Recover your unlocked iPhone from “Please Connect to iTunes”

October 14, 2007 — by Simon Ng129



Recover your unlocked iPhone from “Please Connect to iTunes”

October 14, 2007 — by Simon Ng129

Five days after I purchased my unlocked iPhone, it went down, always prompting me “Please Connect to iTunes” when I turned it on. At first, I did not know why this happened. What I have done was just reset my iPhone (press sleep & home button and for 10s) after SummerBoard hanged. And it never come back again but just the yellow warning triangle.

iPhone Recovery Mode

When you see this error, don’t panic (yes, it was scared when I saw the message. Does this mean I paid HKD$4700 to use iPhone for just five days?). The iPhone is still alive and stay unlocked but in recovery mode. You, however, need to go through several steps to wake it up.

Before you goes through the procedures, give Nata True’s method a shot. I tried it but it turned out that the yellow triangle is still around.

This is an issue that I had. What you need to do depends on your operating system.

– Download iBrickr and extract it somewhere.
– Open a command line and cd to the folder you extracted iBrickr to.
– Run iphoneinterface from the command line.
– You should see an r_recovery prompt.
– Type “setenv auto-boot true” and hit enter.
– Type “saveenv” and hit enter.
– Type “fsboot” and hit enter.
– Your phone will boot properly.

– Download iPHUC and run it.
– You should get a recovery mode prompt.
– Type “cmd setenv auto-boot true” and hit enter.
– Type “cmd saveenv” and hit enter.
– Type “cmd fsboot” and hit enter.
– Your phone will boot properly.

1. Download iPhone 1.02 firmware

2. Download Complete Unlock Pack from widgx.org and extract into a temp folder

3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes (use v7.4.2)

Start iTunes and connect your iPhone to your PC. When connected, iTunes alerts that your phone is not healthy and need to perform a recovery.

iTune Recovery

That’s OK. BUT, remember not to recover with the latest firmware (1.11). Instead, press SHIFT and click “Restore” (for Windows) or press OPTION and click “Restore” (for Mac) to select the 1.02 firmware file. Don’t disconnect your iPhone, wait, it’ll take several minutes to complete the process. Once done, iPhone will be rebooted with no more yellow triangle. Okay now, close the iTunes, but keep the iPhone connected! We have other steps to work on.

4. Reactivate your iPhone and install AppTappInstaller

By installing the firmware 1.02, your iPhone is now like any other brand-new iPhone that you should go through the activation process. Of course, Apple expects you to use AT&T service and activates the iPhone. The hackers find another great way. Okay, let’s get start.

i ) First, open the temp folder with the Complete Unlock Pack and run “AppTappInstaller.exe” to install AppTappInstaller.

ii) Click “continue” to go on, select 1.02 firmware version and click on “Install“. This will take a while and your iPhone will go through several reboots, and the yellow triangle comes up again. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Everything should be alright. When done, you’ll see the iPhone activation screen.

iii) Next, go back to the temp folder of the unlock pack. Find the folder “point and click activation (with youtube)“. Inside that folder, you should see a batch file “(CLICK HERE)activate.bat“. Run it and press any key to confirm. The rest of process is automatic, just don’t touch/disconnect your iPhone. Wait until the process complete, switch off the iPhone and turn it ON again. Everything comes back! You should see the Spring Board again and make/receive calls.

If you don’t want to read text, this’s a great video tutorial at YouTube.

Simon Ng

Founder, developer and chief blogger of simonblog.com

  • Thank you SO much for helping me to repair my iPhone!
    I wanted to throw it away. That huge was my desperation.
    So I followed you instructions and now it’s working again.

    Tnx mio times!

  • Cyber Buddhah

    Thank you mucho. I had the same problem tonight…and you saved me!

  • Great to hear your iPhone is back 🙂

  • psxp

    thanks man.. working on saving my phone…:-\

  • psxp

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This worked nicely.. phew!!!


  • calvin

    hi i cant download the complete unlock pack, i cant open the site. can u help me with this?

  • Calvin, can you try to download the unlock pack again? I have no problem accessing it.

  • MC

    Hi Simon, i restore the fw102 but more than 15 min. still(verifying the software)??????? pls help me!! thx a lot

  • Hansen

    Thanks Man, Its working…. Tips I have to use 7.4.0 to make it work.

