Notegraphy: Convert Your Text Snippets Into Visual Masterpieces

There are plenty of apps that allow for exciting endeavors when it comes to art. From gesture-based filters to object overlays and everything in between, iOS devices are being increasingly utilized by amateur artists, designers and professionals alike to create stunning visuals. However, most of these effects were limited to images and Instagram Photos, until […]

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Union App: Create Distinctive Works Of Art By Layering Images

Are you getting tired of single-subject pictures? Do you want to see a giant baby tricycle down the road? Or a Godzilla sized Apple lying down the streets? Luckily through the editing effects offered by the newly released Union app for iOS 7, making these types of combinations through blending and masking is now a […]

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Patience is a Great iOS Winterboard Theme to Expect This Month

I have been out of touch with the blog for over a month but it does not mean that I am away from the community, particularly trying out new cool themes. And recently I got myself hands on a cool theme called Patience Patience is brand new WinterBoard theme for iPhone that is currently in […]

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App Review: Pixel Hunter for iPhone and iPad brings Back 90’s Game Concepts

One of the 90’s kids delights today despite the growing number of complex concepts of HD games is to find something that brings back memories of the family computer games. I grew up playing Super Mario, Contra, Atari games, Street Fighter, Rockman and among others until dawn while my mother angrily shouts at me asking […]

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InnerList Is An All-In-One Todo, Lists & Reminders App

There are some great iOS applications for creating notes and reminders, including the native Notes and reminder app for iPhone. However, if you’re looking to create and combine reminders, notes and to-do lists, then you need to check out InnerList. This app lets you create three types of items; notes, people for associating notes with […]

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Refresh App: Get Insights on People You’re About To Meet

Meeting new people can be exciting… but daunting at the same time, especially when you don’t have a clue about the person you’re about to meet. This can make it difficult to break the ice and be at ease, which may not leave the best of impressions. Refresh is an iOS app that can help […]

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carousel by dropbox

Carousel By Dropbox: For Back-up, Organizing and Sharing Photos

For backing up images stored on your iPhone, iCloud is seemingly the perfect choice. However, it has limited space so you need to be smart with storage, one of the reasons why iPhone users look for other options. While there are countless apps that allow you to store photos, you should pay heed to Carousel […]

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File App 2

Files App: View and Manage All iPhone Files From A Single Interface

There is iCloud and several third-party applications that allow you to access important files and import data from different sources, creating a single resource to access everything on your device. However, there is often a thing or two about these solutions that takes time to learn, and makes you keep coming back and forth, repeatedly. […]

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TwitchTV: Stream Live Gaming Videos From Your iPhone

TwitchTV is a platform that allows all gamers to engage and stream themselves playing video games free of cost. TwitchTV gets millions of views per day from members watching professional gamers and helping their peers with their own recordings. However, there wasn’t any way for iOS gamers to utilize the platform, until TwitchTV decided to […]

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App Review: ClearWeather Provides Color-Based Weather Forecasts

Spring has finally arrived. Summer’s up in the central, and ice caps are melting. News from the West tells us we’re experiencing climate change. As far as the east to west is concerned, aside from our emotions that remain fleeting, the weather, too, jives in our day-to-day activities. To keep me posted on weather forecasts […]

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Rock Your Photos Lets You Turn Images Into Custom iPhone Cases

There is a plethora of photo-editing apps you could download on your iPhone, but the options become limited when it comes to turning your photos into cool custom gear. I could only recall Snaptee, an offering that allows you to create your own custom tee with just a couple of taps on your iPhone. Rock […]

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Cal By Any.DO Lets You Create Events and Handle Tasks Seamlessly

No matter how hard you try to remember meetings and monthly events, there’s always one or two that skip out of your mind. To overcome this problem, you can use the default calendar app on your iPhone to mark entries that serve as reminders. But if you’re looking for more than basic options, then Cal […]

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Online Auction Valuer: Find Out Your Item’s Worth On eBay

Got a Broadway memorabilia, and other bits and bobs? You can sell them on eBay. If you don’t know how much to charge, you might want to try Online Auction Valuer. It’s a web-based tool that let you calculate price valuation for several items. The app allows you to search recently sold items in eBay […]

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KMPlayer App Lets You Play Any Type Of Media Content On iPhone

There’s no shortage of video players on iOS platform, and most of them allow you to play a variety of video formats. However, it’s always nice to see new options popping up on the App Store now and then. KMPlayer was recently released for iOS; it’s a non-encoding video player that has an elegant and […]

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