailbrake then upgraded to 3.1.2 version, then i used my wifi in the office but no wifi i already reset my settings. what should i do?

    • @CHOI, can you tell what tool did you use to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 3G?

  • A

    Yeay! Finally! I haven’t been ablo to connect to wifi since i did a jailbreak with blackra1n about 3 months ago! Didn’t realize it was this simple! THANK YOU!

  • Jenny

    I have 3gs version 3.1.2. I tried to reset and it works. thanks.

  • Thanks for sharing. Reset the setting works well all the time!

  • Andrey

    need help!
    how can i fix wifi on iphone 2g???
    NOT grey wifi (it’s searching long time but can’t find any wifi networks)
    i tryed reset settings, downgrade to 3.0 …
    still no wifi (

  • tien

    i think it the new 3.1.3 firmware and also the modem is at 05.12.01…i having problem try to get it fix and now itune new verion swweer thing up too it all apple ppl doing…they make good money selling ipohne and ipods…

  • Rick

    Hi Simon
    This worked great for me.

  • jay

    when i was trying to fix my ‘unable to join network” problem i tried reseting my network settings then it couldnt detect my internet at all after. i restted it again and now my wifi is greyed out. it went worser each time i resetted );

  • Trance

    I have a Iphone 2g 3.1.2 version. Just an hour ago the wifi greyed out

    Solution: Restart the phone a couple of times and its BACK.

    But I do have a “recurring” problem (even before it greyed out)

    Wifi is searching but cant find any wifi signal eventhough there is wifi.

    Any help? Thanks


  • Dema

    i love you man thanx a lot it worked πŸ™‚

  • Matt

    iPhone 3G running 3.1.2 and the fix did not work.

  • farshad

    Hi everyone,


    • barca81

      are you serious with that ?

  • Gaby

    hola oyeeeeee mi iphone no detecta wifi ya lo restaure una y otra vez y no sigue igual que podria ser

  • Justin wood

    Hey I have 3g unlocked jailbroken with cydia. I have modern firmware 5.13.04. I can’t get anything to work I can’t connect to wifi when I’m right in front of it. HELP ME PLEASE.

  • You Van

    Hi, I am a new iPhone user. i just bought it last 2 weeks. I have one broblem. I have forget one wireless net then next time I could not reconect or redetect that wireless network again but when i follow your instruction why iPhone can redtect that network. Thanks so much. Appreciate that!


  • angelo

    to all the users of iphone 2g with grey wifi here is the solution…any firmware..1st u have to to is restore it in itunes..ex.3.0 firware after the jailbreak with reds0w 7.0 with the same firmware..after that your wifi not grey anymore..if stil grey reset it 3x and there you go..gudluck

  • antonio

    thanks, Simon. Phone’s wi-fi already works after resetting as you said.

  • Weaksauce27

    Hello i have a iphone 3g
    i updated my ios to ios 4
    then i jailbroke it..
    then wifi greyed out =/
    i unjailbreaked my phone
    and i downgraded ios to 3.1.3
    and my wifi still doesnt work
    i tried the steps that you have given
    and still no wifi!!!!
    i need help!

  • stylpntbil

    worked great down graded to 4.0 wifi went grey reset and works great

  • Worked thanks.

  • Dear Simon,

    I have a iphone 2g which cannot detect wifi network as well as the bluetooth is also not working. I have already made an update to os 3.1.2(7D11) using blackra1n. I did all the reset. Can you find a solution for this? Can you tell me what to do?

  • Nikki Keller

    I just bought the iPhone 3g and that my wifi does not work the person that I bought it from have upgrade to 4.0 and my co-work put it back to the 3.1.3.. I still can not get the wifi working it see my router put would not sync to it. I also have it unlock so that I can use T-mobile, the wifi was not working before I got it unlock.

  • CJ

    Thanks! My wifi on my 3g began showing as greyed out last week. I reset the network settings as you suggested and it worked like a charm.

  • dudu

    Great, it is working!!!!
    Many thanks!!!
    You are fantastic!

  • HunterTylo

    It worked for me thank you!

