How To Use Veency to Remote Control your iPhone

October 19, 2008 — by Simon Ng93



How To Use Veency to Remote Control your iPhone

October 19, 2008 — by Simon Ng93

Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia and Cycorder, has once again surprised me with another high quality application – Veency. Actually, Veency have been released for quite a while but does not own much coverage on the iPhone community, compared with other hot iPhone applications. I thought it’s really deserved a in-depth coverage on that. It’s really a great application that adds one more reason for you to consider jailbreak iPhone if you haven’t done so.

Earlier, I have covered how you can use VNC Client on iPhone to remote control your computer. Veency works the other way round. You can think of Veency as a VNC server and you can use VNC client to remote control your iPhone with a VNC client (such as Chicken VNC on Mac). Take a look at the above screenshot, you can see I’m actually connecting to my iPhone from my iMac.

You can use mouse to click on any iPhone application and launch it remotely. And, the most awesome feature of Veency is it allows you to use keyboard to type character directly. Pretty cool, right? You can type SMS, email and note without using the default virtual keyboard. So far, I do not find any problem launching iPhone application remotely. The response is quite fast. However, there is a significant lag for streaming video application (e.g. Cycorder).

Veency has mimicked nearly every type of finger gestures and even home button/power button using mouse click:

  • Use left mouse click to mimic tap to access application
  • Use right mouse button to access home screen
  • Use middle mouse button to lock your iPhone
  • Drag mouse point from left to right or right to left to flick through photos or contact list

I have captured a short video on how you can use Veency and remote control iPhone from my iMac. The video will demonstrate:

  • Connect to iPhone remotely and use mouse to “Slide to unlock”
  • Launch Calculator remotely and type note using keyboard
  • Use mouse to rearrange Safari icon
  • Use middle mouse button to put iPhone into sleep mode

How to use Veency on iPhone

Note: Veency is only available for jailbreak iPhone. To take advantage of it, you have to jailbreak your iPhone first. For guide, you may refer to the complete jailbreak guide (Mac / Windows).

1. First, fire up Cydia and install Veency.

2. After installation, you would not find any Veency application icon on home screen. But Veency should be already there.

3. Connecting to Veency requires you to use a VNC client. For Windows user, you can download VNC client from RealVNC. For Mac users, I recommend you use Chicken VNC, which is also free.

4. Here, I’ll use Chicken VNC as example. For other VNC clients, the connection procedures should be more or less the same. Okay, launch Chicken VNC.

5. Next, check your iPhone’s IP address. You can find it in “Settings” -> Wifi . Click “>” on your selected Wifi Network to display the IP address (e.g.

6. Back to Chicken VNC, click “Connection” -> “New Connection” from menu bar. Type in the IP address and leave all other as default. Click “Connect” button to connect to your iPhone.

7. Go back to your iPhone. You’ll see a request from the VNC client and you have to accept it.

8. Once accepted the remote connection, you’ll see the iPhone on your computer.

What do you use Veency for?

So, why do you need to remote control iPhone? At first, I also asked the same question and I believe most of the readers got the same question. A couple of applications I can think of after a month’s usage of Veency:

  • Use your own keyboard to type text message. Due to my work-related issue, I always need to provide support via SMS from home. The virtual keyboard on iPhone is not very good enough. Now I used to connect to my iPhone remotely and type text message. That’s really great and speed up all my support task.
  • I used to charge my iPhone at my bedroom. Now, I can check anything on iPhone while I’m using my laptop at living room while my iPhone is still being charged.
  • Another application is to provide tech support for iPhone remotely. I love iPhone and used to help some of my buddies to resolve iPhone issues. Now with Veency, I can remotely access the problematic iPhone (of course, Wifi is still available) and get to know the problem details. (But this may not work for all cases due to firewall restriction for VNC connection)


Presently, Veency does not come with any configuration screen for you to enable/disable Veency service. And, you cannot set any VNC password (by default, no password is required) on Veency. As mentioned by Jay Freeman, you can expect these two features will be available in future release. So, for now, if you want to disable Veency, you only have two choices – either you disable the Wifi or you completely uninstall it.

I think Veency is great. How about you? Share with me and other readers on your thought on Veency and how you use it by leaving comment below.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • dinesh

    This is a fantastic application, but I am not sure whether VNC will support calling remotely, if it does than it would be a bliss

  • Great article for jailbreakers.

