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Why Jailbreak? Top 5 Reasons to jailbreak iPhone

October 5, 2008 — by Simon Ng304

Since I started blogging about jailbreak and upgrade methods for iPhone, I have received emails from readers about reason for jailbreak and the difference between jailbreak and unlock. And question like, “My iPhone already got Apple’s AppStore to download applications. Is there any reason to jailbreak my iPhone?”. I thought it’ll be good to write up a blog post to address all the similar questions. First, let me explain the question about “Unlock iPhone vs Jailbreak”.

In brief, jailbreak your iphone means you are allowed to install 3rd party applications on iPhone. This applies to all version of firmwares. And, for unlocking iPhone, it refers to the process to open up your iPhone to accept all carriers. Unlocked iPhone allows you to use SIM card from all carriers. You are no longer bind to the official carrier (e.g. AT&T) approved by Apple.

So, with the introduction of iPhone AppStore, why do we still need to jailbreak? For this question, mostly queried by iPhone 3G users, I have thought of 5 reasons to jailbreak iPhone even with the presence of AppStore.

Reason #1 – Install 3rd pary applications via Cydia and Installer

The introduction of AppStore in iPhone 2.0 is the best feature for this firmware update, I have to admit. But even with thousands of applications available on AppStore, there are some other great applications, such as Netshare, banned by Apple to hit the Appstore for certain reasons. And this is the place where Cydia and Installer comes in and let you download all 3rd party applications. Some of the great applications you can find on Cydia are:

  • Cycorder / Video Recorder – Let you capture video on iPhone
  • NemusSync – Sync iPhone calendar with Google Calendar
  • MxTube – Download and save YouTube video on iPhone
  • iAcces – Let you use all kinds of Chinese Input Method
  • iPhoneModem – Let you use iPhone as modem and give your laptop connection to Internet via iPhone
  • Mame4iPhone – Play arcade game on iPhone

Reason #2 – Video Recording

Compared iPhone with any other mobile phone in the market, there is one area iPhone would definitely lose – Video Recording. With jailbreak iPhone, however, you can easily turn the iPhone camera into video camera for video recording by using Cycorder or iPhone Video Recorder.

Reason #3 – Changing iPhone Looks & Feel

Are you bored with the standard icons that come with iPhone? Ever think of changing the look of iPhone? With jailbreak iPhone, you can use Winterboard to apply theme on iPhone and make it look even cooler. Here are just a few samples to show what Winterboard can do for you:

Reason #4 – Full control of your iPhone

This may not be the reason for non-tech iPhone user. But for geeks, this may be why you need to jailbreak the iPhone. As you may know, the inner part of iPhone is a trim-down version of Mac OS X, which is actually a Unix core. So, you may wonder whether you can install some Unix applications such as Apache web server, on the iPhone. The answer is yes. With iPhone jailbreak, you can install a lightweight version of HTTP server and other similiar servers. And, one server that most Jailbreak iPhone users are using is a SSH daemon. With SSH, you can connect to iPhone remotely and transfer any file to/from it. Pretty cool, right? You can further refer to this post about how you can use SSH to transfer ringtone to the iPhone.

Reason #5 – Unlock iPhone

Lastly, the most common reason for jailbreaking iPhone is for unlock. This is one of the mandatory steps you need to through before you can unlock iPhone.

Note: Presently, there is no unlock solution for iPhone 3G. QuickPwn/WinPwn/Pwnage Tool can only jailbreak iPhone 3G.You can now use yellowsn0w or ultrasn0w to unlock iPhone 3G. Follow this guide to unlock your iPhone 3G or this unlock guide for iPhone 3GS.

Hope this post can answer all your questions about jailbreak and help you consider whether jailbreaking is for you. If you have already made up your mind, you can start looking at this post (Mac / Windows) about how you can use PwnageTool or Redsn0w to jailbreak iPhone.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of

  • Vinnie

    Hello Simon!!!
    Wow your resume for the iPhone was really
    So many true things!!!
    I really like it!!!
    Please update me, if You have new information!
    Really cool!
    Thank You
    Vinnie Venkov

    • Anakondin

      If you like the above advice, I have an even better one: Get a real phone!

      • abel

        Was reading the comments and noticed that you recommended getting a real phone. I’m new and researching what phone is the best. If you have any recommendations on the best phone on the market, please let me know. I’m also looking for a service that I can use internationally without costing me an arm and a leg. Thank you in advance.

        • Devlin

          My old work used to use Blackberries, but then I convinced my boss to switch to Android after my gf got one, and was able to Utilize so much functionality without having to root it (Android equivalent to Jailbreaking). I have since changed jobs, where my work phone is now an iPhone4, and am amazed at how little the thing can do and how un-intuitive the UI is.
          My suggestion would be an Android, but just keep in mind that not all Android phones are created equal (which is why some people think iPhone is better, because they are comparing it with the low-end of the market).
          If you stick with fairly modern HTC or Samsung phones, you’ll be in love and never look at iCrap again.

          • Danny

            Devlin, you and Anakondin are hardly any kind of authorities on iphones. I own both an iPhone 4s and a Galaxy s2. So I’d say I’m in a position to compare two great phones.

            Both phones are excellent and you really can’t go wrong with either one. They both have strengths…

            The Galaxy, is very fast and has a larger screen. The iPhone on the other hand has a more solid feel to me. Both have plenty of apps, although the Apple app store and iTunes is unmatched by android in my opinion. Sorry, it just is.

            The Galaxy is more customizable and I love the live wallpapers that are available.

            Right now I’m a big fan of the Galaxy, because I don’t need a zillion apps, nor do I need my phone to be the best mp3 player.

            But make no mistake, when the iPhone 5 is released, I know android will be scratching it’s ass again, figuring out how to catch up with iPhone again.

            I know about a few of the iPhone 5’s new features through patent applications and it will definitely raise the bar once more.

            For those of you who want to bash on Apple, give it up already. Both formats offer great products, and I like them both – but the only way a person can really tell which phone they’ll like best is to go out and play with them both.

            Timing is also a big part of it, as iPhone normally leads the market, and Android works hard to offer an equally nice product for a little less.

        • MuckFry

          Anakondin is a troll. Don’t listen to him.

    • i absolutely agree…

  • Thanks Simon,
    This is really great help for non-it persons like me. currently i have 2.1 firmware on my iphone and I look for IM application which can realy help me logon to different IMs and have a good browser for internet access.
    Hope u can help me.


    • Weston

      Get im+ lite, free for yahoo, facebook, myspace and more, and has a built in browser you can use and multi task with the im engine

  • emilio

    hey,you made everything easy for us .But i have a problem i jailbroked the phone but its not working with tmobile. ihave a 8gb you know what should i do.

    • robert

      hey call me if u need help getting tmobile to work .i have it its number is 706-218-6995

      • kelly

        Hi Robert

        I have T-mobile and can not send/receive any pic on my iphone…

        what can I do to correct this?

        Thanks in advance,


        • @Kelly,

          How do you send pic on iPhone? Which app do you use?

      • Nikki

        Can you put an iPhone on a prepaid plan after jailbreaking?

        • Slim

          To NIKKI: Jailbreak it then unlOck it. You will be good to go.

  • Rob


    check out Simon’s guides “Complete Guide- Jailbreak & Unlock iPhone for firmware 2.1 using Pwnage Tool” for windows or mac (depending on your OS) These will set you right to an unlocked iphone (so you can use your tmobile sim)…


  • Spaz

    I just seen thhis, cool. Any other apps that are a must have? Like copy and paste or flash?

    • JJ334

      There’s some kinda app called ‘frash'(no it’s not flash with a rash) that plays flash programs.

  • Spaz, no flash support even for jailbreak iPhone. For copy & paste, there are some jailbreak applications like iCopy to emulate copy & paste. But from my experience, this kind of copy & paste application is not very well implemented. I think we still need to wait for Apple to provide this feature in future firmware release.

    For me, I like Cycorder and WinterBoard. These two are my must-have list.

  • EisaiahM

    Thanks for this.
    I just bought an iPhone 3g and was told (by the salesman) that if you jailbreak the iPhone 3g it leaves a “jailbreak fingerprint” on the phone even if you revirginize it and because of this apple will no longer offer support for my iPhone because the warranty has been voided. Is this true? Is there any true way to revirginize after jailbreaking the iPhone 3g?