  • nicola

    I went to the O2 shop and they said that it would cost me Β£135 to fit but I have only had the phone 6months. Surely this isn’t out of warrenty. Do you know if I can send it away to Apple instead?


    I have a 3g iphone with version 3.1.3 and tried to do to update to 4.1 and it got stuck. I managed to do jailbrake but wireless does not work. what to do? PLEASE HELP ME: (

  • michael

    I have a 3g iphone with version 3.1.3 and tried to do to update to 4.1 and it got stuck. I managed to do jailbrake but wireless does not work. what to do? PLEASE HELP ME

  • bhuvan

    Great Buddy It worked just tuk 20-30 secs..
    Jus hav 2 RESET d Network settings


  • neha ali

    hi I got iPhone 2G, upgraded it to 3.1….but after a long while the wifi option greyed out. I tried resetting network settings but it didn’t work. would I lose all my photos etc if I downgrade to sumthinh else? is ther any other option? thx in advance x

  • xander

    same prob ,, iphone 3g fw 4.2.1 & Jb wit redsnow 0.9.6b4. wifi was cudnt search for any signals but at least it was there , but after Jb it greyed out .
    pls help

  • nathan cuis

    i hate this problem before any solution didnt work even this

    and if there’s grayed wifi the battery is super low about 1/3 of its former battery life
    but after about 3 weeks of suffering this i checked out one morning when i turned on my iphone and i saw that the wifi tab is off

    since then i never turned on my wifi hahahah i just got through with it after all i have a laptop for wifi i just need the battery of the iphone to be longe thats all

    the iphone wifi grays out if you continuously trying to connect or search for a wifi device, it may discover but cannot connect or if you know theres a connection but you cant see it the iphone knows it too. if the wifi cannot connect it thinks that he doesnt have wifi anymore

    and take note: it just turned gray you never had the chance to turn it off that’s why the battery is very low it drains out fast because the wifi is forever on

    resetting hard may be a solution (simultaneously hold the home and the lock buttin until it turns off)
    or just like mine i just waited and just cried on it for weeks then i turned it off at night when i woke up the next day i saw it’s not grayed anymore


    • faizi

      hey mathan…u r right,…the same thing happened with me…i was suffering with this no wifi issue for so many weeks…but 1 day i checked it again the wifi was on and it was even get signals of wifi networks …i turned it off again..but it is again gone…the battery sucks more since then may be bacause it is permanently on…how 2 get rid of this prob man ??

  • Preet

    I tried keeping the iphone in the freezer, it worked !!
    “for 10 mins only πŸ™

    What i think is happening here is that the low temp causes water in air to stick to the broken solder ( indicating its an hardware fault ), and when the water dries up, the wifi stops working agen.

    So the wifi module needs to be reflowed. I dont think its because of the upgrade, or may be it is, iunno im jus sharing my exp

    Still trying to find a solution, good luck with urs.

  • Manu

    I have an iPhone 3G with software 4.0.1 (jailbroken and unlocked). A few days ago I noticed that the WiFi was grayed out and said “no WiFi” and in the General/About it says “Wi-Fi Address N/A”. After reading your forum and also checking with the Apple Support site I tried:

    1. Reset Network Settings – it did not fix the problem
    2. Put the phone in the freezer for 30 minutes, took it out and waited 20 minutes, turned it back on – it did not fix the problem
    3. Turned of “Push” in E-mail settings – did not help

    Have now decided to just wait and see what happens. Maybe one day the WiFi will just decide to come back on. Stranger things have happened.
    If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. But I don’t want to wipe out the entire phone and start from scratch, then find out that this didn’t fix the problem!

  • Alex M

    I just changed the wi-fi anttena on a 2G iphone which had a grayed out wi-fi problem, but unfourtanetly is not working yet! πŸ™ i’m gonna have to look for another solution!

  • Marky

    Well i have this old iphone 2g. i bought it from my dads friend and wifi is not working

    i am not sure whether the hardware inside is broken or it just cant detect wifi..

    i have my iphone 2g version 3.1.3
    Modem Firmware 04.05.04_G

    anyone can help me?