  • rod

    I unlocked my new Iphone using the most recent applications. The phone works with my T-Mobile sim card. However, when I try to connect to Itunes, it says “There is no carrier that supports installed SIM card. ” Any solutions to this problem? I have my old Iphone backed up on my Mac as well.


  • Fraser

    It worked!

    My situation: I had an unblocked phone running 1.0.2 got the yellow triangle.

    Thank you!

  • John Doe

    Whats the password for the iPhone 1.02 firmware thanks


    hi thr, i tried ur pack bt after downloading some files from net apptapp installer package gives me the error “sending to iphone failed” wt is ths,
    pls help me asap


    what is “sending to iphone failed”???

  • confused

    Where do you download iphuc from I am not very computer illiterate


    I can’t believe it but I did it THANKS YOU.

  • Fernando

    Thank you man. You saved my life.

  • dex

    the unlock pack has been removed from the website you linked. i think apple is cracking down on this. what can i do now?

  • CatalinC

    Hi ,
    I have tried to follow the steps above but something is wrong.
    I got blocked at step 4.iii.
    I have my IPhone running but locked and it is asking for a valid simcard
    When I am running the .bat file , after I press any key to continue, I get :
    “iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007
    Waiting for phone… failed, Pairing Issue”

    I cannot go forward by this point !

    Thank you all !

  • CatalinC

    I get the following error and the phone is not unloked

    iPhoneInterface v0.3.1 built on Jul 14 2007

    Waiting for phone… established.
    iPhone state: Unactivated
    Problem starting AFC: -402653150
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    Please help me

  • Ricky

    Help! I don’t know how to “…cd to the folder I extracted iBrickr to.” (don’t know how to use command line). Please Help!

  • dj’

    after i did the process my iphone is kind of broken!!! its slow, its turn on but sometimes dont show the sreen! what happen!!?

  • Gobi

    It worked, thanks you!

  • Arind Agarwal

    I tried to follow the adviced procedure. It worked for a moment after that yellow traingle came again. When I tried to repeat the process, messsage comes – ‘waiting for iphone’ and nothing happens. A small ring rotates on the bottom of Iphone. Pl. advice solution

  • andreas

    u must be a god!!!!!!!!!!thank you very very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    Thanks a million!!! That did the trick!

  • d_animalx

    Works like a charm. Nuff respect from jamaica

  • fg

    i i dont understand how to downlaod the firware, it gives me a folder not a single ispw file. what do i do with that????

  • jlo

    Thank you so much!!! Few minutes ago, I thought I’ll start smoking again……

  • Jitin

    I had the unlocked iphone version 1.0.0, tried upgrading it to 1.1.2 directly by normal recovery mode.. Itunes gave error and phone has since then been giving me the “Please connect to Itunes” screen with the yellow triangle.. Please help as soon as possible.. Thanks.. Is my phone bricked now or wat??

  • sang

    Hi my iphone is showing “please connect to iTunes” i try to reload 1.0.2 but iTunes gave error 1013. can you plesae guide me

  • Sang, I am not sure about the iTunes error. I have now upgraded to firmware 1.1.4 and unlock via ZiPhone. I think this solution should also apply to those “Yellow Triangle” phone. Give it a shot, hope it works for you!

  • Jennifer


    I’ve tried to follow these directions but while i’m clicking iphoneinterface, the command line disappers. I’m in desperate need of help. If you could email me at [email protected] that would be a great help. Also, my itunes doesn’t recognize my iphone.

  • Jennifer, I suggest to recover your iPhone by directly upgrade to firmware 1.1.4 using ZiPhone. I have written up a blog post about the instruction. You can refer it here. Hope it help!

  • Martin

    Hi Simon! I hope you can help me, I have the same problem with the iphone “stuck” on “please connect to itunes” msg. First, I have tried Nata True’s process but when I type the first command prompt I get “Segmentation fault”, then “logout” and {Process completed] msg.

    Then, I tried several times to do the restore using 1.0.2 method. Halfway through restoring I get unable to complete the process 1603 msg.

    Any ideas what else can I try?

    thanks! Martin

  • Martin, regarding the 1603 error, can you try to pull out your SIM card and perform the restoration again?

  • Martin

    Hi Simon, what I described before I did without a sim card in the phone so that’s not it.

  • Martin, you may check out the support doc from Apple about 1603 error. Hope it can solve your problem. Another suggestion is you can upgrade to firmware 1.1.4 directly to recover your iphone.

