carousel by dropbox

Carousel By Dropbox: For Back-up, Organizing and Sharing Photos

For backing up images stored on your iPhone, iCloud is seemingly the perfect choice. However, it has limited space so you need to be smart with storage, one of the reasons why iPhone users look for other options. While there are countless apps that allow you to store photos, you should pay heed to Carousel […]

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File App 2

Files App: View and Manage All iPhone Files From A Single Interface

There is iCloud and several third-party applications that allow you to access important files and import data from different sources, creating a single resource to access everything on your device. However, there is often a thing or two about these solutions that takes time to learn, and makes you keep coming back and forth, repeatedly. […]

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TwitchTV: Stream Live Gaming Videos From Your iPhone

TwitchTV is a platform that allows all gamers to engage and stream themselves playing video games free of cost. TwitchTV gets millions of views per day from members watching professional gamers and helping their peers with their own recordings. However, there wasn’t any way for iOS gamers to utilize the platform, until TwitchTV decided to […]

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App Review: ClearWeather Provides Color-Based Weather Forecasts

Spring has finally arrived. Summer’s up in the central, and ice caps are melting. News from the West tells us we’re experiencing climate change. As far as the east to west is concerned, aside from our emotions that remain fleeting, the weather, too, jives in our day-to-day activities. To keep me posted on weather forecasts […]

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Rock Your Photos Lets You Turn Images Into Custom iPhone Cases

There is a plethora of photo-editing apps you could download on your iPhone, but the options become limited when it comes to turning your photos into cool custom gear. I could only recall Snaptee, an offering that allows you to create your own custom tee with just a couple of taps on your iPhone. Rock […]

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Cal By Any.DO Lets You Create Events and Handle Tasks Seamlessly

No matter how hard you try to remember meetings and monthly events, there’s always one or two that skip out of your mind. To overcome this problem, you can use the default calendar app on your iPhone to mark entries that serve as reminders. But if you’re looking for more than basic options, then Cal […]

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Online Auction Valuer: Find Out Your Item’s Worth On eBay

Got a Broadway memorabilia, and other bits and bobs? You can sell them on eBay. If you don’t know how much to charge, you might want to try Online Auction Valuer. It’s a web-based tool that let you calculate price valuation for several items. The app allows you to search recently sold items in eBay […]

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KMPlayer App Lets You Play Any Type Of Media Content On iPhone

There’s no shortage of video players on iOS platform, and most of them allow you to play a variety of video formats. However, it’s always nice to see new options popping up on the App Store now and then. KMPlayer was recently released for iOS; it’s a non-encoding video player that has an elegant and […]

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App Review: SoundCloud Downloader Pro Lets You Explore and Listen to Music Offline

Music in my ears, music everywhere—that’s why the perks of having a VPN mean a lot to me because I can access Spotify anytime. Whilst I’m satisfied with the service, plus the Beat app I downloaded for the songs in the phone, I checked SoundCloud Downloader Pro to see if it is qualified to stay […]

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5 Charity Apps that Help You Give Back

Smartphones have become a valuable addition to our day-to-day lives, assisting us with everything from work, to socialising and even exercise. However, these handy little devices can do far more than just keep us organised and entertained. They can keep us globally connected and help our actions make a massive difference to those who need […]

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Quip for iOS 7

Quip Now Allows Collaboration Through Documentation and Messaging

Apps that allow collaboration between two users or a team are quickly becoming a common norm for iOS; the rising BYOD trend in organizations is also contributing to their growth. Autodesk’s new release that we covered a few days ago is a prime example. Quip for iOS 7 is an app based on a similar […]

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Quip For iOS 7

Autodesk Instant: Exclusive Group Chat App For Corporate Environments

Autodesk has brought several unique offerings on the iOS platform and it looks like the company has no plans to stop adding feature-rich offerings on the App Store. That’s because Autodesk has lately released a new group chat client that is exclusive for corporate environments. It goes by the name Autodesk Instant. The app come […]

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PushBullet For iOS Lets You Transfer Files From iPhone To PC Seamlessly

iOS users have increasingly begun to rely on their handset to store videos, files, photos, notes etc. However, these files stay on the iPhone most of the time, because there wasn’t any convenient way to tie iOS devices to Windows and other desktop environments, until now. Pushbullet for iOS is a recently released application that […]

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App Review: Word Mess Tests Your Vocabulary

If you’re fond of word games, you might want to try Word Mess. I tried it myself to test my vocabulary skills. Tap, tap and away—make sure your eyes are keen enough to see the words in a messy board.

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