  • David

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m having a prob with wifi, i reset all settings and picked up my home connection but then it dropped out again and i havnt been able to get it back again, i dont know much about the phone itself, bought it through gumtree.

    If anyone can help that would be great.

  • Alex

    IT WORKED!!!!
    “Yes, by just resetting iPhone’s network setting, the Wifi option comes back to normal. To reset the network settings, go to β€œSettings” -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.”

  • dimitrios

    i have the solution for 3gs grey no wifi problem if someone have a high reolution picture of the logic board upload the photo and i can show you what is the problem (this is for water damage 3gs)

  • khadhraoui rachid

    hello to all to reslove ur graye wifi & plutooth problem is not to resit networck seting just open ur phone & go to the wifi module or ship its a rectanguilar piece & rehot it carfely thats all and ur wifi come buck trust me i tray it many time its 100000 true

  • Erika

    Want to solve your wifi problem?
    I was having this same problem for the past two weeks
    strangely, the “grayed out” problem began right after i updated my ipod, so i went into the apple store and they told me it was a “hardware problem” and that they were going to have to charge me $125 to get it fixed since i wasn’t on warrantee any more. Its not a hardware problem. Today, I downgraded my ipod to the version prior to the update and the internet works fine. Screw apple and their firmware updates.

  • dimitrios

    this is the solution for 3gs after water damage, the solution to resolder the wifi chip with hot air is good but in rear cases the problem is this: look in the picture and fix the damaged line
    this solution is only for water damage
    regards from greece

  • Isael Vazquez

    After hours and hours trying to restore the link between WiFi and iPhone, with your help I could solve my problem …. me if I worked! Thanks πŸ™‚

    Despues de horas y horas tratando de restablecer la conexion entre WIFi y IPhone, con tu ayuda pude solucionar mi problema…. a mi si me funciono! Gracias πŸ™‚

  • Mintkt

    thanks a lot.
    just asked my cousin to bring back ipad 2 from Australia all the way to Indonesia and so worried that something is broken.
    but when i follow your suggestion and restart it, it works!!!

  • Glaiza

    Yes I fixed mine by turning off my iphone 3g, locked it into a plastic bag and then throwing it into the freezer only for 5min. Opened it again and Voila it detected our home wifi. So it seems to be really a hardware problem.

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  • yeah men!! this is great! the wifi on my iphone 3g works!! very effective. go to settings, (general, reset, reset network settings)

    wow. amazing! you better try it!

  • Simm118

    I have the grey out (no wifi) problem on my iPhone 3G version 4.2.1 firmware 05.15.04, it is factory unlocked, no jailbreak and regularly updated from apple.

    I tried everything listed on the blog: reset network settings, soft and hard reset, reconfiguring the whole phone, freezer for 10 min and nothing seem to work.

    I have an address for blutooth but n/a for the wifi…

    Any new ideas? And is there a way to know whether this is software or hardware problem in my case?

    Thank you

  • geraldine

    hi, i have an ipad that’s i’ve just gotten jailbraked.

    the problem im having is that i have wifi connection(super stong connection) but i cant get into the internet. it keeps saying that the connection failed or somthing like that, i tryed reseting the network, tryed reseting all network still wont work.

    all the password and stuff are correct, i still can get into the internet.

    need help ASAP!

  • hevn

    i have done all the possible troubleshooting steps.
    first i was having a hard time getting to the home screen of my ipod since it was locked on itunes loge with the usb plug. I put it on the dfu mode by holding and pressing the sleep and home button while its connected to the itunes. restore and updated the fw. it was working at first then went back to the recovery mode again. have done another reset and decided to set it up as a new ipod just to make sure that all files will be deleted assuming that there are corrupted files. then wifi is greyed out. tried what you advised above that needs to reset the network then it came back to the usb plug logo and need to restore the ipod again.. wtf!! completed the restore and update and wifi still greyed out. please help!!

