NewsUnlock iPhone

Legally Unlocked iPhone 3G Got Re-locked after iPhone 2.2 Upgrade

December 5, 2008 — by Simon Ng43


NewsUnlock iPhone

Legally Unlocked iPhone 3G Got Re-locked after iPhone 2.2 Upgrade

December 5, 2008 — by Simon Ng43

iPhoneAtlas revealed that some users are reporting issues that their legitimate unlocked iPhone 3G (e.g. for those purchased in Hong Kong, Italy, etc) got re-locked again after iPhone 2.2 firmware upgrade. The problem is not universal and only reported by some users. You can find detailed discussion about the issue in this Apple Discussion thread. Quoted from the thread, here are some of the reported issues:

I bought my iphone 3g legally unlocked from HK, and I just upgraded to 2.2, but it seems my phone is locked now, on phone it says emergency calls only and on I tune is its saying not supported SIM, I am connetec to UAE I-Tune

Bought legally unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong. Updated to 2.2 in Germany. No my iPhone seems to be locked. Will contact apple asap.

When I went through the discussion thread, a number of cases are related to unlocked iPhone 3G bought from Hong Kong. As I am living in Hong Kong, I am in a better position to discuss this issue. From what I heard of, there should be no problem with firmware 2.2 upgrade. My friends and colleagues with iPhone 3G are successfully upgraded to the latest firmware version. SIM card can be detected and of course, they can make and receive calls, as well as, we have no issues with WiFi.

Among the issues reported in the discussion thread, some users raised a very good question:

Is that iPhone a genuine unlocked iPhone sold by Apple?

I have the same question. Is it genuine? Or is it a “so-called” legally unlocked iPhone 3G which is actually unlocked by other methods (e.g. TurboSIM)? For those, who are experiencing this issue or you want to purchase a genuine unlocked iPhone 3G, you better check out this link from Apple. The web page lists out all the part numbers of iPhone 3G and the corresponding unlock/lock information.

Do you experience the similar issues after iPhone 2.2 upgrade for unlock iPhone? Leave us comment and share your experience.

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  • Ayman

    I have the same issue, t seems that even thought these phoens are unlocked, they still have a home network like 3 in HK and TIM in itealy…etc, so if you update the phone outside your home network, it locked it. stupid, but true.

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  • Voon Fei

    I’m from MY. I have my iphone legally unlocked when I buy it. After going through your tutorial on how to upgrade to firmware 2.2, my iphone is still working fine and currently sync in progress.

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