  • rafa


  • squish

    2 questions .. very simple.. but important..
    if the restore keeps giving me an error does that mean i should re-download it or something? or is there something wrong with my iphone?.. btw its error (1)!!
    and ive tried restoring several times!! but to no avail! always!! HELP!!
    p.s. i bricked my phone by just plugging it in and launching ZIPhone.. i dont even know what version it is!! .. PLEASE HELP ME!!.. im dying here :'( …

  • joe

    hi simon, its been over a week i have been trying the ibrickr, i usually get to the point after clicking “free my iphone” but the minute i get to shutting it off, that’s where everything gets out of hand. in some documentation, in order to reboot to restore mode, “Press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn on the iPhone. When the Apple logo appears, press and hold both the Home and the Sleep/Wake button until a yellow triangle graphic appears” which i have numerously, yellow triangle appears but after some time it goes back to main screen, and waited more than 10 mins for the ibrickr to do its “thing” PLS HELP

  • LaLa

    Wow! Thanks so much. My phone has been bricked for the past 3 months because I couldn’t afford the $40 that someone tried charging me to unbrick it. The first time I screwed it up was after I unlocked it to install apps and then updated and bricked it, the second time came after I paid to restore it and then updated again ( i know stupid, but I wanted the itunes icon update) and then it bricked again! So then I tried the video tutorial from the link I found here and it didn’t work so then I tried the iBicrkr and after waiting a min, it said failed to repair (or something like that)and then my screen went to sleep, when I touched the sleep/wake button to start over again, to my surprise everything was working again and I even have the update on it!! I’m not sure what worked whether it’s a combination of stuff I tried or if it truly was this method, but I am happy!

  • Lisa

    My phone shows up on a differnt page it is stuck on but I think I might have the same problem. My page is the cord that you plug the iPod in and an arrow pointing to the itunes logo. I have tried everything on this site and nothing seems to be working. Do you think I am having the same problem and just doing it wrong or could this site not be useful for whatever is wrong with my iPhone? Thanks

  • Versiliese

    RECOVERED my unlocked 1.0.2 iphone

    You saved my ass…………
    I had an unlocked FW 1.0.2 with baseband 03.14.08_G.
    By trying to do a stupid reset, I accidentally put the phone in recovery mode and my nightmare started……….
    Your recover procedure worked without a single glitch. The first time the AppTappInstaller gave an error and did nothing. Later on I tried a second time making sure to kill the two processes of Itune and it went perfectly well.
    I am just listening to “I am Scatman” from my Iphone_youtube as I write….. 🙂

  • Dave G

    Did i fluke it??
    My phone went down – nothing i wanted it to do happened – it was dying!!
    I looked all over the internet for some resolve – there are many sites saying do this or that but nothing seemed to work. I got desperate (and it paid off!)

    I simply restored through itunes as normal (no pushing shift keys or anything – and allowed it to connect to the itunes server as if it was not unlocked) – afterwards although my phone was still unlocked i could only make emergency calls – ran Ziphone again (as i did to unlock in the first place) and everything back to normal and working again.

    Don’t take my word for it and i accept no responsibility for anyones phones going wrong, but this worked for me when nothing else seemed to worked. I basically have a phone that is as if it has come straight out of the box.

  • Eric


  • Lee

    Please help! My husband plugged in my Iphone 16g this morning to download songs for me…. He forgot that it was an unlocked TMobile phone. Now we are getting the Itune logo with cable. It will not go away. Tried to restart and it goes back to the same picture. Can you PLEASE help! I am sooo sad! I just got the phone 2 months ago and it has everything in it – my calendar and all my contacts for my job…. I am desperate! Thanks!

  • elias

    my iphone locked on me after the 2.0 update.can u help me?

  • Lee, you may follow the post about Upgrade iPhone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4 to bring your iPhone back

  • ian

    hi Simon, i have been following your instruction due the problems that everyone is having (or had). now im at steps ii, and wanted to know how long this reboots would last since i have been waiting for hours and seems that the thing hasnt completed as you directed on your page. FYI i got my phone the first day when it was out (old version) and got it unlocked to use my tmobile account. If you could help me out with this, it’ll be much appreciated. thanks Simon n you’re d best! 🙂

    – ian

  • ian

    also, FYI i was using itunes v7.4.1.2 instead of your recommendation of v7.4.2. thanks Simon and awaiting for your reply..