  • Spaz

    EisaiahM , good question. I thought once you do a full restore everything is fine….If true, I guess then it’s only a good idea to jailbreak your iPhone AFTER your warranty expires then?

  • Dicey

    I plan on getting the iPhone a few days from now since the Touch HD is no longer coming to the US any time soon :(, and I have a few questions.

    1. Will I still be able to use the Apple app store if I jailbreak my phone.
    2. Is there a better music player for jailbroken iPhones. One that plays Ogg and Flac.
    3. Is there a better video player? One that plays Divx, MKZ, RMVB, or any other formats that are not Apple approved?
    4. Is there an jailbreak App store out there? Is that what Cyndia is?
    And is Cyndia automatically installed?
    5. How dangerous is jailbreaking the iPhone. What are the chances of something happening that bricks your iPhone. It is possible to restore things to factory settings right if you don’t brick your iPhone, but it still messed it up? Also is it possible to restore if you no longer want a jailbroken phone? I also remember that the first time around there was a website you visited that made it really easy to jailbreak when you went to it in Safari. Does that way still exist?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • robert

      why would you want to use apple store because once phone is jailbroken you can dowload all apps for free .if u need help fill free to call me my number for anyone that needs help is 706-218-6995 or send me an email to [email protected]

      • Izzy

        Well as I’m planning to buy an Iphone for T-mobile soon, I do not know where else to get apps…

        Many apps say they are at the app store which I would prolly only trust to get from there… like the Warcraft Armory app.. last thing I need is to get a copy elsewhere to only have my warcraft account jacked and then screwed over.

        I’m still learning about the app store, and the iphone… but maybe it’s easier then I’m expecting when it comes to getting free apps and also getting safe/trusted apps that have been cracked/hacked/copied/etc…

        • Hellzangel

          agreed WoW armory is a must have app, but did u know about the free Authenticator app that comes with free ingame campanion (core hound) ? It works awesome and gives me total peace of mind that my account is 99% unhackable

  • Dicey

    Okay, I now know what Cydia and Installer are, so 4 doesn’t need to be answered. And by MKZ, I meant MKV of course :P.

  • Me

    Here is a link to what you can download and install via Cydia:

  • Dicey

    Thanks Me. Been looking all over for something like that.

  • Bill


    I have the same 5 questions you asked. I’ll keep checking back until I see whats up.

    I have the same concern in that I don’t know enough to jailbreak my phone then worry about getting any apple support if anything ever happens to the phone. Or if there is a firmware upgrade to brick my phone. I’m not sure if it’s worth the worry.

    • robert

      you can always reset phone back to factory settings if anything goes wrong with phone once its do be afraid to try this.if anyone needs help on installing this fill free to call me or send email.

      • BKool

        Hi, I have a blackberry torch that my company pays for. I want to get an Iphone. Will the BB sim card voice/data work. If I jailbreak or unlock can AT&T be able to detect what kind of phone I’m using? I just dont want to have to turn in my BB and pay to do business for my company. They allow Iphones to get co email, but will not pay for it.

      • damian

        Hi Robert,

        I did had a jailbreak untethered iphone 4,after few crashes and i hit the Full restore on the itune,and now i couldn’t get it to jailbreak again,am i stuck with the standard feature for life?? or is there another way to jailbreak my iphone again? iphone4 currently running on 4.3.5(8L1). yep! i pushed update and full restore on itune. can you help??

  • Dicey, thanks for your comment. Back to your questions about jailbreak,

    1. Yes, you still can access App Store.
    2. There are other players available on jailbreak iPhone. But I still consider the built-in one is the best.
    3. MPlayer is available on jailbreak iPhone that supports mpeg4, h.264, wmv, wma, real media and t-dmb format. However, like other players, you have to transfer the media file to iPhone via SSH. Don’t expect you can sync it in iTunes.
    4. I think you already got the answer. That’s Cydia. Also Installer is the 2nd choice.
    5. You can use QuickPwn to jailbreak the iPhone. That’s by far the easiest way to jailbreak iPhone. Will it brick your iPhone? No. Seldom to hear about the case. But as always, you have to bare certain risk when jailbreak. And if you’re just talk about jailbreak (not unlock), you can restore to factory setting by doing a full restore in iTunes.

    Hope my answer can help you make a better decision to jailbreak your iPhone.

    • Devin

      I accidentally factory reseted my jailbroken 2g 3.0 firmware itouch. Any way I can get it to boot again? It just freezes with the apple and the loading rings.?

  • Dicey

    Thanks Simon NG. The app store question was pretty important. Didn’t want to lose it (not that I have my iPhone yet (in 2 days >_<)). I guess jailbreaking gives you the best of both worlds :). I will definitely jailbreak, since the next iPhone update seems pretty boring (no need for streetview). Thanks again.

  • Saba

    Hi simon,
    thx for the great article
    but u didnt answer eisaiahM
    ive heared it tootht it voids the warranty, but u can still restore it
    thts my concern too
    tht whether or not it is gonna leave a finger prnt of jail breaking after the restore or not


  • Bill

    Thanks a million for the help. The one big reason I’d like to jailbreak is for the “themes”, I think we’re all tired of the standard iPhone theme.

  • lelani

    can u help?

    I recently bought an iphone off of e-bay and was told all i have to do is put my old sim card in it, and then itll work. well turns out it will work but i have to update my plan with the data plan! I am a ful-time college student and i have acess to free wifi all the im thinking i dont need this data plan! what can i do to get around it? i have a BRAND NEW 2g 8gb.

  • RAv

    Can I jailbreak to the latest 2.2Firmware from firmware 1.0.2?? Im very on edege about doing this as I have an AT&T iPhone here in canada on the rogers network…

  • RAv, I think no problem. But you’re hesitate to go directly to firmware 2.2. You may refer to the jailbreak guide for firmware 2.1 first. It’s proved to work.

  • Rick

    Hi Simon,

    I have an unlocked iPhone with 1.4 software and using a foreign carrier (not AT&T) and I’m looking for a Windows tutorial to unlock and jailbreak my 2G phone. Do you have one?

    Thanks a lot for all the info.

  • Rick, you can find the jailbreak and unlock guide for Windows here.

  • Rick

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks! So I just need to use the same files and just replace the 2.1 firmware with the 2.2 one, right? If so, where can i download it from?

  • Rick, are you using Mac? If you’re Mac user, you can refer to this updated post for iPhone 2.2 jailbreak.

    I’m still developing the jailbreak guide for Windows user. But if you can’t wait, you may refer to my previous guide for jailbreak 2.1. The procedures are very similar.

    To download firmware files, you can refer to iPhone Firmware Download post.

  • RAv

    Simon 1.0.2 to 2.1 went extremely smooth following your 2.1 guide (Nothing to it) took about 20 mins, thanks again for your help…

  • keith

    i don’t know much about my phone or about changing things on it. I just got and i’m not real savy with it. So my ? is will jailbreaking my phone void the warrenty, and do i have to worry about hurting or messing up my phone? Please just give me a little advice about if i should mess with this jailbreak thing

    Thanks keith

  • Jim

    hi simon, very informative blog that has answered all but a couple of my concerns. I hope u can answer for me. I have a 3g w/ 2.2 fw. Im looking to jailbreak only. Now after doing so can itunes still be fully used? Do i need to set itunes to where it no longer checks for software version updates? And do I no longer allow itunes to do firmware updates? And can i still utilize the automatically sync itunes with iphone option? My main concern was itunes checking for updates and applying future software updates after i did the jailbreak. Would this hurt my phone or undo the jailbreak?
    It is also my understanding that the appstore apps can still be downloaded and used alongside the jailbreak apps. Is this correct?
    Thx in advance for ur help.

  • Jim, after jailbreak, it’s better you turn off automatic update of iTunes. This will ensure your iPhone will not be upgraded accidentally. No worry. Everything should be there after jailbreak. You can sync with iTunes, download application from AppStore, etc. But if you’re Windows user, please have a look at this post before you head off to jailbreaking.

  • Jim

    Thanks simon. Yes i am a windows user and i dont care about having the phone unlocked at any point. So what would happen to my phone if it were to get updated via itunes after the jailbreak? It would update firmware and go back to original pre-jailbroke status?
    Thank u so much for ur feedback.

  • Its great to jailbreak your iphone. once its done you wont look bake it opens up so much for you. have fun with your free iphone….