  • mah

    umm, i have the same problem, ive tried this fix, and others (freezer, and maybe a few more) but none worked… i used my brothers wifi card and put it in here (mine) and it still didnt work! isthere something wrong with my mother board or what?

  • G Stiller

    I finally was able to get the WiFi up again! I tried restarting the iPhone, the router and reconnecting it to my computer to sync, I tried resetting network settings…nothing worked. Finally “I reset all settings” and this did the trick! I have been searching for days for the answer!!
    Settings>General>Reset>Reset all settings

    Hope this rescue’s someone!

  • khayza

    thank you, thank you…. my iphone 2g 1.1.4 now works fine… since I’m a iphone n00b I just thought I’m doing something wrong on either my 3g wifi or on the phone….

    THANK YOU πŸ™‚

  • josh

    i noticed what is happening is that the WIFI signal gets to a certain limit.. say for example below 50%, and then the FIRMWARE tells the device to switch to the Edge/3G/4G. This ensures that people use data, and therefore spend money.

    my phone is Jailbroken TMOBILE. was totally fine until they changed their settings to include me on the Edge network. WHEN I FIRST SINGED UP FOR TMOBILE PREPAID THE PLAN INCLUDED DAYA BUT DIDNT WORK. then all the sudden, my phone picked up on their network, my WIFI started dropping. I suspect AT&T has reconfigured the cell towers. I know this because the default messages for incomplete calls and such has been changed.

    AT&T is going to attempt to get people to buy new phones by kicking them off 3G. I am using 3.1.3 and the WIFI works fine after a RESET NETWORKS but then gets spotty. super frustrating.

    AND the EDGE apn settings are totally blank… they got my device to work without any configuration on my end. before I asked them about this and they had some APN DNS that didnt work

  • DJW

    i got ipod 1st gen did the same thing how do i fix it?

  • Andy

    Thanks dude! It works on my phone πŸ™‚

  • malou

    hi my iphone is also wifi grayed problem,i follow all the possible solution posted here but still my wifi doesnt work..can u please help me,,one thing i never tried downgrade my iphone i dont now how to do it,,,can u please hep me…..

    • WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT FIRMWARE you are using on your iphone?

      • andy


  • Hevn

    i havent used my ipod touch 2g for months. tried jailbreaking and still have this issue.. but one day my brother jailbreaked it using snowbreeze and downloaded 4.2.1 software from felixbruns.. and voila.. im enjoying my ipod back with its wifi.. JUST DONT LET IT COMPLETELY OFF and the mac and wifi info will be erased.. well, after this happens it had some effect like some apps not properly working or it is slow.. but its worth it after it had been wet before the reason why the wifi been greyed out,, . once it get fixed and got the wifi back dont let it OFF.. charge it all the way… πŸ™‚

  • Anas

    the freezer way !! worked out with me BUT FOR 1 or 2 Mins thats it i put it in the freezer for 15 mins and when i took it out it connected for 1 minute then it went dead back again !!! what should i do please help me

  • on my iphine 3g the wifi is greyed out and says no wi-fi , but ive restored it , ive reset network settings, ive reset all settings and nothing has worked i need help !!

  • strong post youve compass

  • saflaudx

    Hi! I tried resetting it several times and it didn’t work for me. Do you know any other ways to fix it? And my iphone 3g is on iOS 4.2.1 and not jailbroken.

    • toltalfreedom

      Turned of 3G and then did soft reset and OMG, there it was!

  • Prince

    hi all i get to fix my “No wifi” issue by this.
    After jailbreak & Unlock i got that option.
    After googling etc. i find that it is not a hardware problem.
    so i keep working on it.
    >one solution is that if u reset network setting it might be done if not then;
    chang you sim and while your airplane mode is off you have to “reset Network Settings”
    if not then you repeat this with another sim change. hope you will done it.

  • Denize

    If I restore the network settings, will I have to get my phone jailbroken again?

    • No if you just restore the network setting.

  • TIKO


  • TIKO


  • Shani

    Hi Guys……..
    I have an iphone 3g(jail broken & unlocked)
    Am also facing the wifi problem there is no wifi
    & the wifi address is n\a , i tried many things but didnot restore my phone, what should i do ????
    Is it a hardware problem or software??? Plz aware me about that, thanks …….:D
    What should i do ????