  • Ian, if you’re still stuck using this method to recover the iPhone and don’t mind to upgrade the iPhone, I suggest you to directly upgrade your iPhone to firmware 1.1.4. You can find the procedures here. And, by upgrading the firmware, you can also recover the iPhone to normal. Hope this works for you.

  • ian

    Thanks for your help Simon, my iphone software is 1.1.2..and not 1.1.1, Do you think the web you refer to would be helpful for me to directly upgrade to 1.1.4 instead?
    Again, thanks so much for your insight!

  • louise

    help! same thing happening to my hacked 1.0.2 iPhone.
    step 3: Connect your iPhone to iTunes (use v7.4.2)
    … but my iTunes is 7.7(43) is this gonna be a problem? do i have to downgrade my iTunes? How do i do that?. Also in iTunes, it prompts me to Restore.

  • Hi Louise, I haven’t tried to the procedures on iTunes 7.7. And there is another way to recover your iPhone. You can actually upgrade your iPhone to firmware 1.1.4 directly to bring your iPhone back to normal. You may refer to the post “Upgrade iPhone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4“.

  • Ian, the procedures should also work for firmware 1.1.2. Good luck for your upgrade!

  • louise

    Hi Simon, thanks for the quick reply 🙂 however something is still wrong. 🙁 i downgraded my itunes to 7.4 and followed the procedures above but after the restore wait… iTunes prompts this message: The iPhone cannot be restored. An unknown error occurred (1604). help, please 🙁 thank you.

  • Louise, did you try a different USB port? You may try another USB port and perform the procedures again. Also, you may refer to this post about 1604 error.

    And, if it still doesn’t resolve the issue. My suggestion is that you can follow the post “Upgrade iPhone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4“. Though it’s about upgrading iPhone’s firmware, the procedure should also work for recovering your iPhone and without downgrading the iTunes (you can use iTunes 7.7). Also, the procedure is much easier for you to follow.

  • Summd

    Hi der, i need HELP urgently! I have an unlocked phone from dubai. no phones in south africa yet! I was stupid enuff to upgrade to software 2.0.2 and now i have a fone that has no sim card or carrier that works! Cant go beyound emergency dialing!Do you have any idea how i can get my iphone back?? Lost!! Thanx

  • Summd, iPhone Dev team has released QuickPwn to jailbreak firmware 2.0.2. For details, you can refer to this post about upgrading iPhone to 2.0.2 using QuickPwn.

  • Hannah

    I found it easier to downgrade to 1.0.2, as above and use ziphone to jailbreak and activate without the GUI interface.
    But iBrickr will also recognize the device and do so….but I’m not sure if the files,contacts etc are deleted on doing so.
    Your method helped in a way.

  • my iphone says re connect to i tunes and i wnt my i phone back working can any 1 help me i cnt use it …….

  • Guggy, I suggest you to follow the procedures in this post or another post about upgrading iPhone from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4. Both posts should help you recover your iPhone.

  • roni

    hi there Simon, i have a wirking 1.1.4. upgraded itunes to 8 and and updated my iphone no 2.something. now the phone is lock, sim card seems to be not supported. the screen says to connect to itune with itune icon, an arrow and a usb picture. What should I do to make my phone working again?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Roni, I guess you have upgraded to firmware 2.1, right? If you’re using Mac, you can try QuickPwn/Pwnage Tool to unlock your iPhone. More details can be found in this post. But for Windows, you may need to wait a bit longer as there is currently no solution to unlock firmware 2.1.

  • H.R. George

    Simon, my iphone is messed up and thousands of ppl have the same problem…

    iPhone appears to have no baseband.
    iPhone shows “Repair needed” and the info button shows unknown IMEI and ICCID.
    When you restore – even from DFU mode – the OS changes but the firmware never gets uploaded. Restores take ages and eventually timeout with an error, leaving you in Restore mode.
    You can bash out of restore mode and boot normally using the tools available, but you still get “Repair needed”, etc.
    Settings / About shows WiFi greyed-out, all 0s for Bluetooth, and nothing for baseband info.
    No signal (obviously)
    No sound from keypad or ringtones.
    When you try jailbreaking using ZiPhone or iPlus, it fails during the process.

    Please help!