  • potter

    hai…simon i already using quickpwn jairbreak my iphone 3g.but now there is no signal or no service ………..can u help me……… btw i have my i phone is ver 2.0.1


    please answer the question about jailbreak fingerprint because I want to be able to restore and be treated like a normal apple customer.

  • shotgun123

    Hi Simon, after jailbreak, besides turn off automatic update of iTunes, do ineed to turn off sync for Applications? Will iTunes remove my old apps downloaded from Apple store, or will it remove jailbreak apps?

  • Shotgun123, you can keep sync for application turned on. This shouldn’t affect your jailbroken iPhone. And you can sync your contacts/sms/applications as usual.

  • shotgun123

    thanks Simon. I’ve done sync with iTunes, and everything works fine. btw, i’m using iphone 3G with 2.2 firmware.

  • Cereal531

    Little help please…i just purchased an iphone 3G and updated to the 2.2 firmware via itunes. I want to jailbreak my phone but when I use quikpwn after it has me put the phone into “dfu” and goes to write the new ispw on the phone it freezes and I have to do a hard restart. I’m running a macbook I’ve heard there has been some trouble with the “late” 2008 macbooks but I purchased my macbook back in dec. of ’07…is there something I’m doing wrong?????

  • Cereal531, did you check out the complete guide for jailbreaking iPhone 3G? You can find the guide here.

  • wayne

    hi simon,maybe i know what is 3rd-party application

  • Wayne, Winterboard and Cycorder are examples of 3rd party applications that you can’t find in iPhone’s App Store. As mentioned in the post, due to various reason, Apple does not allow developer to create some kinds of applications and put them on App Store. Cycorder is one of them.

    That’s why some iPhone users consider to jailbreak the iPhone to benefit from 3rd party applications (download from Cydia).

  • wayne

    Simon,will jailbreaking cause any harm to iphone?

  • Wayne, there is a certain risk (very low risk, i’ll say) to jailbreak iPhone. Jailbreak tool like QuickPwn is very easy to use. They won’t harm the iPhone in most of the cases. You can use it as normal iPhone, added with the capability to install 3rd application from Cydia.

  • Cereal531

    Thanks for the info. I fixed the problem I read ok another board that people running mac os 10.5.6 to run there iPhone through a usn hub when jailbreaking because of some weird thing with the is. So I did it and viola I have have a jail broken iPhone

  • bonbon

    I have few questions.
    1. I have a jailbroken 2G 1.1.4 iphone. Could you please walk through the steps for me to upgrade to firmware 2.2. Do I use go through it using itunes? Use check for update? Or resore it?
    2. You said a jailbroken phone can use apps from the Apple store, but I can’t seem to be able to? I only have Installer in my phone. After I upgrade to 2.2 and jailbreak, can I use apps from Apple store?

    Thank you very much.

  • bonbon

    Never mind my questions. I just jailbreak and unlock my phone using your guide. I upgraded from 1.1.4 to 2.2. It worked great and very easy and straight forward. Thanks a million !!!

  • Eileen


    I was wondering if anyone can help. I was trying to customize my iphone 2g then changed my mind when I couldn’t download the installer. I restored my iphone with no problem. Last night I updated the new version 2.2 and my iphone is on the fritz. My outlook contacts do not sync and the info in the notepad cannot be recovered.

    Can anyone help???


  • Eileen

    Oops my apologies last night’s update was 2.2.1, I had 2.2

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  • hello Simon, sorry for my stupid question, but i’m blink new about iphone and would like to ask for few things.
    i just bought this factory Unlocked 3G iphone last week and when i first bought it, i guess it already had cydia thing loaded on the phone with cycorder thing already was equipped and worked. but other day, i did the 2.2.1 update from itune and many of applications has gone, and end up coming to this site to ask for help.

    my question is, would it be ok for me to jailbreak this 2.2.1 updated phone now, and will it be working fine? i’m kind of confused ,since knowing this newest update caused problems and erased most of programs that worked fine in first place.and i saw some articles saying update was targeting for eliminating QuickPwn.

  • Ken

    If I jailbreak, will all of my existing apps and itunes music be erased? If so, will I be able to re-install all of the apps that I’ve purchased in the past?

    • @Ken,

      Before jailbreak, you have to sync all your applications to iTunes for backup. Once you have done that, you can restore the iPhone application that you have downloaded or purchased from App Store back to the iPhone.

  • caspeR

    well..i finally got my phone jailbroken.. at first, was lil scary , cuz it was new phone and didnt wanted to get blocked or some of acticles i saw…but after many helpful reviews…i did it and now i got cydia back again…but DanGGG, down loading through using Edge is pretty slow….can i also google it and download some straight from the web to PC??

  • Ken

    thanks for the tip on backing up apps, I am doing that right now. Regarding the post just above this one, they have me a bit freaked about their Edge comment, does the jailbreak process disable 3G or something? I wouldnt think so but want to make sure I have all the facts before I proceed. I like the phone the way it is now, just thinking about jailbreaking for some of the great hacked apps I cant run

  • Vic

    Thanks a lot for the explanation. It’s very useful ^_^

  • Ken

    update: the process ran through successfully, but the phone wouldnt boot past the apple logo. I tried to reset numerous times without success, ended up restoring the phone and it works fine now, but I may try jailbreaking again this weekend.

  • oh…if my Edge comment may have caused wrong impression to others, then i would like to Clarify that, where i live its a small island, where my carrier only provide Edge services and not Wifi, Edge is all i got at the moment that’s why i said it on above about slow speed. but i’m sure others could use wifi fine and no problem. by theway, edge speed got faster late at night and ive down loaded many things through edge last night without any problem.

    just to make sure, i didnt have any problem jailbreaking my phone in first trial.
    my iphone is factory unlocked sim free, Base Band 2.30.03 which i accidently upgrade 2.2.1 from itune and most of program disappear from the phone. it was the reason i tried jailbreaking it on my own. now i succeed. clearly note that, did not try for unlocking & jailbreaking. i only did simple jailbreaking on new base band 2.30.03 . thanks everyone. now i have got whole new things to learn from Cydia..hehee

  • Mike

    Thanks for the post and for answering questions. I’ve had my iPhone 3g for 3-4 months and I love it. But I’ve been thinking of jailbreaking the phone to take advantage of the extra things available after the jailbreak process. Does the phone lose anything as a result of the jailbreak? And can I go back to what I had pre-jailbreak if I want to? Thanks!!!!

  • Ken

    Mike, I was exactly like you. I was very nervous and as stated above, the process didn’t work the first time I tried. I think it may have been because I had way too many apps installed. After I backed up my apps in itunes and did a restore before I ran the jailbreak process the second time, it took under 5 minutes and the phone fired right up. After taking this past weekend and goofing around with all the new things I can do, I am extremely happy with my decision to do this and for me it was definitely something I am glad that I did. I didn’t lose anything, but gained a ton of new features!

  • Bryant

    Hey Simon, great write up… However I have one questions: If i were to jailbreak (not unlock but just jailbreak) does that void my warranty through apple? What are the ramifications of them finding out (if I have to get my phone serviced or anything like that) and because I have a jailbroken phone, can they basically take it away?


    • @Bryant, if you’re just talk about jailbreak, it may void your warranty. But the great thing about jailbreak is you can always fallback to the factory settings. So, when you need to bring iPhone to repair, use iTunes and restore it to back to the original firmware. The guy at service centre won’t know you’ve jailbroken before.

  • Hutch


    First thing, I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom on jailbreaking; furthermorer, I have the same question as ‘Bryant’ from the post above. I know this has been asked several times; howeve,r having read through all of the postings I have found it’s one of the few questions that you have yet to respond. As well, i”m sure Bryant wants to know as well being that he has asked a half dozen times, LOL!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the subject as I am quite ignorant on the whole Jailbraking topic.

    Thanks’ again,


  • Frank


    I have tried several times to do jailbreak – but it’s not working. I continually get just the boot logo – I can’t get past that. Any ideas. I am following all the steps, please help! Thanks.