    If you’re interested, you can read about my experiences with many of the web and native apps I’ve used since my original iPhone and more recent iPhone 3G purchases on my blog at Just click on the index for a complete listing. John

  • due

    Love it. There are some applications that are only for the iphone and have no desktop counter part. THis is great for using your keyboard for inputing lots of information.

    Also at work I want to control my phone from my work machine to change songs, send a sms, or read a news reader where my work internet is monitored not so on my iphone. so it works good for that.

    also for helping others with their iphone really works good (if they have jailbreak)

    must have is to add password to make it more secure.

  • Me

    how do I use this with VNC on windows. Excuse the ignorant question but I cannot get any recognition of the iphone on my laptop at all running xp

  • Me

    update: Now got the ip add sorted and works a dream. have also managed to get it working the other way with the iphone controlling the pc as well.

    Many thanks

  • slah426

    can someone tell me that theme in the picture? i really like it.


  • @slah426, it’s a Winterboard theme called Deep. You can download the theme using Cydia or Installer.

  • Titsch

    has anybody tried to use this veency and a VNC program to control the iPhone with an iPod touch (or vice verca).

    The Idea is to install Veency on the iPhone and Mocha VNC lite on the iPod Touch. Main purpose: I could then remotely control my iphone, which is in a docking station playing music, with an iPod touch. The iPhone / iPod would be such a good Media Center.

    Problem might be how to emulate the Home Button (to get out of an application and back to the springboard).

    Any ideas?


    • jean claude

      click the right click button on your mouse that should do it it’s like the menu button

  • Henry

    How would i use veency over the internet?(like if i was at work but i left my iphone at home and someone texted me)

    • @Henry, as long as your iPhone got an IP address that are accessible from your workplace, you can remote control your iPhone with Veency. But you’ll have to make sure your iPhone is always turned on and have already accepted the remote connection. So, it may not work for your case.

  • Hey! This is what I’m looking for. Thanks for the detailed guide.


  • Ryan

    Does this method work on a usb connection do i can remote my iphone without wifi con?

    • Nicholas Cardenas

      No, each device needs wifi/3g/etc; infact I am using it right now!!! P.s I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING 8-BIT COLOR, OR ELSE IT BASSICLY IS SORTA USE-LESS!!! But one problem; whenever I open up an app thats “playable” it only shows up varous parts of the screen ussually around 15-20%. So some1 please help me.

  • Peter

    If I use Chicken of VNC with Veency on a IPhone 3G with new OS 3 after the connection iPhone crashes. Any solution?

    • @Peter, I also use Chicken VNC on Mac. It’s ok. Try to upgrade to the latest version and it may fix the issue.

  • The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  • mhmk

    Good to control the Music while ipodtouch is in the dock and to far away for IRremote ;P

  • MOD

    I downloaded chicken VNC but i don’t know how to run it please help. 🙁

  • You will have a window asking for

    You only need to enter your iPods IP-Adress as “Host”!

  • Micmac

    does anybody know how to emulate the Home button ???

    • Jay

      Hey, does anyone know how to control the volume on your iphone through veency viewer on your computer? Much appreciated!!

  • i think it is right- or ctrl-click

    • Micmac

      yes, correct, thank you !

  • Robert

    How do you emulate the right mouse click on the new macbooks? There is no right or left clicker.

  • it should be ctrl-click as on every mac i know!?

  • or get a magic mouse (or any other mouse XD)

  • niklpl8dpokets

    hey this is a great app! does anybody know a keyboard shorcut to send a text? i know you can just use your mouse and then click the send button, but it would be nice to just hit a key on the keyboard..

  • Ipod

    i keep on recieving Connection timed out : server (10060)
    i can view my computer on my ipod but
    i cant view my ipod on my computer xD

    • slasher

      it apears you have not installed veency properly, try a re-install

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  • Andy

    To be able to quickly enable/disable it (given no password functionality), I recommend installing the SBSettings toggle to quickly turn it on/off.

  • Matt

    Awesome guide. Wasnt sure what program i needed at all. Just wondering, whats that theme called you have on your iphone in the screenshots? Is it a cydia one? looks pretty good

    • Matt

      ignore that, didnt read the other posts

  • Chris206


    I recently updated my iapd file to view my iphone on my TV (quality was poor), so i changed it back to the oringinal.

    Since then my veency display of my springboard is very distorted !!

    Can someone help please ???