  • brande

    My case may be hopeless, but you seem to be a genius when it comes to iPhones…..

    I tried to jailbreak / unlock my iPhone thru iBrickr.com and it went all wrong….now my phone just runs several lines of computer script over and over again and I can’t do anything to make it stop…….when I hook it to my computer iTunes will not detect that it’s hooked up…….Any advice?????

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  • Brande, I suggest you follow the procedures in this post and upgrade to firmware 1.1.4 directly. Hope this may solve your iPhone problem.

  • Dallas

    I unlocked my Iphone using the most recent applications. The phone works with my T-Mobile sim card. But my phone tells me to connect to itunes. However, when I try to connect to Itunes, it says “There is no carrier that supports installed SIM card. ” Any solutions to this problem?

  • Fahad

    hi simon,
    i got iphone 2g and have the same problem..but when i started itunes 7.4 after installing it says “itunes library.itl cannot be read because it was created bya newer version of it”
    plz help me in this matter.

  • ian

    How do i ‘Open a command line and cd to the folder you extracted iBrickr to.’

    – Download iBrickr and extract it somewhere.
    – Open a command line and cd to the folder you extracted iBrickr to.
    – Run iphoneinterface from the command line.
    – You should see an r_recovery prompt.
    – Type “setenv auto-boot true” and hit enter.
    – Type “saveenv” and hit enter.
    – Type “fsboot” and hit enter.
    – Your phone will boot properly.

  • Ian, I suggest you to follow this updated guide to recover your iPhone. The guide is about jailbreak iPhone firmware 2.1 but it is also applicable to recover iPhone.

  • myztiquecleo

    i need help please

    i was trying to unlock my iphone with quickpwn i got to the last couple of steps and it wouldnt continue
    itunes doesnt even recognize the iphone any more
    what should i do
    i have been searching everywhere
    i have even tried pressing and holding both the home and power keys and no help
    at first i had an image of a itunes logo and a usb cord
    but now the new image when i press those 2 keys together is a battery sign with red inside of it with a little battery sign + a lighting sign
    i really need i dont know what to do

  • myztiquecleo

    tanx 4 rsponding
    okay so it was the charger
    i was able 2 restore the iphone
    now i get to the final steps of the quickpwn where u hold the home key for 5 secs and then hold the home and power 2gether for 10 secs let go of the power and continue t hold home for 30 sec and nuhing happens either the screen turns black or nuthng happens at all ive even held the home key for over 2 mins and nuthing wat gives anyone??/
    please help…!!!

  • Vernon

    I think i have the most screwed up iphone problem.So here ‘s the deal.i LIVE IN QATAR.I got a iphone 3g (Jailbroken and unlocked) .It was amazing.I had no idea what to do .So i played around and clicked restore>erase all data…..I had no idea what i had just done.It just shows the apple logo when i start.so i connected to itunes and restored it.But an unknown erroe occured .Now all that shows when i put my iphone on is the usb below the itunes symbol ,which probably means to connect to itunes.


  • Eric Jordan

    Hello everyone

    I just bought an I phone of of Ebay. The guy gave me the phone with Itunes already on it how do I restore it?

  • @Vernon, I think a full restore of your iPhone can recover the iPhone. But after restore, you’ll need to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3G again. You can use QuickPwn to jailbreak and yellowsn0w to unlock iPhone 3G. For jailbreak, you can refer to this guide and for unlock, please refer to here.

    @Eric, I think you mean the iPhone screen is showing the “Connect to iTunes” image, right? Just connect the iPhone to your computer (with iTunes installed) via USB cable and open iTunes. You’ll then be able to restore the iPhone. But are you using the official carrier? If not, you’ll need to jailbreak & unlock it.

  • Jennifer

    Simon, you say to use Nata True’s method first, where is that method located?


  • @Jennifier, I suggest you to follow this updated guide to recover your iPhone. The guide is for jailbreak and upgrade to firmware 2.2. But it’s also applicable for recovering your iPhone.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks Simon!

    The problem I am having is the yellow triangle warnring. This iPhone has been previously used by my cousin. I have AT&T and there is currently and AT&T Sim card in the phone. I connect the phone to iTunes and it gives me the yellow triangle, that says ‘please connect to itunes.’ I dont think I need to jailbreak this as it was previously used with AT&T and I have AT&T.

    any ideas?
    Thanks SO MUCH!