  • Freddiesel

    Hello I had a question, does anyone know of a way to stop recieving wireless updates. I have the original 2G and 3G iPhones and have not Jailbroken or unlocked them but both my iPhones crash all the time after I recieve updates. So I was just wondering how stable might the unlocked or Jailbroken iPhones run because I am having complications just maintaining the original firmware and all. I have not seen anyone talk about repetitive crashes on this site…

  • Jamie

    I use Jailbreak for these Apps:

    – Notifier/Reminder (Displays Text/IM/Missed Call/Email statuses next to battery)
    – 5 App Dock
    – Backgrounder (I use this solely for Palringo IM)
    – sbsSettings (A wiget bar with quick on/off settings for Wifi/Location/Airplanemode/3G/Edge also has options menu to hide unwanted apps like ‘Stocks’)

    If Apple implements these then I have no reason for a Jailbroken phone, here’s hoping for 3.0!

  • Niks

    This is a very useful post.. i always wondered what is the difference between unlock and jailbreak… you have explained it very nicely.. thanks..

  • oon

    hi, im going to buy an iphone and i heard we need to use itunes to sync our file to our iphone right? do we need to do dat if after we jailbreak it? or we still need to use itunes to sync files?

  • Josef K.

    if I jailbreak my iphone then restore it (i.e. to upgrade to vers. 3.0) what will happen to non apple-store things put on iphone (i.e. an app installed from cydia or other files stored via ssh)?
    will I loose them? will the remain in iphone memory (wasting space)?

    • @Josef, if you restore the iPhone using iTunes, you’ll lose all cydia applications.

  • May Y

    I tried to download the quick pwn but can’t do it…don’t know what the problem is…trying to jailbreak my phone but can’t…please help…asap…

  • @May, please follow this updated jailbreak guide to upgrade & jailbreak firmware 2.2.

  • Simon, is there a good walkthrough/guide to take make a 3g work with “t-mobile?”

  • Charles. C

    That’s true. For UNIX/SSH addicts out there, iPhone can be used as secondary storage, just like thumbdrive or removable disks. Doesn’t matter what platform you are using, just make sure you can access iPhone securely and wirelessly.

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  • Aaron

    this article is really awesome, as well as your blog!

    • Thanks, Aaron! Glad you like this blog. 🙂

  • MOnique

    I just tried to jail break my iphone 3G but when i get to the browse part on QuickPWN I cant find the firmware pleease

  • diablo

    okay i am about to buy an iphone and my parents say that i cant jailbreak my phone if it voids my warranty so what is the deal

    • @diablo, that’s correct. Jailbreak will void the warranty, as mentioned by Apple. So, if you want to keep the warranty, think before you jailbreak the iphone.

  • JESSE23

    So….. I really do want to jailbreak my iphone 3g , but that finger print thing just makes me say no!! Does or has any one had any proplems with thiers, like after the jailbreak? Are there any risk in doing this ? Is there more than one jailbreak out there ?

  • Sam

    Hi, I don’t know if this has been asked already, but what is the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone? Also, are there any significant side effects to jailbreaking? I have a 8GB 3G iPhone, if that helps.

    • @Sam, actually it’s explained in the article…

      “In brief, jailbreak your iphone means you are allowed to install 3rd party applications on iPhone. This applies to all version of firmwares. And, for unlocking iPhone, it refers to the process to open up your iPhone to accept all carriers. Unlocked iPhone allows you to use SIM card from all carriers. You are no longer bind to the official carrier (e.g. AT&T) approved by Apple.”

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  • JoCeLyN

    I currently have the iphone 3g 16gb and i THOUGHT i had been using JUST wifi (because i had gone to settings, network and disabled the 3g) however, i just got my monthly bill and had a $60 internet charge.

    what can i do to still use internet without getting charged?
    also, if i unlock my phone, will at&t know i have the iphone?

    • @Jocelyn, by turning off 3G, it doesn’t mean you’re using Wifi to connect the Internet. You may actually be connected via EDGE or GRPS, which are with lower-speed but will also be charged by your carrier.

      To ensure you’re connecting to internet using Wfi, remember to check the status bar. When connecting to Wifi, your iPhone should show a Wifi icon. If you see an “E” icon or “O” icon, that means you’re connecting via EDGE or GPRS.

      • JoCeLyN

        The thing is, i always had that wifi icon because i only used the internet in my house or places where i knew i had wifi. I think at&t is just bs’ing me because i dont have a date plan.

        If i get my phone jailbroken or unlocked (or both) will i be able to use internet and not get charged? also, will at&t see that i have the iphone?

  • Tayyab Shabbir

    Hi Simon!
    does using cydia cause viruses to enter the iphone?? and i have some problems with my iphone 2g 8gb …. sometimes when i lock it and and then press the home button to unlock the iphone the screen remains blank…. then i have to connect the phone to a charger or with a headphone then the light comes on…. and is there anyway to connect speakers straightaway to the iphone not using he charging dock??


    • @Tayyab, it’s possible but normally not. As long as you’re using those repositories in cydia, it’s quite safe to download the free apps.

      I’m not quite sure about your problem. But did you try to press Power/Sleep button to wake up your iPhone? Also did you try to reboot your iPhone? Sometimes, a normal reboot can resolve most problems.

  • Tayyab Shabbir

    And another one and dat is dat sometimes when im using the iphone the screen goes pink or does funny things and i can see nothing… then it takes some time for it to get back to normal

  • MarkS

    Hi, I’m in the UK an have an IPhone 3G. On screen reads no service! Is there any way of changing this?????????

    • @MarkS, I guess you’re using a locked iPhone. That means it is locked to a specific carrier. You may check out this guide to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone.

  • kendal

    hello, i want to jailbreak my phone so i can get themes onto my iphone and change the way the home screen looks i havent done anything to my iphone yet, and havent downloaded anything yet please can you talk me through the procedures of doing this, im still at first base, haha!

  • Tayyab SHabbir

    Hey Simon can u please solve my problem listed above thank u!

    • @Tayyab, please check my answer above.

      • Tayyab Shabbir

        Yes i did all of those steps… wen it goes blank or somthing weird happens to it then i kind of squeez it and then it becomes fine

  • Stephen

    I just got a new 3gs from at&t I would like to jailbreak it but why unlock in now. I will still have to pay At&t for the contract right. Or pay the whole cost of the phone or is there a way around this. And will i still be able to use the app store and up grade if i jailbreak and unlock.

    • @Stephen,

      Then you do not need to unlock the iPhone if you need to stick with AT&T. The unlock process is target for those who want to use unofficial carrier. However, you can still perform jailbreak but skip the unlock process.

      • Stephen

        In your guide you don’t say check icy. Do I not need or want it for some reason. Also where do i get installer from and can i do this on vista.

  • JoCeLyN

    I want to jailbreak my phone, but when i run redsnow, i cant find the ipsw file. i have read your manual and many others and still, the file never shows up.

    • @Jocelyn, are you following this jailbreak guide? The guide contains the ipsw download link and please put the ipsw file in correct location, so that redsn0w can recognize.

  • JoCeLyN

    oh, i should mention i have the iphone 3g currently running 3.o software

  • Stephen

    In your guide you don’t say check icy. Do I not need or want it for some reason. Also where do i get installer from and can i do this on vista.

    • @Stephen, installer is no longer available on iPhone 3.0. You can use Cydia to download third-party applications. If you want to use Icy, you can also install it to download free iPhone apps.

  • Izzy

    I’m thinking about getting an Iphone (for use on T-Mobile) but just have a couple questions..

    1. Once it’s jailbroken/unlocked can i still use itunes with it for managing/adding music and videos?

    2. Am I able to use the app store?


    • @Izzy, no problem. You can use all the iPhone applications and download apps from App Store even after jailbreak.

      • Izzy

        Thanks for the quick response and answer.

        Your website is such a great resource, keep up the awesome work!

  • lslwsg

    If I jailbreak my iphone 3g and then I break it later on
    ( I,m a farmer ) and I can not restore it. Will I be able to turn it in. I have it
    insured at Best Buy.


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  • Damian

    if i jailbreak my iphone 3gs will it mess up anything on it
    and can i restore it after

    • @Damian, you can always revert back to the factory setting by restoring via iTunes. Though many ppl can successfully jailbreak the iPhone, there is no 100% guarantee that jailbreak is error-free. So, think carefully before you go for jailbreak.

