JailbreakThemesTips & How-to

How to Install Winterboard Theme on iPhone without using Cydia

January 24, 2009 — by Simon Ng179


JailbreakThemesTips & How-to

How to Install Winterboard Theme on iPhone without using Cydia

January 24, 2009 — by Simon Ng179

A reader asked, “Sometimes, I stumbled upon websites that offer some great Winterboard themes for download. I know how I can download & install Winterboard theme via Cydia. But I can’t find those themes on Cydia. So, how can I install those themes that are downloaded directly from web?”

Very good question. Cydia offers the most straightforward way to download Winterboard theme. But it’s not the only channel you can find awesome Winterboard theme online. Say, you can find tons of Winterboard theme at Softpedia. Usually, these Winterboard themes are packed in a zip file. So, how do you install it?

Get Prepared

That’s pretty easy to install Winterboard theme manually. But first, let’s get prepared.

  1. You’ll have to download DiskAid, which is a free file explorer for iPhone. You can use DiskAid to transfer file back and forth between iPhone and your computer. For more information, check out this post.
  2. Download the Winterboard theme you love and extract the zipped file. For demonstration, I download the Super Mario theme from Softpedia and extract in the download folder.

Install Winterboard Theme via DiskAid

So, after you get everything ready. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and launch DiskAid. Then select “Root folder” in the lower-left option. Answer “yes” for the warning. This option will let you browse the whole iPhone file system.

Next, on the left pane, go to “Library” and then access “Themes” folder. All Winterboard theme files are placed under this folder. If you have already installed some Winterboard themes on your iPhone, you’ll see those theme folders.

Okay, to copy the themes you have download, click “Copy Folder to Device” and select the theme folder you just extracted. Click “OK” to confirm and wait for the transfer process to complete.

That’s it. The Winterboard theme is installed on your iPhone. Go back to your iPhone and launch Winterboard. The theme is already there.

What do you think about this alternative way of Winterboard theme installation? Hope this can help some of you and enjoy Winterboard fun!

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • live-o

    i downloaded disc the program, connected my i phone threw usb and the root folder has been highlighted, only allow me to click on disc aid folder and music folder, whats gone wrong here

  • Cruisin

    Godd idea, Simon. Does it work also for PC users? Ifound the site you mension where in we can download winterboard themes, but most of the themes there are not for PC OS.

  • @Cruisin, I used the DiskAid on Windows. So, it should work for you too.

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  • Exhileration

    i got diskaid working but when i select root folder, it requires me to jailbreak. I got the iphone 3G ver 2.2.1, any help?

  • ipodtouchowner2g16g

    i already jailbroke my ipod touch 2g,but i currently don’t have any wireless connection here.
    so can i download any 3rd party games or apps using this software?


    does it work even without winterboard installed on your iphone?

    ive tried it several times and it didnt work…

    please help.. ^^

    • @VAMPiRE, you should install Winterboard first. Normally you can install Winterboard theme via Cydia. But sometimes, you may find some pretty themes on the web. Then you can use the above procedures to install the theme.

  • Niongniong

    Thanks for shAring… Tried to download the themes with your instruction and was successful. BUT I see the themes in winterboard but cannot launch them! Why? My iphone is of ver 2.2.1 but jailbreak with cydia & winterboard. Can launch theme from cydia but not from the net… Please help! Am grateful.

  • weeman21

    my iphone has had coca cola spilled on it, it wokrs fine but the internet doesnt work, is there a way to download winter board to my pc and then transfer it to my iphone, i have disk aid to install my themes, i jailbroke after the coca cola accident

  • Allisoniii

    When I choose the theme in Winterboard I downloaded from the computer, the theme doesn’t display. Is this the program or the theme itself?

  • gogosim


  • Nafiz

    Thnx guys. Its working on me ! Great Post !

  • sesaros

    hy simon

    thanx for this help, but when i do all this the only thing thats change is the icons on the iphone and there is NO picture/wallpaper WHY!!! icons are changing lit the theme but the background is still black!!!

    help me please

    igor from Vienna/austria

  • Grazia

    Hi there

    Just installed diskaid program but when I try to view “root folder” is says my phone is not jailbroken! and it has! Any one has any idea why?

    Thannks 🙂

    • @Grazia, did you use blackra1n to jailbreak?

      • villianci

        Hi simon,
        I did came across the same problem. U will need to install afc2add from Cydia. Hope tt helps.

  • rommel ramos

    wassup simon!!
    maybe you could help me here, everytime i use winterboard and choose any themes, all of them are working, i mean the lockscreen , the docks,the icon changes all except for the springboard background, it stays black!! why is that? do i have to restore and jailbreak my iphone again? im using iphone 2G fw 3.0
    thanx!!hope to hear from u

  • johny

    hi simon, I Just installed diskaid program but when I try to view “root folder” it say “sorry, you need to have jailbroken device to view the root partition” Can you help me though this??? thank you very much.

    • @johny,

      So, are you using jailbroken iPhone? Your iPhone need to be jailbroken before you can use Diskaid to access the root folder.