  • Nicholas Jauregui

    i need ur help plz i have a unlocked 2ng iphone it was frezing on me so i restored my iphone it went to the screen when ur first buy shows usb and to put in itones when i ut my sim card it says tmobile i can get calls and answer them then get text but cant write back i want to go back to main sreen i cant try to re unlock my phone cause my on and off botton dont work plz help me go bzck to main screen with out to unlock thanx for ur time it says emergcey calls only cant dail out

  • Walter

    Hi there

    I just bought a 3G iPhone from UK Apple internet and want to use it in HK. Do I need to use a UK sim card to activate it over iTune. Cos it declined my HK sim card during activation.

    Secondly, will it be locked and reserved for that UK sim card if I use if for aticvation and reject my HK sim card then.

    BTW, since its yet to activate, I dont know what is the version of my new iPhone so far.

    Hope anyone can help me.


  • Walter


    I have it activated by a UK sim card. Its 2.2.1 and baseband 2.30.

  • Murtaza

    hey simon…dis wat happened, my phone is stuck wit de apple logo(reboot mode) and now i need to restore my phone…and now der is de latest OS3.0…shud i follow ur methods and use ur file to restore my phone to OS3.0??

  • fadsfasdf

    i dont understand how you ara supposed to extract files from the unlock pack if its an RAR file

  • theresa

    hi…i live in trinidad n tobago,i have my iphone 3g unlocked n jailbroken from US as a gift..i am using it for a month now but i never bothered to connect to my itunes until i did it….now my problem is after syncing it with my ipod touch..and downloaded fring application to it..after that there is “update software” and “reset”..after clicking the “upadate” it turned out to its original screen showing connect to itunes…as if it is new purchased..how am i going to restore it?is it go back to lock?please help..thanks alot

  • Jose Ferrera

    Dear Simon,

    Thank you for your help on this problem, I try to restore my Iphone but is giving me a unknow error (4) that say that cant restore the iphone, im using itunes 7.4.0 becuase with 7.4.2 is giving other error. I apprecciate if you can give me some advice to solve the problem of the yellow triangle.

    Best Regards

  • cleng

    hi, how come it says ” iphone cannot be restored ” an unknown error occured.. i have the first gen 8g iphone and im tryin to make it work. when i turn it on, its jst say “itunes” thats it…please help what should i do…thank you

  • julio

    thank’s man i needed it…. thank you thank you so much

  • Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • param

    Hi I am stuck at Step 4. Section 2
    Here is the point at which it is stuck

    * iPhoneComm v2.0

    Using 009-7698-4.dmg as the Ramdisk Image.
    Using kernelcache.release.s5l8900xrb as the Kernel Cache.
    Architecture: win32

    Stage 0: 0 Looking for iPhone…
    ConnectRecoveryCallback: Bad Stage: 1
    Stage 1: 1 Recovering…
    Stage 1: 2 Attempting to boot iPhone in normal mode…

    Please provide any tips as to what might be the solution for this
    Thank You

  • Maude

    Hi Simon, I recently purchased an Iphone 3gs unlocked and jailbroken. however when I tried downloading itunes it locked, I got a message telling me to insert the ogrinal sim card or contact my local provider. I am also seeing connect to itunes, and some numbers, I live in Trinidad and Tobago. Can you help me.

  • ed

    how do u make a command line and dc???????????

  • tania

    Hi, im a newbee to the iphone, i have just brought an unlocked 3gs off of ebay but am worried that when i connect it to my itunes to download apps it will lock the phone and i wont be able to use it, is this true and if so what would i need to do to ensure this wouldnt happen.
    Also my mum has just got the iphone 3g unlocked and jailbroken will her phone crash if she tries to connect it to itunes or download apps.
    Really appriciate any help and recommendationsyou could give,
    regards T

  • Jules

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the great blog. I have a 2G unlocked and jailbroken iphone that I use with tmobile. Everything is working well with the phone but my brother just wiped my computer and now I need to reinstall itunes. What is the best version to install so that my phone will still work and not be locked. I know in previous posts you mentioned itunes version 7.4.2 – is there a newer version I can use or is 7.4.2 the only one that will work with my unlocked phone?

    Thanks in advance.


    • @Jules,

      Glad you love this blog and find it useful. You can use the unlocked iPhone with the latest version of iTunes. But please note when iTunes prompts you to upgrade the iPhone firmware, make sure you answer “No” to avoid the upgrade. Otherwise, you’ll need to go through the jailbreak and unlock process again.