      • Damian

        ok thanx

  • Ken

    As a long time user of a jailbroken 3G iphone, I was very happy and completely reliant on jailbroken features. After the version 3 came out, I successfully jailbroke my phone again BUT there were some big time differences. The most obvious was that battery time just simply sucked, and nearly all aps were laggy and would take 4-5 seconds to quit after hitting the home button. Just a word of advice from a long time user to those of you who are new and thinking about jailbreaking, I personally am going to wait a few more months until all things become stable with 3.0 before I jailbreak again. This morning I restored my phone and it’s working perfectly, the way it used to when it was jailbroken pre version 3

  • Doug

    Can I jailbreak strait from my iPhone or do I have to hook it up the computer?

    • @Doug, you need to connect your iPhone to computer and use redsn0w for jailbreak.

  • LiLo

    Hi, im using a 3gs iphone and i was wondering if there is anyway i can enable the wap (wireless application protcol) on my phone to use ther wap internet. seconed it there a way to use my ipod songs as ringtones??
    thank u

  • Doug

    thanx this site was a big help

  • doug

    i think i bricked my phone trying to update to 3.0. what do i do know. i cant even restore

  • doug

    if anyone can help please e-mail at [email protected]

  • jan

    hey i would like to ask if this jailbreak would affect my iphone 3gs? has anyone tried jailbreaking the 3gs and were there any problems so far?

  • Missy Nanie

    Hi Simon,
    Im using iphone 3G for almost a year now. I haven’t tried to jailbreak it yet. I heard that once you did, you cant access the appstore from iphone, but can still purchase if you are hooked up to itunes. Is this true?

    • @Missy Nanie,

      No problem. You can download free application and purchase paid applications via Appstore, even after jailbreak.

    • its illegal to do this

      • Grankton

        So is speeding, what’s yer point? Would you really refuse money on a legitimate app store purchase all because the phone has been jail broken? Solid business sense you’ve got going there.

        It is my phone, it is my right to do what ever I want with it. I did not buy a license to use the phone, I bought the phone outright. I have absolutely no obligation to cow-tow to inane and vapid corporate “rules”. Regardless, what the fuck are you going to do about it, pal?

  • LiLo

    Hi Simon,
    im using a 3gs iphone and i was wondering if there is anyway i can enable the wap (wireless application protcol) on my phone to use ther wap internet. seconed it there a way to use my ipod songs as ringtones??
    thank u

  • Erin

    I am interested in getting an iphone but my phone provider doesn’t carry them. Does the unlock make it possible to use with any phone provider??

    • @Erin, you’re right. That’s the purpose for unlocking iPhone.

    • you will not be able to use the iphone if it is unlocked with this program. it is illegal to do what he is promoting and will render your phone unuseable

  • LiLo

    Hi Simon,

    (If u dont know plz tell me i dont know, so i can find another reference.Dont keep me waiting for nothing.)

    I’ m using a jailbreaked 3gs iphone and i was wondering if there is anyway i can enable the WAP (wireless application protcol) on my phone to use ther wap internet.
    Seconed is there a way to use my ipod songs as ringtones??

    Thank u

  • Tyler

    So do we get all free apps if we jailbreak the iPhone 3gS



  • it is illegal to do this jailbreaking on the iphone. it can and will make the iphone non useable at some point

  • AT&T Lies

    LOL at you ^^^^^^^

  • Ms t

    Question…Trying to figure out if I Unlock an Att phone…will I still have to pay that $30 data pkg fee every month that att requires u have if you have an iphone?

  • nice blog for novices

  • Obetwo

    If I jailbreak my Iphone

    Is there an application and cat 5 cable that would allow me to connect my Iphone to an ethernet port on a ethernet switch.

    I’m a tech and would like to check out my customers network with my Iphone instead of a laptop.

  • thanks a million buddy

  • phil

    It’s my impression that the people making the aps are hoping to make money in return for their efforts. But I suppose it’s OK if some continue to pay for the aps and support the ones who want to rip them off. After all, there are so many people doing it, stealing is OK. But if you do steal, don’t hide behind the internet. Tell people in your social circles, your boss, your family, that you are a thief. Come out of the closet.

    • AT&T Lies

      Phil, what exactly do you think people are steeling? I’ve been jailbroken for years and have never stolen anything from a developer or otherwise. I think you are very misinformed.

      • phil

        Very sorry, about the misunderstanding. I thought the jailbreak allowed you to get aps from the ap store without paying, and so I then assumed that meant that the ap developers were losing out on those sales. Is that not the way it works? Or is the jailbreak simply a way to install otherwise banned aps, which may or may not be paid for. Thanks.

        • AT&T Lies

          jailbreak doesnt allow you to get free aps. It only allows you to go outside the boundries of Apple’s iphone OS and use the device to it’s maximum potential.

  • Tayyab Shabbir

    I just got my iphone 2g updated to 3.0 and jailbroken but its wifi and bluetooth has stopped working. Also its Gps is not giving the correct result in google maps… is there any way to fix this..?? Please help…

  • nxb807

    HELP! I have a jailbroken/unlocked iPhone 3G, and I have a serious problem. I downloaded the NES app from Cydia yesterday. The app wasn’t working, so I went into Cydia to remove the app, and now ALL of my original iPhone “apps” are gone – Phone, Calendar, Safari, Settings, iPod, App Store, Contacts, Weather, Camera, You Tube, Photos…EVERYTHING! I tried syncing the phone again, hoping this would work, but the original features did not come back. When you call my phone it still rings, and when you perform searches in Spotlight, all the emails, address contacts still come up. Can anyone tell me how to fix this??

    • @nxb807, I suggest you to restore your iPhone and jailbreak/unlock your iPhone again. But remember to restore to firmware 3.0 only. Presently, iPhone firmware 3.1 cannot be unlocked

  • Raf

    Hi Simon,just wondering what I need to do to jailbrake from os 3.1??is there any way to do it or anyway to back to os 3.0?I’m use windows XP thanks Raf.

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  • Just letting you know, once you jailbreak your phone and the phone does an auto update of programming through ITUNES or on its own, it will render your IPHONE non working permanately and will ruin your phone…why risk spending $700 to replace one?

  • data plans are REQUIRED with all IPHONEs no matter what..APPLE ruled that..not US

  • Nash

    For AT&T Representative:- I have the Iphone 3GS 16 gig and I have to leave the country permanently. Will AT&T give me unlock codes if i give them proof of leaving the country and i pay the contract breakage fee?

  • Ken

    Why should I jailbrack my I phone and is it safe to do it without harming the phone I have the new iPhone 3gs 16 gb

    • It will render your phone non-working at some point when the updates for new features are applied. Why risk having to replace a $700 phone? This program voids any and ALL warranties, then you will call AT&T and blame us for your mistake and expect us to replace or fix the issue.

  • Hans Baumeister

    Hi, I picked up a jailbroken 3GS in Riyadh. Its working fine, but iTunes tells me that the phone cannot be connected because there is a problem with the provider. While I figured there would be that problem, I would like to sync my Exchange data via iTunes to the iPhone.
    Is there a trick to get iTunes to work with the device, or do I need to pick up some other software to sync?
    Thank you!

  • Jonathan


    Uhmm I have 3.1.2 8gb iPhone, and I just wanna ask if it’s still supported by quickpwn to jailbreak my phone,.

    • @jonathan, you need to use blackra1n to jailbreak iPhone running OS 3.1.2. Check out the guide here (2G / 3G).

  • audiogeeky

    customize your iphone further with free ringtones and wallpaper from

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  • Denise

    I want to jailbreak my phone but NOT unlock. I am afraid to unlock and I dont need to use any other carrier (for now) but my AT&T. i am so confused as to what steps i need to follow to do the JB.

    My phone is a 3GS
    My modem firmware on the phone is 5.11.07.
    my Iphone Firmware is 3.1.2
    I have the latest version of ITunes

    Please direct me to the steps needed to JB my phone. I am technical savvy but for some reason every time i google on JB there are so many different ways to do this.

    Can I JB WITHOUT doing an unlock?

  • dexter

    I can do all of those things (with the exception of changing the skin and installing a new browser i dont need) without jailbreaking it.

    iPhone 3Gs – you can record video, use it as a modem, connect remotely and save files to it.

    Give me 5 reasons I can’t already do.

  • rome

    hey, one question, my dad said not to jailbreak my phone…i dont want him to know i do (if i ever do) so if i jail break my 3gs does it make your service (att) free? if you still have to pay fir it then im jail breaking

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  • someone

    Hi everyone
    I have one unlocked and jailbroken iPhone… can I join the apple developer program with it?