  • iphone

    hey guys, i found an unusual solution to fixing the wifi grey out problem. i’ve installed “Push Doctor” from cydia and it fixed the wifi problem. In cydia, add Then look for Push Doctor, install it, then restart your phone. It solved the problem for me.

    • dew

      how can i install it when the wifi is not working?

  • lucy

    Resetting network didn’t work for me πŸ™

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks it worked for me..I actually dropped my iPhone into water .after 2days of keeping it in rice bag n also using a hair dryer it started working..but sometimes it show the temperature is high n ur phone needs to b cool down..wot is it?can u help me?

  • Adam

    If you tried resetting the network settings and restoring, replacing the antenna and you still have no wifi then your problem is in the wifi chip on the circuit board. Best solution is to come off some money, stop wasting your time here and get a new phone or pay someone to fix your circuit board..

  • Leo

    I tried it but it did not work. I have a 4s with IOS 5.1
    Thank you for the help.

  • malia

    Thank you for posting! This worked for me πŸ™‚

  • wencc

    I’m using iphone 4s and did not jail break my phone and i’m able to use the reset network setting to fix the wifi grey-out problem.

    many thanks

  • Its such as you learn my mind! You seem to understand a lot about this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I feel that you just can do with some p.c. to power the message home a little bit, however other than that, that is magnificent blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

  • Arpit

    If you have not upgraded or downgraded your phone then the best solution is to first try doing a shut down an switch back on after 2 minutes

  • Paolo

    Worked like a champ! Thanks for posting.

  • Amanda

    I have a third generation itouch now with 5.1.1 and I tried everything, but it did not work. help, please

  • roldan

    how can i reset my all settings in iphone 3g because i have the same problem in my wifi but when i am trying to reset all settings its give me a code and i dont know the code how to fix it please help me

  • Tyshekia


  • Alfred

    I have an iPhone 4s that is not jailbroken but my wifi is grayed out. I’ve tried resetting the settings and i even restored my phone but nothing is working. Someone please help me!

  • Jicky

    It didn’t work for me. I think my iphone 4 is water damaged but everything works but the wifi help!

  • selwyn

    I use your tip, but it did not work on my 16G 4s iphone and this phone is not a jailbreak. I only bough it four months ago.

  • Abraham

    the wi-fi bar is still grayed out πŸ™ i need help

  • ARUN

    This solution did not work on my IPhone, if you have another solution then pls suggest

  • tiffany

    i tried resetting the network settings i tried jail breaking it also i tried resetting everything from itunes and it still isnt working im getting so frustrated im ready to snap..

  • Dave

    I tried everything, from software update to resetting phone but still the same greyed out wifi πŸ™

  • Zoren

    Try this, it works for those who have teh wifi disabled/grayed out and who have no MAC address for wifi.

  • iPhoneUser100255423364

    did not work

  • Chelsea

    For me, the wifi option is grayed out but I still have a number for the wifi address. I dont know whats wrong with it , any solutions?

  • Alfredo Gonzales

    well thanks it works for me but i got a question can it happen again

  • Shankar

    There is an easy solution.
    Remove your SIM, shutdown your phone for 18 hours. I was supposed to go to apple store to fix it up, so I removed SIM at night and at Apple store when they switched it on, Wi-Fi was working properly. Not sure for how long you need to keep it shut but in my case I did not charged or boot up the phone for at least 18 hours.
    Hope this will help at least a few of you.
    Putting iPhone on freezer or hot water is dumbest idea.

  • As I mentioned above, previous to owning this phone I owned a Blackberry 8900 and although that phone was

    rubbish the battery life was pretty good. I could easily go a day and half without charging it, with the iPhone

    this isn’t the case.

  • paul

    no joy tired everything so about to launch my phone out the window

  • shan

    well i have wifi but it wont let meh get on the internet it say internet connection but my wifi this is all the way to the first bar

  • ryan

    did it twice

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