  • Kyhana

    Hi simon,
    i just got a 2g iphone and accidentally hit the restore button and now the phone just gets stuck at the apple logo when i turn it on, can you help to fix this so i can use it, thanks’

  • Rayz

    Hai there

    I also got problem. I try to updated my iphone 3g from firmware 3.0 to 3.1.2 using and i don’t have the cd and forgot to backup. before it finish updated, my iphone show “connect to iTunes” and after that my pc (window Vista) show “Found new hardware,apple mobile device (Recovery mode)” need cd or driver to install it. After that it show “could not find driver, unable to install” .. Now my iphone only show “connect to iTunes” Please help me asap.. Thanks

  • wasim

    I updated my iphone 3g from 3.0 to 3.1.3 . It got updated but it was showing a message that the sim is invalid . But i could still use my iphone 3g or listening to music and etc. But couldnt call . So i restored it to 3.0 . Then it got locked showing the connect to itunes graphic please help me …

  • You became my God for that movement ,i was shocked to see the error and i was waiting very important call .at last i was saved just followed your methods ..i have no words to thanks you ….long live…

  • Rayz

    Hi Simon,

    Before this problem happend, my iphone 3GS battery life going down very fast for lest than 1 day. Morning time it show 99%, 2 hrs later it reduse to 70%, 1 hrs later reduse to 20% and until less than 6 hrs my battery life gone and my phone switch “OFF”. I’m not using my iphone on that time. Is it because of the battery or because of other problem? I buy this iphone on last December last year and still under warranty. Can i claim it for warranty? Please help me because i always used my iphone for working. Hope can received your replied as soon as possible. Thanks.

  • Rayz

    Hi Simon,

    Before this problem happend, my iphone 3GS battery life going down very fast for lest than 1 day. Morning time it show 99%, 2 hrs later it reduse to 70%, 1 hrs later reduse to 20% and until less than 6 hrs my battery life gone and my phone switch “OFF”. I’m not using my iphone on that time. Is it because of the battery or because of other problem? I buy this iphone on last December last year and still under warranty. Can i claim it for warranty? Please help me because i always used my iphone for working. Hope can received your replied as soon as possible. Thanks. Forgot to tell you that after tried to charging for 4 hrs but my iphone still can’t switch “ON”. Please advise me…

  • Kristine

    Hi Simon,
    Wow! It’s amazing how many people you have helped. I have been searching for weeks for an answer, and I just stumbled upon your blog. And I’m hoping you can help me. I have a 3gs had it unlocked. had 1/2 battery left, for some reason the battery ran immediately and died. (you know what that means) I plugged it in to charge it, which is plugged into the computer. Hoping it would be okay. When I did, it opened itunes. Itunes said, it detected an iphone in recovery mode you must restore it. Me not knowing this wasn’t what I was suppose to do, I did. Now the phone displays the pic with the plug. I can get it to the home screen where you can only make emergency calls and there is a little lock on the top. What do I do? I’m so upset. This my business phone. I had no idea this would ruin the unlock. I went to the kid that unlocked it for me, he said I have to wait until they come out with the upgraded unlock?? That there is nothing I can do. Is this true? Thank you in advance if you can help you.

    • @Kristine,

      The kid is right. After you hit the restore button in iTunes, your iPhone was upgraded to the latest iPhone OS (3.1.3). As of now, there is no unlock solution for iPhone 3GS running this OS version. You have to wait. I’ll keep everyone update when the unlock solution is available.

    • By the way, are you living in U.S.? Another option is to subscribe to an official carrier. In U.S., AT&T is the exclusive carrier for iPhone.

  • kristine

    Simon, I was thinking that. If I subscribe with at&t are they going to see that the phone was unlocked before? And will they do anything to the phone (upgrades) that I won’t be able to unlock the phone when the new unlock comes available for this version? Because I want to be able to go back to t mobile. Thank you for all your help! I completely understand now. I’m depressed about it, but at least I know what happened.

