Send Ecard to iPhone with Ecardlets      

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Send Ecard to iPhone with Ecardlets      

December 7, 2008 — by Simon Ng2

It’s about time to send greeting card to celebrate Christmas. With the prevalent of e-mail and Internet, probably you’re now using some kinds of Ecard service (e.g. bluemountain) to send Xmas card in electronic form. And, if your friends are iPhone users, I suggest you to try out this Ecard service – which is specially designed for sending & receiving Ecard on iPhone. Ecardlets rides on the touch technology of iPhone and displays a 3-D ecard that you can flip & open with finger.

How To Earn Quickly Money With Videos Online Like many of other Ecard website out there, Ecardlets lets send Ecard through email. And, if you’re US AT&T users, you can send ecard directly to the recipient using phone number. Sending ecard using Ecardlets is extremely straightforward. Just type in the phone number or email of the recipient, and your greeting message, then hit “Send”. When receiving ecard, which is actually an URL, the recipient can flip the card open using your finger.

Ecardlets comes with a set of ecard templates. Not all of thems are impressive as compared to other great ecard website. However, the site allows you to create your own ecard and share it as a template for others. To create your specially-designed ecard, Ecardlets offers a standard template in both PNG and PhotoShop PSD format. is developed by a startup in San Francisco, founded by ex-Microsoft and ex-Google employees. The site was launched in Dec 3, 2008, which is just-in-time to offer ecard service for iPhone.

So, when you’re thinking of sending Christmas cards to your buddies or friends with iPhone, think about send it through

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of