  • Mike

    AT&T Representative: The phone will not be rendered useless. You can restore to factory settings via iTunes. Stop spreading lies. No wonder ppl want to unlock iPhones with ppl like you around.
    Although, blackra1n does not work a 100% on all carriers. When jailbreaking the new software certain features on the 3Gs stop working. MMS, GPS, wifi and some other minor functions will stop working. As there are workarounds to this through Cydia some features will still not work with the new iPhone firmware jailbreaked. If you got a new iPhone i recommend you not to jailbreak untill blackra1n release a proper working unlock or another jailbreak software turn up. However. If you can live without some minor features i recommend unlocking the device if not only fot the themes part. Never figured out why iPhone dont have theme support.
    When i jailbroke my iPhone 3Gs this stopped working:
    wifi worked untill i gott MMS to work so i couldnt use both.
    The positioning device stopped working so gps and maps app couldnt find my location.
    Good luck out there. Im currently running a non jailbroken Iphone 3Gs but are waiting for a proper jailbreak app to release. To much restrictinos on a non jailbroken device.

  • elias

    does your iphone slow down if u jailbreak it?
    i am thinking about jailbreakng my iphone but i am still worried that it will slow down or not work as well

  • Mike

    Your iphone will not be slowed down and will work fine.

  • Hans Baumeister

    For all 3GS users out there: with moral support from a guy I met at a training session who had done it before, I was able to successfully jailbreak my 3GS (sourced from AT&T in the US) without any issues whatsoever, using blackra1n. Just follow the instructions. Let iTunes update the phone to 3.12 and the most current baseband and you’ll be fine after running the blackra1n unlock.
    You’ll have to run the fix for Wifi, MMS + Youtube from Cydia (a matter of seconds), and if your phone does a reset (for example after installing SW from ROCK), you’ll have to reset your networking setup to get Wifi to work again, but it’s not really an issue.

  • My Dad gave me his old 3G iphone when he upgraded to the 3GS. He lives in the USA. I live in Australia. He used his phone in the US with AT&T. He never JB or unlocked his iphone. In order for me to use it here in Australia, it has to be unlocked. I’ve already updated to 3.1.2 and the modem firmware is 05.11.07. Everything I’ve read so far says that I can JB, but I can’t unlock if I’ve already updated the firmware to 05.11.07. I tried calling Optus here to see if they could unlock the phone, and they referred me on to AT&T, and we all know what AT&T will say. I tried calling an apple store, they were the ones who referred me to Optus. I looked online on how to unlock and every single site that said they could do it turned out to be a scam. Even the scam finding sites were scams! i.e.
    This site is a big scam. I emailed them and never heard back from them. They rate the following site as the best #1 jailbreak software site:
    I emailed these people and I never heard back from them. So much for their quick email response.
    So I’d like to know is it possible for me to UNLOCK my 3G iPhone? Will the unlock make the iPhone run slower? I’ve read that JB will not make it run slower, but that unlocking will. Will I be able to update my iPhone when iTunes tells me to? Can I still sync through iTunes? I’d like to have Wifi working. Should I just use this iPhone as an iTouch and wait until I can afford to buy an unlocked iPhone here in Australia?

    • Mike

      Btw. Scam sites sell free jailbreak software. Never pay to jailbreak your iPhone.

  • Mike

    @Batia Beth Aronson Slater
    Go and download the jailbreak app. Run the app with your iPhone in USB connection. After jailbreaking there should be a new app on your iPhone called blackra1n, run it and choose to install cydia and sn0w (sn0w unlocks you iphone). After installation is done go to settings/general/reset and choose reset network, this should make your wifi run again if it doesnt work after jailbreak.
    I did this with brand new iPhone and everything worked after jailbreak. I had some trouble the first times as written some comments above. But when i tried again a few days ago everything worked without installing fixes.
    You can sync fine with iTunes and your iPhone will not be slow. If you have problem with connection turn off 3G, that take cares of it.
    Good luck.

    • jim

      can you tell me if you are having any issues with black rain in os3? My iphone was jailbroken and worked flawlessly until os3 came out, after that my jailbroken phone had 2 huge issues. First, the status bar would simply disappear and reappear randomly, regardless of what theme or theme tweak I tried (or even NO tweaks!), and secondly every time I exited an app it would take 3-4 seconds to return to the springboard. I can’t believe I’m the only person with this issue. Have these issues been resolved in newer versions?

  • Mike

    I have had no problem what so ever with the new OS. I’d suggest you do a full restore/update from iTunes and the re Jailbreak your iPhone. Older jailbreak programs dont support the new 3.0 OS.

    Good luck.

  • luc

    Hi, I got new iphone 3gs 32gb for my Christmas software 3.1.2 as I am on vodafone I had to run the blackrain software etc and now everytime my battery runs out or phone goes to no signal for a period of time I have tolet it rain again. I was wondering that as vodafone now do the iphone does that mean I dont have to blackrain anymore if so what do I do? Thanks

    • Mike

      This is not a software bug in the blackra1n. This is due to apples newest “bootlaoder” within the iPhone. Jailbreaking iPhones with the newest out of the box software will result in that you have to run blackra1n everytime you iPhone reboots. We will just have to wait for a new jailbreak app that can get around this problem and “hack” the boot of our iPhones.

      • Mike

        And if you do not plan to use your iPhone with any other operator maybe you should think twice before jailbreaking. Although jailbreak has severak advantages. But as i said, due to new newest firmware in iPhone you will have to “rain” it everytime it dies.

  • Luc

    Hi thanks for that can you unlock without jailbreaking then untill a fix comes out I A
    on Vodafone I find I have to let it rain everyday and it can be a bit of a nightmare when you need your phone and it is in restore mode


    • Mike

      There is no other way to unlock your phone with the newest updates and “bootloaders”. Unless ofc your operators bind time has run out then you can ask them.

      Good luck

  • luc

    I bought the phone factory sealed so its not in a contract and I am wanting to use it on vodafone so thought there might have been a way round it I thought it would of worked on vodafone to begin with but I had to use an o2 sim card to activate the phone through itunes.

    • Mike

      That’s true. You have to activate the phone. If you do not buy the phone at a phoneseller with contract you have to unlock the phone with another card that should follow. Then it should be no problem using any operator. If you bought it contract free and you cant use vodafone i would speak to someone at where you bought it. With no contract the phone should not be locked to any operator.

  • Luc

    Thanks for all your help sorry but what do you mean by unlock the phone with another card do I get that done somewhere?

    • Mike

      Sorry, my mistake. I meant activate ofc. But what i could understand you have already done that.

  • Luc

    What is ofc? Does that mean I would be able to turn off and on etc?

    • Mike

      ofc = ofcourse.
      Like written before, there is no way to jailbreak iPhone with the newest firmware without having to “ra1n” it every time you reboot your device.

  • luc

    Do you think a fix will be coming out anytime soon? Spoke to o2 today and they said will cost £15 to unlock but I cant get it done as you need the payg sim card that matches the imei number on there system but I didnt get it with a sim card just the phone so I am snookered!!!

    • Mike

      I dont know when an update will come, sorry.
      If you didnt get a simcard to activate you phone i would seriusly go talk to the retailer where you got the phone. They should have shipped one with it. Or you could try contacting apple.

  • Elias

    What is a 3rd party app exactly?

    • @Elias,

      Here, the 3rd party app refers to those iPhone applications (including apps, hacks, tweak) available via Cydia.

  • Lucas Fortunato

    Hi Simon
    I like it was very useful now i have an iphone 1G
    If I update it to version 3.0 via firware and after jailbreak it does it loose any data like contacts or musics?
    please answer as fast as you can

    • @Lucas,

      Before jailbreak, what you need to do is to sync your iPhone data (including contacts, sms, etc) with iTunes. Then you can sync back the data from iTunes to iPhone after jailbreak. If you make up your mind, you can check out this jailbreak guide for details.

  • mogura

    Thanks for you post and it was very helpful for me to understand what it is.
    But all reason you provided to me didn’t make me feel “I really want it”.
    That’s probably because all 5 reasons don’t take me any better than how I use my iPhone.
    I am sure lots of people love the features, but I guess nothing seems to be useful for me.

  • Caswallan

    Will the iphone have any side effects by jailbreaking it?