    • villianci

      try installing afc2add from Cydia. apparently it was not included in the jailbreaking process.

  • Jonathan

    Can you do all of this without jailbreaking your Ipod? I really want a theme but I don’t/can’t jailbreak it.

    • @Jonathan,

      You can’t install iPhone theme without jailbreak. The original iPod only allows you to change the wallpaper.

      • Jonathan

        Okay thanks

  • johny

    hi Simon, my phone have been jailbroken, but i still can’t use diskAid, it still asks that question again and again, is anything wrong with my setup or Iphone? Thanks

  • andy

    I have the same problem. I used Blackra1n to JB and Unlock, but the DiskAid still said that the phone need to be Jb-ed.
    What do i do

    • @andy, please install afc2add service after jailbreak. You can further check out this post for the fix.

      • dude plz help me in one thing ..i download diskaid ……and accesse to root folder and click on theme but i got only themes thats i already have in my iphone …………how i got more themes for download like u have ..

  • Sameer

    Nice work man…

  • Jaga

    hey, i can see my themes in library and after choosing theme, diskaid not transferring it to my phone.. i have no idea what is wrong……??

  • Jason

    Hi Simon,

    There’s no library in my root folder, so do i just create one? i have the winterboard apps and some themes but i am not sure which folder they are at..


    • deepak

      hi jason.i am facing the same problem.i am nt able to find the library folder in diskaid.please dear help me nd tell me the solution or mail me on my email id.help will be appreciated.and thanx in advance.

  • Jason

    hi Simon,

    It’s ok.. i found the ans to that..~~ nice link~!!

  • Serian

    the option for root folder is greyed out, so i can’t click on it. any ideas?

  • will

    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah np need for wifi anymore!!! fuck yeah

  • ahmed

    How do I launch the theme on my iphone?

  • alun

    Hi guys. My iphone 3gs comes with the ver 3.1.2 when i bought it. I cant reboot the device after I run blackrain on it or it will just ask me to restore the phone. Any can help on this?

  • Ahmed Gamal

    Hi Simon,

    I installed a winter board theme and launched it. I found a photo of unknow pesrson on the lock screen. I tried to change the wall paper but the photo persisted. I removed the theme and restored the phone sittings, but still that photo persists. How do I remove it? Kindly answer ASAP!

    • @Ahmed Gamal,

      I’m not too sure but probably your iPhone is hacked. You can check out this post for further details.

  • ahmed gamal

    Yes Simon, you were right. It is Rick Astley’s photo. I followed your link, installed mobile terminal and changed the root password. It went great, but still I can’t get rid of that photo. Every time I delete it through DiskAid, it comes back. Can you help?

  • Please get this

  • TONY

    simon i’ve installed themes and it’s working but some themes are not working

    • @TONY, which theme does not work?

  • TONY

    transformers theme ,it’s a full theme

  • hazel924

    I just downloaded some icon themes and none are working 🙁 The ones i downloaded are isweet 2.0, 4.0 and chalkwork. they are in winterboard, but when i select them, they won’t work, they just give me the regular apple icons. I put the folders in the themes folder as that is where my other icon themes that i got from cydia are located..please help:(



  • Joe

    Hi Simon,

    diskaid is not transferring and i cant find anything on my ph. where can i find winter break and how can i launch? please kindly advice…thanks a lot

  • mheidzir

    try use iphonebrowser
    drag and drop

  • Aman

    i downloaded winterboard and when it said to reboot ipod, i just closed it and opened up winterboard and when i download themes from cydia and selece them in wnterboard, they dont load. It is just the regular apple theme.

  • cameron

    I downloaded a theme and im up to step 3 and cannot get to root folder as it says “Sorry need Jailbroken Device to access Root Folder” and i am 110% sure its jailbroken as i jailbroke it myself and have cydia on my iphone. I have firmware 3.1.2 as i just got it and its a 3gs so i need help please?

    • golfer8000

      if u jailbroke via blackra1n then u need to install afc2add via cydia just search it

  • Mich

    Ok so I went to Library and the Themes folder is listed as a file so i can’t access it! How do I fix it?

  • does NOT work

  • Jon_39094

    Good stuff! But is there a way to install tweaks and such that are downloaded externally? This would be really helpful because ive tried to install the beyouriphone and sinfuliphone cracks of the “shrink” cydia app, but all of them put me in a neverending loop of safe mode resprings… So if you know, please tell me, but if you don’t, please try to find a way to make it work. Thanks so much!

  • cory nathan

    ohk i downloaded cydia and winter board then ive been downloading themes and i cant install them when i go to winter board to install them it just reboots i have a 3.1.2 ipod touch can some one help me plz

  • Aaron G.

    I installed disk aid but when i clicked on “root folder” it said i have to have a jailbroken device….the thing is i DO have a jailbroken device lolz any ideas as to whats wrong here?

  • walter

    so i tried this and it said my iphone is not jailbroken i used blackra1n. and i need help.