  • Jake

    You can install a SBsettings toggle for it if you want to turn it off.

  • william


    Last night I installed veency and everything went great. Today, when I try to connect, I accept, then it say “sever closed the connection. And ask to reconnect. When I hit reconnect, it says “server refused the connect.”

    Any ideas?

    • samm

      re check your phone wifi IP address on your iPhone. It changes quite often, especially if your phone and wifi has been off through the night. When you turn your phone back on you are issued with a new IP Hope this helps.

  • slash

    ive just installed veency on my 3GS with 3.1.3 and spirit jailbrerak and have had some problems. whenever i respring (including after install it takes a few minutes and i end up having to hold down menu and sleep untill i force a shut down and then power it back up which also takes some time. at first i thought it was bricked but it eventually starts up, i will no longer keep this on my iphone unless an update is released. i have tryed removing and re-installing but the same problemm remains. i love the app but it seams to not like me.

  • Jim

    Hey guys,

    any way not to use WIFI?? i can’t connect to our modem at work…

  • Doc Copenhagen

    Excellent blog, excellent help. Thanx 😉
    Veenecy runs perfect on my old 2G, and I get perfect screen pictures on my PC.

    But I’d like to find a way to record, save the screen movements. That is to make a video for demonstration purposes. As i can se it,
    VNC professional doesn’t have the feature, and this is to complicated for me:

    • Slash

      You can use multiple screen recorders for a windows pc, not sure for mac thou. hypercam 2 is good and is easy to use and can be downloaded for free, hope this helps, if not reply and I’ll see what i can do

  • Can you use it with CamStudio, if so it would work great for training of new Apps

  • Ikhaa

    iphone can not support/connect to WiFi beynd 802.11g. your work might have WiFi 802.11n.

  • Lemmywinks

    This article is so old I doubt anyone would see this question but the problem I’m having is my cursor on the computer does not line up with where I’m pointing on the iPhone. Is there a fix for this?

  • Kevine

    Hey when I open up veency viewer on my computer i can’t control my ipod through it but when I open up another veency viewer my springboard crashes on the veency fixed why is that?

  • Patrick

    Curious if anyone has a solution for the “Unknown rectangle encoding 1827 -> exiting” error when iPhone locks the screen (i.e. display goes to sleep) while connected to Veency with Chicken of the VNC? It works perfectly as long as the iPhone display doesn’t go to sleep while you’re connected, or isn’t already locked when you try to connect. Thanks!

    Btw, I’ve tried RealVNC as well (using a Mac client) and had no problems until recently when I kept getting timeout errors.

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  • Moshin

    I can use veency in the same wifi network but if my phone is in my home wifi and my laptop is in office wifi I cant use veency. Is there any way i can use it in different wifi network?

  • Yuki

    Hi, I can use veency. but I have a trouble to use it.
    I can not click an error message. For example, when I typed wrong(NOT existence site) URL in Safari, iPhone shows an error massage. I would like to click the “OK” button via VNC on Windows PC, but I can’t do that.

    Do you know how do that?

    iPhone:iOS4.1/iPhone4/Veency 0.9.3345-1
    PC:WindowsXP Pro/UltraVNC Viewer Win32

  • For turning veency off, there is now an SBSettings toggle for it.

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  • This is not working for me!!! I tried using my routers password too but it still will not work. Anyone got it working on an iPhone 4?


    • I had a password in the settings on the iPhone which messed it up, sorted now!


  • Hassan

    vnc on pc is asking me for password, what is the password?? i dont have any password on iphone

  • LL

    Can someone help me? I’ve got Veency installed on the ipad, and chicken of the VNC set up on the mac.

    Everything connects. However, when the display screen pops up attempting to show the ipad dispay it is all scrambled/garbled. I can tell it is in fact the ipad display because if I move the screen on the ipad, I see movement in the VNC display.

    Does any one know why this display would be scrambled and how to fix it?

    Thank you!!!

  • Billy


    I was wondering if it is possible to allow the connection to be made without requiring Accepting the request to connect? For example, if I have my iPod Touch connected at home and want to access it, there is no one at home to click Accept.