  • Omar

    Hi, it’s off topic but I hope u guys don’t mind it. I didn’t jailbreak my phone, yet. I Dow load music and mp4 from download manager lite on my iPhone 3gs but I can’t move it to iPod session. What do I have to do to do that?

  • Allen

    Jailbreak is unsafe and I don’t trust it. Also to I lost phone and mail settings not to mention no MobileMe access. And too battrey life is cut by 30% by what I count. I like the custom settings but if my battrey is going to be cut by at least 30% then it’s not worth it. Plus I notice that some apps did not work well under JailBreak and did I mention memory? No. Crash’s was a commen thing or poor performance because JailBreak took too much memory. Some may disagree with me but I could not see the point of JailBreaking cause too many cons for me.

  • Mike

    Allen: Clearly you work in some kind of store somewhere or for apple themselves. All the things you mention will NOT happen on a properly jailbroken iPhone. I have never, i repeat, NEVER had any problems with apps, batterylife or crashes. Neither with email settings or any of that kinds. My iPhone works better after jailbroken and i can use lot’s of apps that otherwise are not approved in the appstore or that are overprized.
    Stop spreading lies. You do have right about one thing though. MANY people disagree with you. My guess… 99% of all jailbreakers!

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  • Ok so I have the iPhone 3g and I wanted to know if I jailbreak it and unlock it do I still have to pay for that 30$ monthly cost
    or r the jailbreakers trying still trying to figure that out???
    Cuz I’m really bummed about it, do u think the WP7’s going to be a cheaper plan ???

  • Max

    is it possible to unlock an iphone and put it on verizon network and if so can you do it without paying for a data plan with verizon?

    • @Max,

      No, I think, as Verizon is using CDMA network that is not supported on iPhone.

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  • Low27

    Hi !
    I wanna jailbreak my Iphone 3GS 3.1.3 but for every website I check out the steps for this version are more complicated than the other ones, plus some say it might not work… ?

    Help please!
    thanks 🙂

    • @Low27,

      You’re right. It’s complicated and risky. So, I do not recommend to jailbreak iPhone 3GS running iPhone OS 3.1.3 for beginner.

  • JudeJude


    I just want to know if i purchase a factory unlock iphone 3GS 16GB and then jailbreak it, will the market value for this go down if i decide to sell it?? Also i would be at risk if i jailbreak a factory new unlock iphone cause if i keep upgrading it, i might get it locked right ? Could you please advise me on whether i should go for a barnd new factory unlock iphone or go for one that is jailbroken, thanks

    • @JudeJude,

      Thanks for your questions. And, here are my responses:

      1. After jailbreak, you can always return the iPhone into the original setting by simply re-installing the firmware via iTunes.
      2. As your iPhone is a factory-unlocked one, you do not need to use any tool to unlock it.
      3. Every time you upgrade the firmware (or iPhone OS), your iPhone will lose the jailbreak. And you have to go through the jailbreak procedures again for each upgrade.

  • Tiffany


    I am looking to buy a 3gs and have my wireless store unlock it for me, though I feel like I need alittle more info before I make a huge investment on the phone via ebay…are all jailbreaks tethered? Can’t I just buy one off you 😉

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  • Alex

    What a kindergarten here! All purposed of jailbreak listed above seems not really actual to me:
    – Reason #1 – Install 3rd pary applications via Cydia and Installer
    99% of apps that I need can be found fee or cost 1-2 bucks, which is a joke price. The only exclusion is specific soft like navigation (I have Garmin for that) or web-camera soft (can be useful). Other cracked things like 3D games etc not interesting (there is PC or console for that).
    – Reason #2 – Video Recording
    Video can be recorded and saved on 3GS by default now. I’m also not a fan of YouTube videos saving (seriously, why?).
    – Reason #3 – Changing iPhone Looks & Feel
    Funky crap for teens. Does it really matter how icons look like? It’s like color toys playing 🙂 Wallpapers and ring tones can be changed without jailbreak. The only thing not available yet – default ‘ding’ for new email notification.
    – Reason #4 – Full control of your iPhone
    Full control of what? Deep forest of system files where even simple operation requires instruction with detailed steps and specific knowledge? Why? You won’t pay less to your carrier air minutes after, but risking to “hack” something inside. Just answer me – how often you do something in Windows registry? We all got full control of that, but does it really help?
    – Reason #5 – Unlock iPhone
    Most of the users buy iPhones with contracts not allowing them to move out with device without paying cancellation fees. Others who came with craigslist’s ones already have devices unlocked. So what the purpose of this reason?
    Seriously I don’t see any reason wasting a time for that kids-toying.

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  • AR


    I have iphone ver 3.1.3 (upgraded from 3.1.2) unlocked.
    Now, how can i jailbreaking it??


  • AR

    Hello Simon,

    Thanks for your reply, Just to make things clear for me, currently my i phone is ver 3.1.3 (I’ve used the i tune to upgrad it from 3.1.2) and its unlocked.

    If I’m going to use Spirit to jailbreak it, is it going to be unlocked aswell?
    What is unlockable?? sorry to bother you.

    Many thanks.

  • ryan

    goog day simon,

    i’m trying to jailbreak my iphone 3gs v3.1.3 (modem firmware 05.12.01) (bought 2 weeks ago), using SPIRIT,i’m trying to save shsh blobs, but “autoSHSH grabber stopped working” always appear on the screen, I don’t know what to do? please help

    thank you very much

  • chris

    hey whats a good jailbreak app for downloading music?

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  • Noah

    You can do all of this with ios 4!!!

  • Kushal

    Hi Simon,

    I have upgraded my Iphone 3GS to IOS 4.0, can I still jailbreak and unlock my phone to work with any other GSM Service provider?


  • Richard

    Hi guys. Just bought my Iphone 4g. However, I am quite shocked that I can’t use this microsim card in my Iphone 3G… I’ve been told the microsim adapter can solve this issue. I’ve heard has good price and quality and is based in the UK. What do you think, is it worth buing one?


    i’m confused about sumthing, i downloaded 3rd app ibeer from itunes but when i sync it to iphone it said 0xE8000001 error, n that the solution is to jailbreak iphone. why? shouldnt the iphone accept everything from itunes because it’s from the same factory? how does itunes know if i get that 3rd app not from the app store? and i beer is 3rd app but appstore sells it too, then why is it called illegal?

    thank you for responding

  • Apple is rumored to launch a new iPhone 5 and 7-inch iPad in early 2011 while three new iPods are supposed to arrive this fall.

  • It can jump in and start talking to people near you, in your city, or even in the worldwide.

  • nam045

    I wanted to buy a iphone 4 factory unlocked and was wondering would I be able to play cracked games on it or do I have to install additional software eg Cydia….

  • Sruthi

    Hi Simon,

    I have a 2G jailbroken iphone. My phone got locked when I accidently clicked on the update carrier option from iTunes.
    I have Cydia, installer, Mxtube,cycorder and change the looks by winterboard in my phone. However when I start Cydia these days i get error: refreshing Data

    Method http has died unexpectedly!

    Method/usr/lib/apt/methods/http did not start correctly

    Also since unlocking I am not having the safari icon on my phone, when ever i try to click on a link it shows error.

    I dont have AppStore, i am unable to download it through Cydia.

    I dont have much knowledge of this jailbroken phone and unlocking, just read your blog and came to know some details.

    When I connect my phone to itune through USB and download applocations from APpstore I am unable to check the box. Is it that if my phone is jailbroken I will not be able to download application through itunes?

    Please help!


    • @Sruthi,

      I suggest you to follow this guide and upgrade to the latest version of iPhone OS. You can follow the procedures to jailbreak and unlock your 2G iPhone. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Cool info about jailbreaking iphone. thanks

  • Sarah

    Hi there, I live australia and was just wondering, If i jailbreak my phone, And it gets stolen, Is the Phone company still able to lock the phone so nobody can use it? Im just a little worried about the security of my personal information.

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  • lilly22

    klick here for free iphone software

  • I’m sure most of you are aware of the new Apple Stack Exchange site created by Jeff Atwood, if not, feel free to come by. (and there are others too!)

  • Eric

    What is the theme on the top right called?

  • FreeIphoneSims

    what is the vending machine background called

  • bangs822

    Hi. I want to ask if you can still get d updates of d 3rd party apps / apps, installed from cydia/installous, from APP Store?

    • No. The 3rd party apps are only available on cydia.