    • walter

      i also have 3.1.2

  • Jordan

    Hello Simon, when i download the themes, they go onto winterboard fine, but when i set them as my theme it just appears as the default apple theme, is there anything that i could do to stop this? Thanks

  • Mohit

    Thanxx man !!! I have successfully installed many new themes from diskaid to my iphone

  • doru

    Uhhh 😀 thank youu very much !!! it’s working just fine and easy

  • Deea

    Thank you!!!!You’re the best!!!!!!Works very well,I am so happy :)))

  • iSpirit is specially designed for iPhone, used on your PC for files and themes mangement. With iSpirit, you would install theme on your iPhone, and manage the files in your iphone easily. And also, you would free download iPhone themes from iSpirit. It works with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs in Firmware1.x, 2.x and 3.x.

  • Jennifer S.

    Um… downloaded diskaid, installed and hooked up my jailbroken iPhone 3g, it gives me an error telling me I have to use a Jailbroken iPhone to access anything other then the diskaid folder.

    So….. how do I get to root to install some themes I have dled to my pc?

  • Akram


  • Mrandom

    DO you need to jailbreak your phone first or can u do it without your phone being jailbreaked?

    • @Mrandom,

      You need to jailbreak your iPhone before you can use Winterboard.

      • harjot singh

        hey i m tring to download diskaid bt its nt wrking …..
        i want i phone themes plz let me knw how to install new themes

  • jonathan O

    I have the same problem many have. I downloaded diffrent themes and none are working. they are in winterboard, but when i select them and respring, they do not display.

  • Golfer8000

    i cant put the theme on my ipod touch 3g MC model 8gb!!!!! i put it in the indicated folder but then when i open winterboard it is not there please help meee!!!!!!!!

  • Arfa Sleep

    It probably would have been nice if you had mentioned at the TOP of the page that this doesn’t work unless I jailbreak the phone!
    It would have saved me a couple of hours of f’ing around.
    I would love to install the theme I found but I am not prepared to jailbreak to do it.

  • JOhnI Boii

    hey where can i find more themes from softpedia can u sent me some links

  • nita


    i just installed this diskaid thing, and i cant find the theme folder there….. so do i create it myself?? please help……

  • adrushoni

    Simon how to install winterboard on iphone 4.0 ?

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  • nice post thanks to sharing

  • nino15

    wow!! so easy to use and it really works! thanks a lot. this really open all the things i can do with my iphone.

  • nino15

    have a question though. i downloaded the diskaid and it works but i only have a trial version that will only last about 2 weeks. do you know some link to the full version one? big thanks if you can help me

  • reggie

    wow thanks for this simple and great tutorials, it really helps thanks

  • meg

    umm thts awesome but how do u get winterboared without internet because i have no acsess to wifi

  • i downloaded the disk aid 4.11 but donot get the drop down for root folder is it that i have to purchase disk aid… whats going wrong? can any one help? i am using win XP

  • waseem

    Hi Simon,
    When i select a theme via winterboard every thing is gone ok just some icons dont chang like (phone, contacts, messages,…..) while the other change even there are new icons in the theme folder. Can you tell me how i can fix it please.
    Thank you

  • Thank you it work 🙂
    but where do i go to do the same but for lockscreens and signal bars??

  • Devendar

    does it work even without winterboard installed on your iphone? plz help me i want u to tell me now

  • Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for it for days. <3 Worked for me!

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  • simsim

    thanks a lot
    that was a big problem for me and you solved it
    looooooooooooooooooove you 😀 😀

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  • sanya

    wow you are very good teacher it help me a lot after i took many lesion
    now i get it thank Q very much

  • George

    hey guys…when i launch diskaid and connect the iphone 4 it doesn’t show me root folder on the down-left…what i have to do?

    • Are you sure your iPhone is jailbroken?

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  • MK

    I installed diskaid but i didnt find the themes folder in roots… There wasnt any theme folder … Can any one help how can i get that folder to install my fav themes in it … Reply Soon Who ever has the answer ….Thanx

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  • Gee

    does it work for the new IOS 5?

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  • Henry Hicks

    Hi, Everything worked for me, apart from i am using this on a mac, and you don’t appear to have a any instructions for mac users! I got as far as looking for the ‘Library’ folder then ‘Themes’ but i couldn’t find it!
    Am i missing something?
    Anyone who can reply to this is awesome!
    Thanks –> Henry

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  • obviously like your web site however you have to test the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to inform the reality then again I’ll certainly come again again.

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  • Taryn

    This worked perfectly, thank you!

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  • Nadia

    I installed Disaid succesfully, then copy the themes I preffered and transffered to phone, but later I tried to delete some theme that I didn’t want to keep in my phone, and suddenly all the themes are gone. And now i don’t even find my theme folder connected to DIscaid, the theme folder in Winterboard is empty and there’s no theme folder is showing in library. what should i do??

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  • Devin

    There aren’t no OKs button after selected the themes

  • Crym


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  • Dan

    i did the same what u told but nothing happens by lock background and home screen remain the same after respring

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  • jeremy

    i have an iphone 2g on ios 3.1.3 but i dont know whether it is jailbroken or not but it has the app called cydia i want to get put themes to it like in other phones any help but i do not have wifi @ home

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