    • yes. you can the new version allows you to but you have to set a password.
      Go to Settings>Extensions:Veency>Password.

      but hey Simon,
      does veency support clipboard management for pc (elaboration: can I copy and paste from my windows computer’s clipboard to my ipad’s text field using a vnc client such as vnc viewer)

      or is that option not available yet due to Jay Freeman vnc server?

      someone please, clarify this for me: [email protected]

  • Marc

    Does anyone know of an app to control your iPhone from your iPad via Bluetooth. I’mounting a non 3G iPad in my car as my entire radio system and I want to be able to control the iPhone from the iPad.. A total mirror of my iPhone would be awesome but can’t find one..

  • visitorTOM

    This app works ok, but you’ll have to use something like insomnia to make sure you wifi stays active and doesn’t sleep.

    Also, it is a little laggy.

    I originally used it to send/receive SMS from my computer, but I have since found a much more appropriate replacement: WifiSMS. It is essentially a web interface for the Messages app which can be accessed remotely… It’s free on Cydia.

  • Jaxon

    Hey,i used this and it works great i love it HOW EVER, my friend wants me to do something for him on his phone is it possible to control his phone using this with out him having to be on the same WiFi network? if so please could you email me how @

    [email protected]

  • mrpotatohead1251

    Guys my ipod touch 3g just broke today and I don’t know if veency is to blame, you see today I downloaded this app for the purpose of controlling my ipod touch 3g which is in my room from my desktop in our living room so I don’t have to walk in my room just to skip a song. Anyway the batter was below 20%, i was shuffling songs in the ipod via VNC of my desktop. when suddenly the music stops, thinking it was lowbat…when i hold my ipod it was abnormally hot but not hot enough to burn my skin. i plug it to my desktop to charge but i get nothing, no sign of life, no logo, no nothing. I was thinking because the VNC software in my desktop i was configuring stuffs like color quality and recommendations quality so I can control my ipod faster with lesser lag. maybe this is the cause. haaaays i miss my ipod touch 3g even though its old.

    heres my final thought, you see we know when we want to achieve faster desktop remote controlling we lower the quality images colors and stuffs, which what will happen is it will also lower the quality of the actual computer being remote desktop controlled. To make it clear the one who is controlling will result to having lower quality, and the one being controlled will also get a lower quality. Get my idea? Thinking this way the ipod touch doesn’t have the ability to lower its color quality and stuffs, and in the VNC in my desktop I configured it to lower the quality. thats why it caused the ipod to over heat and broke. Am I talking rubbish?…forgive me I’m not good with mobiles. More into PC.

    Thank you for your reply

    • PF

      Sounds far fetched to me. Likeliest explanation is your battery malfunctioned, overheated and failed. You might try taking to apple store and cajole them into helping (just dont mention jailbreak). Good luck!

      • mrpotatohead1251

        That’s what I thought so too, so when my ipod over heated it broke the battery and malfunctioned. So what should i do? buy a new battery and replace it?. Going to the apple store is not an option we don’t have one around here in our place, we have greedy cheater technicians here in our place who like to steal some original parts and replace it with a generic. Going their is my plan ‘Z’.

        Thank you for your reply! Wasn’t expecting from someone 😀

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  • F0ssil

    You can disable it under settings (where the list of other apps shows up) ??

  • Wow great app.. pity there’s no config. screen at the moment.. perhaps there is now ?

  • i’d like to try this on my iPad might be able to help

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • Eric Vannueten


    Just installed it on a 4s, first test with wifi very good (but it don’t name numbers from number keypad of PC, didn’t see anybody else talking about that – any idea?)

    Then I installed iDNS and tried over 3G but there I had no success at all, even when putting directly my 3G ip in the vnc viewer (so problem is not related to iDNS). I’m on 5.0.1.

    Did anybody succeeded control over 3G? This is fantastic for customer / friend support or in case of lost / stolen phone!

    Best regards.

    • michael

      Installed on 4s works over wifi perfectly.
      But I also want to acces the iphone over 3G, but unable to set it up.

      Any idea how to set this up?

      kindof have the same problem as Eric Vannueten.

  • Atlas2000

    I have been searching about this with no luck.

    How to use veency to see the iphone screen horizontal rather than vertical (for example for a game that only play horizontal on iphone and therefore when viewed on the PC it is vertical)

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thank you

    • LLL

      I can’t figure it out either. Same problem except I most use the iPad and its always a horizontal display. There are some apps that only display vertical, leaving me looking at it sideways….

  • Atlas2000

    My guess is maybe other apps or programs help with that but most just talk about controlling the PC FROM the iPhone which is not what i want…

    Android apparently no problem with bluestacks but not helpful at all for me to know that lol

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