  • Alan

    Dear Simon,
    I have a 3G iphone and just recently updated the version to 4.2.1(8C148) and the Modem Firmware is 05.15.04
    Can I do a jail break on this version please advise. I have been seriously considering the jailbreaking as some of the Apps from Apple are pathetic.

  • Steve

    Hey, I got a iPhone 3GS for christmas and before they gave it to me they jailbroke it and I didn’t understand what they were talking about. I took it home and I guess updated it and undone the jailbreak. Here in the Appalachian mountains AT&T service is useless and only cell carrier that is decent is Appalachian wireless. I have no plan and no sim card. Would jailbreaking again and unlocking the phone mean I could buy a sim card through Appalachian wireless and hook it up??

    • Yes, you’re right. Your iPhone is locked to the AT&T wireless. You’ll need to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 3GS in order to pair with your carrier.

  • Alan Woods

    Dear Simon,

    Could you please clarify as I am on pins and needles to do a jailbreak on my 3G iphone and have just recently updated the version to 4.2.1(8C148) and the Modem Firmware is 05.15.04

    Can I do a jail break on this version please advise. Request you to reply to my query.


  • Steve

    Yeah, I have the same firmware. My phone was jailbroke when I got it so I know it’s possible..

  • Alan Woods

    Dear Simon,

    Thank you for your response will do the jailbreaking as per the instructions given in your guide.


  • Waqas Rehmat


    You look like the perfect and up to dated guy who knows what he is talking about:)

    So, Friend Help me out with the Following problem Please:) I have an iPhone 3g 3.1.3 of baseband that I don’t remmember.

    1. My SBsettings crashed while i was changing a few settings and the phone got restarted. Now its stuck at the apple logo and keeps on rebooting again and again until I switch it off. So do i really need a restore or is there a way out?

    2. I am currently downloading the iOS-4.1 Would I be able to jail break and unlock it?

    3. I remember last time when i restored my phone, it was not accepting the sim (As it was Non AT&T). So i wasn’t able to neither jail break it nor unlock it. So I had to pay a person to unlock it. Is there a way to get the phone started without the original AT&T sim?

    4. Can if i upgraded to iOS4.1, would i be able to downgrade later to ios3.1.3? Which one you suggest? 3.1.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2?

    5. What is a baseband? how would that effect my upgrading and downgrading?

    Your help would be highly appreciated:):)

  • Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thanks However I’m experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting an identical rss problem? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

  • Bryan

    Our biggest gripe with the iphone is its need to be tethered to itunes. If i jailbreak my phone is there a window based application that I can drag drop mp3s onto my device? The addition of multitasking would also be nice and Im guessing that will work to now, ie listening to pandora radio or I heart radio and being able to email or answer a text. Great blog thanks for some insight.

  • jjuussttiinn

    Could someone tell me if I need to jailbreak an iphone inorder to just simply switch my sim-card from my current phone (an at&t phone) and pickup wifi. I don’t want to pay at&t for internet service, but I want the internet on my phone when I am able to get wifi. Someone told me there is a charge and that I’ll have to get in touch with at&t inorder to get my iphone to work, hence I cant just simply switch the sim card from an old phone to a iphone.

  • i am having a itouch3g,i saw about jailbreaking,i installed limera on laptop,connected i touch and followed instructions when it showed its over i switched on my itouch,apple symbol came but didnot stated,cn u plese help me

  • Cornel

    I have IPhone 4 and, I paid enough for the thing. The reason people jailbreak is because the phone was bought using parents money.

    When you get something for free, it is true that you don’t have money to sustain that thing and, you try bypassing this thing by getting the buyed things for free.


    All the applications ( looks, feels and other ) can be bought from the main site.

    • Krystal

      YOU may think that, BUT I’ve had my iphone over a year now and I paid FULL price for it with MY money, and I’ve also used MY money to buy apps for it. and it gets expensive. But I did not jailbreak my phone bc I could get free apps. I did it for the extra features that it gives you.

  • Krystal

    I lost my app store as well as safari. How do I get it back?

    Also, I’ve seen on someones iphone that they had the lock code that HTC Evo has [connect the dots unlocks the phone], is that in cydia? I can’t find it.

  • Jasmine

    I need a phone asap…but dont wanna spend alot or need anything really fancy! My friend is going to sell me an iphone 2g IN GOOD CONDITION, unlocked, jailbroken for 100$…IS IT A GOOD DEAL?

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  • Christopher Broyles

    Does jailbreak make the 3GS look like a regular cell phone to AT&T.just recently I unlocked my iPhone with a weak app on line using safari. AT&T called our corporate communications administrator and they said that if I use a iPhone 3GS that they would force me to take a corporate data package. The administrator said that I wasn’t approved for it and
    Made me change my phone to a boring flip phone.Is there a jailbreak that AT&T would see it as a regular phone?

  • I am working on developing a blog like Why Jailbreak? Top 5 Reasons to jailbreak iPhone | The iPhone and iPad Blog by Simon. I still have a way to go, and certainly don’t yet have the visitors you seem to have. If you find the time, please give me some comments on[email protected] as I know it requires a tune up. Nice site, sincerely, Chadwick West

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  • Theo

    What are the cons for jailbreaking an Iphone 3gs

  • I’m getting iPhone soon, I think all should jailbreak their Apple devices. It gives many new features enabled. This just helped me a lot. Thanks.

  • Lynn

    Hey simon, i juz got my iphone 4 jailbroken… But i lost my ipod app in the phone… How do i get it back without unjailbreaking it? Please help… And how do i tranfer songs from pc to my ipod(after i get the ipod app back) using itunes?

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  • Kumar

    Hi, I was able to successfully jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 3G. also, I am able to use the T-Mobile SIM Card without any issues. However, all my contacts are wiped out. How do I get back all my contacts and photos into my iPhone.

    After the jailbreak and unlock process, when I connect iPhone to iTunes, I get two options:-

    1. Setup as New iPhone
    2. Restore from the backup

    If I choose the second option “Restore from the backup”, will it bring back all my contacts and photos and the unlock still holds good.

    Please advise.



  • nick thompson

    heck yeah i love jailbreaking

    its easy now too with geohots new site

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  • Matt

    Seriously. Learn the english language. “My iPhone is jailbreak”

  • ekkoist

    Great Post!! Thank you.

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  • Eric k

    You should all just get a android powered phone, perferably a verizon droid. For one, all the reasons you gave to jailbreak, you can already do on a droid. Two droids are way ahead in the performance game. Third if you like “tweeking” you phone them rooting a droid and installing custom rom/os. Oh yeah and you can do what ever ur imagination can think of to/with a droid. Now with a stock droid, want to install 3rd party apps you just go to phone settings and check it. Want to install ringtones, just drag and drop from ur computer, dropbox sync, download a free app from the market and use any part of ur music to make a ringtone. Now stock or rooted you can use ur droid as a gateway to the net for ur laptop or whatever, an if ur rooted you can connect a few devices at once. AND TO DO EVERYTHING I JUST SAID PLUS WAYYYYY MORE ITS FREEEEEE!!!!! Now why would and one get a iphone that after a hard jail break all you can do is some of the things you can do with a stock droid/android. I recomend verizon.

  • No Installous?

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  • Thanks for all the information. Just so everyone knows, there is a new untethered jailbreak for 5.0.1

  • Tivere David

    Hi my iphone 3Gs is having a problem with d backlight. The light nevers dim or off it remains on till my battery went out..can jailbreaking the phone fix this problem?….plz reply me quickly is urgent thanks

  • Tivere David

    Hi my iphone 3Gs is faulty with d backlight. The light nevers turn off it remains on till my battery die out..can jailbreaking the phone fix this problem?…

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  • Keep up the superb work, I read few posts on this web site and I believe that your web blog is very interesting and has got circles of superb info.

  • Jason

    Hi. I have an iPhone 3GS, currently running on iOS 5.1 and factory unlocked to run on StraightTalk. I want to jailbreak it, which I know can be done on an iPhone 3GS, though only a tethered jailbreak currently is supported for the 3GS on iOS 5.1. But my question is, if I jailbreak it, will that hurt the unlock? Just wanted to know. Thank you.

  • Hmm i hope you dont get offended with this question, but how much does a site like yours earn?

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  • Admiring the dedication you put into your website
    and detailed information you present. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Fantastic read!
    I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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