  • Jack

    Hi, I had bought one iphone in Europe and i got it unlocked here in USA… the problem is that my fren updated my iphone through iTunes so its stuck now… it shows the sign of itunes with usb… i could not restore it coz there is no any options left… i talked with many technicians but all of them said that i have to get the same sim card which came with it, n which is already lost…otherwise there is no any other ways to use it…is it true..?? help me plz…

  • anil singh

    hi there, i have a big dilemma to tell, i had purchased iphone 3gs 16gb model no A1303 FCC ID:BCGA1303B IC ID:579C-A1303B, I had bought this iphone on ebay and now this ebayer doesn’t exist any longer, so the problem with my iphone is, the day i received my iphone it was working fine then i connected my iphone with the itunes, itunes asked to upgrade it with 3.1.3 which i did i thought that upgrade will give me extra feature but in return it locked my screen with emergency screen and message pops up on screen of iphone saying (install valid sim), i dont know what to do how to make this iphone running back again, any help from you guys will be highly appreciated, thanks a million for any help…… anil

  • Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! fnupb and 7781thqpurnftq and 7949 : Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you again and for your opinions on the world of work.

  • Granger

    I have an unlocked Iphone 3gs. I have synced it up on my PC via Itunes but when I click on Apps to enter info on the computer (to be updated on my Iphone) there is a haze over the page. That is I cannot click on any apps to update info on my pc. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.



  • A.V.Anand

    i have iphone A1303 which is locked, i Want solution for that to unlock my iPhone. the screen on the Iphone says
    “No sim Card installed
    insert a valid sim with no pin lock
    to activate iphone”

    Now I am stuck… :confused:
    pleas help me to activate my phone

  • ROny

    hey Simon sir ,
    i am using iPhone 2g and its a unlocked and i have a problem related cydia in which when i open cydia its only loading and after 30-40 sec cydia is close down please help me and another problem is when i connect my iphone 2g with my laptop (windows 7) itunes not show my iphine device , nothing happn with my laptop whn i connect my iphone to laptop please help me i tired so many thing but its not work
    thank you



    • I assume you’re using non-jailbroken iPhone. So you just need to restore your iPhone to recover it. Connect it to your computer and launch iTunes. You’ll find an option named “Restore” after you select the device.

  • sumeet

    Hi Simon,
    I purchased a used iphone and connected it to itunes to upgrade. Now its showing itunes and USB connection logo. I connect it to itunes and it turns ON automatically and itunes detect it and ask for recovery. I press OK and it starts download but later it displays error 1015. and stop working. Please help me how can i get rid of this logo. Thanks

  • sam

    hi frnd, i have an iphone 3gs jailbroken. after i updt from itunes. its not starting. its showing connect to itunes..i dont know wht to do. plz help me..

    • Did you try to restore your iPhone? You can launch iTunes, connect your iPhone 3GS and click the “Restore” button to restore it. I assume you do not depend on software unlocked solution (i.e. ultrasn0w). Let me know if this solves the issue.

  • mig

    after i do this, is the phone already jailbroken? or do i have to jailbreak it again?

    • It should be jailbroken. But what version of iOS are you currently using? The above procedures is quite dated and may not work for your iOS version.

  • mig

    mine is iOS 3.1.3

  • Jennifer McNally

    Hey Simon,
    The article above is dated but the problem still persists with many of us. Can you give us an update? I have a 3GS 16GB running on TMobile, with 4.2.2. I just turned it on a got the “connect to iTunes message…You must restore etc. etc.” And even after holding home and on buttons, I get the same message. I never get past it to the yellow triangle. Any help would be great.

  • Dilip

    Hi Simon,
    I bought second hand Jail broken iPhone 3gs 16GB. It was with version 4.3.3. By mistake I upgraded the version to 4.3.5 and lose the unlocked and jailbroke. After that I pressed the restore button of itune which has made it to factory condition.

    Now it is asking for Sim card to open it and also I don’t know the original version of this os.

    Please help that how can I overcome to this situation


  • andrea

    hi simon,

    i just unlocked my iphone 4 and noticed that the contacts were still on it, so i went to a kiosk in the mall, and he showed me how to delete them on at once. once i turned the phone back on, it said to connect to itunes, which i did but when i connected it to the computer, it said itunes cannot recognize the sim card and now i have no clue of what to do next.

    can you help me? pleaseeede?
    thank you!

  • andrea

    it is also stuck on the itunes page on the iphone.

  • i have a iphone4 i found and its got a phone password but if i follow the steps to unlock the iphone will this unlock too?

  • Drugs

    Are all my pictures app and music away if i do this

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